Wedding Catering Services: Considerations for a DIY Food Stations

Stationing food bars or DIY food stations is something fun that has been gaining popularity more and more these days. And there is a reason why these food stations are gaining grounds in the wedding catering services — they can be a solid addition to your wedding as long as you set it right.

Wedding catering services: Food stations are fun and easy to set up

Unlike the conventional catering dishes that need to be preserved in one way or another, most of the food stations contain ready to serve meal. As such, they can last all day long without much fuss or any complicated equipment. That is, all day long, if your guests did not gobble up the food and finish everything so quickly.

wedding food bar - waffle

Your wedding guests will be able to customize their very own plate. It’s a creative way to present the food and it engages your guests and let them have slice of fun. Not everyone may enjoy the musics you choose, nor the dancing, but everyone can surely delight on the food you serve and how you serve them.

Food stations can be a conversation starter among your guests

Food stations are like a bar but less formal and most of them are a do-it-yourself basis. Your guests will be able to create their own plates with a combination they love. Eating would be a less than formal occasion as well, and it’s a chance for your guests to stand or sit down together to snack during the whole event.

wedding catering services tacos station

Instagrammable spot for snaps and posts: get the suitable catering service for this

Getting your guests to compare what they’re getting in their plates is an excellent way for them (and for you) to have some fun. Not to mention, if you choose an excellent wedding catering services to handle the decor and the visual elements, these food stations can become extremely eye-catchy; your guests will love snapping pictures at your bars and their plates to post on their social media.

wedding grazing table catering

Food station ideas to get your wedding planning started

Here are some of the most popular ideas brides and grooms alike have loved to include on their wedding services in Bali. Pro tip: find the best catering in Bali that will be able to deliver you food stations that are put-together and well-done.

  • DIY nachos food station
  • Pretzel bars
  • Tacos bar
  • Popcorn station
  • Barbecue station
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cupcake station
  • Pizza station
  • Grill station

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You can have virtually anything for your wedding food stations

From nachos to popcorn to candy bars, the limit to food stations are your imaginations. Wanna have a veggie station for your guests to crunch on? Or maybe fruits and dried fruits station combined with a waffle bar? Go ahead and be as creative as you want! Just make sure that you consult your wedding catering services for any ideas you have and communicate them well.

catering food bar mac n cheese

Servers or professional chefs are a must for certain types of food

If you’d like to step up your catering game and have some of your favorite food that isn’t exactly common for the usual food stations, then make sure that you adjust your planning and budget accordingly. For instance, a food stall that serves sushi is most preferably served by a chef, instead of a DIY. Food that must be served in its freshest state needs to be tended to by servers or chefs as well. Food like sushi, sashimi, and seafood in general will require you to adjust accordingly.

Improving the Quality of Customer Service

Customer service is one significant element in business industry because it is what keeps customers to stay loyal. No matter what your business is about, be it selling product or service, customer service is important element. You have to maintain good customer service because it is not only about gaining profit but also building your reputation. The way you treat your customers reflects the business value you have. Your customer should treated like a king which means you prioritize their needs. Underestimating the role of customer service to your business is a mistake. If it is not important, why every business creates customer service department?

Good customer service for better business

One of the the most important keys of good customer service is the ability to apply common sense in resolving situation. Every customer has their own problems or situations in which they hope you can help to solve. If this is what you apply in your company and you implement it yourself, your workers will adopt the same method. 

Good customer service for better business

Knowledgeable staffs

However, if you focus on management, only you will be able to solve the situations of the customers while your staffs are left clueless. The most common result is that your staffs don’t know what to do because they are unsure how to solve the situation especially when there is no answer from the manual. Your staffs especially the junior ones are also still lack of the expertise so it’s bound to cause a drama when they face unexpected situation with customers if they don’t have ability to use their common sense. 

Try to personalize your customer service with efficiency

Good customer service for better business

Don’t feel too disheartened if you start your business small. In fact, you can take advantage of that since your customers are still growing in numbers, mean you can deliver personalized service. The process of solving your customer’s problems will also be more efficient. It is a good way to build good relationship with your customers. The larger your companies has grown, the more difficult to personalize customer service. However, you can try your best to do it if it is possible without reducing the efficiency. 

Hire the right staff for customer service department

Hiring too kind-hearted people is not right. However, hiring people with too strict personality is not good either. You have to hire people that have personality like a sunshine who always happy to help when needed. They should be the one who can speak pleasantly and warmly so customers will feel comfortable. Hire staffs who also love their work because love leads to positivity to work environment especially to the customer service department. 

Think of the costumers

Procedure and protocol are important in customer service delivery but what more important is how you make your customers feel. When they feel satisfied and happy, they will automatically become your most loyal customers. You also have to value your customer’s experience. Therefore, it is not always about the result that your customers expect for but more on the way you deliver the service. It is what leaves their impression the most. 

Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

There’s something about holiday that always get us all excited. Even just planning about our next holiday gives us enough energy to get through a challenging week in school or workplace. And one of the best thing that could happen in the summer is surf holidays! It’s a dream of many—going around the globe in search of the best waves, shining sun, and good times. Indonesia, though located far away in the Indian Pacific, enjoys consistent swelling waves almost all year round in famous surfing destinations like Bali, Lombok, Sumba, and Mentawai. The Sri Lanka has the best waves on November and April, where the rest of the world is having winter. The Maldives offers inviting water; obviously, with pumping swells from March to May. Outside the tropical countries, you have Portugal and Spain in Europe and California, Florida, and North Carolina in America. Your surf holidays destination is endless!

You could either spin the globe, throw a pin, and go to whenever fate brings you. Or you have more smart surf holidays planning to make sure a smoother surfing trip.

Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

Type of Waves You Want to Surf

The world has all sorts of waves, and each destination has its own characteristic. In Indonesia alone, the Mentawai’s waves are generally bigger and firmer than those in Bali. Before deciding your surf destination, find out what kind of waves you want to surf in. Are you beginners looking for easy rolling waves with protected bays? Or perhaps you are looking for more challenges by having high performance waves and shallow reefs? Is long grinding points your favourite?

Distance of Destinations on Your Surf Holidays

How far you want to travel for your surf holidays? If you are living in Europe, the Portugal and Spain are your closest choice. In fact, Europe and America are generally more accessible. Indonesia is renown for having some of the best breaks in the world, but it needs a long flight to get there. Also, consider your budget when planning the destination. The further it is, the more plane you need to take.

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How Willing You Want to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Are you wiling to experience something different than your home? Pretty much every countries in SE Asia offer crazy surf adventure as well as exotic cultures. However, you need to deal with different modes of transportation (most of them don’t have subway train outside the capital city), agents and sellers trying to rip you offs, and many more. The Europe is modernized, but you might not find anything huge in adventure department.

Business Development Team Roles For The Success Of A Business

Developing business is not something that you can do out of impulsive thoughts. It needs thorough and strategic plans to work successfully. Besides, it requires more than one person to actively involve in the process. That’s why there is business development team in every company. Their position in the company is important. It can be said they they play huge role in the success of the company to grow. Those who are part of business development team are not just ordinary people. They have to be the type of individuals who can work with stress, pressure, and huge responsibilities. The success of their effort influence the future of growth and stability of the business. 

The role of business development team

It is challenging to create and build business development team because you have to hire people with high qualities. They have to possess creative thinking, leadership skills, organizational mindset, and are strong motivated. Here are what the team should do to help a business grow successfully.

Business Development Team Roles For The Success Of A Business

Understanding buying patterns and trends of people

Every buyer has different needs. Thus, it is important to identify what customers need and what problems they face. This way, you can give them the right products or service that can help them solve their problems. Business development team will have to act as researcher to gather information related to the buying patterns and trends. They also have to act as a consultative seller to make successful sales.

Ask the right question and listen intently

That’s why the people who work in business development team should be those who possess professional curiosity. Thus, they ask great question while being able to listen intently as well. This responsibility is important because this way, there are measurable terms for the business to grow and develop more. This role of business development team is also essential in order to solve variety of issues that may arise regarding to the agency, products, services, competition, etc. 

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A goal setter

The next role of business development is as goal setter. The team should set the goals and then proceed to develop action plans. Every business has different types of goals. That’s why they need different approach or strategies to develop the goals into action. Plan needs to be established through accurate, realistic data gathered from the research. It also should fit with the roles of individual in the team, the responsibilities, as well as priorities.

Build the brand

Another role of business development team is to build the brand. It is not only about raising a brand awareness to the audience. It is also about create a differentiated and meaningful market position for the brand. Generating awareness is part of the plan. It also should deliver the value of the brand which is very challenging in reality. Good business development team are those who are able to define the brand with a change of drive throughout the marketing and sales practices. They define ideal client profile while marketing its firm and determining its value. 

No More Seasickness on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Getting seasickness on a boat trip is a disaster and can ruin the whole excitement. However. everyone can experience seasickness. Some people can even get seasickness very easily and severely. And it can be so much disgusting to see someone else is having the nausea and vomiting around us because it makes us feel the same way, too. Seasickness is a response of your body to an uncommon balance situation and it is totally a normal thing to experience, so there is no need to be embarrassed about it. But, since a Komodo liveaboard budget trip should be exciting, you should prevent encounter such disturbance. Here are some things you can do to avoid seasickness during your Komodo liveaboard trip.

No More Seasickness on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Rest and nourish well before Komodo liveaboard budget trip

Seasickness is a condition that occurs to your body. So, preparing a good stamina before the Komodo liveaboard budget trip is something that you should absolutely do to prevent seasickness. You can best prepare your stamina by having enough sleep the night before the trip. According to research conducted by U.S. Navy, good sleep before taking a boat trip may preclude the occurrence of seasickness because it prevents disruption to the vestibular system (located in small cavities hollowed out of bone within each ear) habituation process. Besides that, you should also pay attention to your food and drinks. While alcohol, caffeine, and soda are those drinks to avoid before your boat trip, you should also avoid spicy food and a large portion of meals. Most importantly, you should stay hydrated and do not let your stomach empty. 

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Take seasickness medications or natural remedies

Since seasickness is caused by neural activity in the form of the balance-sensing system (inner ear, eyes, and sensory nerves), you can avoid the pain and the discomfort by taking a pill that contains antihistamines. Such pills will help soothe the nerves around your balance-sensing neurons or suppress the brain’s vomiting response. Anyway, the seasickness pills are not only best consume before taking the Komodo liveaboard budget boat to prevent the symptoms of seasickness to occur. You can also take the pills after the seasickness occurred to help you reduce and cure the illness. As a substitution of chemical medications, you can choose natural remedies such as ginger, peppermint aromatherapy, vitamin B6 or B1 and chamomile tea. When you can get a healing from nature, why should you take the chemical ones, right?


Challenges in Business Development You Should Conquer

Business development is important if you want your business to strive in the long run. Being stagnant in your comfortable zone won’t get your business anywhere. Developing your business is another step you should take to make it bigger in the future. It is not easy to do but it is not impossible to reach either. There are many challenges along the way because it is not something simple. The profession that comes along business development is not easy either. Business development team are known to experience struggles and stress on another level in the business because they have higher expectation. However, it is worth it once it reaches what they aim. 

Challenges in Business Development You Should Conquer

Business development challenges

Here are some challenges in business development you have to expect:

Creating the right team to develop your business

You have to know about the person you are going to be included into the team. However, there is only so much you can learn about a person. You may gain information about said person through resume or their social media. However, it is important to make personality assessment thoroughly to identify every individual personal traits and qualities. It is not only about finding the best person. It is about finding the right person that will fit your criteria of a dream team that can work wonderfully for your business development plan.

Finding the right way to navigate your business into today’s world

The world is so much different from what it was used to. Today, everything is connected. It is easy to reach people through digital platform such as social media. However, it is quite challenging to reach specific audiences effectively. What you have to do is fill your knowledge and understanding about how the world works and connect today. Knowing only social media won’t work. You have to know how to navigate it correctly to the right direction of where you want your business to stand. 

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Identifying accurate response of clients/customers

Business development cannot be executed spontaneously.  It is something that needs thorough research and plan from the very beginning. Analysis of your own business such as in the matter of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats is important. It is essential to know which direction is the best for your business to develop successfully. However, you also need to conduct a research to gauge your customer’s response. This way, you will know which strategies that can work the best with the plan. 

Running your own business is already challenging

You face challenges on daily basis. And when you decide to take the game to another level, the challenges will become harder automatically. It is something to be expected. What you need to do is create strategic plan with thorough research and evaluation. Asking for advice from the experts is also highly recommended to have better insight from different perspectives. The key to be successful in business development include time management, good talent, validated prospects, and effective tool to make your message is worth listening to. 

What Should You Know Before Enrolling Kids to Surf Camp

ingSending the kids to a surf camp is one of the coolest thing parents can give to their children. Seriously. Kids who get into water grow up as one of the coolest kids on the block. Surf camp is not like any of your regular summer camp. It’s like having the beach, the sun, and immense play in the water all rolled in one package. The kids will spend the day in the waves, laughing and having the most fun and wholesome workout they could have. And in the end of summer they will come back with loads of cool stories to write on their holiday essay.

Though the idea seems perfect, is natural for parents to have several question regarding the surf camp. Especially when it’s getting to the operational details. Questions like, how would the kids be transported to the surf camp? Do they have to stay for overnight camp? Could the children go in without any experiences in surfing before? Worry not, daddies and mommies. Below is the essentials of what you should know before sending the kiddos to the surfing camp.

What Should You Know Before Enrolling Kids to Surf Camp

It’s Okay If Your Child Has Never Surfed Before

Ah, the most frequent questions from parents, all over the world.

But my kids has never surf before, is it safe for them and could they roll in the surfing camp?

The truth is, almost 60% of campers in kids surfing camp is total beginners. They have never catch the waves for all their life and it’s gonna be their very first time balancing in a surf board. In other words, it’s totally, perfectly okay if your peanuts have zero experience in surfing. The majority of surfing camp, though, require all the kids to at least have basic knowledge of swimming and are comfortable being at the water. So this is worth a note.

Rest assured knowing that safety protocols are number one priority at all surf camp, including the camps for children. Trainers will make sure each little campers understand surfing, beach, and water safety techniques fully before getting to the water. It’s all about maximum level of safety and the fun of being in the water. In this way, children will also develop a long lasting ocean safety knowledge and skills.

There’s Possibility for Trial Day at Kids Surf camp

Wonder whether your little peanuts will enjoy the kids surf camp or not? Some camps offer a trial day, where you could show up with the kiddo and try surfing lessons for just one day. Some are free, some might require you to pay for one-day lesson. If your kids like it, feel free to sign up for the extended stay!

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The Kids Don’t Have to Sleep on Surf Camp

One misconception about surf camp: children don’t have to necessarily stay at the campsite if they don’t want to. Kids surf camp usually has two options: a day camp especially for children below 10, and sleep-away overnight camps for children age 10-12. If your little nugget is 10 years old but still want to enjoy the evening with his/her mommy and daddy, that’s fine.

You Can Stay at All-Inclusive Surf Camp, Though

Some surf camp are build exclusively for young surfers. Some could cater for all levels. If you want the kids to enjoy their surfing lesson and have a wholesome experience of surfing holiday without getting separated at night, consider to stay at family-friendly surf establishment. Surf house and family camps are perfect choices for this.

Optimizing The Effectiveness of Dashboard for Your Business

Your business relies on variety of factors to be able to gain success. It is not only about working hard. You need strategic plans to make every step you take benefits your business. One of the most useful things for running a business is dashboard. It is a great tool for you to gather data and information needed for your business efficiently. However, those information will go to waste if you don’t know how to use them for your business benefits. The important point of using dashboard is how to make it useful for you to have insights you can act on. 

Dashboards for actionable insight

You have to take action in order to grow your business successfully. Gathering information and making theory won’t get you anywhere unless you act on them. Besides, you must know that the dashboards don’t always share you very useful information for your business. Sometimes, the information is too much that it’s hard for you to decide which one is useful for your business and which one is not. Thus, you can do another thing to enhance the effectiveness of your dashboard so it’s more actionable for your business growth and development.

Optimizing The Effectiveness of Dashboard for Your Business

Specify your audience

Dashboard often serve too wide audience which makes your business is less focused and specific. Therefore, you have to find the design that can specify your target audience. It is also important to design specific dynamic of your business plan which is supported by tailored information you gain from the dashboard. This way, you will be able to diverse individuals based on their unique profile so your target audience will be more specific. 

Never rely on guess or baseless assumption

Don’t rely on guesswork or baseless assumption when designing actionable dashboard because it will lead you to nothing. What you have to do is assuming the end users’ insight needs. Therefore, you have to design a dashboard that contain relevant dimensions and metrics which are also tied to your audience’s day to day responsibilities. You have to make sure that your dashboard is delivered in the right manner with the right information to make it more actionable.

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Dashboard with actual and relatable context

You have to design a dashboard that provide actual and relatable context. Without context, you won’t know when to take action. What you can do is add background information to the key metrics. Context data is important to create the urgency to act. By adding information regarding to the previous time period or target, you will gain more meaningful questions as well as actions you can act on. 

Dashboard that help interpret numbers

Make sure that you design dashboard that can help you interpret the meaning of the numbers displayed through metrics measurement. If your dashboard cannot do so, it is hard for you to crate actionable plans. By comprehending the data form the charts and metrics, you will know what to do because you understand the important point. However, it is also important for you to use the right chart options. There are many of them. You can choose the type of chart based on the context. 

Is PADI Certification Bali Really Worth It?

Scuba diving is a recreational underwater sport that is getting more and more enthusiasts today, though it requires one to pass some tests and have a scuba diving certificate beforehand. By the way, there is actually no concrete law that says scuba diving without certificate is illegal. However, it is the safest way of doing scuba since the activity involves pretty complex equipment and basically your own life. Each of the phases that someone encounters when taking a Bali scuba diving certification, is conducted to get you the best scuba diving experience. There are several organizations that could release a certification for scuba diving that meets the standards determined by the Governing body of WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council). But, there is only one that is very popular: the PADI Certification Bali

Is PADI Certification Bali Really Worth It?

About PADI Certification Bali

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s largest and oldest recreational diving training organization that has an international scope with regional headquarters in more than 183 countries and territories. It is really important to choose a training agency that has expertise in the field. For more than half a century, PADI has been providing lessons for countless of divers around the world. The organization also has a good reputation and is well-recognized in each and every diving spots on the globe. For the organization’s long history with the standardized scuba diving, there is no reason not to trust PADI Certification Bali and PADI Certification from any other regional headquarters in the world. However, Bali and PADI Certification are always complimenting each other as will be told in the following subheading. 

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Bali has great scuba diving spots

Bali is since so long famous for its natural scenes, which also includes the underwater landscape. The island of Bali is on each scuba divers’ waiting list. Whether they are advanced scuba divers or beginners, Bali has all they need to discover. Bali is an amazing destination for everyone, even for people who never tried to dive before. They will become fellow divers as soon as they arrived on the island. PADI Certification Bali will surely be a great benefit before starting the incredible diving journey. If you already had PADI Certification Bali or wherever you took the course from, you are able to dive into all the best scuba diving spots that Bali has you to offer. Among the great scuba diving spots in Bali are Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Lovina, Gilimanuk, Menjangan, Padang Bai and many more. 


The Idea of Collaborating With Your Business Competitors

Collaboration is not something new in business. Most collaboration happens because the parties involved feel connection or same goals. With the same vision, it is easy to make collaboration. However, have you ever thought of collaborating with your business competitors? It is not so pleasing to hear because ‘competitors’ mean your ‘rivals’ which means you should compete each other to prove who’s better than another. 

Collaborating with business competitors

Collaborating with competitor is not actually new in business. People has already had the term for it which is called ‘coopetition’. It refers to collaboration specifically between business competitors. Lots of people worry about the risk of clash and betrayal when it comes to collaboration with competitors. It sounds so daunting so that’s’ why not all business owners are brave enough to take this decision. 

The Idea of Collaborating With Your Business Competitors

However, there have been studies that showed the advantages of this type of collaboration which outweigh the disadvantages. This type of collaborative competition has higher chance to reduce company costs more than a 50%. However, the percentage is possible if the collaboration itself can last to three to five years or more. What’s the reason?

Reduce Business Expenses

Business professor and experts state that the best partner might be your direct competitors nowadays. It is because competitors face the same problems and struggles in the industry so they use similar technologies and resources. They tend to face similar challenges in general. That’s why collaboration can be a great solution that can help them reduce the cost of their business expense such as in the matter of product development, innovation, and manufacturing. Collaborating in those areas can help them save their money from excessive spending. 

Join Forces to Face Challenges

Collaboration might be a contemporary idea but if it’s been proved to be advantageous to do. It might be hard to accept the idea. However, it won’t be a problem if you try to be more open-minded with the idea. Running business means you have to use your logic more instead of personal feelings. Just because you have competitors doesn’t mean you can make successful collaboration. Basically, you and your competitors face similar things in general such as product development, manufacturing, etc. It is a great start to join collaboration because you can join forces to find effective solution. 

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A Win-Win Solution for All

Another reason of why collaborative competitors have high chance to success is that because the main principle of partnership itself is win win situation. Thus, there is nothing wrong with collaborating with your own competitors as long as it benefits both parties. Of course, this type of collaboration also has its own arrangement. However, every arrangement can be set by both parties to create peaceful harmony during the collaboration period. 

It’s Not A Must

However, it is also important to remember that collaboration is optional not obligation. When you find it useful, you can do it. You can also choose which parties you want to collaborate with. Collaborating with your business competitors is also optional. Most business owners choose it as a last resort but try to not close your mind to the idea because it might benefit you someday.