Find Out Ideal Property for Buyers

There are many way you can do to get started with property business. People in this industry use different strategy which works individually. Thus, following other’s strategy doesn’t guarantee your success in building your business. No matter what kind of strategy you use, you cannot be considered if you cannot sell the property at its best price. So what is the key to sell your property at top dollar?

The answer is to focus on buyers. When you decide to rehab a property, you need a great plan. However, the plan is not to focus on your own satisfaction as investors but the buyer’s. You need to think carefully and thoroughly about what buyers want and look for of a property. By focusing on buyer’s need and demand, your chance to sell the property quickly is higher. In fact, you have higher chance to sell it for the highest possible price.

However, you might get confused as to decide buyer’s need of ideal property since every individual has their own needs. To decide it, you need to remember that no matter how different the market is, there are always common items which can attract the buyer’s interest. Here is what buyers mostly look for:

  • You need to make the property like out of a good movie. Thus, you need to pay attention to details such as the entryway. This way you can deliver the appeal as soon as the door opens. Remember that the first impression is important. Thus, putting some effort to make the front parts appealing will be worth it. Make sure that the front door is not old or rusty. If needed, you can add new shelf or nice mirror by the entry. This is what you call wow factor that is mostly looked for by buyers.
  • Remember that buyers are always willing to pay for quality. Thus, it is a great strategy to update the property with something new and fresh. The updates don’t need to be major or grand. You can only focus on three major areas in the house; kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Buyers usually pay attention more in those areas. You can update the countertops, appliances, or floor of the kitchen. For the bathroom, you can update the basic such as the flooring, vanity, sink, etc. For the bedroom, it is highly recommended to update the master bedroom before anything else. You can also update to focus on creating more spaces to the room.
  • When it comes to decide the color, you need to take out your personal feeling. Remember that you need to focus on what makes the buyers interested. To make a safe choice, you can choose neutral color. This will provide spaces if the buyer want to change the color in the future.
  • It is true that the interior is important but the exterior is not less important either. Thus, you need to make sure that the exterior is as appealing as the interior. This is a key to make good first impression.

Tips Before Buying Property in Bali

Buying property in Bali, both as residential or investment is a social statement with a high level of prestige. Who does not want to have occupancy and investment in Bali? Investors are competing to buy property in Bali because it has a high market value. What’s more, Bali is the world’s top tourist destination.

Buying Property In Bali

Judging by the graph of tourist visits, several natural disasters such as the great mountain eruption did not significantly affect the interest of tourists to visit. Although there are some countries that have a “travel warning”, Bali is not too much affected by the conditions of the mountain eruption. Even during 2017 tourist visit statistics increased by 5.86%.

Many people argue that the best property investment sources in Bali are still centered in Kuta. In fact, investors began to expand the area and buying property in Bali to the west and north which was considered more perspective. Based on the survey 9 out of 10 people think that the location is the most important of the prices when deciding on buying property in Bali.

Why can west and north Bali be a recommendation for buying property in Bali? There are 2 things that underlie the 2 areas in Bali that are of concern to investors. Both locations were opened as wide as possible for the development of the tourism business in Bali. It is expected that interest in buying property in northern and western Bali gets the attention of investors, both small, medium and large scale.

There are some important things that you should pay attention to before buying property in Bali for a place to live.

Buying Property In Bali From Trustable Developer

It’s better to buy property in Bali that was built by the best developers or developers who have a trusted track record. The track record for the developer is important and you need to acknowledge it as a first step before making the next step. The track record can be an illustration before knowing how well they built property before you bought a property in Bali.

Building Quality

The quality of the building is no less important. We must know the design, quality of work, and building materials used in the house. Knowing it is very important because you will live a lifetime to last long.

Rental Property Prices

Buying property in Bali to return to rent provides benefits for you. The interest in rental property in Bali is very high. Given the many expats who work and take their families to Bali. In its development, tourists prefer villas or rental homes that are luxurious and comfortable to stay while on vacation.

Misconceptions You Will Find about Real Estate Business

Deciding to start investing in real estate should come from thorough consideration. You need to know exactly what you are getting into before you regret and backtracking.

Some people believe that real estate is a great start for investing money. However, it is also common for new real estate investors to believe in misguided advice or misconceptions. It is true that there are myths even in real estate business which is a logical deal.

It is great to ask for advice for those successful investors in order to follow the step. However, it is better to follow the truth. The best step to take is to do your own due diligence and necessary research in order to make the right decision.

Real estate business misconceptions

Here are misconceptions you will find often about real estate business:

  1. First misconception is that investing in a bad neighborhood is a big no. However, this statement is not true at all. If you can manage to find a potential even in a bad neighborhood then you can earn your profit. Statistically, distressed home prices are 37% below median sales prices. Thee type of properties are typically 20% under the market value. Hence, you can get your chance to higher your profit. You can use flip or buy-and-hold strategy for these properties.
  2. The next misconception is that you need to be wealthy to invest in real estate. Being wealthy means you have easier access to start investing but it doesn’t determine whether or not you are going to be successful. Statistically, 23% of successful investors started investing in real estate with less than 10,000 dollars. There are various alternatives to start investing in real estate if you have limited funds. Thus, being wealthy is not a must or rule to be able to invest.
  3. Next common misconception in real estate business is that customer is always right. In business, customer should be treated as a king. However, it doesn’t make them always in the right side. Statistically, 37% of customers do little to no research before investing in a product or service. This results in 23% of them more likely to request a refund. Thus, the best step to handle customers is to give them the best service but still holding on the best principle. Remember that rude customers cost you faithful employees. When you blindly trust customers and give everything they want, your employees will be upset for not having your back especially when the customers become more aggressive.

Those are common misconceptions you will find about real estate business. In order to not be misguided, it is important to rely on facts. Besides, real estate business depends on numbers.

It means you can calculate your steps and consequences easily without believing in unnecessary myth. When it comes to asking for advice, it is still necessary so you can gain more knowledge.

However, it is better to take advice with a grain of salt. Therefore, you can pull your own trigger after doing your own due diligence and research.

Hammock Camping is Contributing to A Better Travel and Life

How many of the travel items and gears that you know are contributing to our travel and also life at the same time? I think that there is not many of them will be as useful as the hammock that most of us will be using it it for camping and also to bring while traveling to somewhere.

I do really appreciates for those who have been discovered and also improved the hammock camping until today. I know that it isn’t a miracle, but the way it works somehow the same for me.

Am I too excessive in saying it?

Hammock camping for better future

Here are what I have thoughts before. The first thing is, I am pretty sure that camping activity is always fun for everyone from child to the older people and is also the healthy thing you can get for yourself. Fun and healthy at the same time for everyone, sounds good for you? That’s how the hammock camping is offering us.

Look, even if you are walking 1 or 2 hours to your camping site, I think that a hammock won’t burden us much since it will only as heavy as around hundreds of grams. I think that there won’t any lightweight hanging bed as it is that I know so far. And yes, walking is a healthy activity as well.

But it won’t only be the reason why hammock camping is healthy for all of us. Hammock is well known for its fast setup as well. Later when you are jumping into it, many have been proven that they could falling asleep faster than before. Is it because of they have tired of walking a moment ago before reached the camping ground? It can be but hours later or even the next day—even if they don’t do anything that make them tired, they can still falling asleep faster.

Hanging bed is better for that. I don’t know whether it is because of the gravity or else, the important thing to be kept is, you are mostly will be experience the better sleep. It is because many have also proven that waking up in a hammock feels like the refreshing thing they rarely to have.

Hammock camping is also stimulates our brain to experience the deeper sleep stage. Do you have friends who are very difficult to wake up after sleeping? I am not sure either they are lazy or not, but it can be that they are in deeper sleep stage. They do really enjoy sleeping so that they will wake up refreshingly. I do really jealous to them for that.

But you and me can’t wait any longer for that sleep stage since the hammock now is easy to get and I think that it is also quiet affordable for many of us. I can’t really disassociates the term of hammock with the camping idea. It is really encourages us to be outside, somewhere you have not been visited for long. Or at least, if you have a backyard—you can start camping with a hammock right away.

There are still many things I want to inform you about the hammock camping, but hope what I have written above will open your mind that a it is helping us by contributing to our own better life, travel and even our own future. Share this article if you are agree with me!

How Millennial Buy House in Property Business Trend Today

Millennial have given significant influence in a lot of sectors including in property business trend. Lately, the numbers of young buyers participate in the large market of property industry. The number is impressive especially in the last decade. Therefore, it is highly suggested that sellers and investors take millennial into consideration. Their needs should be on one of the top lists since they are influential. There are potential buyers coming from millennial which may give you better chance to sell your home in the most promising and profitable deals. The first thing you need to do is to catch their attention.

How to approach millennial property buyers

There are differences between younger and older buyers including preferences, way of communication, etc. Since younger buyers are potential to earn you benefit in your business, it is highly suggested to use the most effective approach to catch their attention. Thus, the first thing to do is to analyze the tendencies of millennial. Thus, you can set a great plan to attract them. Here are ways of buying home used by millennial which change the dynamic of home-buying:

Email vs Phone Call

Unlike older buyers who like making a phone call for communication, millennial prefer texts and emails. They tend to choose the most efficient and convenient way in communication. Today, internet data is mostly used by millennial. That is why their approach in communication also tends to texting or emailing. Phone calling is viewed as less efficient by them. Thus, you need to adjust your approach in communication to meet their dynamic.

A Lot of Research

Instead of bugging the seller with so many questions, younger buyers prefer doing their own research to find out about potential house they want to buy. Therefore they tend to be more confidence and sure about what they are getting into. However, they also tend to ask unexpected questions which can put the sellers on edge. Thus, prepare yourself to interpret the information they get from their research.

Set of Expectation

As mentioned above that millennial tend to do their own research so when they need to question it to the seller they appear more confident. It means, they have set their own expectation as well. They don’t like vague information about the deal. They like to know what to expect and when it happens. Thus, you need to be upfront about the entire process so there won’t be any deviation.


Millennial like getting referrals. They tend to trust them with a proven track record. They won’t buy promotional words in advertisement easily. They like doing research and ask trusted referrals. Thus, you need to provide testimonials as well as positive online review to earn their trust.

Guidance for Value

Millennial tend to have difficulty in envisioning what it would be like to live in a respective home even though they appear to be a confident buyer. They value guidance a lot. Thus, you need to point out the potential of the house they are interested in. You need to do a good job at staging so the potential will be standout.


Travelling with Komodo Liveaboard during the Rain: Is It Possible?

Labuan Bajo raise into fame in fairly quickly, and now travelers from all corner of the world starts looking for available Komodo Liveaboard to start their adventure. The tropical frontier get especially packed during summer—or dry season, according to tropical climate system—when the sun is the hottest and the sky brightest. Generally, the climate in eastern part of Indonesia receive the less of precipitation than the western part. That means the monsoon season in Labuan Bajo is generally shorter and not as hard.

This raise a big question: can you go on an Komodo liveaboard adventure during the monsoon season? Should you really wait until summer to hop into Labuan Bajo?

Travelling with Komodo Liveaboard during the Rain

Travelling with Komodo Liveaboard During the Monsoon Tips

Well, we do understand that not all people are lucky to get their summer leave approved. Some need to choose the shoulder season to get their well-deserved holiday, and here’s how you can maximize the chance.

Know When Labuan Bajo Rains

Hanging in the eastern tip of Indonesian archipelago, Labuan Bajo is blessed with good weather for most of the year. The monsoon season usually last between November to March, with January being the peak of the rain. If you compare it to western region like Java, Flores has still the fewer rainfall, with some areas experiencing less than 1.000 mm rainfall per year. That means even when Bali might be pouring wet by the rain, Flores might only have few hours of rain for all day long.

Early November: Safe

Whether you want to avoid the overflowing tourist during summer or simply want to avoid the winter snow, November is your best bet before the rain start pouring harder in the middle of December. Sometimes it’s only raining once in a week, which is great to wet the land and prevent accidental fire. If you are a diver, this is the last best time to see sharks and manta. They are abundant in this time! Many dive sites become unaccessible during December to March due to the strong north-western winds.

Many Komodo liveaboard are still operating during this time, but you better book it in advance before they close the last sailing.

A Rough Sea to Sail

Some liveaboard operator in Labuan Bajo close their sailing trip in the end of November, and go to rest during December to February. Combination of heavy rain, strong winds, and rough waves make sailing dangerous. Nearing the end of March, some operators begin to open their service again as the sea is getting calmer.

Always Communicate with Your Liveaboard Operator

We highly recommend you to always communicate with your Komodo liveaboard operators to know their sailing schedule. Make sure the liveaboard prioritise your safety and not only after your money. Trust the crew if they say they are not sailing—better reschedule the trip than having a bad day in the ocean.

In conclusion, taking a trip to Komodo is still fairly doable, as long as it is taken with extra caution. Mild rain during the beginning and the end of rainy season is still safe—it can even be a welcome relief from the intense heat. Just avoid the peak of monsoon and always talk it beforehand with the boat operators.

Benefits of Watching Real Estate TV Shows for Investors

It is so common to see real estate TV show playing on weekend. Some people just ignore it and some pay attention to what the program shows. As real estate investors, you should not underestimate real estate TV shows. There are lessons you can learn from it. Remember that one of the key to become successful investor is to have endless willingness to learn something new from time to time no matter what the resource is. TV show can be a great way to learn many things which can help you improve your kills in investing and manage your business. Thus, next time you flip a channel and find real estate TV show playing on one of the channels, you can’t just skip it immediately. You can watch it and see if there is something you can learn from the show.

Every Tv shows dedicated to real estate shows different graphic and drama. However, every aspect of them contain meaningful message to deliver to the audience. Here are examples of lesson you can gain from real estate TV show:

  • A good team is important in real estate business. This is lesson you can get from watching real estate TV show. The investors in the show lean on their team for support. They involve others to manage the business include real estate agent, contractor, etc. Without the help of many people, it will be harder to reach your goals. This is why the TV show always displays how investors work smoothly with their business partner as well as real estate agent and contractor.
  • Hard work is important to reach goal is also a lesson you can get from watching real estate TV show. Hard work is essential to be successful. It doesn’t thing you can earn overnight. It takes months to years for investor to gain success. This includes scarifying your personal time. When the TV shows displays how hard it is to secure deals and close them, the process in real life can be twice harder.
  • Balance between work and life is also another lesson you can learn from watching real estate TV show. In the show, there are scenes which are not related to real estate. This shows that work needs to be balance with life. Securing deals and closing them is important but if your life revolving around it for 24 hours then you will get burnt out. It is not healthy for your life and work. Working with clouded mind won’t get you anywhere. Therefore, balancing your life and work is a great way to reach your goal more effectively.
  • Next lesson from watching real estate TV show is that there are challenges everywhere. In every step you take, you will find challenge from minor to major one. This requires you to think quickly for solution and decision. Sometimes, drama cannot be avoided. That is why you need to always be ready to face any challenge in every step from purchasing to ending sale.

How To Find Scuba Diving In Bali Cost With Professional Instructor

Diving is a symbol of expensive activity. If other activities can save you money, but not by diving. You have to prepare airplane tickets, transportation while in the destination, accommodation, and dive packages from the dive center. Most professional divers prepare their own diving equipment and this is not an item at a cheap price. Lately scuba diving in Bali has been widely discussed and is one of the favorites.

scuba diving in bali cost

Scuba diving in Bali cost a little cheaper than other destinations. The term, you pay 1x and get a lot of profits. In Bali, you don’t just enjoy the stunning underwater beauty. The landscape of the land in Bali is no less interesting for you to explore. The scenery of green rice fields, culture, and traditions of Bali has its own charm for all people.

How Much Average of Scuba Diving In Bali Cost?

Competition for dive centers in Bali can no longer be avoided. Starting from diving packages for beginners or professionals. The price of an experience is very expensive. When you enjoy diving trips, whatever scuba diving in Bali cost are not a  big problem.

There are many unprofessional dive centers without providing the best service for potential divers. Scuba diving in Bali cost are adjusted to the package you want. Most general packages offered by 2-3 dive spots include leasing diving equipment, transportation to dive spots, boat to sea and instructors who will help guide your dives.

Usually the question that many tourists question when arriving in Bali is where to look for a dive center? Searching for dive centers can be done via the internet when you are in your city or country of origin. Searching through the internet and comparing scuba diving in Bali cost will be cheaper. Previous reviews and comments by divers can be a guide to getting the best and most trusted dive center.

There are many non-professional and non-certified guides who try to get profits from tourists. Scuba diving in Bali cost for non-professional and non-certificate guides are indeed very cheap. But again emphasized that security at diving is important for your safety.

A real example of scuba diving in Bali is cost low, which has claimed the lives of tourists because non-certificate guides do not know how to save and maintain the safety of divers. For this reason, don’t be tempted by scuba diving in Bali with low costs. Note that the dive center you choose is professional and guarantees the safety of divers.

What You Need to Know about Condo Investment

There are various investment you can take when you decide to build a career in real estate business. one of them is condo investment. Investing in condominiums sounds legit especially because lots of people seem interested into living in a condo.

However, it is important to make thorough research to give you reason why you should invest in condominium.

Getting to know about condo investment

You need to make your decision educated and calculated. Remember that real estate business relies on number and logic instead of feelings. When making decision, you need t consider several factors such as goals, risk aversion, as well as individual personality.

Is condo investment right for you?

It is important to find out if condo investment is right for you before searching for condo listing. Remember that investing in condo is quite different than investing in a single-family house. Here is what you need to do before making any deal in condo investment:

  1. Make a thorough research about pro and cons in condo investment. This will help you to decide whether or not this type of investment is the right fit for you. You need to do research to your local market. If it is promising and you think you can handle the risk then you can make final decision.
  2. As mentioned above that investing in condominiums is different from investing in a single-family property. This includes the financing method. You need to find out the right financing method and source you prefer. Finance is one of the main keys in the success of real estate investment.
  3. To make your research easier, you can work with an agent to search through listings in your area. This is more efficient than wasting your time strolling around your area to find potential deals. While working with the agent, you can ask about rules and fess of Homeowner Association.
  4. It is important to calculate your numbers since this business is about number game anyway. While finding out your numbers, you need to do your due diligence as well. You need to make thorough plan and set the best strategies that you think will work efficiently to your investment.
  5. Make sure to choose a property with high potential to give you benefit and profit. Once you make an offer, you can schedule an inspection to the property properly. If after inspection everything clicks, then you can close the deal and make your investment in the condominium you selected.

Lots of investors ask if condo investment is good or not. However, it is not a question that can be answered generally. Remember that real estate business involves individual goals, financial circumstances and effective strategies.

If after conducting proper market research and minding due diligence you find that this is a good investment, this has high possibility for your success in this business. Some investors choose condo investment because it doesn’t require maintenance.

The price is also relatively lower than a single-family property which makes it easier to sell. Not to mention that the cash flow is also promising for steady income.

Website Design Is Not Only About How the Site Is Appeared

Web design is not only about how beautiful your website is appeared. It’s not about how simple or how many styles it’s appealing, not as simple as pampering they eyes of the owners or the visitors. It should be more than that.

There’s even a study titled as “Trust and mistrust of online health sites,”revealed that the design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. What a surprising revelation! How do you feel when the contents you are prepared and published in your site can be no mean at all comparing it with the design elements!?

Website design is not only about how the site is appeared

94 % of the respondents were commenting directly related to the web design elements while the rest of the 6 % were referring to the specific contents. No more term like “Content is the king!”

That will only just from one particular research and I have no idea how many researches or studies are telling the same with various reasons. The important thing you can note from it is that the web design is not something you can get rid of. Even, it is so much important to support the success of your website with the goal you’d like to reach.

Many of the users are finding that making a website is easy, but when they have to make their own design and implementing it to the new site, it can takes months or even years. They have to learn and experience the trial and errors of the design. Not to mention that the web design is also has the correlation to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That is why, there will be many of the web design agencies such as the Bali web design or the other agencies based on the location across the world. Since this is the internet age, now we all can get the related services from anywhere you’d like to hire.

Anyway, content is still a matter for sure, but your website design is also something important that should be handled professionally. If you have a site for running your business like online shop, then you have to invest in it to get the professional look and also have the functional elements to help your visitors.

Quoted from ecpi University, it is reported that a well-designed website is also affecting the conversion rates. If the navigation is easier for the customers as well as the wordings (contents and copywriting), and the used colour, then the site can be the “gold mine” for your pocket. It can generates more and more customers and will be easy to improve your business and get success.

I realised that the web design styles are vary and also the trend is changing all the time. But I think that we should never stick to one trend only since it will be changed by another one over time. If we need to approaching the web design with SEO, then I recommending you to consider about the long-term planning for the site. Focusing on the trend can be a troublesome and even can be problematic.

For the conclusion, it is important for the business owners to understand well the complete impact and affect of the web design. Rather than only to get the look as you like, it can be better to think about how the design will contribute in delivering you the online success.