Traditional Japanese Food Catering for Special Occasions

Japanese food catering has increasingly gained more popularity and demands. While normally Japanese cuisine are not conventional food for weddings, office meetings, parties, and various other events, the choice actually gives your events a dash of uniqueness.

Traditional Japanese wedding dishes

Wedding is among one of the most important events in the Japanese culture. Japanese people spend a lot on clothes, venues, and every little detail that makes a wedding, and food is definitely among those high up in the list. What are some of the most well-known food that you can request from your Japanese food catering service?

Red bean rice for Japanese special occasions

For the Japanese people, Sekihan (red rice) is synonymous for special and celebratory occasions. It’s without a doubt that Sekihan is included as one of the Japanese wedding food widely consumed during and after the celebrations today.

sekihan japanese red rice for celebratory events

The red rice symbolizes good luck. The name is also a monophonic for celebration, aside from the  symbolization of the color of red in Japan, synonymous with happiness. Regardless of the style of the wedding you’re having, you can join in the merriment by incorporating the dish into your overall catering menu. Ask your Japanese food catering to provide you with red bean rice (instead of the usual white rice) for a fresh choice of delicacies and surprising your guests.

The classic favorites of sushi and sashimi catering

Sushi and sashimi are often present in all kinds of events and celebrations. A large number of caterers, although not Japanese-specialized, have been providing the menu for various events. While choosing this dish for your event catering, make sure that you know your caterers are experienced in serving them.

sushi sashimi catering in bali for events

Both sashimi and sushi are best eaten when fresh. So the serving timing, storage, and the presentation must ensure that the dishes are enjoyed by your guests in the freshest way possible. Hire an experienced sushi private catering to ensure that your events go well.

Kazunoko: the iconic Japanese wedding food

Kazunoko is also considered a popular traditional Japanese New Year food, however, its appearance on Japanese weddings is an important one. Kazunoko is a dish made of  herring roe and the connection to Japanese culture symbolizes fertility and prosperous family. The kazunoko is often made into sushi or enjoyed by its own, dipped into shoyu (salty soy sauce). It’s a delicacy that has a unique texture.

kazunoko japanese food catering for wedding

The soy sauce used for kazunoko is the Usukuchi shoyu and known to be saltier than the Koikuchi shoyu. The choice of soy sauce is influenced by the beautiful golden color of the kazunoko, as Usukuchi shoyu is lighter in color. While food has become more and more flexible in various ceremonies, a traditional Shinto Japanese wedding just doesn’t seem complete without the appearance of this dish.

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Yakitori catering: bring on the fun vibes

Yakitori is a dish that would add colors of fun and relaxed vibes to your events. It’s a charcoal-grilled dish made of chicken cut into bite-sized pieces. This food is a popular type of street food sold all year long. While the Japanese custom doesn’t look up to eating while standing, it doesn’t mean your event should discourage it as well.

yakitori grill japanese street food

If you’re holding a party, office meetings, weddings, or other celebrations in the Paradise Island and would love to add a dash of colors to your events, consider Japanese catering Bali and consult with them what kind of Japanese dishes suit your event and budget.

Hiring a catering service to provide yakitori can provide your guests a fun way to engage. The dish is easy to take anywhere. Guests can enjoy their food while conversing with each other. Choose flexible Japanese catering packages that allows you to have various dishes. Look for references in Japanese food for festivals that can give you some ideas.

Understand The Challenges In Running Family Business

Running a family business just like any other business has its own risks and challenges. It is surely challenging but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it successfully. There are people out there who proved that they can run family business just fine. Before diving into family business, it is highly advised to understand all the risks and challenges so you can anticipate and prevent potential problems.  Of course, there are the inevitable but at least you will know how to deal with them if you know what you are getting into.

Challenges in running business with family members

Running a business with your family members can be both calming and nerve-wrecking. The good side is that you don’t have to waste your time with background checking or familiarizing. You already know who you are going to work with. The bad side is that conflicts that happen within working environment can be persistent and dragged into personal life. Here are the most common challenges in running a business with family members:

The first challenge is to set boundary between business and personal matter. Since you are getting used to with the presence of your family members, it is easier for you to feel too comfortable. However, business is business and you need to treat it like one if you want to become successful. Separating business and personal matter will be the hardest challenge especially in the beginning and if it is the first time experience for you or your family members to join forces in running a business.

The next challenge is related to leadership and responsibility share. Since you already knew your family members like the back of your hand, you don’t hesitate to deliver responsibilities. However, it is not something you should do based on personal attachment. You need to delegate responsibility to each member of your family based on their skill. Another challenge is when you have to lead older family members. They are used to treat you like a baby so you have more pressure to prove them that you can become a good, effective leader.

Another challenge in running a business with family is to think out of the box. You and your family members have the same upbringing and already got adapted into family tradition. It makes you think similarly in so many things. This can be good because you can bond faster. However, it can be a trouble for when you need to find or accept new ideas or concept. Meanwhile, innovation is crucial element for the success of business.

Lack of objective perspective is also challenging. You are working with family members who you love and love you. It is common to feel biased. However, giving bias opinion in business is not constructive. You should work without involving too much personal attachment. It doesn’t mean you have to act cold. What you need to do give each other open and honest opinion to everything related to work. Thus, you will know if there is something to fix or improve.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali and The Savings Secret

Vacation means spending money. This is something natural. When planning a vacation trip means you are ready in financial terms. Accommodation becomes a problem when vacationing family or with friends. It costs a lot when you have to choose a hotel room with international standard services and facilities. When you want to stay in a comfortable and luxurious place but are constrained by costs, renting a villa is the perfect solution. Canggu is one of the areas that are currently popular and full of foreign tourists. How to get luxury Canggu Bali villas and what are the saving secrets you will get?

luxury villa canggu bali

Luxury villa Canggu Bali for Sharing Cost

If you are traveling with many friends, sharing costs looking for Canggu Bali villa rentals are right. The average villa rental price per day ranges from $ 200 or more. If your traveling companion is 5-6 people, the cost of accommodation per person per day is much cheaper. Surely you have to calculate how many rooms and mattresses are available. Search through the villa rental website to compare the number of bedrooms to your needs.

Kitchen is important

Culinary is fun. There are even many people on vacation for the purpose of tasting typical country or city food. If your budget is limited, choosing Canggu villas with kitchen facilities and equipment will greatly save costs. Visiting the traditional market is perfect, and you can buy food ingredients to be processed with family or friends at the villa. Wouldn’t this save more money?

Bed with big size, very profitable

Maybe this is a little difficult because you have to pay attention and ask in detail, the size of the available mattress. Holidays, of course, become a place to gather with your family or friends. Looking for Canggu villas with large size beds certainly, fit more than 2 people. Large beds with 2-3 people will certainly be comfortable if you are with family or friends.

Canggu villas are spacious for holiday comfort

Most Canggu villas are designed to make tourists comfortable as at home, certainly will make you feel at home. The spacious villa means having a living room, open space, and of course a swimming pool. If you see the price is very expensive, don’t worry because it can still be reached if sharing costs with your friends. Complete facilities and services, with high prices, will still be worth a vacation with your beloved friends or family.

Book Villa in Advance

Vacation trips do require careful planning. If you are on vacation during high season, it’s good to look for Canggu Bali villa rentals in advance to get cheaper prices. There are many online applications that make it easy to find and compare villa prices for cheaper prices.

The Importance of Honesty in Business

Starting business is easy and everyone can do it. However, running a business with ethic and social responsibilities is very challenging. Most people consider professionalism as the most important trait in running business. Sure, it is important to run a business because it relates to relationship management and work ethic. However, honesty is also important quality you need to have to run business. It can lead you to run a successful and accountable business in the long run. 

How Honesty is Related to Business

Most people consider honesty as unimportant for business. However, honesty is related strongly to trust and credibility. In running a business, you also need to build trust which is gained by showcasing honesty. Keep in mind that honesty in business is not only about doing things the right way but also about expressing the values of the company. 

Value and Beliefs of Business

You see, there is particular work culture you need to build and establish when running a business. Honesty is one of the most crucial elements you need to build it successfully. Work culture is important aspect for your business to success in the long run. It is related to value and beliefs that drive everything your business does. It is related to how you make your products and deliver your service. Honesty is also important for you create powerful and reliable teamwork because your team members will feel more validated and empowered if you can establish work culture with honesty as one of the basic elements.

Consistent Behaviour Culture

Honesty is important for your business because it creates consistent workplace behavior. Culture built in honesty can foster workplace behavior that is consistent in activity. In simple words, culture built honesty can make your employees behave with a consistent code of ethics no matter what circumstances they are currently in. Easy example of this point is, your employees will maintain their respect and politeness even when they face rude customers. Another example is, your employees will choose not to pad their expense account of their business trip even if they have the opportunities to do so. It is because they have bought into the culture you have built and established using honesty as one of the foundations. 

Trust Building

Honesty is also important because it is what you need to build trust with your customers as well as business partners. Nobody want to be related with dishonest person. Trust is not something you can build overnight when running a business. It needs to be built gradually. You need to nurture it carefully because trust is something that can be easily broken but hard to repair. When you gain trust from your customers, they will believe that you will always deliver the best products and service. It can help building your business reputation if you have customers with strong loyalty.  Honesty will also help you to get helpful, reliable business partners. 

Furthermore, honesty is not something you can underestimate with in business. It is crucial element for you to build trust, reputation, and accountability. It is also important to maintain healthy relationship between customers, employees and business partners. 

A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

There are places in the quieter corners of the earth that seems so unreachable, yet so tantalising with bright blue waters, barren islands, and empty beaches. Places that, in a mere glimpse, would evoke your inner wanderlust almost instantly. The recently famed Komodo National Park is one of them. Sit in the borderland of eastern Indonesia, the Komodo looks like it just transported from the lost world. But you might think that Komodo is—no matter how appealing—is just too rugged, too far, and too of out reach. Wait until you discover that Labuan Bajo, the gate and port town to the national park, is brimming with dozens of Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo that are so ready to take you into spectacular adventure in this isolated frontier.

A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

The Uplifted Phinisi for Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

If you have been into cruise ship before, Komodo cruises in Labuan Bajo might stray a bit from what you think. While most cruises are built in mega ships, most cruises in Komodo could only take up 10 – 20 people most. Small ratio of passengers to crew, exclusivity, and authentic experience is their motto. We’ve even see a luxury ship exclusively cater for two people on board! Almost every cruises here are built on Indonesian traditional phinisi design. A two masted wooden ship that, historically, were made for transport and cargo. Cruise ships modify the phinisi with modern, luxurious touch. Onboard the ship, you gonna find three to four decks housing 3-9 imposing suites, which decor and facilities are in par with luxury resorts. Decks are entirely covered in polished woods, equipped with cushiony beanbags, loungers and soft daybeds. Some

Lux Cabins in A Floating Hotel

If you think that ocean view hotel room is the best, wait until you see cabins on Labuan Bajo cruise.  They know what the game. The best cabin is, of course, the one located in the upper deck. Master bedrooms in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo usually boasts dramatic wraparound windows offering ever-changing panoramas over the seascapes. You could enjoy the view while reclining on their king/ queen size bed or having private spa while savouring the landscape.

Due to the size of the ship, a cruise usually only have one single master cabin. But that doesn’t stop the other cabins to give you a pampering retreats. Cabins on the main deck were built with large windows on one of the side, providing a lot of natural light to the room. Lower deck cabins are definitely cheaper than those in upper stories. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are less comfortable. With sumptuous beds, plentiful storage, and rays of natural light from the outsized portholes, these suites could still be the most comfortable cocoon you have ever been. Rest assured knowing that all cabins in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo are ensuite!

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The Komodo might be far-flung and isolated, but dining in these cruises are something else. Expect to find fine dining in the middle of empty sea. The crews usually start the day with sumptuous breakfast. Tropical fruit breakfast, the famous nasi goreng, scrumptious noodles, toasts, eggs on various styles, and healthy juices are what usually on the options. Lunches are sometime arranged in one of the hidden sands with tapas, though you can always have it on boat . Dinners usually arranged on the deck, made even charming as the ships is shining through the darkness of the night.

Creating Professional Look to Your Business

Professionalism is crucial for your business. It helps boosting your accountability and credibility. By adopting professional attitude and behavior, you can improve the performance of your business as well. Even if you start with small business, professionalism is important element to have because that’s how you treat your business like a business. Aside from adopting professional behavior, you also need to build professional look for your business. It can help boosting your brand. You can do it using technology that is always available today. 

Establishing professional look to your business

Creating professional look is crucial because you need to have positive branding for your business. Besides, it will help your business to look more organized because there is no personal things included. Creating professional look might be easy if you don’t have to consider your competitors. You need to create a look that can differentiate you from others. 

Have professional contact details – It is important because you need to separate your personal and business matters. Dedicating number for business is a good start to establish professionalism. This way, you don’t have to mix up your personal life with business matters. It is not hard to create dedicated number for your business. Aside from phone number, you also need to create other contacts such as emails dedicated for your business only. 

Establish professional domain online – It is crucial for you to establish your brand online. One of the most effective ways is to have professional domain dedicated for your business. It is fine if you can only start with free domain. However, you need to consider switch to private domain once your business grows bigger. Make sure to choose simple, unique, memorable name for your domain. Keep it short so people won’t have to think long to reach your page. 

Make business card – You can create professional look for your business by making business card. Thus, you can give it anytime. Business card is a good investment in the long run. It is part of the most powerful tools marketing. It doesn’t have to be made of expensive materials. The important points is to state your contact details so people can reach you easily. You can order business card through online service if you cannot afford making it at home with the risk of failure being high because creating and business card is quite a work. 

Hire professional web designer – You can try designing your own website to make it look professional. However, it is better to hand the work to professional. They know what to do and they have the skill. Consider it as small investment for your business in the long run. Having beautiful and professional website that can give your visitors good experience is important for your business. In addition, make sure to post informative, inoperative, and useful contents on your webpage so more potential customers are attracted to keep coming back on your page. If you want to post image, make sure to take better photos. Blurry images will only make your potential customer frown. 

Location Villa Bali And The Importance Of Choosing A Strategic One

The location best villas in Bali has its own advantages. The view of the strategic location of a villa from the viewpoint of tourists will not differ much from the viewpoint of investors. But both tourist and investor have the best goal. Villa is no longer sounds strange to tourists. Many tourists who are getting smarter in choosing villas as the perfect accommodation to enjoy a holiday. What do investors or tourists think about the location villa Bali?

location villa Bali

Location Villa Bali from the view of investors

Location is certainly an important factor if you want to invest. The better the location of your property will be very possible the value will quickly increase. Especially on the Island of the Gods, the location villa Bali will determine the rental price or selling price. Looking for the best villa in Bali, investors must be prepared to see the price offered. But, the investment you pay, is balanced with what you will get later. The ROI you get can reach 9-10%. Investing in a villa will be very profitable and this is related to the needs of tourists.

Location Villa Bali From The View of Tourist

What do you see when looking for accommodation when vacationing in Bali? The main thing is the location of Bali villas. It is very important to look for accommodations that are close to many accesses to bars, clubs, restaurants or nightlife. Every tourist has certain tourist destinations, and of course, will determine the location of the accommodation. Now the most important thing is what is the purpose of your vacation? If your holiday destination wants to enjoy the night world, then some areas such as Seminyak or Kuta are the perfect location for Bali villas for you.

When tourist destinations want to enjoy a quiet holiday, the right location villa Bali is in the Umalas, Ubud, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, or Poultry areas. They will find a quiet and peaceful area with spectacular views ranging from rice fields to see the open sea of the Indian Ocean. Cool and cool air will greatly improve your mood, so your quiet holiday destination will be very perfect.

Location villa Bali is the main topic of concern for investors or tourists. Location determines all your vacation or investment destinations. There is never the best time besides buying and enjoying a part of heaven like on the Island of the Gods. This will be a change in your life.

Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Business and technology is related to one another. Business can grow bigger by using the right technology. Therefore, running a business today won’t do if you don’t take advantage of technology. There are various forms of technology you can use to improve your business. It affects your business significantly in management, communication, production, as well as customer service. Business can maintain its flow if customers are happy and satisfied. Thus, customer service always plays important role in business in which technology can help to improve it.

How technology can improve customer service

You must realize that technology evolves so fast. People are required to adopt faster to these technologies. The thing is, you can take advantage of this. You can use the rapid speed of technology as a bridge to build connection with your customers. Engaging with your customers using technology will help you to dig more information you need to improve your business. Here is how technology can improve customer service.

Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Inform Customers Offers and Deals

Technology can be used to inform your customers about offers and deals. It is common for customers to wish for lower price of a product or service they need. They are always eager to get the best deals where they can purchase something cheap with good quality. You can seize this opportunity to attract more customers by building electronic HTML emails. Thus, you can notify your customers whenever there is new offer, deal, or discount. This way, your customers will feel cared for as well. This is one of the most effective ways to value your customers.

Collect Data Through Surveys

You can conduct a survey to collect important data and information about your customers. This way, you will know exactly what your customers really want and need. Your business can grow bigger not only by delivering the best products or services but by understanding what your customer truly need. This is how you can help your customers solving their problems effectively. Using data and information collected from survey, you can fulfill the expectation of your customer because you know what to do.

Immediate Response to Customers

Technology is crucial in business because you can use it to respond to your customers immediately. You see, customers will feel neglected when they asking question or stating their problems with your products or service. You need to respond to them regardless of the feedback being negative or positive. Using technology, you can build a well-organized customer support team that can tend to your customer immediately. It is important for you to be available at any times when your customers need your support.

Getting More Visibility

Technology can help your business to be known easily. Your customers can easily locate you via website so they know where to go when they need your support. In addition, technology can help improving the payment of products and services. Make sure that you create easy way for your customers to make an order, payment, etc. you can also create various options for your customers to pay the products or services they purchase from you. This way, they have good experience in making transaction with you.


Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

The human skin is a blank canvas and Bali tattoo studio is one of the best place to transform it into a great piece of art. Not only Bali is great for summer vacation, it’s also famous for large community of tattoo artists that has been producing lots of praised works. Getting a tattoo in Bali is essentially the same with anywhere else in the world. However, something about ‘holiday vibes’ prompt us to get our skin inked—even if you never do tattoos before. If this is your first time getting tattoo, here’s the steps of getting a tattoo done in Bali. Right from initial preparations up to the finishing process.

Make the Deals with Bali Tattoo Studio

Let’s assume you have done the research and get the tattoo studio of your choice. The very first process you need to get done is making the deals with the tattoo studio. Make sure they have a tattoo artist Bali that specialise in style of tattoo that you are about to get and make the appointment. Settle a price deal with the tattoo parlour before getting into the next process.

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Planning the Designs

After all negotiation settled and question answered, it’s time to get into detailed tattoo designing with your tattoo artist. It’s important to communicate what you want; little details of the tattoo, tailoring the design to your skin and personality, what colours to pick, and whether you want to connect the new tattoo to the previous design. There’s so much things to talk about!

 Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

All the Paperworks

Now, every initial preparations are done and it’s time to get in the paperworks. Your Bali tattoo studio will require you to show a valid identification card and fill some forms. They cannot ink someone underage! They might ask for your Bali address, where you stay, and your phone numbers. After all the paperworks is done, you will make the payment. Don’t try to bargain again or you will be kicked out from the studio!

Skin Prep

It’s time to sit in the chair of honor in studio tattoo Bali and prepare the skin where the tattoo will be applied. First, they will clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Then, they will shave the skin to remove any hairs on the area. This is important, because even the finest of hair could disturb the inking process and may cause skin problems. 

Stencils on Bali Tattoo Studio

This is the secret of a good tattoo. The stencil process! Once your design is fixed, the tattoo artist will make a sketch of your tattoo design, then insert it into the tattoo machine. The machine will print it in a thermal paper, which will be pasted unto your skin. The artist moisten your skin with soap, water, or even stick deodorant before pasting the thermal paper. When the paper is pulled away, you will see purplish blue lines stick on your skin.

Getting the Tattoo

All the preparation is complete and it’s time to get into the real work! You will be seeing your tattoo artist preparing the inks and tattoo machine in Bali tattoo studio. They will work with cleaning the machines, preparing the inks, and start the line works. The next work is adding colour and shading, where your tattoo artist could get creative! Depend on the scale of your tattoo, the work could be done just in few hours or you might be required to come back to the tattoo parlour for several times to finish the tattoo.

The Aftercare

Now, your tattoo is ready and your tattoo artist will put a protective layer to your tattoo! Just consider it as an open wound—it needs to be keep sterile to avoid bacteria infections and other complications. Don’t open this bandage until the amount of time that’s you’ve told. Also, don’t forget to apply aftercare to your tattoo as the tattoo artist instructed you.

Tips for First Business Trip Experience

Being assigned business trip for the time must be exciting and nerve-wrecking. It is not a simple vacation you always do after all. There are many things you need to handle and accomplished. Booking ticket plane, completing the reports, and other tasks can be daunting somehow no matter how often you go travel for fun because it is different from business trip.

Business travel is important since it will show how your dedication toward your job and responsibility. Usually, evert company has their own rule when assigning their employee a business trip. So, you should follow the rules but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too.

Useful tips for first business trip experience

Business trip can be intimidating because of the responsibilities you carry along the way. You are supposed to complete your task while being away from your office and supervisor. This will test how good you are at handling business matter. However, travelling is travelling so you should be able to enjoy it too even if the main purpose is to fulfill your professional responsibility. Here are some tips to have smooth business travel for your first time:

Tips for first business trip experience

  1. Preparation is important so you are ready with everything you are going to need during your travel. You need to book everything ahead of time so you can focus more on your work when arrive instead of wandering around to find accommodation. Company might also prepare everything ready for you so if this happens make sure you know the itinerary thoroughly so not to miss anything.
  2. Pack light so you won’t have to drag heavy luggage. If your business travel is only for two or three days max, you can simply bring carry-on bag to put every essentials you are going to need. Choose clothes in basic neutral colors so you don’t have to pack many. Don’t need to bring excessive entertainment source because you might not use it due to the work you have to fulfill.
  3. Make sure to schedule everything thoroughly and give yourself sometime to breath between meetings and appointments. Thus, you won’t overwork yourself. Give yourself sometime to breathe in fresh air or just simply enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of you.
  4. You can indulge yourself by having dinner in a fine restaurant. However, make sure to know your limit. You are not supposed to spend your whole night going out. It will take a toll on your body especially when you have plenty of work the day after. Instead of overdoing yourself, use the time you have to relax and rest.
  5. It is possible that you have partner for the business travel so you have to share the space. Instead of being awkward, make the best of it. Respect each other’s privacy and space so you will not be bothered. Having a partner for your business trip is not always bad. It might be awkward at first especially when you don’t know each other really well from the beginning. However, it will be fine if you respect each other.