Skills Needed To Execute Great Customer Service

It is not easy to handle customers properly. Not to mention that every customer may have different interest or needs. Thus, it is abound to happen if you cannot just please everyone. Receiving complaints is also thing you should have expected from the beginning. Delivering quality customer service is a must if you want to make sure your business stays afloat. When they are happy, your business will most likely stay on the right track. Executing great customer service requires some skills. Thus, you have to assign the right people to handle customer service department. 

Important skills to execute great customer service

The responsibilities that customer service team have are big. It needs dedication, strategy and the right skills to deliver quality customer service. Here are several skills that your team should have to execute great customer service:

Empathy is important skills your customer support team should have. Keep in mind that every customer is unique. They also have their own struggle or problems. Being empathetic means you can feel what the customer feel. You put yourself in your customer’s perspective to get better understanding. This way, you will be more mindful before giving any suggestion or solution. 

Communication skill is also essential skill to improve customer service. It is important to know how to communicate properly with customers. It is easy to get riled up when facing with customers who are complaining about your business. However, effective communication can prevent from unnecessary arguments. Communication skill is also needed so that you can threads the words carefully. Not to mention that your customer base consists of different group of people. Thus, communication skill will help you adjust and decide the way to communicate to different customer. 

Problem-solving skill is needed to deliver great customer service. Every customer faces various problems. Not to mention that they don’t like waiting. Addressing the issue your customer are struggling with immediately is a must. Thus, they won’t feel ignored. Every problem may also need different approach to find the best solution.

Emotional intelligence is also needed when it comes to customer service execution. Handling customer who are in rage for example, requires you to stay calm and control your emotion. Emotional intelligence skill will help you analyze and and interpret other people’s emotions. Therefore, you will be able to respond properly. This will you handle situation involving customer better especially when they are upset over something. Being able to interpret their emotional state and needs will help you prevent from upsetting them even more.

Patience is also a skill needed to execute great customer service. You have to choose people to be in your customer service team who have great patience. Keep in mind that handling customers on daily basis can be exhausting and straining your emotional state. It can mess up your mind if you don’t have enough patience within you. With patience, you will know how to handle every customer without letting your frustration show.

Canggu Villas, The ultimate Planning of A Vacation Trip

Bali is known as the island of the Gods, rich in popular tourist attractions and supported by international accommodation, enough to make it a favorite destination of the world. Ranging from nature tourism to art and culture offers fun for all tourists. One famous area that is a favorite area of tourists, especially foreign tourists, namely Canggu and its surroundings. Canggu is indeed a holiday destination as well as for enjoying a quiet vacation. The right way to enjoy the tranquility of a vacation is to look for rental Canggu villas. Canggu Bali villa rentals offer comfort, tranquility, and privacy. Villa facilities are no less complete with 5-star hotel accommodations.

Canggu Villas with a private pool and comfortable

How to book Canggu villas?

Most tourists who are on holiday to Bali will immediately think that the hotel is the most comfortable accommodation. Why not think about surfing the internet and looking for cheaper accommodations with facilities equivalent to star hotels? The fact is, all tourists will find a different atmosphere than when you enter a five-star hotel. What are you looking for when on vacation? All your activities in the villa will be very privacy without any disturbance from groups or other tourist groups.

When considering a vacation to Bali, then finding accommodation is first. Deciding to choose accommodation in the Canggu area offers a lot of understanding for you about the daily life of local residents. While you will be spoiled with perfect services and facilities while immersing yourself in a rich culture.

Surfing on the internet allows you to get many lists of Canggu villas. Comparing facilities, services and prices bring you to a pleasant and cost-effective vacation. Mistake booking accommodation allows you to pay a very expensive vacation. Who wants it? You will not regret and most likely can make you re-occupy Canggu villas.

It’s not difficult to find Canggu villas, but it can’t be said to be easy either. Not a few tourists who are stuck in booking a villa and ultimately end up with an unpleasant vacation. Actually, you can search for villa rentals from professional and trusted agents. Usually, they do the maintenance of the villa well so that it is comfortable when guests come. Another way that is also very easy is to find information through reviews of previous guests. Guest reviews allow you not to lie to you. At least, you get a picture of the Canggu villa that will be in place. Why waste time on expensive vacations if you can enjoy on a low budget.

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

Running a business can be terrifying for some people because it takes a lot of courage to start something and make decision. Meanwhile, running business will involve lots of decision making in the process. Every day is about making decision from minor to major issues. However, remember that there are always choices to choose. You have the ability to choose what’s best for your business without letting anyone dictate you in certain way. What you have to do about decision making issue is the ability to calculate and think logically. You have to be willing to weigh down the risks and possibilities of taking particular choice for your business. 

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

What to do to make the best decision for your business

Running a business is about growth and survival. Careful thinking will help you through various crisis. Problems will always appear no matter how well you plan your business. Without problems, your business might not grow properly. Problems should be considered as a chance for you to grow yourself and business positively. In making decision, some choices are easy to choose and others most likely not. Here are tips to make the best decision for your business.

Put your focus on your priority

It is easier said than done because focus can be easily distracted even by minor things. However, where you put your focus on is the key for making the best decision. For example, you should choose between focusing on your competitors or your customers. Both are important factors but which one of them should you put your focus on? The answer is customers because they have direct impact to your business growth. Happy customers will lead you to positive business growth and revenue. When you focus on your customers, you will work hard to satisfy them until you earn their love and loyalty. In the end, your competitors will try to figure out how to beat you and not vice versa. 

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Take direction of your business

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

The next tips is to take the right approach to decide the direction of your business including manufacturing, technology, customer services, etc. you should choose whether you are going to be a follower or a leader in directing your business. The better answer is to choose the latter because even though the leader approach takes more courage and risks, the rewards can be greater. Meanwhile being a follower won’t allow your creativity and brand personality to shine. You will be limited to what others do. This will only lead you to lose your own unique value. 

Choose how to treat your employees

They are your assets and you should know how to treat them right. This is making decision issue regarding to the management. This can be stressful especially because your employees are their own individuals with unique personalities, background, and characteristics. Making decision is not easy in this matter. What you can choose is facilitate your employees morale through good communication, growth opportunities, open-door policies, as well as individual advancement and individual respect. 

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Scattered in the blueness of Flores Sea, the staggering volcanic islands within Komodo National Park has been attracting millions of visitors every year. The prehistoric folds of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar island landscape give a promising raw adventure. Soon, you will be left awed by Komodo’s natural charms; walking along dusty trails on tropical dry forest in search of world’s last colony of Komodo Dragons, chilling on the crystalline waters on the rare Pink Beach, watching wild sunset backdropped by thousands of flying bats, and many more. Every day, Labuan Bajo cruise as well as budget liveaboard and day trip boats come crossing the water in search of nature wonders. If you have planned a Komodo cruise trip for the upcoming holiday, you will be pleased to know these insider insights.

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Arriving One Day Before Embarkation is A Good Idea

Many people try to cram their activities in one day to save the budget. Inexperienced backpackers tend to think that arriving in the same day at Labuan Bajo in the same day with their cruise embarkation is time and cost-efficient. The reality is, however, often times the other way around.

One, some Indonesian airlines just love to delay. They can postpone their flight up to 8 hours for “technical reason” and nobody bats an eye. And the worse is, your cruise won’t wait for you—unless you charter it whole. So we highly recommend you to arrive at least one day before and book a room in Labuan Bajo. This way, you have plenty of time to spare and a chance to see what the beautiful city has to offer.

Outlets on Labuan Bajo Cruise Can Be Limited, So Bring Yours

Labuan Bajo cruise is not known for their generosity in electrical outlets. On the sailing trip, you gonna need a lot to devices to use—phones, tablets, camera, laptops, or maybe curling iron (why will you need a curling iron in a frontier anyway?). So we highly suggest you to bring your power outlets to make room for more devices. This will help your roommate too!

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They Don’t Serve that Alcoholic Drinks for Free

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

You might be picturing a lying leisurely in one of Labuan Bajo cruise sundecks, donning your glasses and sipping tropical cocktail as you gaze on passing sceneries. Only to find out that the dream will cost you additional prices for the cocktails. Any alcoholic beverage drinks are not inclusive to the package, you know. The same goes along with espresso, latte, and any other specialty coffee. Only simple black coffee and tea are free during the meal time.

Don’t Arrive Late—Labuan Bajo Cruise is Not that Big

You might have heard this tips everywhere. That the port will be very full of people waiting in line on the embarkation day of the cruise and you should arrive late to avoid the long line. Well, the Komodo cruise on Labuan Bajo is not as big as your mega cruisers. It’s more like an elevated, high-end version of 40 meters wooden boat. Most cruises in Labuan Bajo only take 8 – 20 passengers at most, so there won’t be long lines to avoid. Always come on time—the cruise won’t wait for you. 

Thinking Like An Owner When Running Your Own Business

The way you think can affect they way you behave. That’s why mindset is very important factor for a successful business to run. When you decide to run your own business, you have to have strong mindset as successful leader. This way, you can face any challenge throughout your career as entrepreneur. When you have particular mindset, it will affect your decision making as well. It is very important to have strong mindset with logical thinking to run a business successfully. 

How to think like an owner when running a business

How to think like an owner when running a business

Why is it so important to think like an owner when you run your own business? There are differences when you think like an owner or like an employee. For example, you will think something like ‘I could do that too’. it means you have think like an owner. Why? Because you are aware that everything human make are designed. There is always intention and volition. If somebody can do it, then you can too. This is like the beginning of how you think like an owner. When you feel like you can do something other do and even think you could do better, it’s a good start. 

Thinking Like Employee Makes You Feel Less Motivated

Meanwhile, thinking like an employee has negative side when you are running your own business. It can make you feel less valued or less motivated. When you think like an employee, you will see in narrow view most of them time, you think the market is too big for you. Also, you feel like you will never make a living creating something. Therefore, this kind of thinking won’t get you anywhere because your mind limit your actions. 

You Are Capable to Create Something

How to think like an owner when running a business

So how to think like an owner? You can do it by starting to view things through different lenses. Remember that Apple is built and designed by human beings not corporations. Therefore, you will realize that human being has potential to create something. You also should start changing your way of thinking. Make it open wider so you can see things differently. Remember that the world you are living now is the result of what people before you created. If they could do it, so could you. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

Almost every successful entrepreneur do not afraid in telling their big goals or dreams in life. Even if your dream sounds impossible for other, it doesn’t mean impossible for you. When you run a business, you must have set your own goal whether it is to be a wealthy business owner or help shaping the world into what you envisioned. When you dream, you have motivation to take action even if it is a small step in the beginning. Thinking like an owner means you have more open mind along with long vision to the future. You don’t limit yourself to stay in one place. Instead, you keep driving yourself forward to reach your goals and make your business as opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Not all of us have the luxury of throwing all of our savings in luxury hotels or surf houses while having their dream surf holidays. Planning a surf trip is actually costly. You need to buy the plane ticket, buy extra board wax, budgeting your meals during the trip, and pay extra luggage for your surf board. If your destination require flight transfer, that means double charge of board luggage, that can cost half of your flight ticket alone. And if you decide to not to bring your board, you still need to rent them in the destination. Some of us need to think extra to keep the surf holidays on budget. If you’re one of those surfers in budget, you probably want to consider camping on the surf site for the holiday. Yup, the actual camping—in oppose to the more popular “surf camp” dormitories and villas. Here’s everything you need to know about camping on surf destination!

Two Ideal Options for Surfing Holidays on Budget!

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Now, there’s two options on surf camping. Either you bring your own tent and set it up on the nearest surf sites or go to established surf camping sites! On most empty beaches who happen to have some of the best waves, the first option will work so well. But camping in more popular beaches might require a spoken or written permission from the local beach guardian. It cost almost zero money to set up your own tent—your only spending will be on the foods and probably on getting the permission. Some areas on Australia, UK, and America even have dedicated area for camping sites. They have facilities on the sites such as coin operated showers, laundry, tumble dryers, and electricity. You can either bring your own tent or rent a bell tent from them.

Going to established surf camping site is definitely more convenient for surf holidays, though you still need to pay for the accommodation. Nevertheless, it’s way cheaper from hotels. It’s ideal for those who want to have the best of surfing but don’t have the bank balance to match. On this option, you don’t have to build your own tents—they have been semi permanently build on the ground. They might have occupancy options, such as single, double, and superior which quite similar to hotels. Note that you won’t have extra services on the camp-sites options. It’s just you, the camp, and having as many surf as possible. 

Stay Closer to the Beach

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!


Anyone that has been travelling a lot know exactly how the price of accommodation goes directly proportional with location. The closer a hotel gets to the beach, the more expensive its rate. Unless you are staying at campsites. It sits in prime location, it’s just one stone throw away from the swelling beach, and it cover all your basic necessities. Also, it’s one of the greatest way to escape the tourist hordes. The simplicity and practicality of surf camping site make it almost perfect for solo travelers. Campsite is undoubtedly the most cost-affective mode of travel for budget surf holidays.

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Camping Sites are Getting More Popular for Surf Holidays

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

When you are going to surf holidays, your first instinct might be going at surf camps, surf schools, surf houses, or villas because they are the most popular options for surfers. However, now camping sites are growing in popularity. You can easily find campsites fro surfers in France, Portugal, Spain, Australia, California, and the UK. Some even provide escalated version like “glamping”—glamour camping. Glamping offer an experience of staying at a camp with beds and complete modern convenience.

Wedding Catering Services: Considerations for a DIY Food Stations

Stationing food bars or DIY food stations is something fun that has been gaining popularity more and more these days. And there is a reason why these food stations are gaining grounds in the wedding catering services — they can be a solid addition to your wedding as long as you set it right.

Wedding catering services: Food stations are fun and easy to set up

Unlike the conventional catering dishes that need to be preserved in one way or another, most of the food stations contain ready to serve meal. As such, they can last all day long without much fuss or any complicated equipment. That is, all day long, if your guests did not gobble up the food and finish everything so quickly.

wedding food bar - waffle

Your wedding guests will be able to customize their very own plate. It’s a creative way to present the food and it engages your guests and let them have slice of fun. Not everyone may enjoy the musics you choose, nor the dancing, but everyone can surely delight on the food you serve and how you serve them.

Food stations can be a conversation starter among your guests

Food stations are like a bar but less formal and most of them are a do-it-yourself basis. Your guests will be able to create their own plates with a combination they love. Eating would be a less than formal occasion as well, and it’s a chance for your guests to stand or sit down together to snack during the whole event.

wedding catering services tacos station

Instagrammable spot for snaps and posts: get the suitable catering service for this

Getting your guests to compare what they’re getting in their plates is an excellent way for them (and for you) to have some fun. Not to mention, if you choose an excellent wedding catering services to handle the decor and the visual elements, these food stations can become extremely eye-catchy; your guests will love snapping pictures at your bars and their plates to post on their social media.

wedding grazing table catering

Food station ideas to get your wedding planning started

Here are some of the most popular ideas brides and grooms alike have loved to include on their wedding services in Bali. Pro tip: find the best catering in Bali that will be able to deliver you food stations that are put-together and well-done.

  • DIY nachos food station
  • Pretzel bars
  • Tacos bar
  • Popcorn station
  • Barbecue station
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cupcake station
  • Pizza station
  • Grill station

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You can have virtually anything for your wedding food stations

From nachos to popcorn to candy bars, the limit to food stations are your imaginations. Wanna have a veggie station for your guests to crunch on? Or maybe fruits and dried fruits station combined with a waffle bar? Go ahead and be as creative as you want! Just make sure that you consult your wedding catering services for any ideas you have and communicate them well.

catering food bar mac n cheese

Servers or professional chefs are a must for certain types of food

If you’d like to step up your catering game and have some of your favorite food that isn’t exactly common for the usual food stations, then make sure that you adjust your planning and budget accordingly. For instance, a food stall that serves sushi is most preferably served by a chef, instead of a DIY. Food that must be served in its freshest state needs to be tended to by servers or chefs as well. Food like sushi, sashimi, and seafood in general will require you to adjust accordingly.

Improving the Quality of Customer Service

Customer service is one significant element in business industry because it is what keeps customers to stay loyal. No matter what your business is about, be it selling product or service, customer service is important element. You have to maintain good customer service because it is not only about gaining profit but also building your reputation. The way you treat your customers reflects the business value you have. Your customer should treated like a king which means you prioritize their needs. Underestimating the role of customer service to your business is a mistake. If it is not important, why every business creates customer service department?

Good customer service for better business

One of the the most important keys of good customer service is the ability to apply common sense in resolving situation. Every customer has their own problems or situations in which they hope you can help to solve. If this is what you apply in your company and you implement it yourself, your workers will adopt the same method. 

Good customer service for better business

Knowledgeable staffs

However, if you focus on management, only you will be able to solve the situations of the customers while your staffs are left clueless. The most common result is that your staffs don’t know what to do because they are unsure how to solve the situation especially when there is no answer from the manual. Your staffs especially the junior ones are also still lack of the expertise so it’s bound to cause a drama when they face unexpected situation with customers if they don’t have ability to use their common sense. 

Try to personalize your customer service with efficiency

Good customer service for better business

Don’t feel too disheartened if you start your business small. In fact, you can take advantage of that since your customers are still growing in numbers, mean you can deliver personalized service. The process of solving your customer’s problems will also be more efficient. It is a good way to build good relationship with your customers. The larger your companies has grown, the more difficult to personalize customer service. However, you can try your best to do it if it is possible without reducing the efficiency. 

Hire the right staff for customer service department

Hiring too kind-hearted people is not right. However, hiring people with too strict personality is not good either. You have to hire people that have personality like a sunshine who always happy to help when needed. They should be the one who can speak pleasantly and warmly so customers will feel comfortable. Hire staffs who also love their work because love leads to positivity to work environment especially to the customer service department. 

Think of the costumers

Procedure and protocol are important in customer service delivery but what more important is how you make your customers feel. When they feel satisfied and happy, they will automatically become your most loyal customers. You also have to value your customer’s experience. Therefore, it is not always about the result that your customers expect for but more on the way you deliver the service. It is what leaves their impression the most. 

Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

There’s something about holiday that always get us all excited. Even just planning about our next holiday gives us enough energy to get through a challenging week in school or workplace. And one of the best thing that could happen in the summer is surf holidays! It’s a dream of many—going around the globe in search of the best waves, shining sun, and good times. Indonesia, though located far away in the Indian Pacific, enjoys consistent swelling waves almost all year round in famous surfing destinations like Bali, Lombok, Sumba, and Mentawai. The Sri Lanka has the best waves on November and April, where the rest of the world is having winter. The Maldives offers inviting water; obviously, with pumping swells from March to May. Outside the tropical countries, you have Portugal and Spain in Europe and California, Florida, and North Carolina in America. Your surf holidays destination is endless!

You could either spin the globe, throw a pin, and go to whenever fate brings you. Or you have more smart surf holidays planning to make sure a smoother surfing trip.

Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

Type of Waves You Want to Surf

The world has all sorts of waves, and each destination has its own characteristic. In Indonesia alone, the Mentawai’s waves are generally bigger and firmer than those in Bali. Before deciding your surf destination, find out what kind of waves you want to surf in. Are you beginners looking for easy rolling waves with protected bays? Or perhaps you are looking for more challenges by having high performance waves and shallow reefs? Is long grinding points your favourite?

Distance of Destinations on Your Surf Holidays

How far you want to travel for your surf holidays? If you are living in Europe, the Portugal and Spain are your closest choice. In fact, Europe and America are generally more accessible. Indonesia is renown for having some of the best breaks in the world, but it needs a long flight to get there. Also, consider your budget when planning the destination. The further it is, the more plane you need to take.

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How Willing You Want to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Are you wiling to experience something different than your home? Pretty much every countries in SE Asia offer crazy surf adventure as well as exotic cultures. However, you need to deal with different modes of transportation (most of them don’t have subway train outside the capital city), agents and sellers trying to rip you offs, and many more. The Europe is modernized, but you might not find anything huge in adventure department.

Business Development Team Roles For The Success Of A Business

Developing business is not something that you can do out of impulsive thoughts. It needs thorough and strategic plans to work successfully. Besides, it requires more than one person to actively involve in the process. That’s why there is business development team in every company. Their position in the company is important. It can be said they they play huge role in the success of the company to grow. Those who are part of business development team are not just ordinary people. They have to be the type of individuals who can work with stress, pressure, and huge responsibilities. The success of their effort influence the future of growth and stability of the business. 

The role of business development team

It is challenging to create and build business development team because you have to hire people with high qualities. They have to possess creative thinking, leadership skills, organizational mindset, and are strong motivated. Here are what the team should do to help a business grow successfully.

Business Development Team Roles For The Success Of A Business

Understanding buying patterns and trends of people

Every buyer has different needs. Thus, it is important to identify what customers need and what problems they face. This way, you can give them the right products or service that can help them solve their problems. Business development team will have to act as researcher to gather information related to the buying patterns and trends. They also have to act as a consultative seller to make successful sales.

Ask the right question and listen intently

That’s why the people who work in business development team should be those who possess professional curiosity. Thus, they ask great question while being able to listen intently as well. This responsibility is important because this way, there are measurable terms for the business to grow and develop more. This role of business development team is also essential in order to solve variety of issues that may arise regarding to the agency, products, services, competition, etc. 

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A goal setter

The next role of business development is as goal setter. The team should set the goals and then proceed to develop action plans. Every business has different types of goals. That’s why they need different approach or strategies to develop the goals into action. Plan needs to be established through accurate, realistic data gathered from the research. It also should fit with the roles of individual in the team, the responsibilities, as well as priorities.

Build the brand

Another role of business development team is to build the brand. It is not only about raising a brand awareness to the audience. It is also about create a differentiated and meaningful market position for the brand. Generating awareness is part of the plan. It also should deliver the value of the brand which is very challenging in reality. Good business development team are those who are able to define the brand with a change of drive throughout the marketing and sales practices. They define ideal client profile while marketing its firm and determining its value.