Increasing Flexibility in Your Small Business

Running a small business is a good start to reach successful life. It is not an easy path but brings you more opportunity to grow bigger. Small business is promising especially when you can do it right. One of the most important qualities to grow your small business successfully is flexibility. Being flexible is important when running your own business because you live in the world where everything changes rapidly and unpredictable. Being flexible means you are always prepared in facing any situations. Business landscape face constant changing no matter how you despise it. 

How to increase your flexibility in business

Increasing flexibility when running your own business will bring benefits such as increasing efficiency and productivity. There are several ways you can increase flexibility in your business. Lots of entrepreneurs do the exact opposite when they are over-committed. Committed to your business is a must. However, doing it excessively without giving a room for flexibility will only lead you to failure. Remember that you can still be flexible without ruining your disciplines and goals. Here are several ways to increase flexibility in business:

Let your employees think as entrepreneurs. Just because you are the one who own the business, it doesn’t mean you are the only one who can find solution of problems. In fact, you should allow your employees to have that responsibility as well. Give them space to find solution of problem. This will allow their creativity to improve. It will also benefit your business in general. This way, they will be able to improve their flexibility. They will be stronger when there are unpredictable situations or changes. 

Increasing flexibility can be in a form of giving your employees option how they can finish their works. For example, you may allow them to finish their work at home as long as it meets the deadline. If they have situation that requires them to stay at home, you may allow them as long as they don’t neglect their responsibilities and commitment. 

You can be more flexible in work management. For example, you hire virtual assistants for more efficiency. In addition, this kind of method allows you to reduce the expenses of your business. Thus, you can allocate your budget to other more important matters that can help increase your productivity. This is the example of how flexibility allows you to find efficient and effective solutions for better results. This is is how you take every opportunities to make the most out of every potential. Thus, your small business will grow faster than your competitors. 

Do not limit yourself in one option or trend. Technology allows you to know what’s trend today. However, it doesn’t you should follow them to show your flexibility to changes. In fact, it should allow you to think strategically in choosing what moves you should take. You need to know what kind of strategy that works best for your business. Flexibility is important but you still need to do it with planning. Only then, your small business will show significant progress. 

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Long Term Bali Villas For Rent With Affordable Price

Bali villas for rent has become a trend. The needs of the villa are not just for accommodation while on vacation but also a temporary residence for expats. Not a few local investors who deliberately look for long-term Bali villas for rent to re-lease to foreigners or tourists, both short-term or long-term leases. In fact, the villa rental business is booming considering that a lot of discerning travelers choose affordable accommodations with exceptional facilities.

Bali Villas For Rent

Bali Villas For Rent For Peak Season

Many suggestions for tourists, come on holiday to Bali during peak season in order to cut the budget. In fact, Bali doesn’t know the season. Tourists always come and go throughout the year and are a factor in the high price of accommodation. But don’t worry because it will be very possible for you to get Bali villas for rent at an affordable price. You can spend time on the internet searching for price comparisons to adjust your vacation schedule.

Private Villa Bali For High Season

Imagine when you have to share hotel facilities with other guests. It will be very annoying when you are looking for a peaceful vacation. This is why many tourists choose Bali villas for rent to fulfill their vacation destinations. The best way for a comfortable, quiet and luxurious vacation in high season is to search long before your holiday arrives. Most tenants have been careful in determining prices during high season. At the very least, you can get lower prices than if you place an order before the high season.

Long Term Bali Villas For Rent

Many destinations people look for a long term villa. One of them is for the temporary residence of expats. Bringing families away from home countries might be a little difficult, especially looking for a comfortable “home”. Most expats who work for more than 2 years looking for villas because they are equipped with super complete, modern and best facilities. This makes the reason why the construction of villas in Bali is a very promising business.

In fact, it is indeed very easy to find a long-term villa in Bali. Considering Bali is a world tourist destination, there will be many comparisons to find the best at an affordable price. For business people, the villa is the right place to gain profits by renting a villa then renting it back to tourists or expats. Choosing Bali villas for rent carefully and smartly whether it is for the short term or long term is important in order to cut the budget lower.

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Enhancing Your Creativity As Entrepreneur

Creativity is essential for entrepreneurship. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have creative mind. Being stuck in conventional way of thinking won’t get you anywhere. Creativity is such an essential asset for entrepreneur because business always face changes. It is unpredictable that you need creativity to adapt to any circumstances and find solutions for every problems. Creativity is strongly related to inventiveness. However, it is so much more than that. It is beyond original ideas or imaginations. It includes how you can bring tricks to the table as well as how you use it to work together with your instincts. 

How your creativity can be enhanced

To be creative, you need to let your mind think out of the box. You have to use different perspectives so you can see thing larger and clearer. You should clear the fog in your mind and allow your creativity to take over. Using creativity is challenging because you need to be brave enough to implement things you have in mind into actions. 

Enhancing Your Creativity As Entrepreneur

Explore More

To enhance your creativity, you need to explore more. When you stuck in the same things or routines, you will lose your creativity. It will become dull. Meanwhile, more exploration will allow you to know, and experience many things, forcing your mind to work it its full capacity. While exploring, you also have to observe and analyze. Another thing you can do to sharpen your creativity is to talk with people more people, especially those who are successful and inspiring. It allows you to open your mind and see everything in different perspectives. 

Set Visions

Always set a vision and not only weekly or daily plan. You have to make sure that your vision is always evolving. Brainstorm ideas no matter how crazy they sound. Then, you can sort them out and choose the one you think is the best. Instead of making things perfect, improve them. When you aim for improvement, your mind will be able to think creatively. You can also listen to others more because when you are creative, you will be able to take inspirations from others by combining and transforming them. It will lead you to new light. 

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Get Out from Comfort Zone

To enhance your creativity, you should be brave to be out of your comfort zone. However, it is also said that creativity comes from being in a good space. The point of this is to navigate your negativity, insecurity, and inconvenience to positivity. Try to give yourself time to relax so you have more space to think creatively and positively. You can do everything that works for you such as meditation, massage, sleeping, etc. 

Keep Your Health in Check

Pay attention more on your health both mentally and physically if you want to enhance your creativity because the fogs in your mind will only kill your creativity. Weak body also makes it harder for you to think clearly, let alone thinking creatively. Make sure to commit to your health. Solve problems before it gets too big and take too much space in your head. Exercise more to improve your fitness as well. 

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How to Keep Your Kids Fit On Surf Lessons

If you kiddos has showing interest on wave riding, it might the time to get them their kids surf lessons. Many surf camps in all around the world—Portugal, Bali, Phuket, Maldives, and many more—provides amazing kids surf camps that your little beach bum would love. Surfing is great not only to coach them how to catch the waves, but also take them to exercise, maintain physical fitness, and how to respect the ocean from early age. However, your little beach bums need to be in their prime to stay fit during the surf lessons. And as a parent, here’s how you could give the best support for their beach play times.

How to Keep Your Kids Fit During Surfing Lesson

Before Kids Surf Lessons: Train Them to Paddle!

The truth is, most kids get ecstatic before the kids surf lessons take place, only to find out that it’s way more tiring than what they imagined. If your kiddos are serious about enrolling on summer surf camp, you could start to introduce hem to the handwork. Take the to the pool one or two weeks before the camps and train them the paddle endurance. Paddling on real waves can be quite tiring. Exercising their shoulder strength is great to train their paddle endurance. Just a plain swimming exercise could do, too.

Take Them to Cardiovascular Exercise

Kids need to have a strong level of fitness to endure long sessions of surf lessons in the water. Before the holiday break starts, get your kids for light cardio exercise such as running, biking, or swimming. It will build up their endurance. Just remember to keep it fun and don’t overdo it =, though!

Pack Them A Delicious, Balanced Surf Food Lunchies

Pack Them A Delicious, Balanced Surf Food Lunchies

When the kids has started their surf lessons, you will be surprised at how quick they could devour any meals you give to them. Their appetite is huge and it rise quickly! They need to have nutritious and fulfilling meals for their kids surf camp. The best thing you can do is packing them a perfect balanced of surf food diet. A good meal plan for little surfers should combine a balanced mix of carbs, protein, and fat. Think about whole-grain cereals or breads, rolled oats, and potato for the carbs. Good proteins could be obtained from beans, nuts, fishes, red meats, and eggs. Don’t forget that your kids need fats! Healthy fats are avocados, eggs, fatty fishes, chia seeds, nuts, butter of nuts and seeds, yogurt, and tofu. These will replenish their energy and keep them fit for the next lessons!

Also, pack some fruits and nuts for quick snack bite. If your kids prefer something sweet, a cup of chia pudding and a bar of dark chocolate could be delicious alternative, too!

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Smoothies for Breakfast

Beside their pancakes and sandwiches, prepare a glass of healthy smoothies to start the day. Smoothies that made from natural veggies and fruits are good to provide essential vitamins and minerals that they need to ride the waves. Think of bananas, nuts, beetroot, and yogurt that’s not only amazingly yummy, but also energising and helpful to fight cramps.

Pack A LOT of Water

Doing an intense exercise in saltwater under the shiny sun will get them thirsty. So make sure that you their reusable water bottle is full tank!

Let Them Have Plenty of Rest

Kids need adequate sleep between their surf lessons. If they come right to their bed after their surf sessions, let them be. They need a lot of sleep to recharge and prepare for the next day.

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Most Common Issues Regarding To Launching Products

Launching your products can be a thrilling and exciting moment. However, it needs thorough preparation and research before you find the kind of products that your customers need and want. Bringing your products to the market is not an easy feat especially when you expect for positive response. There are challenges you will face from the beginning of your plan to launch your products. However, those should not deter you from making the best plan because preparation is absolutely necessary and crucial for the success of your launching. As for the obstacles, there are also ways to overcome them all.

Common obstacles when launching products

Here are several most common obstacles when it comes to launching new products of your business:

The development of product is the first obstacle you need to overcome. This requires complex steps as you will have to involve fields of engineering especially when your products involve complex technology. Developing new product is not originally for entrepreneurs. It is so rare to find entrepreneur who can also develop their own physical products. They often create special team for product development consist of people specialized in the required fields. However, building this kind of team means you have to spend more money to hire experts and professionals. The solution is to hire qualified, experienced freelancer. 

The next obstacle comes when you have to prototype the product. You have to make manufactured version of your original product. You can split the make of prototype into its functionality and appearance if necessary. Then, you can analyze each of them. After making sure everything goes as plan, you can merge the two type of prototypes into one. This is what the closest to your original product. It is important to make prototype as similar as possible to the final product so you can see if there is any error or something unfit. 

Next is manufacturing. If your product is a type of high-tech hardware, this is the most challenging process. You need to estimate thoroughly the time and cost for mass manufacturing because prototype is still far from the final product ready to the market. Lots of entrepreneurs failed at this stage because of lack of estimation. You should be detailed in calculating everything including the risk and the expense. Instead of setting up your own factory, it is highly advised to hire a contract manufacturer. Thus, you can only focus on producing product without worrying over setting up the manufacturing yourself. 

Next, you are ready to launch the product but you have to know the feedback of your customers. It is highly suggested for entrepreneurs to launch pre-sell products first to truly know what the customers want before producing the final products. And the nest challenge is the cash flow. You have to get paid by your customers who buy your products. However, you also have obligation to pay your manufacturers at the same time, thus, managing cash flow can be so much more challenging than you think. It is important to make financial plan beforehand so you know how to manage your cash flow. 

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How To Find The Best Location Villa Bali For Investment?

If you create a list of important points to check out before planning to buy Bali property, the location would rank the most important. Viewing the villa is fun, but it will make it easy for you to forget important details and your initial purpose. The appearance of the villa is indeed very important but there are many lists that must be considered after finding the right location villa Bali. Let’s look at some important points before finding the ideal place to stay that you dream of.

location villa bali

Location Villa Bali

It is natural to determine the location is the most important thing when you start hunting for property, whether for residence, business or investment. Some say location determines the price. The fact is very true. When your Bali villa location is in the strategy area, you definitely need to prepare a high budget compared to other areas. Location helps you discover how much the development of the area, let’s say in 5 or 10 years. This is a clever idea and perfectly determines future planning for your investment. If your budget is limited, avoid commercialized areas. Some perfect choices for you to find Bali villa locations such as Bukit, Uluwatu, Tabanan, and others. The farther the location of Bali villas, of course, with spectacular views, will increasingly be liked by tourists.

Villa Size

Experience shows that at this time the villa is very attractive to tourists, both local and foreign. They are increasingly good at assessing and cutting holiday costs. The size of the villa is important because it has its own market. When your villa has more than 3 bedrooms, then the focus is on family holidays, groups or meetings. Determining the focus of your villa market is important. Size and location villa Bali will greatly affect your investment goals.

Road access

Survey to the location, of course, you can feel the access road. This is important to ensure the location of Bali villas has access roads that connect with public roads. The size and access of the road is an important one for the convenience of visitors.

Soil Test

Land testing is very important when you want to build a villa. The foundation and character of the soil are the most important especially when you are in an earthquake-prone area. After finding the right location of the villa Bali, it is mandatory to apply soil investigative analysis to determine the right foundation and design for your villa.

These are only a few important points before you determine an appropriate location villa Bali for investment. There will be more important points that must be obeyed according to procedures, especially if you are a foreigner who wants to stay for a long time and have a villa in Bali. We will explain more in a later article.

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Understand The Challenges In Running Family Business

Running a family business just like any other business has its own risks and challenges. It is surely challenging but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it successfully. There are people out there who proved that they can run family business just fine. Before diving into family business, it is highly advised to understand all the risks and challenges so you can anticipate and prevent potential problems.  Of course, there are the inevitable but at least you will know how to deal with them if you know what you are getting into.

Challenges in running business with family members

Running a business with your family members can be both calming and nerve-wrecking. The good side is that you don’t have to waste your time with background checking or familiarizing. You already know who you are going to work with. The bad side is that conflicts that happen within working environment can be persistent and dragged into personal life. Here are the most common challenges in running a business with family members:

The first challenge is to set boundary between business and personal matter. Since you are getting used to with the presence of your family members, it is easier for you to feel too comfortable. However, business is business and you need to treat it like one if you want to become successful. Separating business and personal matter will be the hardest challenge especially in the beginning and if it is the first time experience for you or your family members to join forces in running a business.

The next challenge is related to leadership and responsibility share. Since you already knew your family members like the back of your hand, you don’t hesitate to deliver responsibilities. However, it is not something you should do based on personal attachment. You need to delegate responsibility to each member of your family based on their skill. Another challenge is when you have to lead older family members. They are used to treat you like a baby so you have more pressure to prove them that you can become a good, effective leader.

Another challenge in running a business with family is to think out of the box. You and your family members have the same upbringing and already got adapted into family tradition. It makes you think similarly in so many things. This can be good because you can bond faster. However, it can be a trouble for when you need to find or accept new ideas or concept. Meanwhile, innovation is crucial element for the success of business.

Lack of objective perspective is also challenging. You are working with family members who you love and love you. It is common to feel biased. However, giving bias opinion in business is not constructive. You should work without involving too much personal attachment. It doesn’t mean you have to act cold. What you need to do give each other open and honest opinion to everything related to work. Thus, you will know if there is something to fix or improve.

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Luxury Villa Canggu Bali and The Savings Secret

Vacation means spending money. This is something natural. When planning a vacation trip means you are ready in financial terms. Accommodation becomes a problem when vacationing family or with friends. It costs a lot when you have to choose a hotel room with international standard services and facilities. When you want to stay in a comfortable and luxurious place but are constrained by costs, renting a villa is the perfect solution. Canggu is one of the areas that are currently popular and full of foreign tourists. How to get luxury Canggu Bali villas and what are the saving secrets you will get?

luxury villa canggu bali

Luxury villa Canggu Bali for Sharing Cost

If you are traveling with many friends, sharing costs looking for Canggu Bali villa rentals are right. The average villa rental price per day ranges from $ 200 or more. If your traveling companion is 5-6 people, the cost of accommodation per person per day is much cheaper. Surely you have to calculate how many rooms and mattresses are available. Search through the villa rental website to compare the number of bedrooms to your needs.

Kitchen is important

Culinary is fun. There are even many people on vacation for the purpose of tasting typical country or city food. If your budget is limited, choosing Canggu villas with kitchen facilities and equipment will greatly save costs. Visiting the traditional market is perfect, and you can buy food ingredients to be processed with family or friends at the villa. Wouldn’t this save more money?

Bed with big size, very profitable

Maybe this is a little difficult because you have to pay attention and ask in detail, the size of the available mattress. Holidays, of course, become a place to gather with your family or friends. Looking for Canggu villas with large size beds certainly, fit more than 2 people. Large beds with 2-3 people will certainly be comfortable if you are with family or friends.

Canggu villas are spacious for holiday comfort

Most Canggu villas are designed to make tourists comfortable as at home, certainly will make you feel at home. The spacious villa means having a living room, open space, and of course a swimming pool. If you see the price is very expensive, don’t worry because it can still be reached if sharing costs with your friends. Complete facilities and services, with high prices, will still be worth a vacation with your beloved friends or family.

Book Villa in Advance

Vacation trips do require careful planning. If you are on vacation during high season, it’s good to look for Canggu Bali villa rentals in advance to get cheaper prices. There are many online applications that make it easy to find and compare villa prices for cheaper prices.

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The Importance of Honesty in Business

Starting business is easy and everyone can do it. However, running a business with ethic and social responsibilities is very challenging. Most people consider professionalism as the most important trait in running business. Sure, it is important to run a business because it relates to relationship management and work ethic. However, honesty is also important quality you need to have to run business. It can lead you to run a successful and accountable business in the long run. 

How Honesty is Related to Business

Most people consider honesty as unimportant for business. However, honesty is related strongly to trust and credibility. In running a business, you also need to build trust which is gained by showcasing honesty. Keep in mind that honesty in business is not only about doing things the right way but also about expressing the values of the company. 

Value and Beliefs of Business

You see, there is particular work culture you need to build and establish when running a business. Honesty is one of the most crucial elements you need to build it successfully. Work culture is important aspect for your business to success in the long run. It is related to value and beliefs that drive everything your business does. It is related to how you make your products and deliver your service. Honesty is also important for you create powerful and reliable teamwork because your team members will feel more validated and empowered if you can establish work culture with honesty as one of the basic elements.

Consistent Behaviour Culture

Honesty is important for your business because it creates consistent workplace behavior. Culture built in honesty can foster workplace behavior that is consistent in activity. In simple words, culture built honesty can make your employees behave with a consistent code of ethics no matter what circumstances they are currently in. Easy example of this point is, your employees will maintain their respect and politeness even when they face rude customers. Another example is, your employees will choose not to pad their expense account of their business trip even if they have the opportunities to do so. It is because they have bought into the culture you have built and established using honesty as one of the foundations. 

Trust Building

Honesty is also important because it is what you need to build trust with your customers as well as business partners. Nobody want to be related with dishonest person. Trust is not something you can build overnight when running a business. It needs to be built gradually. You need to nurture it carefully because trust is something that can be easily broken but hard to repair. When you gain trust from your customers, they will believe that you will always deliver the best products and service. It can help building your business reputation if you have customers with strong loyalty.  Honesty will also help you to get helpful, reliable business partners. 

Furthermore, honesty is not something you can underestimate with in business. It is crucial element for you to build trust, reputation, and accountability. It is also important to maintain healthy relationship between customers, employees and business partners. 

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A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

There are places in the quieter corners of the earth that seems so unreachable, yet so tantalising with bright blue waters, barren islands, and empty beaches. Places that, in a mere glimpse, would evoke your inner wanderlust almost instantly. The recently famed Komodo National Park is one of them. Sit in the borderland of eastern Indonesia, the Komodo looks like it just transported from the lost world. But you might think that Komodo is—no matter how appealing—is just too rugged, too far, and too of out reach. Wait until you discover that Labuan Bajo, the gate and port town to the national park, is brimming with dozens of Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo that are so ready to take you into spectacular adventure in this isolated frontier.

A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

The Uplifted Phinisi for Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

If you have been into cruise ship before, Komodo cruises in Labuan Bajo might stray a bit from what you think. While most cruises are built in mega ships, most cruises in Komodo could only take up 10 – 20 people most. Small ratio of passengers to crew, exclusivity, and authentic experience is their motto. We’ve even see a luxury ship exclusively cater for two people on board! Almost every cruises here are built on Indonesian traditional phinisi design. A two masted wooden ship that, historically, were made for transport and cargo. Cruise ships modify the phinisi with modern, luxurious touch. Onboard the ship, you gonna find three to four decks housing 3-9 imposing suites, which decor and facilities are in par with luxury resorts. Decks are entirely covered in polished woods, equipped with cushiony beanbags, loungers and soft daybeds. Some

Lux Cabins in A Floating Hotel

If you think that ocean view hotel room is the best, wait until you see cabins on Labuan Bajo cruise.  They know what the game. The best cabin is, of course, the one located in the upper deck. Master bedrooms in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo usually boasts dramatic wraparound windows offering ever-changing panoramas over the seascapes. You could enjoy the view while reclining on their king/ queen size bed or having private spa while savouring the landscape.

Due to the size of the ship, a cruise usually only have one single master cabin. But that doesn’t stop the other cabins to give you a pampering retreats. Cabins on the main deck were built with large windows on one of the side, providing a lot of natural light to the room. Lower deck cabins are definitely cheaper than those in upper stories. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are less comfortable. With sumptuous beds, plentiful storage, and rays of natural light from the outsized portholes, these suites could still be the most comfortable cocoon you have ever been. Rest assured knowing that all cabins in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo are ensuite!

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The Komodo might be far-flung and isolated, but dining in these cruises are something else. Expect to find fine dining in the middle of empty sea. The crews usually start the day with sumptuous breakfast. Tropical fruit breakfast, the famous nasi goreng, scrumptious noodles, toasts, eggs on various styles, and healthy juices are what usually on the options. Lunches are sometime arranged in one of the hidden sands with tapas, though you can always have it on boat . Dinners usually arranged on the deck, made even charming as the ships is shining through the darkness of the night.

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