Small Business And Change Management Issues

Business faces its own issues in various aspects including management and its possible changes due to various reasons. It is actually not the issues that small business only faces because even large business face some difficulties overcoming the issue of change management especially due to technological factor. Adapting to changes is not easy for business regardless of the scale. However, small business is particularly in unfavorable position when it comes to technological changes. They have various limits to help them overcome the issues. For example, lack of resources can put them in trouble when there are technological changes. As the result, they are incapable of competing with larger businesses. 

Small Business And Change Management Issues

Overcoming change management issues

Even though small businesses are in less favorable condition when it comes to technological changes, it doesn’t mean they have no hope to get out of the crisis. Small business can actually overcome the situation by doing more with less. Agility is one of the most important qualities small business should have if they want to be more capable in handling change management issues due to technological factors. 

Poor change management practices will lead to failure. Therefore, sharpening and developing change management is a very important thing to do for small business. Change management itself refers to a systematic process to deal with any transition or transformation of goal, processes, or technologies of the organization to ensure that intended outcomes are resulted. Responding to changes is not a minor issue. In fact, it is a major one because it affects business in general. However, it is also important to choose the right change management models that help deal with the issues without disrupting the business itself. 

Leaders are the main players in this situation. The way leaders take initiative to handle the issues affects the outcomes. Technological changes are possible to handle by doing the right approaches and strategies. Leaders should approach technological changes as gradual process. It means, it involves frequent interactions to help reshape opinions and behaviors of the employees as well. As the results, the employees will be able to learn quickly while embracing and supporting it. 

Strategies and approaches are important but communication is essential. Poor communication will lead to more problems. It is important for leaders to share necessary information with their employees so they are aware of the situation instead of being kept in the dark. However, it is important to only give relevant information as to not overwhelm the employees. 

Technological changes are bound to happen because we are living in digital age. Technology is supposed to be taken advantage of to your benefits. Technology can help improve business in various aspects including management, communication, automation, cost, productivity, and many more. Choose the right tools of technology that truly fits the flow and goals of business you are running. There are so many tools but not all of them are helpful for you. The way to know which one is right for you is by conducting a comprehensive requirement assessment beforehand.

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Why You Should Invest in Bali Real Estate

If you ever wanted to invest in something for future profit and intend to consult first on what you should trust your money with, most people would say investing in property would be a good and safe approach. The reason being is because the human population will keep increasing, the demand for properties would keep getting higher each day. In Indonesia for example, Bali real estate is a thriving business that can have a huge price jump each year.

 A comfort bali real estate for short and long term investment

Investing in Bali real estate is hugely beneficial for the future 

As we all know, Bali is one of the many vacation islands in Indonesia which can have millions of visitors each year. From all those visitors, many of them decide to stay on this beautiful island whether it’s for a period of time or indefinitely. So with that in mind, the demand for real estate comes not only from the locals but also from foreigners as well. This is already an advantage for Bali’s property. 

Aside from the high demand, most real estate in Bali like villas and hostel is surrounded by the beautiful nature that you can’t find in a big city like Jakarta or Surabaya. Most real estate owners usually build their property near beaches, cliffside, forests or rice fields. With a relaxing atmosphere and quiet neighborhood, people will feel like resting in remote areas far from a busy life in the city.

 But, it might be harder to get real estate in Bali compared to other provinces

Compared to Java, Bali is just a small island in the middle of the Indonesia archipelago. This factor makes the price for each land in the area can be way higher because of the limited space. Another reason is the fact that Bali is a vacation island by itself, causing each property can have a great prospect for development in the future. Those problems making people who are willing to invest need to act fast in order to get the property that they wanted.

Based on the statistic, apparently in the last 2 years namely 2018 and 2019, Bali real estate business didn’t have any significant price change compared to growth in previous years. This is because lately, most owners tend to wait and observing the market, causing them to hold their prices or even lower it. So, what a coincidence that currently is the best moment to invest in case you’re interested to own a property in Bali. Who knows maybe you can have a residence that you wanted at a reasonable price!

When looking for properties with a reasonable price, you should try using the site with a large database of villas and lands so you sure can find the one that you need the most in the future! 

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Can You Tame the Famous Beast from Komodo Dragon Island?

Komodo, the dragon-like creature from Komodo National Park gain worldwide attention ever since it was discovered by the Dutch in 1910. But just like the appearance, this exotic lizard is a really dangerous animal that can attack humans who approached them. That’s why in Komodo Dragon Island, many rangers are stationed to ensure tourists’ safety. 

Can You Tame the Famous Beast from Komodo Dragon Island?

But looking at other carnivorous creatures like lions or tigers, they can be thought to be a docile creature. Not only do they often kept in zoos or safari parks, but the circus also featured the king of the jungle as the main attraction. So with that thing to consider, comes a question: can Komodo also be tamed?

Komodo, The King of Komodo Dragon Island 

Aside from famous for being a tourist attraction, Komodo is also infamous for several cases of attacks that results in the victim’s demise. Komodo is a very aggressive creature, sometimes they don’t need to be provoked in order to attack. They can run up to 13 mph or 20 kph, meaning they can easily outrun average humans.

They can only be found in Indonesia, in Komodo Dragon Island to be exact. That’s because the climate is suitable for their habitat. Komodo can only live in tropical forests and savanna with a temperature of around 35oC or 95oF. Many countries try to import some of the animals but many of them died because of the unsuitable environment. 

What does Komodo eat? 

Can You Tame the Famous Beast from Komodo Dragon Island?

Meat, all kinds of meat. Komodo is ferocious and prey upon animals that even bigger than them. Animals such as water buffalo, deer or pigs that lives around Komodo National park are often become the primary target for Komodo.

Komodo also a cannibal creature. The adults often cannibalize the younglings after they just hatched from the eggs. Tragically, this also include their own mother. So after they hatched from the eggs younglings will climb the trees for their safety and will live there until they grow bigger. 

Komodo vs Human 

Like I already mentioned, Komodo prey on humans as well when we got in their trail. Ever since Komodo National Park established, there are lots of Komodo attacks cases to either the guests or locals. Most if not all the victims are dead, although there are a few survivors because luckily they haven’t been bitten yet.

With sharp and serrated teeth like a shark, Komodo can easily tear through their prey to death. And even if the target is still alive they will still die within 24 hours due to bacteria poisoning. This fact makes Komodo a really terrifying creature that should be avoided to approach carelessly.

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So, can they be tamed? 

Many people have tried to tame Komodo but most fall victims to their aggressiveness. Komodo is different than lions or tigers that still have compassion and less aggressive. Not only that, the bacteria that came from their bite can be dangerous as well to touch.

The conclusion is no, probably in the future someone can find a solution but for now, Komodo is a dangerous creature that clearly not suitable for taking a walk with. Let the Komodo Dragon Island be their only caretaker, mother nature truly are the best candidate to keep them in check.  


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What To Look For In Finding The Right Investors

Running a business means you have to find the right ways to get the fun you need for your business to grow. Investor is one of the great resources for funding your business. However, it is not an easy task to find the right investor. There are lots of investors out there you can find but not all of them will be willing to invest in your business. However, it is also not easy to find the right investor because of limited time and information. You can only do so much to know about the investor. There are many things to consider when choosing the right investors including their reputation, track records, partnership, etc. 

Main things to look for when finding investor

Try to shift your focus for awhile and look for the bigger picture than money. Forget about taking money from investors. Instead, search for investors who can help you in more ways than investing their money. 


Strong connection to the industry. It is important thing you have to look for from an investor. If they have it, it means they can help you with connections and introductions in distribution, sales, or product development. You don’t have to aim for their direct connections. Their network is just as beneficial for you because it can make significant impact to your business growth. 

finding the right investors


Actual experience. It is also important to look for when you search for the right investors. Their experience of product or the industry itself will be beneficial for you. Investors who have experience in creating similar service or products as yours might have secret of success under their sleeves. They have better understanding of the market and the path you will be venturing. You can take their advice or insights so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

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Coaching qualities. When investors have ability to coach you up, you gain more learning opportunities. It is even better when they have already experienced firsthand the business themselves. They know the road and the map of the success. Or at least, they know the possible traps or mishaps you can avoid. They will guide you how to make good decision, manage team, balance your work-life, and handle obstacles or pressures. 


The ability to provide help. Investors who care for you are not easy to find. Finding an investor who is willing to give you help by providing advice or insight is challenging but not impossible. Investors who always turn around when asked for help are not the kind of people who you look for. 

Interpersonal qualities

Caring investor. It is also important to find an investor who cares for you personally and professionally. Keep in mind that investors do a lot of deals. Thus, you have to find an investor who is committed to your success. Find an investor who will still care about you even if your business fails. Keep in mind that you also have opportunity to choose from several investors. Therefore, you must have something to evaluate and choose the right investor.

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Tattoo Canggu Comfort in Tattoo Process & Listening to Your Guts

Comfort and the quality of service you’re receiving as a customer tattoo Canggu is something that needs to be discussed more. Getting a tattoo is not a matter you should just settle for. Feeling comfortable around your tattoo artist is so important. Never underestimate you gut feelings.

Getting tattoo Canggu why comfort is so important

When getting tattoo Canggu the aspect that most people focus on is the art itself. How do you find a good tattoo artist; a suitable one for the style you’re looking for and whatnot. And that’s a good approach. However, some forget that a huge part of getting a tattoo is the service part. You’re not merely purchasing a piece of painting from a gallery. You’re going to commission an artist to draw you your art from scratch; using yourself as the canvas. If you’re compromising on services, a lifetime regret would likely follow.

tattoo canggu

Price does translate to quality

Experienced tattoo artists charge more. This is a very common thing across tattoo industries anywhere. Whether you’re getting your tattoo in Canggu or Thailand, or whatever tattoo destinations, professional artists do tend to be more expensive. Compared to say, an apprentice at a tattoo studio. And professional artists have had years of experience dealing with clients. If you’ve heard of a good tattoo artist and don’t think you can afford it? You don’t have to approach them straight away. Save up. Wait until you’ve got enough to have just the best tattoo artist to do your ink.

tattoo shop canggu

How to avoid getting a bad tattoo artist or a bad studio

Never make impulsive decisions when it comes to tattoo. And most of the time, if you do your homework of researching, this is easily avoided. Always, always research your artist, the portfolio, the tattoo studio, the references left by people of their services, and whatnot.

tattoo canggu bali

But what if you did all that and you still feel somewhat uncomfortable with your tattoo studio or artists? The best thing you can do for yourself then is to listen to your guts. If you love an artist’s work and is amazed at their tattooing process, but their attitude with you is unsavory, then leave. Remember that this is in the end is a business relationship and you have the right to inform the Canggu tattoo place and say no before you settle for any deal.

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Be respectful to your tattoo artist!

We’re talking about how you should feel comfortable in the tattoo studio and how it’s a must. But how about your tattoo artist? Relationship goes both ways, right? By default, as a customer, as the client doing a business transaction (because in the end that’s what it is) – you need to treat your tattoo artist with respect.


canggu tattooAside from the common sense and being courteous, here are some pointers on what you can improve on:

  • Don’t be that art director. You know, those tattoo clients that comments on every single stroke the tattoo artist make. Those clients who make impulsive decisions to “add this stroke”, “here, thicken this part”, and whatnot. I could name very few that pisses off tattoo artists more than an art director.
  • This is of course, can be easily avoided if you have established a good communication with your tattoo artist. Make sure that you’ve discussed the tattoo designs in length and in sufficient details. Not happy with the draft your tattoo artist make? Tell them. And discuss how it could be improved. Often times, all it takes is that extra effort of communicating. You’ll go a long way with your tattoo Canggu experience.
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The Right Approaches To Make Your Customers Happy

It is not even exaggerating to say that customers are the key indicator of the success of your business. Customers these days don’t seem to be straightforward to control for the only real of business since they’re armed with proper information and resources. They have the resource and power within the matter of buying products or services. Aside from that, customers have the power to decide whether or not they are going to stay with certain brand in which its products or service they bought. To keep them happy and stay loyal, you need to find the right approaches. 

The Right Approaches To Make Your Customers Happy

Happy customers for your business

Customer’s satisfaction and engagement are two important indicators you should pay attention to if you want to run a successful business. Raising brand awareness is also important. However, it is more related to the longstanding marketing objective. Meanwhile, customers’ satisfaction and engagement are essential to build closer and more solid relationships through effective communication. Building personal relationships with customer can help create mutual benefits for both parties beyond quantitative numbers. 

Customer is happy to buy experiences

Keep in mind that happy customer is more than about customer’s buying experience. It is also important to make your customers outside buying experience. It can be a period of before and after the purchase. As mentioned earlier, the point is not only to deliver excellent buying experience but also to make them value your brand beyond their initial purchase. It is also about making them trust you even more that they decide to stay with you. The main goal is to build healthy, positive, long-term relationships. 

Show genuine care to your customer

The Right Approaches To Make Your Customers Happy

There are many ways and approaches you can use to make your customers happier. However, make sure that every approach is not about making your business profits increase more. Make sure that the approach can show how genuine you are to appreciate your customers. Use approaches that show you care about your customers and always be ready to give help when needed. Lots of brands use strategies that are too money-oriented. No surprise it results in short-term goal in a form of happy customer only at that moment. Outside of purchase period, they return in delivering very basic efforts tor each out customers. 

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Support customer loyalty programs

Driving value outside of buying experience can be in a form of customer loyalty program. It is considered effective because it is a win-win for both customers and the brand. Customers receive incentives throughout their engagement with your brand. Meanwhile, it helps promotes your business growth even more. You can also use another proactive approach to make your customers happy. Make sure to create a customer service team that is attentive and quick in responding to customer’s problems. Make sure the team are reachable and approachable as well. 

Self-service resources

Another approach is in the form of self-service resources. Offering self-service resources as an extension of your customer service team. Thus, customers have can become more independent in solving their problems effectively even without the need to reach the customer service team. It can bring more convenience for the customers.

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What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

As one of prominent diving destinations in Indonesia, Bali offers so much much biodiversity for one to enjoy. However, beside the natural richness the island also hides not, one, but three sunken shipwrecks under its water. Two of them were “naturally” sunk to the sea while the other was intended to promote coral growth. Bali’s wreck also noted for being easily reachable. This is highly unusual as most wrecks on the world lies in deeper water and require one to have special Wreck Diving license before being able to descend to the ruins. USAT Liberty, the most famous wreck diving site in Bali among all is even reachable from just as shallow as 3 meters under the surface. The 120 meters lied in a gentle slope which goes down to 30 meters depth, making it very much available even for beginners. A lot of them even make their first dive in this wreck!

What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

Demand for wreck diving in Bali from the inexperienced is especially high. Due to that, we have gathered some important tips for anyone who want to visit Bali’s special underwater ruins.

Be Prepared Before Your Wreck Diving Bali

Usually, wreck diving is considered as deep diving and for the advanced. Bali is one of few exception. If you are taking diving course in Bali, the USAT Liberty wreck will probably become your first diving in Bali. Your dive instructor will explain the water conditions, currents, and what to expect during the dive. This would be quite easy because you will be guided by the Divemaster all the time. However, as a beginner you will most likely explore just the shallow part of the wreck. You probably won’t going around as much.

Things get more serious is you are past beginners and plan to visit the deeper part of USAT Liberty or dive the other wrecks. Your instructor will discuss your comfortability with the depth and conditions. Make sure you listen to the instructor all the time. They might show you hidden channels and unexpected things during the dive.

Safe Procedure to Descend to the Wrecks

There are two most common procedures to descend to wreck diving site in Bali. The USAT Liberty and Kubu Boga wreck is accessible by shore entry. Quite easily. You could continue exploring to the deeper parts by dive your way through it. Make sure you are licensed for that and your NDL time allows it. The Japanese wreck on the other hand, is accessible through boat descend. It is quite shallow so you can just literally jump off and dive right to the wreck.

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Bring Cameras with You

What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

Wreck diving is an absolute opportunity to catch wonderful marine life and unique coral formations underwater. Always bring a camera and capture as many moments as possible. You can always look back and share your adventure with friends, family, and likeminded community. It’s also very useful to documents the variety of creatures with other divers.

Use Headlamps and Bring Torch

The wreck could have many dark tunnels and hidden passages that would be hard to navigate without proper lighting. Consider to wear a headlamp to light your way through. Bring a torch for spare in case the first one was to fail.

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Self-Funding Strategies To Successfully Grow Your Business

Growing a business or startup can be very challenging especially in the matter of financial setting and stability. There are many entrepreneurs who have already been struggling even from the start to earn sufficient fund to grow their business. There are many alternatives entrepreneurs can choose to fund their business such as use bank loans. However, sometimes it causes another problem in the future especially when the business doesn’t do so well. There are also entrepreneurs who use their own resources including self-fund. Most small business starts their journey by self-funding. You might be one of them who can become successful if you know how to maximize it.

Growing business using self-funding strategies

According to some researches and studies, entrepreneurs who use their own strategies are most likely to be stronger and more dynamic. Thus, their business to grow successfully is higher than those who only rely on bank loans. However, self-funding still needs strategies because it can effect negatively to the venture growth of your business if you do it the wrong way. 

In self-funding strategies, partnership plays key role to the effectiveness. Resources sharing can help you minimize possible downside from extreme self-funding. It is even more effective when you try cost minimization strategies to he partnership. Building strategic partnership will open more opportunities while suppressing possible risks. Instead spending money on expensive tools, you can check your network to help funding your business. For example, you can ask your friend to lend you a facility you need to grow your business. In return, you can pay them for a fee or help them to accomplish their tasks. 

Develop strong pre-sales capabilities to be in high performance. You can do it by reaching out to your customers and presell your product. Preselling is not new strategies in business. It is not only effective to be applied to new business but also to the already established ones. It can help you get the right signals of the people’s interests in your upcoming products or services. Not to mention that you will earn money you can use to develop your products or services. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

Another self-funding strategy you can use is by convincing your customers to commit to your brand. Well, this is very challenging. You can also do it by personalizing the contract so that you can also overcome the presale objections. You may include some service periods that benefits your customers. This is very challenging especially when you don’t have proper resources. Preselling itself is part of the strategies that greatly to the product development. Therefore, it is something you cannot just take lightly. Meanwhile, seeking customer’s commitment before developing your product or service is effective in minimizing the risks.

In self-funding strategies, it is also important to maximize human capital. You can also shorten the development cycle to cut down unnecessary costs, build in response to demand, work with a mentor, etc. Those are effective to help you grow your business successfully. 

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Improve your Trip with These Selections of Villa Nusa Dua Bali!

Started getting built in the ’70s, Nusa Dua is one of the oldest resort areas in Bali. Its located in the southwest of Bali, near two islands in the western bay hence the name “Nusa Dua”. Bali Tourism & Development Corporation or BTDC which is the government company for developing tourist facilities around Bali is also located there. And just like other resort areas in Bali, there are plenty of villas nearby to facilitate the tourists. Here are some Villa Nusa Dua Bali available in Kibarer for you to browse:

Villa nusa dua bali for relaxing

Villa Nusa Dua Bali can be your base through gorgeous marine activities 

Nusa Dua White Villa 

Start with the economical option, this villa is simple-looking and doesn’t have advanced facilities but it’s located in a quiet place near the beach. Furnished with furniture made only with wood-based material, this villa offers standard villa facilities like 2 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, a large dining area plus kitchen and lastly a swimming pool in the center of the garden.

With a simple and standard theme, this villa is on leasehold for 45 years and costs 120.000 USD. 

Benoa Paradise 

This villa is located in Jl. Pratama, which is the main road connecting Nusa Dua with Benoa Bay. With a strategic location, this villa has unique modern architecture inside the house. The space for the rooms and hallways is quite narrow, but the design is elegant and artistic making it look like a nice apartment in the middle of the city. Beside the swimming pool, there’s a large gazebo where you can laze around without disturbing noise. 

For a villa with artistic design and great location, this villa is on freehold for only 275.000 USD. Truly one of the best property investments that you can do in Bali.

For every water sport that you frequent, Nusa Dua Villas is there to accommodate you

Nusa Dua Green Living 

Back to Nusa Dua area, there’s one other villa near the Nusa Dua beach as well. It’s located on the cliffside and have an amazing ocean view, also have easy access to market and restaurants. This villa is one of the biggest among Nusa Dua villas, with 6 massive bedrooms and has an eco-friendly design. Not only that, the villa has its own tennis court and large infinity pool!

 With all the luxury this villa provides, no wonder the owner makes this property leasehold for 12 years with 495.597 USD as the cost.

For further information, you can search for yourself about Villa Nusa Dua Bali to find your preferable villa. Happy Hunting!

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Improving Your Business By Focusing On Its Strengths

There are many business traits you can adopt to improve your business. One of them is focus on the strengths of your business. It is true that the success of business relies on the people. However, it is not only about how talented the people involved in the business. It is about their drive and work ethic that make a business thrive. It affects business more than what talents or skills can do. Therefore, adopting positive traits is important if you want to build a long lasting success of your business. 

Focus on your business strengths to be successful

Improving Your Business By Focusing On Its Strengths

Running your own business is not easy but it can be rewarding when you gain your success. There are many risks and challenges on the way that can hold you down. Work ethic is one of the most important factors that can help improve your business. However, it needs to be used in the right dose because it can take you off course. Working hard in running a business is important. However, working smart will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes that can cost badly for your business. 

Follow passion wisely

When you have strong drive, you always have motivation and desire to keep growing and improving what you have done so far. While it is admiring trait, it can be dangerous if you are not careful. With strong passion, it is easier for you to feel tempted to expand your business without proper plan or can be a suicide mission especially when your business has done quite well in the past years. You don’t want to risk your business just to follow desire of expansion without planning. 

Focus on business strength

Improving Your Business By Focusing On Its Strengths

The best thing to do aside from having positive work ethic and strong drive is focus on your business strengths. There must be qualities your business has to make it gone this far. To improve your business, you can focus on those qualities and make them stronger. Expanding your business is not bad idea. However, it is much better to focus on what your business good at and make it more solid. Only then, you can devote your resource and time to new projects. Do not let the best quality or strength your business has slipped just because you want to branch out. Make sure to retain the core competency of your business while trying to expanding your business. 

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The bottom line is, you can actually manage and balance your passion or ambition for your business growth. Innovation is essential for your business growth anyway. Thus, you cannot just stuck in the same place forever. However, it is just as important to balance your ambition while still maintaining what you are best at. You can do it successfully because it is not impossible thing to do. The key is, make sure to not wander too far from your focus. Make sure you are not throwing away your primary offering for your new project. Refine and improve your existing product while crafting new project carefully and thoroughly for expansion.

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