Tips For Whom Starting to Invest in Start-Ups

Start-ups are a new business creation that appears from time to time, especially for milenials, in Indonesia there are many start-ups that are changed into a more advanced form like Go-Jek, Traveloka, Tokopedia, OVO, and Bukalapak, and they bring the name “unicorn / unicorne”. As a country is developed and its starting quality is performing, the more competition will be strong in the business world, especially to become a professional startup. 

Start Up

In these highly developed times, a beginner can no longer hesitate, because he has the same quality as a professional. Being a startup, you can also get enough positions and don’t be surprised if they can get a high offer from the company. Other startups, where you will encounter many challenges that can improve your skills to accomplish something or other important tasks. Here are several ways to become a professional startup.

Maximizing technological media

Beginners have used the Internet or technological media necessary to create or develop a career in the business world in order to become a professional of the future. You can use advanced technology that is now more and more on the market and can be obtained easily. Start-ups get connected to technology so you have to adapt!

Dig up as much information as possible

Explore as much information as possible to develop an entry-level career. You can also track the community or organization that has been included in the previous points. In addition, you can also find information on many sites about the latest start-up update. When you start a global technology company, you’re up against smart, ambitious and capable people from all over the world. It’s a big challenge. 

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Join the Start-up Chat Activity

To get your potential, you can also participate in discussion activities with other companies. The discussion program with the theme of getting started will be very beneficial because you will be able to learn many new things and new knowledge. You can also get advice on developing start-ups to become more professional in any field such as technology or media. Another activity you can do is to participate in seminars that bring a lot of motivation and quality.

Understanding trends and markets

As an entrepreneur, you start a business with long-term goals. You want to create something that stays and adds value to human life, both your customers and your employees. A constantly changing environment, such as that of the technology industry, makes it very difficult to predict trends and developments and requires a great deal of attention to flexibility. Be prepared to expand and overcome new opportunities quickly. Make sure your team is ready too. These are the tips for you who want to start developing start-ups!

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Best Villas in Seminyak Great Option For Investment

According to the latest market and input, Best Villas in Seminyak hardly get a downturn during the covid19 pandemic. Thus, most of Bali economy are in the lowest peak, real estate in seminyak stood strong in the market. Its more likely because the mass pour of investment in this market by investor. In addition, they know during pandemic are the best time to enter the market, so they secure the deal directly.

Best Villas in Seminyak

In fact, theres a lot of people who concern and pour saving into investing, especially in Bali. Meover Seminyak villas are excellent portfolio to acquire since its offers various advantages in near future. That being said, going to Bali isnt always about vacation but can also be an investment opportunity.

Best Villas in Seminyak Advantages

Seeking for advantages, Best villas in seminyak kindly offer tropical sightseeing and its temperature are perfect for relaxing. The concept of this unit is very popular for European foreigner and tourist. The unit carry an exquisite minimalist style with a long durability material. The durability material is good for long term stay, since its very durable and lasts long to use. This style is very appropriate when it implement in seminyak villas.

Whats the Drawback?

Investor might have their perspective on investing. Some may think twice to enter the real estate market. The reason? Villas would need a huge maintenance cost if they are not taking care directly. Also theres gonna be a lot of paperwork to do during the acquisition.

Best Villas in Seminyak Living Room

But thats just few drawback, Now best villas in seminyak is a perfect investment portfolio to provide you a comfort and safety of your return on investment. All the huge investment you made will ensure to be paid off in the future. You are also have the right to re-design and decorate your villa to make it standout in the market.

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Market Appreciation

The one factor that hugely attached to a property unit is its appreciative value. This type of investment ensures its owner to get a great appreciation fo its valuation. When you buy a property unit, you are not just getting the physical unit of the unit, but also it provide a great investment return.

The appreciation value of best villas in seminyak considerably high and many investor choose this area as future home residence or investment. Investment expert would likely to guide you to find the best liquid investment of villa unit. This is why best villas in seminyak align for business purpose.

Stunning Seminyak Villa to Investment

This villas unit enclose to the crowd center area of Seminyak. Favourably as the finest location for tourism and vacation. The unit are equipped with clear and comfortable facilities, ranging from swimming pools, spacious gardens, full set kitchens and amenities, wifi, and master living room.

Best Villas in Seminyak Interior

This unit will give you a different lifestyle to the big cities. Furthermore, the environment is very humble to nurture your family needs. In addition some family may need privacy and this unit gives all of those without making your family uncomfortable.

Enquire this best villas in seminyak now for the ideal price. Learn more about the investment opportunity and leasehold in

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Leadership Presence In Running Business

In running a business, the presence of a leader plays important role because an organization needs a leader to help the team work together. However, it doesn’t mean that just because someone has title of a leader, they have automatically have leadership presence. Even if you have a very advanced skill, it doesn’t make you a good leader automatically. Your true qualities and talents are not really reflected through leadership presence either. 


Knowing more about leadership presence in business

Leadership presence is not only about pointing out people and leading your team to reach the goals. It is also about how other people evaluate you, and how you influence people’s perception of you. It is not easy to do because then you must have deep understanding of the overall of how you present yourself. Your appearance, emotional state, body language and communication styles are all elements you need to showcase string leadership presence. 

Some people might not be born with the quality of leadership presence. However, it is just like learning a skill. You can develop it like any other skill set. What you need is awareness of its importance, understanding, and practice. By showcasing strong leadership presence, you have more opportunities in projecting the qualities you need to advance your careers as well. 

There are various ingredients to develop your leadership presence. The first one is credibility. It is important to be perceived as credible by other people. One of the things you can do to grow your credibility is to improve your communication skills or styles. Be more direct or to-the-point when speaking and avoid ramblings. Make sure that you don’t have to word vomiting to make others get the message. 

Next ingredient is confidence. It is one of the traits commonly associated with being a leader. You can show your confidence through your body language and you can practice to develop it. You can start with practising good posture where your shoulders squared, head straight, feet flat on the floor, and let your arms slightly away from your torso. Body language can show a clear statement in virtual environment. Good posture can help showcasing more confidence. 

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Next ingredient is composure. This is one of the most challenging thing to learn because staying calm and posed under pressured is not something everyone can do. However, you can develop the skill because keeping your composure can help you appear reliable, capable, and in control in any situation. When you are under difficult situation and don’t know what to do, try not to panic but pause for a few seconds to close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

Next ingredient is connection. To have strong leadership presence you need to know how to connect with other people. Smooth talking is not the only thing to build good communication skills. Connecting to other needs the ability to listen and empathize. Hence, improve your empathy as well as listening skill so you can connect more easily with others

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Invest Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Abroad

For those thinking of purchasing luxury bali villas for sale, buying from a third party in your local area might not the best option. More people are concern to purchase it directly to the local area and when they go abroad. Not just the fact that its more cheaper to buy, but also can pose as your investment. In addition, rent it for expat and business professionals for weekly or yearly rate.

Luxury Bali Villas for Sale

On the other hand, you can move out to the luxury villa whenever you want. Align with investment, it’s worth to do some study about the market to gain the best profit. Here are some points to guide your investment in luxury bali villas for sale abroad success.

Location is Essential

You may consider to purchase a cheap villa in the unknown area. Whilst this may sounds a perfect planning, it might not good to attract other people to your idea. Try to find bali luxury villa in a crowded area that mostly attract expat and professional for work holiday living. Ideally you want the location to be crowded by visitor everytime until that someone interest in renting out your luxury bali villas for sale.

There are several region of the world where the retreat could attract business to expand to it. This may include favourite natural sites, beach and wildlife spot. Either way, you could make sure that there’s good attraction near your villa unit, as well for entertainment place. These will be major factor that investor seek when buying a luxury bali villa for sale.

Know Your Realtor

Knowing the realtor in your desired area will help you find the best property option. Moreover, it could also provide you the necessity and facility you need. As if each people have different type of taste and preference, realtor should aware and provide them with their best pick. A luxury bali villas for sale listing such as may be the best to suit the demand.

Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Living Room

With the best realtor in the region, it could help you select the furnishing and more treating your own guests. Its essential to find the trusted realtor as they will provide you with the safe and secure transaction of the villa, even when you are still abroad.

Get Assisted in Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale

As you’re not in local area when the purchase happen, you’ll need to hire someone to manage the property itinerary. Its important to have someone who assist you in any legal, documentation or management of the villa. Meanwhile, you will get in touch with them as soon as you fly to Bali.

Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Bedroom

In case you will rent the unit, this person can give and collect keys from visitor, clean the property as well as doing any maintenance. You could announce the position to locals job listing and find the suitable individual.

Moreover, to find your suitable Luxury Bali Villas for Sale , head over to which provide hundreds of astonishing unit. This platform also allow you to enquire and study the investment report so thatyu can have a profitable business. Furthermore, theres a special offer and deal during the end year, make sure you secure one before its too late.

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Building E-Commerce Business To Grow

The current environment has given the toughest time for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is already challenging, let alone facing this type of crisis that nobody expected. Many businesses have shut down for good due to the impact of the pandemic.

E-Commerce Business

Many people lose their jobs while life is still going on. However, there are also businesses who are able to survive and thrive. E-commerce is one of the few in business industry that can survive the impact of the global pandemic. 

How e-commerce entrepreneurs can grow their business

With the current situation, many business are more active in digital advertising to keep up. As the results, competition is getting tougher. Many brands are fighting tooth and nails to stay afloat during this tough time. However, don’t let it deter you from building successful, reliable e-commerce growth for your business. Here are some strategies you can use:

Make the most of your creativity. As the competition getting tough, your creativity will help you a lot in making differences. It helps you to make creative content with high quality that makes you standout from other competitors. It is important to make consumers love your brand. You can attract their attention by express value proposition to consumers. You can use your brand voice to tell more authentic and interesting story that can make your brand standout. Make sure that your value resonate wherever people see you. Hence, your position in the market segment will consistently grow even during tough time. 

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Build yourself a strong, solid team to help you run your business more efficiently. You don’t have to do everything on your own if you can hire more reliable people to do it. You can delegate tasks to the right people so business operation can run smoothly. It is best to learn and understand more about yourself, your strength, your weakness, so you can fill the gaps with the right people. Many new entrepreneurs are too eager to do everything by themselves which end up in being stuck in the trap. Building a strong team is a valuable investment. 

Find out what makes you different from others and make it your advantage. You have to show your unique point of view, what makes people are drawn to you, and what personal expertise you have that the other don’t. by understanding what makes you different, it is easier for you to find the right people who need what you offer. Hence, it is essential to focus on what makes you shine the most. Find the niche you are best at, and build your business growth gradually and consistently.

Many e-commerce businesses are now competing for the same consumers’ attention. However, it is essential to focus more on finding the right audiences for your brand. It results in getting the right people who really care. You can do it by choosing the right influencers to help you promote your brands. Influencers have their own platforms and audience. Choose the ones whose audience resonate with your value proposition.

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Tips for Buying Elite Property Bali in the Summer

Once the summer season over, there will be a decreasing amount of people who looking to buy Elite Property Bali. Either way, you could still find a unit that you desired. There are several pros and cons of buying a property in different type of seasons. You may encounter some perspective whether it will be best to buy property in the summer or rainy season.

Elite Property Bali Concept

Purchasing your property in the summer doesn’t indicate that it will be more difficult, but there are few points you can do to increase the chances. Here are some points to help you consider while buying elite property bali.

Find the Right Impression

You want to impress your whole family when they first encounter the property. You will get only one chance to impress your family with your selection. This means that you gonna make sure every aspect in elite property bali are at its best. Moreover, there are no obvious problems to put off your family interest.

Elite Property Bali Living Room

You might consider to do a repaint or re-decoration once you purchase one. As not every property will be able to fulfill your demand and if you are strict with your idea, you could do it by yourself. Doing a little renovation of your new property can make the unit stand out in a positive way. Though you should aware and not to spoil the whole concept and design.

Making Repairs

Before you finally want to reveal your new property, go around and fix up any problems you find. Even relatively little things, like damaged bulbs, should be replace right away. There are costs included with owning a unit and take care of some problems as they increases may help to avoid a high costly repairs in future.

If your property own any traditional fireplace, you should find out when the last time it being cleaned off. Hire a professional to help the issue and get the maximum experience with your fireplace. Furthermore, this could also happen to other facility for repair in your newly property. With all the repairs being done, you and family will be satisfy with the result as the home feel more welcoming.

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Find Realtor for Elite Property Bali

Since you will be in the peak season of buying elite property in bali, you need to select the reliable and trusted Realtor in the market. Study about their previous deal and experience, and how their clients respond to every service they offer. How reliable is their online testimonial and presence? Do they have a secure platform and update system of property to transaction in real time? With all those aspect, the realtor would definitely help you find the best suitable bali property for you.

Elite Property Bali Bedroom

With that being said, there are a lot of realtor in Bali, but the one that worth mention is This realtor are the expert in real estate field, they have experienced for years in finding the desire property unit for their buyer. Furthermore, with the easy booking and enquiry platform, you could find hundreds of elite property bali listing in real time. Right after you enquire the listing, you will be handle by a professional realtor in person to help get your request.

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Building Confidence To Become Successful Entrepreneur

Confidence is one of the strength entrepreneur needs to achieve success. When you exude confidence, it is easier for people to trust you. Also, it helps you to build relationships with other important people in your line of business. When you are lack of confidence, people will start doubting you as well. Some people might be born with higher level of confidence than the others due their natural characteristics. However, confidence is also something you can build and develop over the time.

Building Confidence To Become Successful Entrepreneur

Learn to build your confidence as entrepreneur

Building confidence is necessary for entrepreneurs not only to gain credibility but also to help them perform more confidently as well. Here are things you can do to build your confidence as entrepreneur:

Show confidence

Practice exuding confidence even when you are really not. To practice confidence, you have to be willing to go out of your comfort zone. In running business, you have to interact with others such as potential customers, investors, or recruits. It is not always easy to feel confident. However, you can try to appear so. It is like a practice to make yourself get used to the idea of being confident.

Establish your passion

Build your confidence by establishing your passion. Do not hold yourself from showing your passion. When you do things based on what you are most passionate about, confidence often follows. Many people lose their confidence because they are unsure of what they do or what they want. When you choose based on your passion you know what you want or where to be without getting tired or bored so easily.

Expand your expertise

Expand your expertise

Build confidence by expanding your expertise. The lack of expertise can put people in low self-esteem because the feeling of being inferior to others. When you build your expertise and knowledge, you become more confident in making decision for your business and life in general. Hence, do not limit yourself in one area when you can instead broaden your horizon.

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Build confidence from failures

Treat your failures as motivation to build more confidence. May lose their confidence after making some mistakes. However, it is not what supposed to be in business world. Making mistake is humane. Use your mistakes or mishaps as something to improve yourself. You know what mistake you have done. Use it as valuable experience so you can do better in the future and not make the same mistakes.

Track your achievement

You can also build your confidence by tracking your achievements. Update your profile whenever you succeed at something. It doesn’t have to be something out of this world-kind of achievement. You can document small to big achievements as confidence boosters. Achievement makes you feel good about yourself. It helps you see your own worth and capability to be successful.

In running business, confidence can be built when you know your business and product well. When people ask about your business and you hesitant due to lack of knowledge of it, your confidence will be crushed so easily. Hence, make sure you know what you are doing to appear much more confident instead of looking flustered.

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Staycation at Nusa Dua Resorts Packing List!

The holiday is coming and you just cannot wait to spend your time at somewhere tropical. Somewhere quiet, secluded, and blessed with incredible oceanfront views like this Nusa Dua Resorts. Nestled in one of quite bay of Benoa, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa presents a perfect gateway destination. With three restaurants, private beach, and superior rooms aided with complete facilities, it needs no brainer to pack for the beach resort. However, you might need some insights on what to pack beside clothing and personal items. Here’s our take on beach resort packing, from the most essentials to fun things that’s nice to have during the holiday.

Staycation at Nusa Dua Resorts Packing List!

The Essentials to Bring to Nusa Dua Resorts

These items are, simply put, things you cannot live without. Never leave home without these things.


If you’re going to somewhere tropical, sunscreen is definitely a must. In a place as hot as Bali, you’ll need a minimum SPF 50, but we like to go as high as SPF 100 for maximum protection. 

Lip Balm SPF 30

Likewise, you need lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the violent ultraviolets.

Insect Repeller

The Essentials to Bring to Nusa Dua Resorts

The Nusa Dua Resorts might have scheduled deep cleaning and probably fogging to prevent mosquitos. However, if you are vacationing in a tropical place like Bali, you will be granted to get mosquito bites one or two. You might also want to explore other hidden places in Bali, so might as well bring your best insect repeller.

A Universal Travel Adapter

You can bring one on local spot, but it’s still better to have your own ready.

First Aid Kit & Prescribed Medication  

Be prepared with your first aid kit and prescribed medication. You never know what will happen.

Personal Hand Sanitiser

This pandemic era has taught us the most important thing; hygiene and cleanliness. Even though hand sanitiser is provided in every corner of the Nusa Dua Resorts, you’ll want to have one that could travel anywhere with you.

Your Favourite Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Your Favourite Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Like, how can you go for a beach holiday without a good looking sunhat and sunglasses? It’s time for them to shine!

Novelty Items That are Nice to Bring

Things you don’t have to bring, but it would be nice when you have it there on your Nusa Dua resorts holiday.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Taking an impressive, social media perfect photo at the pool is a mandatory when you are at a beach resort. A waterproof phone pouch helps especially when your phone is not waterproof.

A Wet Bag

A Wet Bag

With three large adult pools and one private beach in this Nusa Dua resorts, you will spend most of your time getting wet. No one likes bringing clumps of dripping wet towels and swimming suits back to the room. Packing a wet bags would save your day.

Handheld Mini Fan

Out of your air-conditioned rooms at Nusa Dua rooms, you are under the mercy of Bali’s unforgiving heat. A handheld mini fan does make difference.

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Fun Things to Bring to Nusa Dua Resort

At any way, these items are no essentials. You totally can live without these, but holiday at Nusa Dua resorts would feel even more fun with these convenience creatures around.

An Inflatable Pool Lounger 

An Inflatable Pool Lounger

Another way to make use of impressive pools at the Nusa Dua resort: reclining in style in a fashionable pool lounger!

Insulated Travel Mug

They keep your morning coffee hot for the next 3 hours and your beer cold. A perfect companion for relaxing chill at the private beach.

Electronic Waterproof Reader

You love reading but don’t want your books getting wet. Go grab electronic waterproof reader for some reading by the poolside or the beach.

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Pitching Investors Successfully By Avoiding Unnecessary Mistakes

Pitching investors is part of being an entrepreneur. However, it is not something so easy to complete. Many beginner have failed to do it successfully. Most of the problems is that they make unnecessary mistakes. It is called unnecessary because it can be avoided. To pitch investors, it is important to improve their interest. Hence, the likelihood for finance is increased. 

How to pitch investors successfully for your business

Running a business brings its own many challenges and one of them is when you have to pitch investors. It is integral part especially if your business relies a lot on investors. Most entrepreneurs plan their strategies in advance before facing investors. And it is the right thing to do. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are more things to do to do it successfully. Here are some tips you can follow:

It is highly recommended to not send unsolicited emails because your investors might already received such emails and they don’t have time to check them one by one. The chance of you getting noticed is small. Hence, it is recommended to use referral, especially from someone your investors know in their network. You can ask your advisor to see if they have recommendations on investors referrals. It is even better if you get any direct instruction. The chance of you getting noticed by investors is higher this way.


When you send email to your investors, try to make impressive and concise introduction. It doesn’t have to be in a long paragraph. You can just write four to five sentence email introduction. Try to use thoughtful words instead of technical ones. Make sure that the content is interesting so the investors will consider it as exciting investment.

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Find more information to make sure that what you have and offer are aligned with your investor’s objectives and interests. There are many ways you can gather necessary information about your investors. For example, you can check out their website. You will find information about the exact stage, sector, as well as location they invest in. Find everything you need to know about the firm and individual from the person who made the referral if you are introduced to the investor. 

It is also highly recommended to not ask investors to sign NDA in advance. You see, they have  a policy to not sign non-disclosure agreement. If you have information you consider confidential, just don’t share them with the investors. Asking them to sign NDA before sharing information only extend the bridge between you and them. Provide information that will help generate interest between investors and your business. 

During the pitch, make sure to make the slides brief but clear. Do not overload your investors with too many slides. It is better to make crisp presentation containing clear information needed by investors as well as highlight your team’s credentials and experience. You can provide more information later if your investor is interested and ask for it.

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Beachfront Villa Bali With Exclusive Cliff Location

Beachfront Villa Bali is now becoming a trends in current property industry. The uprising demand have justify that more people aren’t just looking for ordinary investment and accommodation. Hence, a new experience of living seems get the attention of the crowd.

With a secure location, wonderful scenery and great vibes of beachfront, It attracts more visitor than ever. This kind of experience is what grabs the attention of investor and buyer to the market. They seek for unique value proposition that a villa can offer, furthermore not every villa could provide those value to the visitor.

Beachfront Villa Bali

Meanwhile, with only a minimum value, beachfront villa might deliver a maximum experience for its visitor. Theres a lot to offer with these type of unit, that it cannot be described one by one but to experience it by ourself.

Limitless Experience with Beachfront Villa Bali

Beachfront villa bali provide you with an exclusive and luxurious experience. You could spend the whole day inside just to see the panoramic view and sunset. Moreover, you could settle any theme in one unit. Whether its for a romantic one, family gathering, party, serene staycation, etc.

Beachfront Villa Bali Pool

Most people refer living in beachfront villa as the last paradise. As if its your last destination after all the hardwork and life you gone through. Furthermore, people seek for a fresh new environment to recharge themself up and one thing that can provide that is the experience living in beachfront villa bali.

Currently with the available option and various offers, staying in beachfront unit was never this easy. Big portion of unit are ready to enquire and the numbers are keep rising overtime. One example that provide with the best deal and offer is Grand cliff villa in Bukit area.

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Grand Cliff Villa for Sale in Bukit Area

This beachfront villa bali value luxurious and limitless experience like no other villas. Influenced by the tropical and nature excellence, this unit provides an ample open space to witness the breathtaking view. Furnished with a wooden set furniture and modern style catalogue as the essence of tropical identity.

Beachfront villa bali room

Stunning Grand Cliff Villa is located in Bukit area. Feature with 5 amazing bedrooms and bathroom, open style room, full set kitchen, tidy dining room, and infinity pool with. Worth to mention its special location that go straight to deep blue sea, make this unit an extravagant living.

Perfect to buy for investment as it comes with a commercial license which allows it to be used as a rental property with great return on investment.  Enquire this exquisite villa now with a price request.

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