Home Appraisal in Brief

Getting a home appraisal is something that some people would consider for a number of purpose.  Home appraisal is also known as property valuation. Real estate transactions often require the service of an appraiser to valuate their properties. This is due to the infrequency of real estate transactions. Each property is unique and putting a value and naming a price is often one of the most difficult process of selling real estates.


What is an appraisal?

Appraisal is property valuation. It is done to obtain an objective value—it could be lands or properties. Appraisals in theory is an independent opinion formed by a third party known as appraisers to develop an opinion of value. The value and the price of the house is often decided by the market. Appraisals include information in recent sales of the real estates in the area, the condition of the property, and it also takes into account information on sales of similar properties.

An appraisal is done through a complete visual inspection of your property. An appraiser typically spend twenty minutes to several hours in the property, depending on the size and complexity of the property.

Who does the appraisal?

Real estate appraisals are done by trained professionals. In Britain, they are more commonly known as valuation surveyors. In many countries, appraisers need to have license in order to be able to offer their service. An appraiser is often managed by an appraisal management companies. Real estate appraisal is something that is heavily regulated because of their important role in deciding the value and the price of a property. There are commonly three stages of being an appraiser; appraiser trainee, licensed appraiser, then certified appraiser.

What do they look for in home appraisal?

Appraisers looks for your house’s physical characteristics. These physical characteristics include square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, and other factors. Views from within the house (if there is any) is also considered. Home appraisers don’t put value to the things that are not affixed to the property. Therefore things like furnitures and decorations are not part of the appraisal process.

Home appraisers also evaluate your property’s observable exterior and observable interior. Things such as cracked ceilings, cracked plasters, broken windows, faulty faucets and such affect your house’s perceived value. Make sure to check things like plumbing, and light fixtures for anything that might be faulty or broken. Your house needs to function as it’s supposed to, so do reparations where it’s due.

Why do people do home appraisal?

People do home appraisals for a number of reasons. A number of real estate people and even average homeowners alike enlist the help of home appraisers when they need a third party opinion or when they get multiple offers. Home appraisals are also done by people who’d like to lend money from financial institutes. Home appraisals are done to assure the lenders of the money the value of your house. It provides a more solid documentation on the value of your price that is supported by observable facts.

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How To Get Cheap Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

Ubud is an icon of Bali. Ubud is also one of the world’s best cities. A combination of culture, traditional dance, culinary, panoramic views of green rice fields, up to the cool air. Don’t be surprised if the property in Bali has always been an attractive and smart investment. Construction of hotels, villas, and resorts in Ubud is increasing as demand for accommodation is high.

Property for sale in Ubud Bali is undoubtedly increasingly sought after by investors. Good property in the form of land, villas, resorts, or residences. In fact, many foreign and local residents are looking for property for sale in Ubud Bali, either for rent or sale. The benefits obtained will be very tempting. Accommodation is an important factor in Balinese tourism. Investors build accommodation with high comfort.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, For A Comfortable and Quiet Lifestyle

Super special and exceptional villa and resort services are one reason many tourists seek accommodation in Bali. When viewed from the business side, property for sale in Ubud is a gold field. For tourists, looking for property for sale in Ubud is like living in a dream country.

Although there are many enthusiasts to invest in Ubud, there is still your chance to look for property for sale in Ubud Bali. Property in Ubud always has fans. Vacationing in Ubud provides a sense of calm and comfort. Do not suprise if many tourists return to Bali, either for vacation or decide to stay.

Ubud has its own charm. Ubud is not only an icon of Bali but also a favorite area for musicians, writers, and painters. You can find The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Le Mayeur Museum, and more. To get a property for sale in Ubud, you need accuracy. In fact, property increases and decreases prices. But for popular areas in Ubud, it’s hard to find property for sale at low prices.

“Sell Need” is a term that is widely used when someone needs money quickly. They sell the property at prices below the market. As said, you must carefully look for property for sale in Ubud. Most “sell need” property information only revolves around the local population. You need an intermediary to find cheap property for sale in Ubud below the market price. What makes you happy? Getting property for sale in Ubud Bali and staying comfortably is happiness that cannot be replaced by anything.

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How to Choose the Right Real estate Crowdfunding Platform

These days, real estate crowdfunding has become more popular. This is a great method of investing because investors have more chance to invest as what they can afford. They do not need huge investment from one investor but gather small amount of investment from the crowd. Since this method is online-based, you need to know how to choose the right real estate crowdfunding platform. The popularity of this method of investing keeps growing. As the result, there are lots of crowdfunding platforms. It makes investors harder to choose the right platform. Choosing the wrong one can risk your investment to waste.


Selecting real estate crowdfunding platform

As mentioned that there are dozens of crowdfunding platforms. Each platform has different approach of investment method. Thus, you need to choose the one tat suit your interest and needs. Researching crowdfunding platform based on its prospective tech. It can help to decide which platform that fits you the best. Here are further tips on selecting the right crowdfunding platform:

  • Find out if the platform function as listing service only or not. It is better to avoid platform that function only as listing service, instead, choose the site that acts as broker dealer. This is more trusted and promising for your real estate investment future. It is also recommended that you choose the site which has gained experiences in handling this type of investment.
  • Investing money means you will be involved in the business for certain period of time. This is also what factor you need to consider when choosing the right real estate crowdfunding platform. Find out how long the platform you are going to choose will be around. A platform with solid venture capital banking is recommended to select instead of the unsteady one. By choosing solid platform, you will be more secured with your investment especially when you take equity investment where it usually takes 5 to 10 years.
  • Find out what kind of approach they use in the crowdfunding investment. As mentioned above that each platform may have different approach in this matter. This cannot be taken lightly. Instead, you need to do thorough research. If their approach and method fits your needs then you will be more certain and safer to invest your money.
  • Each crowdfunding platform also conducts its own due diligence. This relates to documentation. This is important to consider because it is about important deals. Find out how the platform collects the documentation from investors for potential deals. For example, find out if they ask for companies to provide liabilities or indemnities. This is very important for investor or reassurance.
  • The quality of customer service provided by the platform also needs to be included into consideration when you select for the right real estate crowdfunding platform. Somewhere along the time of your investing, you will have many questions to ask. If the person on the other line is not comfortable to talk with, it is better to search for another platform which can provide quality customer service.
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Reasons Why Bean Bag Is A Perfect Furniture

Bean bag chairs are increasingly popular and loved by many people. In fact, bean bags are better than traditional furniture. When looking for furniture, most people look for what can brighten the atmosphere of the living room, family room or children’s room. Don’t ignore what is in front of you. The good furniture design is adjusted to the condition of the house.

Bean Bag

A bean bag is very comfortable and suitable for relaxing which is interesting for everyone regardless of age. Finding furniture is not as easy as you think. But bean bag is modern furniture that is comfortable and casual style. Bean bag is for years of use so it will save costs.

We can bet that not many know about bean bags. But when looking for comfortable, durable and affordable furniture on the internet, the recommendation is a beanbag. The range of designs and types of comfortable furniture offered varies. You can see beanbag pools or indoor and outdoor furniture.

For most people who are looking for the best furniture, the beanbag is the right choice. There are many reasons why modern and innovative furniture is perfect furniture.

Inexpensive And Affordable Bean Bag

When compared to other modern and luxurious furniture, beanbag offers you something more special. Buying furniture should adjust to many things. The main thing is the budget. Make sure you buy furniture in accordance with the budget. Visiting shops or outlets can make you buy anything to beautify your home.

Bean bag is cheap, affordable but luxurious furniture. No need to spend a lot of money to get luxury furniture. Because of the luxury, comfort, and low prices you can get from beanbag chairs.

Bean Bag Chairs Size

They come in various sizes, ranging from small sizes, medium to large sizes. Comfort does not only belong to adults. Children also need comfort. Sitting silently playing games or seeing favorite shows for hours makes them tired. Traditional chairs are not ergonomically designed. Bean bag has been designed and manufactured according to ergonomic calculations that are good for health.

Trendy And Durable

Finding a chair must be adjusted to the house design. In fact, the bean bag is suitable for whatever your home design is. 1 bean bag design can be used and adjusted under any conditions. Whether you are going to party in the pool, camping or fishing area, they are finest furniture. If you realize it, stop by and find to get the best furniture.

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How Passive Income Investors Should Evaluate Rental Application

Passive income investors are those who rent their property to the tenants and earn steady income each month. In the process of renting out the property, it is important that they evaluate rental application. If you are one of them, you need to be aware as well of this fact. Rental application is not only a piece of sheet. It is important piece of the screening process equation. Picking out the right tenant is important because they will decide the future of our rental property as well. Don’t let any hectic things ruin your attempt to get the right rental application. If you spend your time to understand more about rental lease application then you can identify the best possible tenants.

How to evaluate rental application

Processing rental application doesn’t take long time. It can take one day to a week depend on the circumstances. If you want the process to be faster, you can follow most rental agencies that have online system so they can collect rental application quickly. It is easier process because then it only takes hours to gather other important information such as criminal history, credit card records, etc. The process of evaluating takes several stages as following;

  • First, you need to collect rental application. In this process, you need to require the tenants to provide all necessary information such as driver license, social security, employment information, and references. You can also asses rental application fee if you think it is necessary though it is not obligation. They are all important information to collect so you know better your tenants and select the good one.
  • The second stage to evaluate rental application is by charging application fees. It is important for you as a landlord to ask your prospective tenants to submit proof of income as well. To verify the proof, you can call the employers even though they will not give you more information aside from the verification of the tenant’s employment. This is the way to find out if the tenant has steady income to pay the rent.
  • Another way to make sure that tenants have ability to pay rent properly is by requesting proof of incomes. It is important in screening process. You can also process credit checks to add your evaluation to the tenant’s financial condition. Sometimes, there are applicants who have little to no credit. Then, the decision is yours.
  • Next is to evaluate background checks. This is important so you know who rent your property. You can also ask for references. Those are mostly a list of previous rental properties and past landlords. You can call those references if necessary to make sure that all references are true.  
  • Next, you just need to pick the best possible tenant. If you have made your decision clear, schedule the lease- signing meeting. You can also ask them to bring the first month’s rent. It is highly advisable not to skip any stage to evaluate rental application so you can make the right decision.
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How To Plan Your Bali Scuba Diving Holiday

Finally! Off Work! Time to relax and enjoy a vacation. Diving trips can be a brilliant idea. Planning and reducing the shortlist should be a fun vacation. Wrong vacation selection and planning can be a nightmare, throw money and regret something.

bali scuba diving holiday

So, how do you look for the best diving destinations? Start searching in search engines that can help you. Keywords “popular dive destinations” or “popular dive destinations” can be a reference to finding what you are looking for.

Bali scuba diving holiday is very popular and is an attraction for tourists. The underwater beauty of Bali is no doubt. They are very suitable for lovers of underwater photographers. You will find many unique and beautiful species. Explore the mysteries of the USAT Liberty shipwreck and Japanese ships a must for divers. Let’s plan your Bali scuba diving holiday.

Arrange Bali Scuba Diving Holiday Budget

Everyone doesn’t want finance dictating all of our vacation planning. But the reality is, if you have money, then you can do whatever you want to do. So planning a vacation according to the budget is right. At least you know how much to prepare to enjoy Bali scuba diving holiday.

Decide What You Want

Diving is interesting. But diving can be unpleasant unless you are really interested and ready to face challenges. Not all are interested in diving activities. The problem is, they are afraid that something bad will happen under the sea. Some have constraints of depth fear. If your budget is ready, and interested in diving, then Bali scuba diving holiday will be as smooth as your plan.

Diving Companion And A Dive Center

Another obstacle is a diving companion. No need to worry! You will meet many new people in the world of diving. When you are looking for Bali scuba diving holiday packages at a particular dive center, you will join many participants from various countries. Getting to know other dive participants can be a memorable experience.

Dive Training and Certificate

Diving is not as easy as you imagine. When you do not have a diving certificate, the process you have to do is to conduct training. Prepare 4-5 days to go through all the training processes and get a certificate. Without a certificate, it is impossible for you to explore underwater and enjoy Bali scuba diving holiday. Dive training can be one of your impressive diving holidays.


Wherever you travel, business or vacation, you must be covered by insurance. When professional divers vacation for diving purposes, insurance that protects diver equipment is mandatory. Bali scuba diving holiday will be more enjoyable if you are equipped with protection for your safety.

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Boost Property Value by Improving Privacy the Green Way

Houses that appear in all their lush greens glory are one of the houses that are the most pleasant to look at. While huge and tall fences seemingly give off the feel of intimidation, greeneries can often negate that effect. Therefore if you’re not a fan of fences or tall walls but you are in need of some privacy, plants are an excellent solution. Plants help protect your environment from extreme weather conditions, in addition to its proven capability in purifying the air and improving the overall air quality in your yards.

Shrubs and trees provide you with a great deal of privacy from your neighbors, and have been proven to effectively block some noise. Here are some ideas with brief information on how you could start having plants improve your home to improve your property value. It is important to create proper planning, not just in choosing trees, but also in incorporating them into the many factors of your house or properties; the designs, landscaping, soil and fertility, among others.

Rows of Trees

The option of having a row of trees are endless. Some of the most popular ones include fan palm, deciduous, evergreen, and arbovitae. It depends on several factors such as the look you’d want to achieve. Palm plants are great and look especially fetching if you’re particularly attracted to the tropical look. Both Deciduous and Evergreen are classic fences-replacements that are timeless and could be incorporated on any design. Make sure to research well and decide what you want, and how they could be incorporated to your environment.


Tall hedges in particular, offer a great deal of privacy. It has the image of being refined because of its often symmetrical trims. Hedges often need a lot of care to maintain the shape, so make sure to plan ahead and take into consideration the cost of the maintenance.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are classic and provides a great sense of privacy. It’s noteworthy that these evergreens could protect you from the outside view all year long. Well-placed evergreen shrubs are known to greatly reduce energy consumption during the summer as they provide a significant shade against the sun. They also help to reduce extreme temperature during the winter as plants help to temperature regulation, not to mention, block the chilly winter winds.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are super affordable and would definitely give you a bang for your buck. Bamboos are an excellent choice when it comes to providing privacy. Asian style houses are especially popular in incorporating bamboo both to their yards and indoors.

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Tips To Choose Luxury Villa Rental Bali

There are many holiday destinations. When deciding to choose 1 destination, you must be confused. Thanking the internet! You just have to surf the internet, looking for information about your vacation destination. All you have to do is look for the destination of the place you are going to visit. Bali is one of the tourist destinations that are rich in nature and culture. Deciding to Bali means you must be prepared to be lulled by luxury and comfort. Luxury villa rental Bali is one of the luxury and comfort of your stay.

Luxury Villa Rental Bali

The hardest is looking for where to stay. In fact, you don’t know Bali yet. The picture on the internet is always the best. This will make you confused about making decisions. From the hotel to the villa the price will be very scary, especially during high season. Although the hotel offers luxurious and comfortable facilities, most people object to spending a budget on it.

Luxury villa rental Bali is a place to stay at a reasonable price, where you can enjoy luxury and comfort. If you are planning a long vacation then Bali villas for rent are the right choice. Villa owners facilitate a private swimming pool or spacious garden. No wonder people are willing to spend the budget to get high comfort. Some tips for Bali rental luxury villas to be the most comfortable accommodation while on vacation.

  • The location of the villa is one of the main ones. Many choices for your villa location. Seminyak, Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ubud and others. What must be questioned is what is your destination on vacation? If you want a peaceful holiday, the choice of Bali rental luxury villas that you can look for is in the area of Uluwatu or Ubud.
  • Surrounding most villas in Bali is in a residential area. The important thing you have to pay attention to is respecting local culture and local titles. When you are in a new environment for a long time or not, you still have to respect your place of residence. This is intended to prevent something unexpected.
  • A number of luxury villa rental Bali rooms should be adjusted to your needs. Room choices available are 1-7 bedrooms, or even more than 7 bedrooms. The more bedrooms available in the villa, the more expensive the price, but still within reasonable limits.
  • When the choice of vacation in Bali, an exotic island that is stunning, then you must know all about Bali. There is much you can learn when deciding on a new place. The choice of luxury villa rental Bali is right when you plan to vacation for weeks.
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Understanding the types of Distressed Property before Investing

Understanding the types of Distressed Property before Investing

You may have heard a little about distress property. This is often heard amongst investors who are trying to find asset sold in below market value. However, there various types of distressed property you need to know before deciding to invest in. The main reason why many investors buy distressed property is lower price. Besides, they also have more opportunities to add the property value to increase they income or profit. There are also many reasons why a property in distressed. Immediate needs in cash are one of the most common reasons. Other reasons include separation, relocation, disrepair, and financial problem.

Types of distressed property you need to know


Investing in distressed property is considered to be promising. You can buy the property in owner price while still maintaining to increase its value. However, you need to know as well that adding value means you need steady finance to cover all the expenses caused by renovation, improvements or repairs. It is also important for you to know exactly the type of distressed property you can buy. Here they are:


  • There is short sale property in which homeowner has difficulties in solving their financial hardship. Thus, they sell the property after having mutual agreement with the lending institution. This is like an alternative route against foreclosure which benefits both homeowner and the lending institution. This type of distress property also allows the lender to avoid some losses.
  • Vacant home is also one of types of distressed property you can find in property listings. There are many reasons why a property is vacant. One of the reasons is because it is abandoned by the owner due to many reasons. You can even identify yourself a vacant property without searching it in the listings. Common characteristics of a property being abandoned are garbage, overgrown weeds, broken windows, etc. You can invest in this type of distressed property and gain opportunity to negotiate the deal in short deals.
  • Next type of distressed property is REO (real estate-owned) in which the property is under the possession of the bank. In simple term, you can call it as bank-owned property. This type of property is often sold in auction. It is also sold via property agent. REO property usually has been through foreclosure. As the result, the property will be vacant. That is when the bank decides to sell it to gain money instead of spending money for expensive maintenance.


There are more types of distressed properties you can find and try to invest in. It is important that you know the type of distressed property you invest in so that you can decide further steps in building your business. There are also many ways you can find property in distressed. You can go search distressed property via public records or drive around a neighborhood to identify it by yourself. You can also visit a bank or visit websites to find your ideal distressed property. Decide one of the types of distressed property you are going to invest in for easier searching.


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Guide to Embark on Solo Komodo Island Trip

If you are like me, just a slight talk about Komodo Island trip sparks a whole new dream of adventure. The Komodo National Park, Flores, where this island is located in, has so much to offer. It’s one of the 7 Wonders of Nature that’s very rich both in land and under the water. Along the Flores Sea lie a series of tumultuous islands that look like what’s left from Jurassic Park. The pristine beaches and clear water seems like they just fall from heaven itself. And among these raw beauties, the ancient Komodo Dragon crept on its land.

Guide to Embark on Solo Komodo Island Trip

It’s no wonder if you want to embark on solo travel to this beautiful Indonesia frontier as soon as possible. If you are planning to do so, I have some little tips that might be useful on your vacancy.


1. Make The Plan

As  told you before, Komodo Island and all the islands in Komodo National Park hide so many beautiful gems. With so much to see, plan how many spend you’d like to spend in the area. Will it a day tour, 3D2N, 5D4N, or a week-full tour? Which Komodo Island trip suits you the most? Plan all island you wish to visit and adjust later on with the tour agency.


2. Join an Open Tour

Most of Komodo Island trip were made for group. It’s still possible to hire a wooden boat or speed boat just for a single person, but it can be very expensive. The best thing is looking for an open trip and see if they have a slot for you. This way, you don’t need to pay all the expenses by yourself—the price of the boat and tour is split evenly among all the passengers. They usually have a fixed rate per person and will let you know beforehand.


3. Double Up Your Budget

Without travelling partners, you got no one to share the travel expenses, especially lodging and land transportation. Especially in a difficult landscape like Flores, where almost every chauffeur and ship owners are reluctant to take a single passenger on board.

4. Consider Flying Instead of Sailing—And Land to Labuan Bajo

There are four options to get into Labuan Bajo, Flores. First, you book a direct flight from Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). Second, take a direct flight from Denpasar, Bali. This is very convenient if you are currently in Bali and get interested to go to Flores or planning to spend some time in Bali first. I highly recommend you to take one of these options. It can be a little bit pricey, but it’s very comfy and saves a lot of your valuable time.

The third option s taking a ferry from Bali to Komodo Island, which is the cheapest option among all. However, I gotta say that this kind of Komodo Island trip is not the comfiest. It also very time consuming and the route is hard to navigate as well. It’s adventurous, indeed, but you might have little energy left when the ferry finally dock to Komodo Island.

Option number four is kinda similar to the previous one. Take a ferry to Lombok, and then fly from there to Labuan Bajo. This way, you can have time to see the famous Gili Island without having to embark on dangerous route the entire way.

But still, I recommend you to take the plane flight. Bali, Lombok, and Flores each has their own airport and provide a direct flight from one to another. And make sure you land on Komodo International Airport in Labuan Bajo—Flores has two different airports.


5. Look for Hostels

For avid solo travelers, this should be a no brainer. With a lot of budget already goes to transportation, it’s best to pick hostels instead of hotel in Labuan Bajo. This is also a great opportunity to find a travel buddy for your Komodo Island exploration. Who knows, you might meet a bunch of other solo travelers and persuade them to join on your Komodo Island trip together!


6. Buy Two or More SIM Card Providers

Travelling alone, you got no one else on your back to deliver recent news to family and friends back home. In a frontier like Flores, it’s best to prepare with two different local SIM Card providers. In case the one that you are using lose the signal, you still have another one to try. 

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