Improving The Team’s Dynamic To Boost Your Business

Every business owner or entrepreneur is required to lead a team regardless of their leadership skills. It is one of the responsibilities you will have once you choose this career path. It is almost impossible to do everything on your own because some things are out of your expertise. Thus, you need other people who own the required skills and expertise to help you build your business smoothly. Leading a team is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most challenging things about running your own business. 

Improving The Team’s Dynamic To Boost Your Business

How to improve your team’s dynamic

The dynamic of the team has great impact to the business in general. When your team has positive, healthy dynamic, your business will grow smoothly and steadily. At least, you and your team will work in peace and complementing each other. As for conflict, it is bound to happen at some points. However, healthy and positive dynamic won’t allow big cracks in the team. So how can you improve the dynamic of your team and grow your business better?

Get to know them better

Get to know you team better including individual’s strength and weakness. This is a great asset you have to be able to build powerful team for your business. If you don’t know your team, you don’t know how to set the dynamic. Therefore, knowing them deeper will help you a lot in setting the right dynamic that will boost every individual’s potential while still maintaining the collaborative dynamic. 

Let everyone feel appreciated

Improving The Team’s Dynamic To Boost Your Business

Even if it is collaborative effort, every individual’s contribution is precious. Therefore, don’t miss out the opportunity to give proper recognition for those individuals who gave great contribution. However, don’t make it bias. Make sure that your way of appreciating the individual’s hardwork doesn’t get misinterpreted by the others. Setting healthy, positive dynamic means you have to play fair. When you are being biases, the others won’t respect you as a leader. Treating people with equality is a good start in setting healthy dynamic of the team. 

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Draw clear boundaries

Make sure to draw clear lines and boundaries in the team. It is important to build strong connection into personal level with your team. However, I should not sway you or the others from the main goals. The rules in the team are made to make everyone stay focus on the priorities. Make sure that the rules are understood by the other members of the team. The rules also act as the rope that bound you all together to stay in the right lane. 

Do not dismiss conflict

Instead, make it come up to the surface and get addressed properly. Make the team as the safe place to solve conflicts. Make the people in your team feel safe to speak up. Conflicts sometime comes from small misunderstandings that can be easily solved by talking. Therefore, always encourage your team to build healthy dynamic by making everyone feel safe to share feedback or offer suggestions.

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How Camps for Teens Actually Makes You A Lot Cooler

You are too old to just lie at the couch and doing nothing during the whole summer break. And yet you are just too young to start working on part time summer job. As a young adult who just want something different and keep you busy, you should definitely try summer camps for teens. It’s more than doing some adventurous camp games or braiding friendship bracelet. It will teach you how to life. How to have fun. And eventually, it’ll show you how to have a life. Teen camp is the answer to your young summer.

How Camps for Teen Actually Makes You A Lot Cooler

You’ll Come Back from Camps for Teens with Entirely New Skills

A lot of summer camps for teens are specialised around certain skills. You have surf camps, language camps, outdoor activity camp, archery, entrepreneurship, programming, and more. They are the perfect answer for young souls who are looking to expand their abilities or trying something new. Camps is an incredible place for having an excellent, distraction-free environment to kick a new interest. And it just feel good if you have master a new skill during the summer time. Like building a robot or riding the waves, maybe.

You’ll be Exposed to Whole New Cultures

Summer is time when people get out for holiday—and sometimes this means a chance to travel to another country and get into a summer camp. You’ll always find a number of international attendants on your camps for teens. Or maybe it’s you who travel to entirely another country to join a teen surf camp, for example. Either way, you’ll get exposed to whole new cultures you didn’t find back in school. Some of your new friends might come from Japan, Spain, Portuguese, or somewhere around the Ocean Pacific. They’ll have a lot of new things to tell, and with you to exchange. All these exposure will broaden your perspective, values, cultural knowledge, tolerance, and many thing else.

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You’ll Know that Every Person is Unique—and Being Different is Okay

How Camps for Teen Actually Makes You A Lot Cooler

That actually makes you a more chilled person. You’ll know people can be so much different than yourself. Everyone has their own quirks and background culture—and that’s okay! Camp is a place when all sorts of people come in for a shared, common interest. It’s easy to forget all the racial, cultural, gender, and opinions difference in the teen camps as you all just want to have fun!

You’ll Learn How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going to camps for teens means going out from your home. From your neighbourhood. Even from your best school friends who already know who you are. It’s time to expose yourself to new thing every day. Facing new experiences every morning. Try new foods, exchanging new perspective, and having many new things coming. You’ll learn how to get out from your comfort zone and be just be ready for every new opportunities. And this will help you a lot all they way to the adulthood.

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Important Elements To Consider Before Buying A Franchise

There are many ways you can do to involve in business industry. You can build everything yourself from zero or buy a business from the other. Every decision you make has its own risks and weighs you should consider. Wrong moves may cause you costly mistakes. Therefore, it is not something you should consider from the very bottom to very top. Buying  a business or franchise, precisely is not uncommon in business industry including in industrial or educational fields. It can be a great investment if you choose the right franchise and run it with effective strategies. Becoming successful from your business in running franchise is possible. 

What to consider before buying a business

Buying franchise is easy but there are things you should look for before deciding to do it. For some people buying franchise can be an excellent way to escape the corporate grind while going into business for yourself. However, it is not necessarily yourself. A franchise has its own set of plan and system you should follow when you decide to buy it. Therefore, it is a matter of your decision that will lead you to the right kind of business for you. It is because every franchise comes with different concepts as well. 

business think

Reflect your own skills and interest

To decide what kind of business or franchise to buy, you can start look into yourself by finding out what your truly interest in. Keep in mind that it is not only about financial investment but also time investment. When you engage with a business based on your passion and interest, it is easier for you to explore the business. For example, you have deep interest in books. However, you buy a franchise of a car repair. Sure you can learn along the way. However, it may only waste your time. It will be more effective if you buy a franchise related to books since you have already expertise or interest. 

Define a long-term vision, then smaller goals

Choose a business with define goals. Therefore, you know the direction of the business itself. Make sure that you understand how the business work. If you choose a franchise with vague ideas and goals, it makes you harder to reach the success you dream of. Of course, there are many possibilities to happen in the future. However, preparation is the key. If you choose something unclear from the beginning, your way to success will be most likely to be unclear as well. 

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It is also important to make comparison of the same business. If you only put your interest only on one franchise, it is harder to compare which one is better for you. Therefore, comparison is important element you should look for as well. Every business even if they are in the same path or field must have had differences. There must be strength and weakness every business possess. You can focus on every little details of the franchises. Compare them thoroughly and choose the one that fits your goals and interest. You can search franchises in similar interest then narrow your search down. 

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The Perfect Seating for Living Room Furniture Yogyakarta

Seating is the most important piece of living room furniture Yogyakarta and there’s no argument about it. Since your seating likely takes precedence over other pieces of furniture, how do you make sure that you get the best quality of seating? Whether you’re opting for long sofa, loveseat, grandfather chair, or other options, let’s take a look at some of the most important things you should be on the lookout for when buying living room furnitures.

Living room furniture Yogyakarta tip: Always give the seat a try!

What’s a living room furniture Yogyakarta without a nice, long sofa? Unless that’s not your style, chances are, you’re going to be on the lookout for sofa first before other furnitures in your living room.

yogyakarta living room decor

While no one’s stopping you purchasing furnitures online, chairs and sofa might be an exception. Of course, unless you’re not very picky when it comes to comfort (tough, everyone has their own version of what they feel comfortable in).

Remember that your sofa is going to hold your weight

Going for durable sofas are definitely the way to go. This piece of furniture is one of the main features in a living room, and it’s definitely one that will see a lot of use. Especially when you have pets or little children, your sofa is going to suffer. Scratches, stain, spill, you name it. Not investing on a good sofa for living room furniture Yogyakarta will likely make you cry in the long run.

living room furniture yogyakarta

When you’re buying a furniture, especially one that will “take a beating” on a daily basis, remember that it’s an investment. You don’t want to rely on a seating that’s poor in quality. Imagine having to replace your sofa every couple of years. What started as an endeavor to save instead makes you lose money instead.

Your seating needs to have a solid frame

The best option for durability is still the classic hardwood. The option of metal frame, particle board, and other choice of materials for frame has the possibility of bending over time through continued use. In Bahasa Indonesia, “particle board” is called “triplek” – so make sure to ask whether the frame of your seating is made of actual hardwood instead of triplek.

french style living room

The bigger the piece of sofa you choose, the more the quality matters. Bigger seating in living room furniture Yogyakarta means that it’s likely going to take more “beating” from more people; children, guests, and anyone you could name of. Investing in a solid frame for your seat is going to pay off in the long run.

The look: consider the entire room

Before falling in love with just the perfect sofa (or any seating!) ask yourself; is the piece going to fall together well with the rest of the furniture in your living room or is it going to be an eyesore? 

living room accessories

Aside from the obvious consideration such as the colors, also think of the pieces. Are you going for one long seating and that’s it? Do you want a love seat to be among your sitting arrangement? Plan this out; draw a layout of your room (don’t be afraid you’re not an artist or any of that excuse; most of us aren’t, but most of us needed to arrange our living room ourselves).

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Important Stages of Building A Startup

Being young and successful is possible to reach. However, building a startup can be very challenging. It is very common for the founders to be highly excited to get started. However, the reality of building startup is not as sweet as it looks. Many founders have gone through various stages. It is important to know what stages a startup founders should be aware of. Thus, everything can be more anticipated and prepared. If you plan to build a startup, make sure to know every essential stages so you will be more ready of what to do to have smooth journey. 

Essential stages of building a startup

Every business is unique and has their own characteristics. However, there are main stages of building a startup that every founder should be aware of regardless of what kind of startup they are planning.

Important Stages of Building A Startup

Finding the real problems

The very first stage of idea discovery is finding the real problems. By identifying the problem, you can offer effective solution using your product or service. By knowing the problems, the idea of solution will rise. Make sure that the problems relate and are relevant to the customer’s pain and struggles. Only then your idea will give more impact to your customers’ life. You can execute this stage by conducting proper interview so you know who your customers are, what their problems are, what products they are currently using, etc. 


The next stage is idea discovery. It doesn’t have to be expensive ideas. You also don’t have to aim for big issues. Even if you can just find ideas to solve common problems, it is just fine. The important point is whether or not your idea is truly relevant to the problems of the customers you want to address in the first place. Since you have found the problems through the first stage, finding ideas can be a lot easier. 

Problem/solution fit

Important Stages of Building A Startup

The next stage is problem/solution fit. It is the stage where you will find out whether or not the solution can truly solve the problems. However, it is too risky to move forward to product development right away. Thus, you have to come up with irresistible offers. You may need to go for product design or prototype. The point is to create something that can make customers interact with your product. After finding out product value proposition, you will know whether or not the customers will stay committed to use your products later. 

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Market fit

The next important stage is the market fit. In this stage, you need to collect data. You can do it using digital metrics that can tell you possible customer’s behavior. For example, the metrics will tell about the possibility of your customers recommending the products to their friends or families. The point is to create product that people need. After this stage, you will have to go through the growth’s stage in which you start with the plan to expand. It has other kinds of challenges you should be prepared of.

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Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

Picture the laid-back atmosphere. A cool surf house by the beach where you can hear gentle sounds of the waves lapping to the shores. A place to learn to surf where you can find some peace and chill vibes within the space. But why bother to go all out and stay at surf camp for beginners entirely while you can just enrol on surf school and just stay at regular hotel/ dorm room? Here’s why.

Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

Thick Surfing Ambiance and Laid Back Culture at Surf Camp for Beginners

You won’t find surfing ambience as thick as in surf camp. Everyone you meet there is a surfer. Well, almost everyone—cause some travels with their non-surfer partners. Unlike hotels and resorts which ambience is often times more formal, there’s something about surf camps for beginners that make it feel more like home. You can either stay at the dorm rooms and meet new awesome friends or the suite if you want more space. Days pass slowly here. Everyone is ether having fun surfing, relaxing at the bean bags, or journaling in their blogs.

The common rooms are decorated with surf related accessories—sometimes even unintentionally. They have surf equipment rentals that you can rent with ease. The surfing classes and other sports, like yoga and bicycling are available to book separately. But if you book it with your room, you will like get special deals. Also, staying at a surf camp give you smoother introduction to the rest of the country.

Surf Camp for Beginners Give You Actual Motivation to Go Surfing

Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

It’s easy to skip surfing lessons when you don’t feel like it if you stay at regular accommodation. But if you stay at a surf camp for beginners and register on their classes, you have no other choice but to agree to their schedule. That means you need to wake up every morning at six and go surfing at seven with the rest of the group. You will less inclined to stick at surfing schedule if you are staying by your own. The camp will also tell you where to surf at that day and take you there. Looking at which beaches with good waves to surf at that day by yourself can give you enough headache, especially when you are not that expert at surfing yet. More often that not, that leads to postponing the surfing because you’ve tired from just looking up the sites. True story!

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Three Benefits from a Surf camp

A Chance to Taste Homemade Local Cuisine

Some of us just don’t feel safe enough to eat like the locals. We’re afraid of being overcharged (because we look like tourists!), we’re afraid that the local stalls are not hygienic enough, or just simply not liking the taste of the locals. Luckily, most surf camps for beginners include breakfast and dinner at their package. And they do know the best way to introduce local taste to foreigner’s palate. Most of the foods are international dishes, but they do slip one or two local cuisine on the menu. And if it turns out that you don’t like it, you can always order something different from the chef.

Trying As Many Surfboards As You Can

One of the biggest adventure to stay at surf camp for beginners is the chance to try out as many surfboard as you want! As a beginner, you will always start on big soft board. But as you’re progressing, you will step up to hard board. If you stay for five days or longer you might ask the instructor to try on other types of boards. You probably won’t master them in the firs try—they even not suitable for your level yet—but it will give you insight on how these boards work. It’s an essential knowledge to have especially if you plan to continue surfing and buy your own board in the future.

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Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Every individual may adopt different strategies to reach their professional or personal goals in life. What work for the others doesn’t guarantee the same outcomes when you do the same. However, there must be some qualities you can develop in your daily habits to have better work experiences. Lots of people say that work harder can guarantee success but it os not always the case. More often than not, those who work smarter can achieve their success more effectively. Therefore, it is essential to find the right strategies that work for you to gain more success including in business. 

Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Developing effective strategies to thrive at work

Running a business put you in more difficult and complex situation because you have more responsibilities following your role. However, it is not impossible for you to be a successful entrepreneurs and leader at the same time. Aside from hardwork, you need effective strategies to thrive. 

Depth and Thought

Depth and thought are critical aspects you should use when trying to thrive more at work. Try thinking deeper instead of superficial. Digital world allows you to gain easier access to information. However, do not rely on it to have thoughtful and deeper thinking. Use your brain to think without any distraction. It can help you gain better understanding of the problems you are facing. Deeper thinking promote multiple parts of brains to active. 

Consider your working styles

Aside from fixing the way you think, it is also important to consider how you work typically. Every individual has different tendencies in working. Efficiency is often viewed as priority when it comes to work. however, do not forget to take a break. Taking breaks every once in a while is essential for your body and mind. Breaks give your brain time to properly recharge. It also helps to receive your energy more effectively. As the result, you will be able to work more efficiently and productively. 

A positive environment

Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Set up positive environment of where you work on daily basis. Every day you visit the same building and the same room. You complete various tasks diligently. However, you can do more to have better work experiences. You can do it by finding some greens. Nature has positive impact to your brain. It can help it function more effectively. Your cognitive function will be enhanced when you are exposed more to nature. Healthy, positive working environment helps improve your work performance. 

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Create a safe space

It is also important to create a safe space within your working environment. Your brain will work effectively when you feel safe and protected. Create a working space with protected view as well as provide privacy. Thus, you will be more comfortable and safe during your work. If it’s possible, provide more natural light into your working space. It can help your brain function effectively and prevent from stress. Not to mention that unhealthy lighting can lead to sleep disruption and obesity. Exposing yourself to natural light will help promote your health. Thus, you will be able to work more productively without putting your health at risks. 

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What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

With jaw dropping beaches and all year long surfing season, Algarve of Portugal become one of the most favourite surf destination in the world. Surfing schools offering varied surf lessons lined up in Algarve beautiful coastline. The region house some of the best waves in Portugal—and learning to surf here is definitely one way to beat a boring holiday. Or if you have some surf below your belt, the Algarve can be a perfect surf spot to take your surfing skills to the next level.

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

But the Algarve is so much more than great waves. Algarve is the house of delicious cuisine, picturesque countryside, plenty of sun, and intoxicating relaxed atmosphere in the town that makes your surf getaway even more complete. The Portugal’s southern region is a paradise for both surf holidays and just holiday to “get away from it all” in general. So what’s so special about this region? Why you have to take your surf lessons in Algarve?

Superb Weather for Surf Lessons Algarve

Oh, the weather. You won’t be asking for more sun in Algarve—unless you grow up in tropical countries. The weather in Algarve is just perfect and pleasant. In hot summer days, the Algarve git the cooler breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. As you will spend most time of the days out in the sun and the sea for having surf lessons Algarve, you don’t want the sun to be burning hot. You will find the cool breeze balance the warm waters and the sunlight. During the winter, the temperature remains mild as it never drop below 10ºC. Not many people go surf during this time unless the advanced and the pro. But if you are one of them, you will find that the beaches are emptier, waves are more fun and challenging, and the weather is enough to be tackled with just 5mm wetsuits.

The Super Fresh Seafoods!

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

One of the joy of having surf lessons in Algarve is tasting the delicacies! The Mediterranean touches on fresh seafoods with simple ingredients in Algarve is to die for. Your surf camp will definitely introduce you to their cuisine pride. Walk around the city between your surf lessons, explore humble restaurants in the streets, and see what they have to offer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself indulging in chicken piri-piri, grilled sardines, bacalhau, and the famous Portuguese egg tarts!

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Affordable Living Cost

Do you know that Portugal is one of most budget-friendly destination in all Europe? Most surf camps that offers surf lessons in Algarve are fairly priced. You can find many surf accommodation offering budget-friendly arrangement that will suit even the most frugal backpacker. Meals in Algarve ada available from €10 to €15, possibly less. If you keep it simple, you might even have some money left to splurge at fancier restaurant at the end of the holiday!

Lots of Pristine Beaches to Choose for Surf Lessons Algarve!

Beaches are the backyard of Algarve. You never have to travel too far away from your Algarve accommodation to the beaches to have the surf lessons. And that means less time spent for driving and more time for the actual surfing.

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Thinking Like An Owner When Running Your Own Business

The way you think can affect they way you behave. That’s why mindset is very important factor for a successful business to run. When you decide to run your own business, you have to have strong mindset as successful leader. This way, you can face any challenge throughout your career as entrepreneur. When you have particular mindset, it will affect your decision making as well. It is very important to have strong mindset with logical thinking to run a business successfully. 

How to think like an owner when running a business

How to think like an owner when running a business

Why is it so important to think like an owner when you run your own business? There are differences when you think like an owner or like an employee. For example, you will think something like ‘I could do that too’. it means you have think like an owner. Why? Because you are aware that everything human make are designed. There is always intention and volition. If somebody can do it, then you can too. This is like the beginning of how you think like an owner. When you feel like you can do something other do and even think you could do better, it’s a good start. 

Thinking Like Employee Makes You Feel Less Motivated

Meanwhile, thinking like an employee has negative side when you are running your own business. It can make you feel less valued or less motivated. When you think like an employee, you will see in narrow view most of them time, you think the market is too big for you. Also, you feel like you will never make a living creating something. Therefore, this kind of thinking won’t get you anywhere because your mind limit your actions. 

You Are Capable to Create Something

How to think like an owner when running a business

So how to think like an owner? You can do it by starting to view things through different lenses. Remember that Apple is built and designed by human beings not corporations. Therefore, you will realize that human being has potential to create something. You also should start changing your way of thinking. Make it open wider so you can see things differently. Remember that the world you are living now is the result of what people before you created. If they could do it, so could you. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

Almost every successful entrepreneur do not afraid in telling their big goals or dreams in life. Even if your dream sounds impossible for other, it doesn’t mean impossible for you. When you run a business, you must have set your own goal whether it is to be a wealthy business owner or help shaping the world into what you envisioned. When you dream, you have motivation to take action even if it is a small step in the beginning. Thinking like an owner means you have more open mind along with long vision to the future. You don’t limit yourself to stay in one place. Instead, you keep driving yourself forward to reach your goals and make your business as opportunity to make your dreams come true.

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Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Not all of us have the luxury of throwing all of our savings in luxury hotels or surf houses while having their dream surf holidays. Planning a surf trip is actually costly. You need to buy the plane ticket, buy extra board wax, budgeting your meals during the trip, and pay extra luggage for your surf board. If your destination require flight transfer, that means double charge of board luggage, that can cost half of your flight ticket alone. And if you decide to not to bring your board, you still need to rent them in the destination. Some of us need to think extra to keep the surf holidays on budget. If you’re one of those surfers in budget, you probably want to consider camping on the surf site for the holiday. Yup, the actual camping—in oppose to the more popular “surf camp” dormitories and villas. Here’s everything you need to know about camping on surf destination!

Two Ideal Options for Surfing Holidays on Budget!

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Now, there’s two options on surf camping. Either you bring your own tent and set it up on the nearest surf sites or go to established surf camping sites! On most empty beaches who happen to have some of the best waves, the first option will work so well. But camping in more popular beaches might require a spoken or written permission from the local beach guardian. It cost almost zero money to set up your own tent—your only spending will be on the foods and probably on getting the permission. Some areas on Australia, UK, and America even have dedicated area for camping sites. They have facilities on the sites such as coin operated showers, laundry, tumble dryers, and electricity. You can either bring your own tent or rent a bell tent from them.

Going to established surf camping site is definitely more convenient for surf holidays, though you still need to pay for the accommodation. Nevertheless, it’s way cheaper from hotels. It’s ideal for those who want to have the best of surfing but don’t have the bank balance to match. On this option, you don’t have to build your own tents—they have been semi permanently build on the ground. They might have occupancy options, such as single, double, and superior which quite similar to hotels. Note that you won’t have extra services on the camp-sites options. It’s just you, the camp, and having as many surf as possible. 

Stay Closer to the Beach

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!


Anyone that has been travelling a lot know exactly how the price of accommodation goes directly proportional with location. The closer a hotel gets to the beach, the more expensive its rate. Unless you are staying at campsites. It sits in prime location, it’s just one stone throw away from the swelling beach, and it cover all your basic necessities. Also, it’s one of the greatest way to escape the tourist hordes. The simplicity and practicality of surf camping site make it almost perfect for solo travelers. Campsite is undoubtedly the most cost-affective mode of travel for budget surf holidays.

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Camping Sites are Getting More Popular for Surf Holidays

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

When you are going to surf holidays, your first instinct might be going at surf camps, surf schools, surf houses, or villas because they are the most popular options for surfers. However, now camping sites are growing in popularity. You can easily find campsites fro surfers in France, Portugal, Spain, Australia, California, and the UK. Some even provide escalated version like “glamping”—glamour camping. Glamping offer an experience of staying at a camp with beds and complete modern convenience.

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