How to Maintain Authentic Self For Entrepreneurs

How to Maintain Authentic Self For Entrepreneurs

Authenticity does matter especially when you are business field. It is what leads people to put their trust on you. For example, audiences prefer authentic story of certain brands delivered by simple ways through small platforms instead of the one that is more fabricated even though it is delivered in such a sophisticated ways through big platforms. Today’s customer is smart and they like something more genuine. Hence, authenticity plays big roles not only in personal life but also in business field today. 

Authenticity within yourself as human being and entrepreneur

Authenticity is more than just being true to yourself but also about how you face life with courage, sincerity, and dignity regardless the situation. Your authentic self will determine every interaction and experience you make. It doesn’t mean that you have freedom to do as you please to the point where you lose empathy and hurt the others. Authentic self still need filter and boundaries. However, it is not impossible for you to be unapologetically you while having a chance to rise to any occasion. 

Keeping your business authentic

Authenticity means you free yourself of being fake. Keep in mind that fake and filter are different. Instead of faking yourself, you have to face yourself. Hence, every decision you make is always authentic. Authenticity and self-humanity is linked. If what you decide goes against your own humanity, then it is lack of authenticity. 

Become an authentic self is not impossible

Become an authentic self is not impossible

You can do it by differentiating yourself from others. As human, it is natural to not be different from others. However, different doesn’t mean bad. In fact, you can use your differences from others to find yourself deeper. You will find out who you are regardless of your upbringing, relationship, education, culture, or family. Those are not things that establish your identity. Differences you find can be the cause of your character. 

The critic of inner voice

To truly know who you are, listen to your inner voice. Avoid listening to inner critic because it will only lead you to something you think you should be or do. Always implement self-kindness to yourself to remind yourself that you are human. Making mistake is just part of experience and can improve to be better without being so harsh on yourself. 

Independent decision 

Try to establish independent thought so you know you have potential to make great decision even without influence from others. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore the input given by the other people. With independent thought, you know who you are and what you are capable of without being afraid whether or not you will please the others. Independent thought is powerful thing to develop. 

Avoid recalling a time when you were being inauthentic

Instead, recall times when you were being authentic. The later will result in happiness compared to the former. It is because happiness is tied with authenticity. Recall the time when you followed your values and made decision from character not with influence from others or being fake with yourself. Try practicing this and see how it affects your present. 

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Amed, the Coolest Place for Diving in 2021

Amed, the Coolest Place for Diving in 2021

Not many people have heard about Amed, a little charming fisherman village in the northeast coast of Bali. Settling at a quiet beachside, at the foot of the Mount Agung mountain and facing the Bali Sea, Amed gives the tranquility of the mountain vibe and the relaxing coastal village to the ambience. And beneath all the natural beauty, Amed hides surreal underwater landscape that would impress even the experienced divers. Diving is easy and rewarding in Amed. Together with the neighbouring Tulamben, this little village house multiple breathtaking dive sites, so much that this village is called as “the dive capital” on the island. Amed is the gate to the underwater world of Bali. Next time you go to this beautiful island, make time to stay in Amed for 1 – 2 days and see the magic below the water. 

Abundant Marine Life: Signature of Amed Diving

Abundant Marine Life: Signature of Amed Diving

Low currents, high visibility, and healthy corals as well a busy marine life is the signature of diving in Amed. The sea beds are blooming with corals and sponges of all shapes and clots, while coral fishes like clown fishes are busy going round and about. Amed is also frequently visited by large pelagic like the white tip and black tip sharks, and occasionally the mola mola sunfish. The life in the seabed itself is not less boring. Between the sands and the corals are colourful nudibranchs, mimic octopus, and other amazing small creatures! 

Free Diving in Amed 

Due to its characteristics, Amed is more popular among beginner divers. However, do you know that you can also try free diving in Amed? The low currents and clear water make it just perfect for a free diving adventure! Free diving allows you to explore the depth of the ocean with just a single breath! In free diving, you will learn specific breathing technique and movements. A bit different from the regular diving, but by no means less exciting! 

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Multiple Sites for Wreck Diving

Do you know that Amed houses not one, not two, but three shipwreck that you can visit under the water? Most of the time, wreck diving is associated with difficult sites, extreme depth, and challenging dives. However, that’s not the case in Amed. Here you can find three wrecks that all lie in quite shallow depths. The most famous one is the iconic USAT Liberty, lies in the a sloping reef in just 3 to 20m depth. 

Finding A Good Stay in Amed

Finding A Good Stay in Amed

Though remote and quiet, Amed has made its name as one of the prime diving destinations in Bali. This means this little coastal village know fully how to facilitate divers who want to enjoy the underwater adventures. Finding a good place to stay in and around Amed is easy. The village is quite brimming with budget rooms to mid-range dive resorts. 

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First Aspect to Consider on Real Estate

“Location” we repeat this word as the real mantra of real estate, how to observe the right location of real estate? This article will help you figure out the most essential ones. While everyone has their own preferences, needs and desires, what constitutes a good location is still a universal idea. This is one reason why there is a real estate mantra you will probably hear a lot about: “Place, place, place”. Here are some basic elements broken down into concrete, observable elements broken down into several factors.

Real Estate Location

Good Views

There is always something that attracts home buyers and even tenants. Often, good views are a luxury; that’s why homes with a breathtaking view of the cityscape, a window overlooking the ocean or a view of the hills are in the high price range. Houses that overlook a golf course are also luxury houses, in Bali, Indonesia for example you will find the master house with good views.

Friendly and School District for Children and Adults

A neighbourhood with a new school built close to the area would already increase the value of a house, and the value of a house would increase even more when the quality of the school was factored into the equation. Houses or neighbourhoods close to school districts are popular with young couples looking to have children, families with children and even people without children.

The right district normally comes with a good condition of the economy in the area. Student restaurants and cafes are one of the target markets in the area. However, if you are ultimately concerned about your children’s education, look beyond the school’s score or ranking. Especially when the school is new. Be sure to visit the school. Learn about the school system. Talk to teachers, ask other parents or, better yet, talk to the students themselves.

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Employment Growth! Opportunity to Reduce Unemployment!

Low unemployment rates affect the value of a place and, consequently, individual houses. Employment growth could have a direct impact on the types of office and industrial real estate. The more successful the number of businesses or small enterprises in the area, the more people will be attracted, especially those seeking a narrower commute, converting them to renters or even homebuyers. Office real estate is a growing concern because of the increasing popularity of shared workspaces and the increasing mobility and flexibility of the work culture in terms of space use. However, in the years to come, it is safe to say that the traditional workspace is here to stay and that investment in office real estate is not going to be a disappointment in the future.

Easy to Mobilize

Accessibility is an integral part of buying a home, whether for yourself or as an investment. People need convenience in their daily lives.

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Bali Family Villas – Guide to a Profitable Rental Business

If you’re seeking to invest in real estate that rent out for short term or long term, Bali Family Villas can contribute to its profitability. Some of them are costly than the others. But keeping the mind set that it can be sort out efficiently is a good step. In addition, the things like when you buying, renovate and decorating your property. You may make a big cash on investment.

Bali Family Villas

Your priorities to what interest you in property will differ depending on the market itself. For instance, Bali family villas have their own segment market that you need to identify. But, if you can optimize it clearly then you will gain a huge profitable business. In fact, there are increasing numbers of family migration to bali that seek to buying villa or renting it out. Yet these are several standard ways that could help you get started:

Bali Family Villas Location

Before you decide to purchase a villas, its important that you spend your time on researching the location. Furthermore, you could list the ones that offer a good prospect for your next purchase. There are also several potential factor to consider, such as crime rates, its crowd areas and surround environment. In addition, you should point out the unit’s selling points and what value can the unit bring for your plan. For instance, whether its in a good school districts, accessible to public transport and other close amenities.

Bali Family Villas Living Room

The factor that you prioritise would work differently depending each target audience. For example if you target for mid-class worker with a city flat, you would offer them the ones that provide public transport and amenities rather than school complex. Make sure to target who you want to approach for the bali family villas. Listen to their needs and research areas in depth equally.

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Focus on Villas Decoration

After several renovations that took off, you may start to focus on decorating. There are no strict rules about this, however always make your property stand out. Its suggested to keep the villa’s colour pallete neutral. If the buyer found out the floor, walls and fixtures are not match against each other, they will completely step back as the potential renters. So, re-design and re-decorate will be a vital process to sell or rent out your villa.

Bali Family Villas Decoration

Moreover, the fixtures such as the bathroom and set of kitchen, mind to keep it simple and accordingly. A white bathroom with grey colour and adding a cream pallets in kitchen will do a magic. Not just the property will look bright and tidy, but it could also give the opportunity for your buyer to make the scene more lively and desire in their own style.

A Compact Set of Furniture

Not everyone would bother to, but furnishing your unit is a great decision for many rental properties. Moreover, its more likely to whom you are targeting and provide this set of furniture for. Family that rent bali family villas mostly already have one. Usually they built up the collection of their own furniture set. However, some family would also opting for a furnished finish unit as its more becoming a trend and popular these days. There is no need and intention to hire designer or buy expensive soft furnishing. You could just buy several items that complement and match to the villa colour pallets and concept.

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Build A Team For Your Startup

Building your own startup from the beginning allows you to handle everything from scratch. You don’t really need a team in the beginning as a startup founder because you have eveything planned. And besides, your startup may not be too demanding. Talking to potential customers, pre-selling your products, or sketching your app idea can be done by yourself. You don’t really need help from team members to be able to do well in those. However, it can be really helpful if you can build and start with a team from the beginning. Your startup has more opportunity to grow well.

Build A Team For Your Startup

How to recruit team members for your startup

Your team members can be a very valuable asset for your startup. You don’t really have to wait until your startup grows successful in order to start looking for team members. If you can afford it, you can start recruiting team members from the beginning. A startup with solid and experienced team members is already an appeal for investors especially when you still don’t have validation for customers yet.

Fill the three pillar roles

In order to build a startup, at least you need three roles to occupy. They are leader, builder, and marketer. Each role is not less important than the others. Leader is the one who sets plan, identifies opportunities, build the team, and executes. Meanwhile. Builder is the one who create the solution. Then, marketer is the one who can bring and boost the sales. Each role is important and can be complimented the other. Each roles requires different skills to shape the startup.

The builder and the marketer

The builder and the marketer

As the startup leader, you can recruit someone who fit the role as a builder and marketer. However, it is important that you know what to build to hire a builder and have what to market to hire marketer. Those roles are significant to the customers not only the product sale itself. Hiring the right people for the right role can help you grow customer development. However, hiring people is not as easy at it seems. It is also a challenging process when building a startup team.

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Hire the right people

It is highly recommended to hire the right people from specialized marketplaces because it picks and focuses on one specific skills. You can hire people who are specialized in finance, design, development, content creation, and so on. It will be easier for you to sort the candidate if they are already known of what they are specialized in.

Try to look for the right person from social media 

You can also try another method such as looking for the right people through social media. Of course, the profiles on social media are not always real. However, it is one of the most common methods used by people who want to find the right recruits. Or, you can also seek someone’s referrals and recommendations. This is safer especially if you seek recommendation from someone you already trusted. Remember that your startup needs support as it grows and it is such an investment to build your team members from the start.

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Should You Get A Divemaster Internship in Bali?

If your dream is travelling around the world and get paid to do so, you should need to consider a career in divemaster. It’s that kind of a job where you get to see different parts of the world, meeting countless kinds of fishes and marine life, and, if you aim for higher luxury sector, get to live aboard in sumptuous yachts, teach celebrities and famous people how to dive, and get employed in stunning resorts. In the meantime, you are not tied to office time and you get all the glory of nature to enjoy. It’s also one of the most highest-paid salary in travel industry. Still can get higher if you decide to open your own dive rental equipments or even your own dive courses. Before achieving all of that, however, there is one last step you should do before graduating as a professional divemaster: taking divemaster internship in Bali.

Should You Get A Divemaster Internship in Bali?

Should You Really Take Divemaster Internship in Bali?

Well, it doesn’t have to be Bali. It can be Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, or any other countries with major dive destinations. For one consideration, Bali is renown with immersive cultural heritage, abundance natural attractions, celebrated beach lifestyle, and rewarding dive sites. While you have every other benefit of becoming intern in other countries. living in Bali would surely makes your internship day much more enjoyable.

Basics Before Applying Internship

There are several basic requirements before you are eligible to apply the internship. On the very basic, you should have already be very comfortable and skilled underwater. Means that you mastered good technique on air consumption, neutral buoyancy, control, and mobility underwater. To enrol on divemaster internship Bali, you should meet this prerequisite:

  • Minimum 18 years old in age
  • Have minimum a Rescue Diving certification
  • Have obtained all the recreational diving certifications
  • Have minimum 40 logged dives
  • Mastered the Emergency First Response (EFR) in Primary and Secondary Care. This certificate expires after 2 years.
  • Provide a medical statement which valid for maximum one year.

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What You Do during Divemaster Internship Bali

What You Do during Divemaster Internship Bali

During your internship days, you will dive almost everyday. Being an intern means you will stick close to your assigned divemaster and learn how to handle clients. This marks the shift of your dive learning journey. All this time, you were the client and all the attentions of the divemaster was focused on you. This time, however, you will learn to assist clients in their needs and take notes from how divemaster leads the dive sessions. You will be given a lot of assignments from your divemaster and asked to help handling multiple clients to help you understand the true role of divemaster. During the day, you will be learning a wealth of new knowledge about prepping wright belts, cylinder filling, and lots of the things. The instructors would be happy to share their expertise with you!

Don’t worry too much. You will be okay during the internship period. In between assisting divemaster and handling clients, you will also have ample of time to have recreational dives. it will be a lot of laughs, lots of bubbles, and whole bunch of newfound process on the internship!

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Tips for Entrepreneurs To Cope With Stress

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path to choose. It is full of responsibility especially when you are a solopreneur. When you decide to involve in entrepreneurship, it means you also have responsibilities as a leader. You have to take care of many things so everything is running smoothly. When you acquire new role, you have more burden. It also means you are more prone to stress and any fatigue both mentally and physically. It is essential to know how to cope with the stress since it can lead to more problems if you keep piling it up.

Coping with stress for entrepreneurs

Every individual may have their own way to cope with stress or fatigue due to work. When you are an entrepreneur leading and running your own business, feeling lonely and stress is bound to happen. However, every individual may experience different intensity or frequency. Regardless, it is important to not succumb to any kind of stress because it can hold you down from reaching your goal.

Tips for Entrepreneurs To Cope With Stress

Meditation and Mindfulness

One of the many things you can do to cope with stress is to practice mindfulness and meditation. Your mind is the key to almost everything related to your physic and mental. When your mind is too hectic, it is easy to get stress and distracted. You will also get less productive which can affect your business flow. Your mind holds power so when something wrong happens, it is easy for errors to happen.

Know how to respond to symptoms of stress

As an entrepreneur, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself so you will be prepared how to respond to any symptoms of stress. Practicing mindfulness and meditation doesn’t have to make you spend hours a day. It is enough for you to spare 30 minutes a day to do it. This simple practice to cope with stress can help you clear your mind. This kind of silent retreat is important to do every once in a while especially when you think you have had enough with all the stress caused by your business.

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Don’t normalize the stress

Stress is not uncommon especially for entrepreneurs. However, it doesn’t mean you can normalize it. It is something you have to cope with. When you neglect and pile up the stress, it is easier for you to get agitated, irritated, and feel lost. Those are not good if you are in a position to run a business. It is true that running a business requires you to use your logic more but emotional fatigue can be dangerous too. It is not only bad for your business but for yourself.


Self-care is important especially for entrepreneur because business world itself is full of things that trigger stress. Physical fatigue is not the only thing you have to be aware of. Your emotion needs to be stable as well so that you can more focus on things you have to do with your business. Taking care of yourself should be part of your goal too aside from reaching professional success.

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Komodo Sailing Trip Tips: Taking Care of the Environment

Nature is indeed a suitable area for refreshing your body and mind. But don’t you realize that nowadays the pollution against nature just keeps increasing, whether in the form of factory waste or just simply just a bunch of people littering. On the Komodo sailing trip, for example, the amount of tourists that irresponsibly doing this is not just a few.

Komodo Sailing Trip Tips: Taking Care of the Environment

The Toxic of Komodo Sailing Trip

Being on the Komodo sailing trip might be a great experience, but sometimes people tend to forget to take care of the nature that they admired from their journey. It’s kind of obvious that the majority of people who litter and ruin nature around Komodo are tourists. That’s why we need to reflect on our past actions and start to become more environmentalists in order to preserve the beautiful nature of Komodo and Flores. Here are some of the advice to remember.

Bring a Disposable Bag

…or any kind of bag that can be used to store your garbage temporarily, and can be easily carried around. You are responsible for the mess that you created in the boat or the island, so make sure to always keep a disposable bag to sort your garbage and keep it to throw it out later. 

If you haven’t known already, littering is the number one reason that damages the environment the most. “But just one wrapper won’t make that much difference right?” is usually what people might think of, but imagine a hundred people have the same thought. It’s going to be enough to create a mountain of garbage. 

Don’t Smoke during the Komodo Sailing Trip

Komodo Sailing Trip Tips: Taking Care of the Environment

As much as you wanted to, please don’t smoke from the start of your Komodo sailing trip until the end of it. This because not only the smoke can disturb other guests, it can also potentially harm the animals around the area. Not only that, but it can also harm yourself especially when you are packed with so many activities that require stamina.

Aside from wrappers, a cigarette is also the suspect that can be found disposed of in the wilderness. In fact, lots of them can be found sometimes. So, since we can agree that smoking can cause harm to literally everyone involved in the journey, try not to do that okay?

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Avoid Stomping on Any Plants

Did your mother ever scold you for stomping the grass or bushes on the garden when you were a kid? Well, it’s time to remember that moment and try not to do the same on the islands in Komodo. Komodo National Park is recognized by UNESCO not just because of the presence of the Komodo dragon, but also for the nature around the area. So we have a responsibility to avoid any damage that could be done to the wildlife. In that case, try to avoid wandering into the area that is forbidden by the locals. Because aside from your safety, they also tried to preserve the nature around the area. Nature is also important to keep the animals from being extinct because that is their habitat. 

Having fun on the Komodo sailing trip is great, but we have a responsibility to make sure everyone who comes after us will also have fun as well and so on. Nature is the source of our life, so it’s important to give a thought about it starting from now. Let’s make a difference!

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The Impact Of Self-Promotion To The Success Of Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship open chances to be successful for everyone regardless of gender or ages. Thus, it is not impossible to see more women success in leading their own companies in the future, it has even begun now. However, there is a bit issue on why less women are exposed to be a successful entrepreneurs even after what they have managed to earn and achieved. One of the reason is the lack of self-promotion. You might think that just because women like talking, they are more aware of self-promotion. In fact, lots of female entrepreneurs lack of self-promotion. Meanwhile, the impact of self-promotion to make them successful in  business is significant.

Why self-promotion important for women to be successful in entrepreneurship

Why self-promotion important for women to be successful in entrepreneurship

The studies found that the more successful women are, the less they likely to brag their achievements. They tended to downplay their achievement to blend in. However, self-promotion is a great weapon women can use to boost their success in running their own business. It opens more opportunities to grow bigger.

It helps you to achieve success

Some female entrepreneurs may find it to be time-consuming to just tell their achievements or accomplishments to the others. They are also most likely afraid to be considered as arrogant. Thus, many female entrepreneurs choose to downplay their strengths. However, self-promotion or bragging can help women achieve success even more. The study even showed that both women and men enjoy hearing women talk about their achievements and accomplishments. It makes people respect them even more.

The success of woman is considered special

Women success is not something but still considered as special. It is something inspirational. It is because there is still stigma or stereotypes about women in general which makes people view women as weaker creatures than men. Therefore, successful women always manage to inspire other people. Their success can inspire the others to work harder and dream more. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you start your self-promotion because downplaying your strengths or accomplishments is so detrimental.

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Promotes positive network

Why self-promotion important for women to be successful in entrepreneurship

Self-promotion is also important key for female entrepreneurs gaining success because it promotes positive network. You can brag more about your accomplishments or achievements in not an arrogant way during networking sessions. Use this opportunity as a chance to share your experience that can inspire other people who listen. Self-promotion can help boost your fellow female entrepreneurs. They will be more motivated to do as good if not better than you. Self-promotion is empowering for women because it can boost your own confidence. It makes you feel like you do something to the people around you especially fellow entrepreneurship.

Displaying how wonderful your team is

Another reason why self-promotion important for your is because you can relay how wonderful your team is. How hardworking they are to make dreams come true. Therefore, self-promotion is not only about your personal accomplishment but also the entire journey of your business, including your valuable team. It may also inspire people to develop good leadership. This kind of self-promotion will also open the gates for more opportunities to build larger networks. It is like a bonus but essential to gain more success.

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Best Surf Holidays Planning for Beginner Surfers

If you’ve been dreaming of huge rollin waves under the bright sun, you might as well have been planning to embark on surf holidays on your free days. Here’s how you should plan the surfing escapade. 

Best Surf Holidays Planning for Beginner Surfers

Find a good surf school for your surf holidays

Never think to have the surf holiday all by yourself if you haven’t learn anything about surfing. You can’t simply head to surfing beach with borrowed surf boards an expect to learn surfing by yourself.   Remember that surfing is basically an extreme sport and you need a professional help to start learning it.

Choose the right surf camp for your age

There are many surf camps all around the world to cater every age group. There are surf camps for kids, teenage party, family holiday, and solo travelling adult. If you are someone in their mid 30, you might be uncomfortable to be surrounded by noisy teens. Make sure to do research beforehand and choose the right camp for your surf holidays. 

Choose your destinations

If you are a total beginner, you don’t want to head to beaches with strong, high rolling waves. Gentle waves is a must if you just start your way in surfing. Portugal and Spain has lots of beginner-friendly waves on most of their beaches. Morocco and Maldives is perfect for someone who don’t want to travel really far but still want to have those tropical beaches, gentle waves, and plenty of sun. Bali is absolutely paradise for beginner surfers. Almost all beaches is available for beginner—yet still have their own characteristics. Other than surfing, Bali has more to offer—ride fields, beautiful beaches, volcanic mountain, and immersive culture which make it even perfect for surf holidays!

Learn the surf theory by the way

Best Surf Holidays Planning for Beginner Surfers

Before you go, take some time to learn the surf theory. This way, you will have basic ideas on about surfing—its techniques, etiquettes, differences between surfboards, and basic knowledges about the sea. Knowing this will help you pick up the actual lessons faster. You’ll know what you are doing and what it takes to be better.

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Keep in check with your physical fitness before the surf holidays

Maintaining a fit body during the surf holidays is very important! Surfing is practically a physically challenging sport. Anybody who want to embark on the surfing vacation needs to get into shape and keep the fitness. Try to add some surf-specific workout to your routine. It will make a huge difference!

Pack light—don’t buy your surf gears just yet

Keep your belongings light. When it comes to surfing holiday, you will spend most of your time in the beach and that means a couple of swimwear, rash guards, and some t-shirts will do just fine. Travelling to sunny destination means you can bring lighter clothes and simpler skin care. Don’t get too overboard and buy your surfing gears just yet. You can buy some rash guards if you like to. Leave the surfboards, fins, and everything else to the surf camp. They will provide the gears to rent—if not included on their surf lessons package.

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