Beautiful Places for vacation in Germany

Germany is a great travel destination in Europe. Besides, it’s been the center of world history. There are many spots with historical story you can visit. You can also find the remnants of World War II as well as Cold War. There’s a lot of interesting sites to explore during your travel in Germany. You can go for solo travel or bring your travel buddies along with you to make it more fun. Sure, Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Germany since it is the capital and all. However, there are also other beautiful cities just as beautiful if not more to explore.

Recommended spots to visit in Germany

It is highly recommended to visit various cities other than Berlin since there are so many of interesting sites you can explore including rich forests, magnificent mountains, opulent palaces, as well as picturesque villages. Here are recommended places to visit in Germany:

Lichteinstein Castle is a great spot to visit it is huddled in the Swabian Jura mountain range. Aside from its stunning architecture, you can also enjoy the amazing scenery framed the castle itself. Another best thing is the position of the castle where it sits on a steep escarpment. 

Wiblingen Abbey Library is a perfect to visit for literature lovers. There’s so many interesting points owned by this place especially the architectural aspects. There are ceiling paintings by Franz Martin Kuhn. There are also intricate gold-trimmed pillars. The library is designed in Rococo style. It is a stunning library with the most beautiful design in the world. 

lichtenstein castle travel germany

Balutopf is one of the most valuable treasures in Germany. It is a spring with jewel-toned color situated in the city of Blaubeuren. The pool is beautiful with bright blue water filling it. It is about 21 meters deep. The view is stunning that you will forget how long you have stayed. The surrounding is just as amazing. 

Altensteig is a village located near the Black Forest. This village has medieval architecture. Timber houses are filled the village. When you enter this village, it will feel like you are in different universe during the Middle Ages. 

Atta Cave is a great spot for adventurous travelers. It runs about 500 meters deep. This dripstone cave is considered the largest in Germany. This is where you can find the limestone in beautiful formations. It was actually found accidentally back then in 1907. Each year, this amazing cave attract local and foreign visitors. 

Harz National Park is also highly recommended spot when you visit Germany. The beautiful forest in the soft-blue mountain is so impressive in the eyes. This is where you will find diverse nature at its finest. The national park stretches out Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. You can go hiking or mountain biking if you feel fit enough to do so.

Bastei is a stunning rock formation which juts out 194 meter above the Elbe River. The panoramic views truly great for photography enthusiasts even though the picture can’t do justice to how beautiful this place truly is. 

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Traditional Japanese Food Catering for Special Occasions

Japanese food catering has increasingly gained more popularity and demands. While normally Japanese cuisine are not conventional food for weddings, office meetings, parties, and various other events, the choice actually gives your events a dash of uniqueness.

Traditional Japanese wedding dishes

Wedding is among one of the most important events in the Japanese culture. Japanese people spend a lot on clothes, venues, and every little detail that makes a wedding, and food is definitely among those high up in the list. What are some of the most well-known food that you can request from your Japanese food catering service?

Red bean rice for Japanese special occasions

For the Japanese people, Sekihan (red rice) is synonymous for special and celebratory occasions. It’s without a doubt that Sekihan is included as one of the Japanese wedding food widely consumed during and after the celebrations today.

sekihan japanese red rice for celebratory events

The red rice symbolizes good luck. The name is also a monophonic for celebration, aside from the  symbolization of the color of red in Japan, synonymous with happiness. Regardless of the style of the wedding you’re having, you can join in the merriment by incorporating the dish into your overall catering menu. Ask your Japanese food catering to provide you with red bean rice (instead of the usual white rice) for a fresh choice of delicacies and surprising your guests.

The classic favorites of sushi and sashimi catering

Sushi and sashimi are often present in all kinds of events and celebrations. A large number of caterers, although not Japanese-specialized, have been providing the menu for various events. While choosing this dish for your event catering, make sure that you know your caterers are experienced in serving them.

sushi sashimi catering in bali for events

Both sashimi and sushi are best eaten when fresh. So the serving timing, storage, and the presentation must ensure that the dishes are enjoyed by your guests in the freshest way possible. Hire an experienced sushi private catering to ensure that your events go well.

Kazunoko: the iconic Japanese wedding food

Kazunoko is also considered a popular traditional Japanese New Year food, however, its appearance on Japanese weddings is an important one. Kazunoko is a dish made of  herring roe and the connection to Japanese culture symbolizes fertility and prosperous family. The kazunoko is often made into sushi or enjoyed by its own, dipped into shoyu (salty soy sauce). It’s a delicacy that has a unique texture.

kazunoko japanese food catering for wedding

The soy sauce used for kazunoko is the Usukuchi shoyu and known to be saltier than the Koikuchi shoyu. The choice of soy sauce is influenced by the beautiful golden color of the kazunoko, as Usukuchi shoyu is lighter in color. While food has become more and more flexible in various ceremonies, a traditional Shinto Japanese wedding just doesn’t seem complete without the appearance of this dish.

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Yakitori catering: bring on the fun vibes

Yakitori is a dish that would add colors of fun and relaxed vibes to your events. It’s a charcoal-grilled dish made of chicken cut into bite-sized pieces. This food is a popular type of street food sold all year long. While the Japanese custom doesn’t look up to eating while standing, it doesn’t mean your event should discourage it as well.

yakitori grill japanese street food

If you’re holding a party, office meetings, weddings, or other celebrations in the Paradise Island and would love to add a dash of colors to your events, consider Japanese catering Bali and consult with them what kind of Japanese dishes suit your event and budget.

Hiring a catering service to provide yakitori can provide your guests a fun way to engage. The dish is easy to take anywhere. Guests can enjoy their food while conversing with each other. Choose flexible Japanese catering packages that allows you to have various dishes. Look for references in Japanese food for festivals that can give you some ideas.

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Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Business and technology is related to one another. Business can grow bigger by using the right technology. Therefore, running a business today won’t do if you don’t take advantage of technology. There are various forms of technology you can use to improve your business. It affects your business significantly in management, communication, production, as well as customer service. Business can maintain its flow if customers are happy and satisfied. Thus, customer service always plays important role in business in which technology can help to improve it.

How technology can improve customer service

You must realize that technology evolves so fast. People are required to adopt faster to these technologies. The thing is, you can take advantage of this. You can use the rapid speed of technology as a bridge to build connection with your customers. Engaging with your customers using technology will help you to dig more information you need to improve your business. Here is how technology can improve customer service.

Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Inform Customers Offers and Deals

Technology can be used to inform your customers about offers and deals. It is common for customers to wish for lower price of a product or service they need. They are always eager to get the best deals where they can purchase something cheap with good quality. You can seize this opportunity to attract more customers by building electronic HTML emails. Thus, you can notify your customers whenever there is new offer, deal, or discount. This way, your customers will feel cared for as well. This is one of the most effective ways to value your customers.

Collect Data Through Surveys

You can conduct a survey to collect important data and information about your customers. This way, you will know exactly what your customers really want and need. Your business can grow bigger not only by delivering the best products or services but by understanding what your customer truly need. This is how you can help your customers solving their problems effectively. Using data and information collected from survey, you can fulfill the expectation of your customer because you know what to do.

Immediate Response to Customers

Technology is crucial in business because you can use it to respond to your customers immediately. You see, customers will feel neglected when they asking question or stating their problems with your products or service. You need to respond to them regardless of the feedback being negative or positive. Using technology, you can build a well-organized customer support team that can tend to your customer immediately. It is important for you to be available at any times when your customers need your support.

Getting More Visibility

Technology can help your business to be known easily. Your customers can easily locate you via website so they know where to go when they need your support. In addition, technology can help improving the payment of products and services. Make sure that you create easy way for your customers to make an order, payment, etc. you can also create various options for your customers to pay the products or services they purchase from you. This way, they have good experience in making transaction with you.


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Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

The human skin is a blank canvas and Bali tattoo studio is one of the best place to transform it into a great piece of art. Not only Bali is great for summer vacation, it’s also famous for large community of tattoo artists that has been producing lots of praised works. Getting a tattoo in Bali is essentially the same with anywhere else in the world. However, something about ‘holiday vibes’ prompt us to get our skin inked—even if you never do tattoos before. If this is your first time getting tattoo, here’s the steps of getting a tattoo done in Bali. Right from initial preparations up to the finishing process.

Make the Deals with Bali Tattoo Studio

Let’s assume you have done the research and get the tattoo studio of your choice. The very first process you need to get done is making the deals with the tattoo studio. Make sure they have a tattoo artist Bali that specialise in style of tattoo that you are about to get and make the appointment. Settle a price deal with the tattoo parlour before getting into the next process.

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Planning the Designs

After all negotiation settled and question answered, it’s time to get into detailed tattoo designing with your tattoo artist. It’s important to communicate what you want; little details of the tattoo, tailoring the design to your skin and personality, what colours to pick, and whether you want to connect the new tattoo to the previous design. There’s so much things to talk about!

 Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

All the Paperworks

Now, every initial preparations are done and it’s time to get in the paperworks. Your Bali tattoo studio will require you to show a valid identification card and fill some forms. They cannot ink someone underage! They might ask for your Bali address, where you stay, and your phone numbers. After all the paperworks is done, you will make the payment. Don’t try to bargain again or you will be kicked out from the studio!

Skin Prep

It’s time to sit in the chair of honor in studio tattoo Bali and prepare the skin where the tattoo will be applied. First, they will clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Then, they will shave the skin to remove any hairs on the area. This is important, because even the finest of hair could disturb the inking process and may cause skin problems. 

Stencils on Bali Tattoo Studio

This is the secret of a good tattoo. The stencil process! Once your design is fixed, the tattoo artist will make a sketch of your tattoo design, then insert it into the tattoo machine. The machine will print it in a thermal paper, which will be pasted unto your skin. The artist moisten your skin with soap, water, or even stick deodorant before pasting the thermal paper. When the paper is pulled away, you will see purplish blue lines stick on your skin.

Getting the Tattoo

All the preparation is complete and it’s time to get into the real work! You will be seeing your tattoo artist preparing the inks and tattoo machine in Bali tattoo studio. They will work with cleaning the machines, preparing the inks, and start the line works. The next work is adding colour and shading, where your tattoo artist could get creative! Depend on the scale of your tattoo, the work could be done just in few hours or you might be required to come back to the tattoo parlour for several times to finish the tattoo.

The Aftercare

Now, your tattoo is ready and your tattoo artist will put a protective layer to your tattoo! Just consider it as an open wound—it needs to be keep sterile to avoid bacteria infections and other complications. Don’t open this bandage until the amount of time that’s you’ve told. Also, don’t forget to apply aftercare to your tattoo as the tattoo artist instructed you.

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Tips for First Business Trip Experience

Being assigned business trip for the time must be exciting and nerve-wrecking. It is not a simple vacation you always do after all. There are many things you need to handle and accomplished. Booking ticket plane, completing the reports, and other tasks can be daunting somehow no matter how often you go travel for fun because it is different from business trip.

Business travel is important since it will show how your dedication toward your job and responsibility. Usually, evert company has their own rule when assigning their employee a business trip. So, you should follow the rules but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too.

Useful tips for first business trip experience

Business trip can be intimidating because of the responsibilities you carry along the way. You are supposed to complete your task while being away from your office and supervisor. This will test how good you are at handling business matter. However, travelling is travelling so you should be able to enjoy it too even if the main purpose is to fulfill your professional responsibility. Here are some tips to have smooth business travel for your first time:

Tips for first business trip experience

  1. Preparation is important so you are ready with everything you are going to need during your travel. You need to book everything ahead of time so you can focus more on your work when arrive instead of wandering around to find accommodation. Company might also prepare everything ready for you so if this happens make sure you know the itinerary thoroughly so not to miss anything.
  2. Pack light so you won’t have to drag heavy luggage. If your business travel is only for two or three days max, you can simply bring carry-on bag to put every essentials you are going to need. Choose clothes in basic neutral colors so you don’t have to pack many. Don’t need to bring excessive entertainment source because you might not use it due to the work you have to fulfill.
  3. Make sure to schedule everything thoroughly and give yourself sometime to breath between meetings and appointments. Thus, you won’t overwork yourself. Give yourself sometime to breathe in fresh air or just simply enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of you.
  4. You can indulge yourself by having dinner in a fine restaurant. However, make sure to know your limit. You are not supposed to spend your whole night going out. It will take a toll on your body especially when you have plenty of work the day after. Instead of overdoing yourself, use the time you have to relax and rest.
  5. It is possible that you have partner for the business travel so you have to share the space. Instead of being awkward, make the best of it. Respect each other’s privacy and space so you will not be bothered. Having a partner for your business trip is not always bad. It might be awkward at first especially when you don’t know each other really well from the beginning. However, it will be fine if you respect each other.
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How A Surf Camp For Beginners Can Improve Your Life

There are many ways you can benefit from surfing retreats and for those who have not been got an idea how to surf as the way you have in your imagination, then you can try to be in a surf camp for beginners class.

How surf camp for the beginners is good to improve life?

You don’t have to think that you are old enough not to be called as the beginner because it is not about your own pride. Even, if you are agree to be in a surf camp, it may the best thing you have ever gave to yourself in life. And it is actually has chance to improve your life in ways you have not been thought of before.

How being on a surf camp for the beginners will truly improve your life?

Surfing have got health benefits for those who are experiencing it. That’s for sure! And when I talk about health, it is referring to both your body and mental (mind). Even, for those who need to be in shape all the time, this kind of watersport will kindly helping you in that.

And to motivate you all as the beginners to get all of the benefits, the first start to visit is a surf camp. Even, it all you need at first and see how it will be going for the other days.

A surf camp has been knowing as a place and a course to learn surfing in the world. And when you will be provided with the best or at least the certified (professional) surf instructors at the beach, you don’t have to experience the struggle of being a beginner in this field.

You can gift yourself the professional surf lessons through the professional surfers that have been making the beach and the sea as their playground for years.

Beside that, since the surf courses are for anyone, then you are not only the one who are involving in. At least, you will meet the other people when you have not demanding for the private surf course. It is a moment to know each other and it can be mean to create the new better friendship with the people who have different cultures as you are.

Beach, where most of 99% of the surf courses will be held, is the perfect meeting point for the new beginner surfers from around the globe. There may some of the surf members that entering the same class as you do and coming from the other countries. No wonder some people or surfers may are thinking that beach is the capital of foreigners in the world.

And while the surfing itself is one kind of exercising as well as the sport, don’t you think that you will not only improving your surfing school but all the people and all the benefits you get from a surf camp retreat can do really improve your life as well?

Surf camp is not requiring you to know how to swim, this is a truly welcome for the beginners

Beach is where the surf course will be started and meters from that point, you will get wet into the sea. And I am sure that most of us are thinking that know how to swim is the very basic skill you have to get since before. At first, that makes any sense.

But to be honest, I am telling you that you don’t have to know swimming first if you will be in a surf camp for beginners. I mean, that will be good if you know how, but even though you don’t have a skill for that, there have been a surf camp course that is possible for that.

For me, a surf camp for beginners meaning that it is possible for the kids as well as for the old people and the others in between. And you have known that an 8 or 9 years old kids may not knowing how to swim while the old people may need to make use of surfing to help their movement.

As the closing, I will need to tell and encourage you that no matter who you are, if you have been a dream to surf one day or if you have got a little interest about it, just give yourself a chance to signing up or registering to a surf camp for beginners as soon as possible. You will find yourself not only improving your life but it may do the same thing as well to the others.

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Managing Property Investment Risks with the Right Tools

Everything in life holds its own risk so does property investment business. Investing in property sounds simple and easy but it is not in real life.

In facts, it takes years before you can actually pay your mortgage fully then take another couple of years to be able to start growing wealth from it. However, it is also important to keep in mind that every risk has different degree and it is your job as an investor to truly evaluate and asses every possible risk that may come your way.

You need to look through the potential loss and reward of every risk so you can the right decision. Remember not to follow others in making decision because every individual has different potential, capability, financial situation, and so on.

The right tools to deal with the risks

Right tools to deal with risks

In property investment business, it is important for you to stay ahead. Being hardworking is not the only thing that can lead you to success. You need to work smart as well such in making decision about the risk whether to take it or leave it. To help you making the right decision in managing the risk, here are the right tools you need to have in you:

  1. Skills are important to have when it comes to property investing. You can’t do anything if you don’t have certain skill. However, the most important thing is to know how to use your skills to your benefit. In property investment business, people come from different discipline and background. Thus, they also come with different individual skills. The way you make decision about the risk you face during your investing can be influenced by the skill you already have. However, it is also important that the skills are not only born but also can be created. Thus, sharping your skill can be very helpful in your ability to make thorough and proper evaluation over the risks.
  2. The contacts you have in property industry is also important to help you making the right decision. You must be aware that running property investment is not something you can do alone. You need other people to help you building your property investment business without taking higher degree of the risk. However, it is also important to keep in mind that you need to rely on the right people. Building contact to your network may not give you benefit immediately but it will be very helpful in the future such as when you have difficulty in managing the risk.
  3. The expertise you have also very helpful in risk management. Your specialty in certain area of property investment will allow you to achieve higher and better than others. It is because you are better at something than the average when you are expert in particular area. It also means, you will be able to find more opportunities than others. Your expertise will allow you to know many things the other don’t such as the right timing, the possible change, and other things so you can take better decision and minimise the risk.
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Interesting Way to Learn About Surfing in Morocco for Travellers

We do believe that in many things you are interested in, there are always some ways to learn something. So does in learning about surfing itself, we surely have some ways we can do whether we are going to do it alone or with somebody. If you are the Moroccan or simply just the regular travellers from somewhere and happen to know how to start riding the waves in Morocco, I’ve got a way that you may have not been thinking before.

First, surfing itself seems to be an easy sport. You may have been planning to buy your own surfboard and trying it yourself. I mean, all seems that you haven’t something to lose, right? So, just grab the board and see how easy it is for you.

Interesting way to learn about surfing in Morocco

The results? Mostly as I have been thought, you can’t really do surfing. Balancing your body on board? You are slippery all the times! Jump high of the waves? You don’t even know that your foots weren’t on the surfboard anymore! So, now you are being cheated by your own expectations?

I won’t say that surfing is a hard to learn sport but to be honest, it doesn’t as easy as it seems. So, you need to know (at least) another one way to do it. If you have no friends that can teach you how to surf and you think that doing it alone can also be troublesome, then what you will need is the surf camp vacation in Morocco!

Why not hiring the freelance surf coach than a surf camp in Morocco?

I don’t know how much the hourly rate you will be pay if you are looking for the freelance surf coach, but I think that will be an expensive ones ever since you will not only need the coach for some hours but could be days. So, instead of hiring the freelance coach, it is better if you are getting into a surf camp in Morocco.

Mostly, a surf camp will be in a course form. There will be the surf coach/instructor for you and the rest of the class. Class will contains 5 or more people that mostly won’t up to 10 persons and I think that will still be the comfortable class and you can have fun with the others as well. Even, it can be where you are making a good friends while spending your vacation in Morocco.

Surf camp Morocco will also be the place where you can meet and guided by the professional and certified surf instructors. They have been training for years and even keep on surfing until today. You may are lucky in meeting with someone that have been in a world wide surf competition before or have been trained a surf athlete. You are really in a good hand.

Having fun, friendship and learn how to surf, those will be most of the things you can do while experiencing a surf camp in a warm of Northern African country, Morocco. Don’t get it wrong, even though the country is the deserted one, doesn’t mean that beaches are rare to find. In Morocco, shorelines are closer and you can even surf at a place where the desert, ocean, and lagoon are met.

Anyway, spending vacation on Morocco can also be interesting since the country may seems as the Arabian country, but it is actually not. Both countries have different languages and cultures, so it can be the unique experience as well.

So far, I think that a surf camp in Morocco will be the best choice you can have. Moreover, it won’t also teach and show you how to surf but a warm friendship and more fun in a vacation can be the things you won’t forget for a lifetime.

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Things to Learn during Your Journey of Property Investing

Life is not always about achieving thing but also about learning. As long as you live, you will always have chance to learn something new. This also happens when you are involved in property investing. Running business is like having another dimension of life but instead of making you feel left out or different, it can make you become a better person and reach your goals.

Making mistakes during your journey in investing is inevitable because you are human after all. However, mistakes can be the most valuable lessons in your life. Therefore, never beat yourself too hard when you make mistake but learn something from it.

What you can learn from property investing

Property investing involves various people, actions, as well as circumstances. It is not surprising if you manage to find something new from every interaction you make with your business partner. You will also face different circumstance throughout your journey in property investing. Those will teach you how to handle things better in the future.

Involved in property investing allows you to learn how to build your patience and town down your ego. You see, there will be lots of different people you face with throughout your career. Not all of them give the best impression. You may need to face people with bad temper sometimes. Thus, this is your chance to learn how to build your patience and not to get carried away by stressful circumstances.

Things to learn when you have a journey on property investing

In negotiation for example, things may not go as you wanted. However, you need to remember that there will always be another opportunity. Not jumping blindly to opportunity is also important.

Property investing also teaches you how to understand others instead of just listening. It is also common to want to be heard instead of listen to them. There is nothing wrong with telling what you want especially during negotiation. However, business needs to way communication. You can’t just listen or speak. You need to listen tentatively to others to really understand what they want so you can also think of better solution. You also need to speak clearly to let the others understand what you want. This way, you can make the best deal for your business.

Involved in property investment also teaches you hot synergize with others. You see, aside from competition, cooperation is also important in business. When you keep on your competitive side, your choice of solution will be limited. Meanwhile, wider options will appear when you also include your cooperative side. Interacting with others to communicate effectively and reach the best solution means you need good synergy.

There are things you cannot control such as the flow of property market, the value, etc. however, there are things you can control. They are your mind, body, and spirit. Don’t hesitate to improve yourself in every aspect in you. Educating yourself and sharpening your skills will be very impactful to the future of your property business. Remember that property is not the only asset you have. You yourself is precious asset you need to maintain and improve from time to time.

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How Powerful the Social Media Contents to Market Your Business

There are many social media enthusiasts, online content creators, bloggers, affiliate marketers and even the businessmen themselves especially they who are engaging in digital marketing world have been publishing about how important and powerful the social media contents are for introducing and then improving the business.

Social media platforms that were the places to get connected with the long-distanced friends and family have been transforming where now you can even find many marketplaces and business pages easily.

Social media contents to market your business

Social media platforms may not a great match thing on internet world for business. But as you have realized, world is changing. All I wanna say is that many users are active on their feeds to update their friends and family news. They can be need to search for the viral news as well or something that can lives up their day such as the funny memes, hilarious updates and more.

But no matter how the social media users are avoiding themselves not to buy things on social media, they keep on targeted as the prospective market for many of the businesses in the world especially the online shops with their own sites.

Social media users are targeted to visit the site and buy things over there through the viral social media business profile update or the social media ads platforms.

Content is king even for social media platforms

Earlier before, years ago, I was introduced by the term of “content is the king” that actually many bloggers are keep on believing it until today. And to be honest, that’s the true that can also be applied on social media.

If you are building an online business to market it digitally, you will need to make sue of the social media platforms the right ways. And in term of the usage of contents, there are more things you have to plan and schedule.

One of the reasons why people are following the business page or profiles on social media is because of the valuable contents. They can be the emotional video sharing whether or not it is related to the business itself, the funny quotes, the great copywriting or caption of image-base contents and many more.

But they will not all of what you have to prepared and posted for later. You should have to prepare the  content timeline as well so you will know when to look for ideas, preparing the content, posting them in recommended times, and doing it over and over again.

The often you are posting the contents that are also included with your business commercial updates, the better so your followers will keep on getting information from your business profiles. And that will really take times and efforts or even your money.

So that, you may need a new small team for that if you can afford one for the next months or a year. You have also an option to hire the social media management Bali that will help you monitoring the engagements and create the winning ads through social media platforms. Surely that contents can also be included as well as increasing the business page followers as well and so on.

Building a team for your business social media activities can be hard even for long lasting businesses. And if you just started the new one, I think it is better that all of the contents and ads of social media platforms are handled by the professional and experienced ones.

It is important as the content management itself is part of how you are dealing with digital marketing and it is so much related on how the content marketing is working. This can also be your recent and future business strategy as well in getting the benefit of the social media platforms through valuable content creations and management.

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