Real Estate at a Glance: Should You Invest in REITs?

The question on whether one should invest on REITs or not is highly subjective. The decision mainly depends on each individual’s aims in the investment, and to a large extent, how much effort they’d like to put into the investment.

Invest in REITs

Some people don’t consider REITs as a “real estate investment” in a practical, business mindset. For a lot of them, they find directly purchasing and directly getting involved in the properties and the issues it’s involved is what real estate business is all about.

Then again, for people who want to test the waters or for those who’s just getting started on investing, REITs are appealing and could be a viable start to investing.

Why are REITs attractive?

REITs are required to pay at the very least 90% of the taxable income to their shareholders in the form of dividends. The high dividend payouts attract a massive public interest, especially when compared to the stock market.

REITs may also save you time and energy compared to directly buying properties, and the existence of REITs cuts the barrier low when it comes to starting out in real estate investment.

How much does REITs pay?

In general, REITs pay approximately 7% – 15% back to the investors. Compared to the stock market, the percentage share is considerably higher.

Some REITs pay on a quarterly basis, some pay their shareholders monthly. People may see the return of their investment pretty quickly.

However, just as giving your money to a company and generally letting them do all the work, investing in REITs is generally much less profitable compared to owning your own properties and managing them yourself.

Make sure to be informed about the fees associated with everything regarding your investment.

Fees, institutionalized.
Generally less profitable.

Inform yourself of the company’s history in payouts

Find out their compensation structure, what type of REITs they’re investing in, as well as their track record or the history of the payout itself.

Whether it’s residential, retail, office REITs, healthcare, or other types of REITs, do your homework and research. Find out about their management as well, as the managing team is everything in the success of REITs investment.

You can start low

REITs is created to be as accessible as possible to the average Americans when it was established by Congress in 1960. People who’d like to try investing in real estate may start in REITs to test the waters.

Some companies have a very accessible minimum limit of $2,000 to $4,000. Compared to outright buying your very own property, REITs allow you to start investing in real estates with what funds you have.

Your investment would also be in a form of liquid, and it’s generally easier to sell a share as opposed to selling a property in case you change your mind.

Less effort on your part

Investing in REITs meant you trust a company to do the work for you as opposed to doing the purchasing of properties, the management, the marketing, and everything else to the REITs.

It takes out a lot of responsibilities and work you’d have to undergo such as property maintenance, property improvements, management, and the likes.

Investing in REITs may not be for people who are serious about wanting to do real estate business. Those looking to do full-time doing real estate may not learn much from investing in REITs. However, for those who’d like to test the waters in the real estate industry or those who’d like to start small, REITs may be a pretty viable option for you.

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Bali Photo Booth Rental for Lasting Tropical Memories

Bali is one of the best tropical island at tropical country in the world that is attracting many people from around the globe. During their visit at there, one of the best thing so they can experience the most of the traveling is capturing the moments that have shared with friends, family or the most special one. This is also just a reason why there are many of the photo booth rental in Bali that are sprung up.

Photo booth rental Bali for lasting tropical memories

I realized that you may have brought the high-end camera in your backpack for taking images, but you may are limited with all the tools, equipments and maybe concept that you can’t bring them altogether because of the weight, plane baggage fees, ca be troublesome or broken, etc.

It’s not just only about the special occasion like wedding or the others for finding the photo booth rental Bali. Not only for showing off your journey, but freezing the tropical moment theme in Bali may be the rare beautiful experience where you can only finds it in Bali and not in anywhere else.

If you have found where the photo booth bali rental you need, it will proves you useful and unique in various ways. And apparently many have also have proven that by using it for celebrating birthdays, beach club parties, pre-wedding, and even for business’ launching.

Another alternative way when you won’t rent a Bali photo booth for special moment is using it for business. That’s absolutely for sure, you can do it!

No more debating about the better images and concepts for getting your business’ success. You can always sees the photo booth as something unique to try for your products or services. But I may won’t talk much about it for now, so let’s get back to possible tropical moment you can enjoy with your partner.

If you are hiring the photographer for your special event, I am afraid that you will find one that got certain restrictions that have became the guide of photographing people. For example, they who aren’t care about shooting in natural hidden shots. And you won’t complain about that for later right?

But since you are possible to get the Bali’s photo booth rental in handy and cheap, along with the unique concepts and photographer if you need, you are possible to get the lasting pictures that will memorized and will beautifully stay in your photo album for years.

You can also determine where to bring the photo booth you have rent, and you won’t believe of how many tropical atmosphere you can easily find at Bali in variety corner of the cities, villages or tourism destinations.

You’ve found out that many of us are seeing the tropical atmosphere to represent the warmth and Bali will completed it to its perfection. With the best photo booth rental Bali, you can frequently enjoy the moments before your eyes.

I have been invited to many wedding ceremonies and parties before, and their photographers were taking images often in almost the same pose. I know the duration for that moment is too short, that is also why for many other events, renting a photo booth can be your choice for getting variety of poses, photo angles, and unique surrounding and backdrops for your guests.

If you are now in the middle of planning your special moment, be sure to makes the photo booth rental Bali as in your bucket list event for the lasting tropical memories. Share this idea!

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Market Condition in Real Estate: Hot and Cold Market

People who are not in the real estate business sometimes overlook the state of the market when they decide to sell their properties. Whether one is selling their house or looking to refinance their mortgage, having the knowledge of the housing market during the time one decide to sell is essential.

Hot and cold market condition for real estate business

Although home sellers have gained the information of the value of their property through appraisals, in many cases, the prices may not reflect the current market “temperature”.

Knowing how the market is faring won’t just help sell your house faster, if the timing of the market is right, sellers may close the deal higher than their asking price. The opposite applies.

What does “hot market” mean?

The temperature of the market is referred to as “hot” according to several factors, generally indicates a big demand of housing. Hot market is also known as “seller’s market”. Some of the basic defining notions of a seller’s market are as follows:

Inventory is low compared to previous months or years

Inventory is considered “low” when there are a significantly higher numbers in demands compared to the number of houses available in the market, resulting in a high number of closed sales.

The real estate market in a certain or in multiple areas is considered hot when there are higher demands compared to inventory compared to 3 to 6 months, or years past.

More demand than inventory

Although inventory remains high, demands or offers may start to come in and more houses in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) start to go into “pending” status.

In a hot market, buyers are sometimes willing to accept flaws in the house. Affixed fixtures to the house such as minor leaky roofs or faulty faucets may be overlooked during the time where houses are high in demand.

Because of this, sellers are often able to sell a house “as it is” without making improvements to the house.

Increase in median sale prices

Listings in MLS are closed quicker compared to the average time during the previous 3 to 6 months, or years. Homes sell faster, and often, the number of DOM (Days on Market) for listings are fewer.

What does “cold market” mean?

Cold market is the opposite of hot market or seller’s market, whereas there are more houses to sell compared to the demand of houses. This is also referred to as “buyer’s market”.

During the time when the real estate market is cold, it’s obviously an advantageous time for people to buy a property.

Inventory is high

During buyer’s market, inventory is higher compared to the previous 3 to 6 months or years. Listings typically have longer active periods. Several listings may have already expired and therefore it may take some research to know whether one or several listings have been withdrawn or expired before they are put again on the market.

Fewer buyers are purchasing

Pending statuses may get cancelled out, or a listing may go into the pending status longer.

There are typically fewer buyers compared to the number of house available for sale, resulting in more options for home buyers. Sometimes, an indication of a cold market is that real estate ads can be seen everywhere.

Median sale prices are declining

Buyers have the privilege to chose during the time the market is cold, therefore, this results in a decrease in price because there are more competition than demands. Deals are often closed on a lower price compared to the listing’s asking price.

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The Lightweight Hammock Camping Is Really a Women-Friendly Thing

Both teenage girls and adult women will usually carry many things related to their needs during the trip. They can be many things that you will never thought before. But, when it comes to travel for camping, the lightweight hammock seems to be the best option they could get.

The lightweight hammock camping is women friendly

It will really women-friendly especially related to the weight that they should be carried. I am not intending to underestimate them, but I am pretty sure that many of the women won’t carry too much in their bag because of its weight. Yet, many of them are still bringing their own make-up accessories.

I am sorry for telling you this, but the ability of carrying heavy loads is still surpassed by men.

That is why, the lightweight hammock camping is not only women-friendly, but also a perfect choice for women who want to camping or providing their own “sleeping room” while traveling.

Another interesting thing about why we also love the lightweight hammock is, it encourages us, men and women, to not only simply for camping, but be brave for getting at outside. It can be our own perfect getaway for some cases.

For most of us, confining ourselves at home is not an option to enjoy life. You need to be somewhere else. To be at a new place that is fresh and soothes you. And I believe that those can be started with the lightweight hammock camping.

The more lighter of the hammock, the better.

Even though a hammock isn’t perfect, it’s worth saying that there will be a lot of luxurious that we get when using it as our hanging bed.

Most of the hammocks, for example the single and the double parachute hammock’s size, each of their weighs will only for around hundreds of grams. I have never found that it will reaches one kilogram, but usually around maybe 400 gr to 800 gr. Surely it will only for the parachute hammock and its 2 hooks.

And I think that it is pretty light even for the women, you may agree with me in this, don’t you?

I have never imagined before that there will one of the traveling tool that we have known have more of advantages and its genius developers were also thinking about the various aspects of human weakness, especially to reduce the weight of our trip. Isn’t it the thing we should be grateful for?

Now, if you are a woman or the nerd teenagers, most of us are deserved to experience the great adventures we have been dreaming of. It all will start with only the decision of getting our own lightweight hammock camping at the nearest available shops or directly through its manufacturer official site.

I hope someone will bring you the lightweight hammock as a gift someday for your camping, that will really the nice one. But if you have waited too long and seems not to be coming true, you’d better calculate your savings as quickly as possible.

The hammock’s price may not as expensive as you imagined, anyway! You can easily found it under $100. Happy shopping, gals!

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate Crowdfunding

Investing your money in real estate can be a great way to gain long-term source of income. Most investors choose to private real estate. However, real estate crowdfunding now has become a new path chosen by investors. Before going far to the benefits of this kind of investment, it is better to build knowledge and understanding about this first. Real estate business is not something to be taken lightly because it involves much money, energy and time to start with. Thus, finding important points in this crowdfunding for real estate is the right step before you further to the next stages.

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Crowdfunding


All about real estate crowdfunding

Before going to dig in about the role of crowdfunding in real estate investment, it is better to understand first about crowdfunding. Shortly, crowdfunding is a new and exciting way to raise capital that lots of investors now has taken interest to. These days, many business owners use this method as the way to raise their money. However, instead of asking one investor for huge investment, they reach out to large pool of investors who contribute in small amount of money. You may look this method as usual way in raising money from the crowd. However, crowdfunding has its difference from traditional method because crowdfunding use online platform for the process of gathering the investment. The benefit of this method of investing for investors is the available option of choosing investment route. Basically, there are two options which are equity investment and debt investing.

First Option

The first option is what most real estate crowdfunding investors choose due to its higher return compare to what the second option provides. Using equity investment route means you are effectively becoming shareholder. The benefits are lower fees where you can pay an annual fee. There is also tax benefit you can gain by choosing this option in which you can deduct expenses from annual tax. In addition, being a shareholder means you gain another benefit which is unlimited returns. However, there is also contradiction of this option, which is a longer hold period. It can last for 5 to 10 years.

Second Option

The second option is debt investing. In this method, you are practically a lender to the property owner. You will only receive fixed return based on interest rate of the owner’s mortgage loan. You can only gain the return based on the amount of money you have invested in. In short, your return is limited unlike what equity investment can provide. There are also benefits from choosing this option though such as steady return. You will receive steady income since your investment is structured. The risk is also lower when you invest this way since you are not the one who secure the mortgage loan but the property owner. Hold time for this investment is also shorter compared to equity investment. It generally last from 6 to 24 months. Before investing your money for real estate crowdfunding, make sure you choose trusted platform. It is safe to choose reliable and common crowdfunding platform to avoid shaddy business.  


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A Girls’ Guide for Fun and Safe Trip to Komodo

Real life dragons and Jurassic-like landscape is enough reason for a week full of trip to Komodo island, Indonesia. With it’s jagged landscape rising steeply from the deep turquoise ocean, Komodo National Park successfully lure innocent travelers into its wilderness magic. But what’s is this raw terrain for solo female traveler? Can you safely explore the lair of Komodo alone and come back in one piece?

A Girls’ Guide for Fun and Safe Trip to Komodo
Pictures by Hello Flores

What Girls Need to Do for A Safe Trip to Komodo

A trip to Komodo and venturing to the wilderness seems like a dangerous dream for many female travelers. In a quite isolated location, this frontier indeed looks quite intimidating—even to the seasoned one. Worry not, we got you covered.

Book A Safe and Decent Tour

The first thing you need to do when you are planning a trip to Komodo is ensuring the safety of your journey. There are a lot of sketchy tour providers out there and you need to be really selective. Find a comfortable tour boat with flexible itinerary to soften the rough trip to Komodo. Have a small talk with the owner and make sure they really give you what they are selling. 

No Trip on Bloody Days

Absolutely match your Komodo trip to your period calendars. It’s a small thing that proven to be very essential for any women who travel to Komodo Island. Calculate your days or don’t visit the dragons at all. These scaly beasts are extremely talented for picking up their food. They love to use their long, forked tongue to feel scents of particles in the air from up to 8 km away. And they definitely love the smell of blood. So girls, don’t risk your blood-infused ahem, panties, for a deadly encounter with the dragons. Or if you happen to get your period on the journey, approach your guide and launch the awkward talk. They will give extra caution to you from the dragons.

Always Use Sun Protection: Sunscreen & Covers

I gotta remind you that Flores is a very hot, hot island. This eastern part of Indonesia grows mainly dry savannah on its land, providing minimum to zero shadow under the scorching sun. Always remember to pack your sun protection and wear extra layers of covers wherever you go. You don’t want to come back from the beautiful journey with heavy sunburn.

If Possible, Book Ensuite Cabin

Flores is generally embrace any kind of travelers into its warm welcome. Though it’s generally safe for woman to travel around, we advise you to take extra precaution on board. Especially when you are travelling alone. If possible, book an ensuite cabin in your liveaboard for extra safety and privacy. You can change clothes, take a bath, and sleep in a much more secure setting. Unless you are willing to share a room with random guys in your 5D4N trip to Komodo. 

Where in Flores, Wear Modest Outfits

You might be free to wear the skimpiest bikinis in the liveaboard or the empty beaches. You need, however, change back into modesty when you reach the main island. Just like any other part of Indonesia, Flores is still very religious. The port town, Labuan Bajo, is home to the largest moslem community in the island, while the rest of others are devout Catholics. Whenever you venture on the city, avoid the skin-showing outfits and adapt to more conservative clothing. It’s especially important if you are planning to visit religious sites or cultural village with ancient tradition, such as Bena or Wae Rebo village.

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Understanding Benefits of Partnership in Real Estate Business

Being independent is not a bad thing in running a business. However, it will be better when you can find the right partner in real estate investing. There are benefits of partnership in real estate business you might not know.

Benefits of partnership in real estate business

Either you start your real estate business or try to grow and expand it, having suitable partner is indeed beneficial. There are many situations when you think that partnership is needed.

For example, you will need partnership once you find that your financial resource needs to be doubled up.

You will also find it important to get a partner when you have weak point in running your business and need another strength which can only be provided by someone else.

Benefits of partnership in real estate business you should consider

There are many reasons why you need partner. However, each reason aims to boost up your business instead of bringing them down. Finding perfect partner is not easy.

However, it will be easier to do if you have known what exactly you need from your partner. Thus, your objective will lead you to find the right partner.

Here are benefits of partnership you need to know so you can boost up your real estate business better:

  • The first benefit you will find once you find the right partner is to complement your existing qualities. Everyone has weak and strong points.You must also have weak point and that is why you need to find a partner who can cover your weakness with their strength and vice versa.

    Therefore, you have no hole in your business and instead open more opportunities to make it bigger and stronger.

  • Your financial resource will be doubled up once you create promising and solid partnership. Thus, you can finance even more deals in the future.You will also be able to expand your network link. If you have a partner who has wide connection and network, you have more chance to bring more money to your table.
  • Network is important element to build real estate business. Therefore, having a partner means your connection will be twice much.The opportunity is even larger so you can spread your wings within larger community.
  • By having the right partner in building your real estate business, you will have another set of eyes. You will be able to have second opinion so you can minimize making unnecessary mistakes.It is difficult to find your own mistake. In contrast, it is easier to critic others. Thus, having partner means you can see a situation from another perspective.
  • One of the most important benefits of partnership is to share burden and responsibilities so everything will be much easier and lighter.You will have more ideas to find, share, discuss, and execute to gain more success since you have another brain. Sometimes, it is easier to get stuck in certain point.

    Thus, all you need is another shoulder to carry the burden so you can find fresh ideas.

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Finest Travel With the Portable Parachute Hammock

There are many items to be brought in your packing lists while traveling, and make sure that the primary one is the portable parachute hammock. For your ultimate and finest travel stories and experiences, you will really need it.

This item won’t be the same as the others since it will really give contributions for the way how you will enjoy your vacation.

Even, the portable parachute hammock itself doesn’t always to be put inside your bag. This is because it has its own container that can even used as the pillow when you were folding the hammock. You’ll save more space in your backpack.

How portable parachute hammock can gives you the finest travel ever?

The portable parachute hammock is just like your own bed or even room that can be takes to any places you want.

Finest travel with the portable parachute hammock

So, it will also right if you are considering the parachute hammock as your own accommodation because you can always “stays” inside it. And, you can live in it for days and even weeks or more.

No more hassles in providing your own accommodation even though it mostly will only be your alternative, not your main choice.

Still, the portable parachute hammock can be the first item that will make your travel experience be the best one.

Not only because it is so lightweight and portable, but hanging the parachute hammock between the poles or the tress can give you the different and unique point of view.

You’ll see the the scene and panorama differently. It may only a meter or more above the ground, but it will really has chances for opening your mind for everything new.

Sleeping in a hammock while traveling can also help you taking a rest for awhile before continue your journey. Many travelers are also walking to the interesting destination. And if that will takes hours, then you will need a shelter for at least getting a fast nap.

When you reach the destination, you may also do some energy-consuming activities. Setup your portable parachute hammock before and when you will be exhausted, feel free to take a rest in it.

If you are bringing the parachute hammock to your travel destination, you are also possible for spending more hours or times at there.

No need to rush for getting back to your hotel, you have your own portable room at the moment. So, you will not only taking some selfie pictures at the destination, but will really enjoying it the whole day or night.

One of the best way to enjoy the vacation is to invest more of your times at the spot destination. You can then start exploring the area, finding the best spot to enjoy the view, etc.

And later, that can be the finest travel you have ever experienced in your life just by taking the portable parachute hammock.

By saying like that, I don’t think it’s excessive. Even, that will be the true without need to be made it up.

The parachute hammock is not obligated to be bought and carried anywhere, but when you are in traveling, you can get the best and experience the finest one that you have never imagined before.

Instead of buying the travel items that sometimes are not useful at all, why not investing your time and money in portable hammock that obviously contributing in pleasing yourself.

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How to Find Suitable Partner to Run Your Real Estate Business

There is no such thing like perfect person. Thus, it will be impossible to find perfect partner in business. Instead of searching perfect partner, it is more recommended to find suitable partner to run your real estate business. Suitable partner means you will be able to complete each other. Every person has weak and strong points. Thus, finding suitable partner will allow you to complete your partner’s weakness with your strong point and vice versa. Partnership in business is not something new. Indeed, it is helpful to have partner in investment. Searching for potential partnership is not easy though. However, it is important thing to do if you plan to take step toward your business goals.

How to Find Suitable Partner to Run Your Real Estate Business


Tips to find suitable partner for real estate business  

The benefit of having a partner in running real estate business is that you will have double resources. Finding the right partner will open more opportunities for you to gain benefits in finance, strategy, and personal. It is also important to know partnership agreement you are going to make. Keep in mind that you need to make everything specific and in detailed. Here are some tips to find suitable partner to run real estate business together:


  • Finding the right partner will be easier when you know exactly your own business needs. Thus, the first thing to do is to identify your objectives. Ask yourself, what type of partner you need to boost up your real estate business? For example, if you lack in networking, you need to find a partner who has powerful network. In short word, you need to find a partner who can fulfill your needs and wants in business.
  • After finding out the type of partner you need, you will have clearer view because you must have already had some candidates in mind. To make your conquest easier, you can find suitable partner starting from your immediate family and close friends. Make sure you choose by considering some points such as personality, habits, strength, etc.
  • If you cannot find potential partner within you family and friend zone, you can go further by searching in your local real estate investing association. There must be potential partners that you can find. You can ask for recommendation through trusted people working in the field. Knowledgeable, seasoned, and witty partner is great to choose if you find any.
  • Next thing to do after finding potential partner is to investigate thoroughly. You need to recheck their past deals, collect important documentation, as well as clarify their goals. If your potential partner is on the same page as yours, you have found the right one.
  • It is highly advisable that you take partnership agreement through legal and formal ways no matter how close you are with your partner. Once you find suitable partner, review the contract before signing it up. Make the agreement or contract to be as transparent and productive as possible. Thus, there won’t be unnecessary trouble waiting for you in the future.  


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This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip

Ahh, the Komodo National Park. We all have a dream to sail with Komodo boat to this remote frontier. To meet the prehistoric, largest lizard on earth in their last sanctuary where they can roam for free. Absorbing the raw beauty of the jagged terrain and vast blue ocean. And to chill in idyllic islands that seems like another part of the earth.

This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip


Komodo boat is the best option to visit each beautiful island that are scattered across the Flores Sea. You can still opt for small wooden boat or speed boat to reach the island for a day trip. Of course, that means you need to spend each night in Labuan Bajo instead on the liveaboard. If you are thinking of spending all the excursion in the liveaboard, you need to find a good boat. A gorgeous boat and reliable management will give you a good holiday in return.

After all the planning for a wild adventure to the remote Komodo National Park of Indonesia, it’s time to choose the vessel. It’s the one that are going to bring you sailing across the sea to the beautiful destinations. Nothing can bring disappointment than having three days of uncomfortable tour because of a crappy boat. And believe me, there are many.


Journey of Finding A Perfect Komodo Boat


Looking for a boat to Komodo, I must say, is not as easy as what I initially think. My travelling partners and I spent a whole week trying to find the perfect Komodo boat for us. We read some travel blogs to see the boats but nothing could spark our interest. Either it was small (going to quite cramped for our gang) or just totally modest. As humble as a wooden boat with one single deck in the center where they’d spread a shabby mattress at night. And when the boat actually has cabins, they didn’t look very inviting. If you are a frugal backpacker who value destination over anything, this shouldn’t be an issue. Who knows, this might feel more adventurous to you.

However, I am a firm believer that a good accommodation will equally gives you a good holiday. With most of your times spent on the sea, your Komodo boat will more and less affect your holiday. No one want sea sickness to ruin the whole vacation mood.

So, the search continued.

Meet the Ever Chic Kelana

When I finally found Kelana, my heart leaped with joy. I know this will be the dreamscape I’ve been waiting for.

This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip

I stumble to this liveaboard through an online search. Starting at $43 per night per person, it’s hard to beat this gorgeous Komodo boat in her class. Kelana easily wins the other boats in her class as she was the most liveable ship I can find in the market. This ship sleeps 6 person on board, which was perfect for our group travelling.

We were definitely fallen to this wooden Phinisi (Indonesian traditional voyaging boat). Well, she wasn’t the most luxurious boat around, but she was definitely chick. All the elements were entirely made of wood—down to the table sets and aircon cover. Every corner of the boat just begged for a snap!

Sailing Time!

We would love to have a week entirely exploring the beautiful Flores. Alas, we only had enough time to squeeze 5 island to our 3D2N itinerary. The organizer let us to pick our own destination, which is quite liberating. We ensure Rinca (where the dragons are!), Padar, and the Pink beach were on the list. When they heard we are a fool of amazing view, the crew suggested Gili Lawa and Kelor island. And we absolutely love it! We also took Manta Point and Kenawa Island for snorkeling—and they were downright awesome.

Between the island hopping, we spent the days chilling in Kelana’s front deck. They have soft white cushion for us to lay in comfortably. We enjoyed sunbathing under the glorious sun and seeing the translucent sea gleaming from all around. When it got too hot, we decided to just cool down a little in our cabins or indoor living area. These air conditioned rooms are perfect for sipping some beers while waiting the ship to reach our destination.

I couldn’t get enough of the interior. The polished wooden exterior and furniture mingled so harmoniously with white decors, making Kelana totally Pinterest-able. This chic Komodo boat is just beyond comfy—it gave one of the happiest excursion we had ever been.

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