Website Design Is Not Only About How the Site Is Appeared

Web design is not only about how beautiful your website is appeared. It’s not about how simple or how many styles it’s appealing, not as simple as pampering they eyes of the owners or the visitors. It should be more than that.

There’s even a study titled as “Trust and mistrust of online health sites,”revealed that the design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. What a surprising revelation! How do you feel when the contents you are prepared and published in your site can be no mean at all comparing it with the design elements!?

Website design is not only about how the site is appeared

94 % of the respondents were commenting directly related to the web design elements while the rest of the 6 % were referring to the specific contents. No more term like “Content is the king!”

That will only just from one particular research and I have no idea how many researches or studies are telling the same with various reasons. The important thing you can note from it is that the web design is not something you can get rid of. Even, it is so much important to support the success of your website with the goal you’d like to reach.

Many of the users are finding that making a website is easy, but when they have to make their own design and implementing it to the new site, it can takes months or even years. They have to learn and experience the trial and errors of the design. Not to mention that the web design is also has the correlation to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That is why, there will be many of the web design agencies such as the Bali web design or the other agencies based on the location across the world. Since this is the internet age, now we all can get the related services from anywhere you’d like to hire.

Anyway, content is still a matter for sure, but your website design is also something important that should be handled professionally. If you have a site for running your business like online shop, then you have to invest in it to get the professional look and also have the functional elements to help your visitors.

Quoted from ecpi University, it is reported that a well-designed website is also affecting the conversion rates. If the navigation is easier for the customers as well as the wordings (contents and copywriting), and the used colour, then the site can be the “gold mine” for your pocket. It can generates more and more customers and will be easy to improve your business and get success.

I realised that the web design styles are vary and also the trend is changing all the time. But I think that we should never stick to one trend only since it will be changed by another one over time. If we need to approaching the web design with SEO, then I recommending you to consider about the long-term planning for the site. Focusing on the trend can be a troublesome and even can be problematic.

For the conclusion, it is important for the business owners to understand well the complete impact and affect of the web design. Rather than only to get the look as you like, it can be better to think about how the design will contribute in delivering you the online success.

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Reasons Why the Key of Real Estate Success is Great Service

When it comes to successful real estate business, people always talk about location and capital. Well, that is not entirely wrong but it not entirely true as well. There are many things to do before gaining success in real estate business especially this is not a business where you can gain success overnight.

You need to work hard and work smart in order to build your business and make your investment fruitful. Real estate experts and successful investors agree that one of the keys to real estate success is great service.

The reason is simple. It is because real estate is a service industry. It is not always about the most strategic location or the most affordable price.

Key of real estate success is great service

Remember that the competition in real estate business is quite fierce and challenging. Therefore, you need to make sure that your business is different from others.

One of the best ways is to show your excellent service to your customers. There are many ways to deliver your excellent service in real estate business. That’s why I tell you about some of them that you can start considering to apply.

The first important service is honesty. It is important that the customers think you are trustworthy. Being trustworthy and honest on a deal will earn you more chances to build your reputation. You will also have more chance anyone involved will want to work with you in the future.

Make sure that your words and actions are trustworthy.

Being responsive is one of the major factors in order to deliver excellent service in real estate business. Returning text, email or call is a must. There is no benefit from giving slow response.

Besides, technology has been a great support for this matter. It won’t take much time for you to reply a text or follow up email. When you lack of responsiveness, people will think that you are too unorganized, too busy, or don’t care enough. This is a bad sign. Don’t keep your customers or business partners in the dark.

Even if you cannot give the right answer, make sure they know that at least you care and try to find it for them.

Next important factor in delivering great service is to make yourself reliable for others. Therefore, it is not about showing off your achievement or how many deals you close in a month.

It is about how you show your customers and business partners how reliable and consistent you are in handling your work. It is important to make them know that trustworthy and have a great work ethic.

The next important point in giving great service in real estate business is consistency. Make sure that nothing can affect your professionalism. Don’t let your mood control your performance because this will lead to losing trust from customers or business partner.

People will easily lose their faith once you show that you are inconsistent in handling your business. Thus, make sure to remain reliable and trustworthy no matter what the situation is.

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1 Bedroom Loft of the Luxury Villas at Seminyak

One of the best villa accommodation you can rent in Bali is the luxury villas at Seminyak. And today, I’d like to tell you about the fine 1 bedroom loft provided by Hu’u Villas Bali. You can see the villa’s inside through the image below along with the upper bedroom on the loft after the stair.

Luxury Villas Seminyak - The 1 Bedroom Loft

Placed on the left after the stair, the bedroom is look unique and simple. The best thing about it is you can see the view directly down to the private pool that makes the exterior of the villa even better. and it will be perfect to be used for relaxing by swimming in the pool. A small party with your lover will be great besides the pool as well. Won’t you try that at least once in your life?

If you are curious about the Master Bedroom facilities along with all of this luxury villas Seminyak amenities, the official site has been published the relevant information about both and the others. If you are reading about it in the reservation websites, you can also get the same information.

How you can get yourself from the Ngurah Rai International Airport to this Seminyak’s villa?

Taxis are available, so with the online transportations and the car rentals, you can easily find them on the airport. If not, they will find you first. They are offering the transportation service right in front of the departure gate. If you are decided to use a taxi, let the driver know that you will go to the Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali.

But if you are doubt about using the transportation, feel free to ask the villa’s management by get in touch with them through email at or save the phone contact +62 (0)361 8499 130. Simply ask them if it will possible for the villa’s driver to pick you up at the airport.

Driving should be around 30-40 minutes by car and then finding the 1 bedroom loft or the other available luxury villas at Seminyak can be the easiest thing to be done.

Even though I have not been clearly mentioned before, the Seminyak area and also village is one of the best place where many foreigner tourists are want to stay. The village is at the coastal area as well as the luxury 1 bedroom villa. So that, if you are staying in that type of the villa and want to go to the beach, you can be there in just minutes by walking. So much closer as if you are living in the beachfront villas at Seminyak.

There are also the 2 and 3 bedroom villas that are available for the guests, and you can even rent up to 13 bedrooms villa if you want since the design is possible for the interconnecting villas. I think that is the first unique villa’s concept in Bali because I have not been found anything alike.

The management is also providing all the villa’s guests with the beautiful restaurant with scenery called as the Sea Vu Play, the Fortitude Bali for those who need to exercise at the fitness gym, The Den as the bar within a bar back of the restaurant and many more. There won’t enough time to talk about this luxury villas Seminyak and all its services and amenities. The Seminyak area will also gives you many advantages to do anything or find anything you need.

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Understanding more about Customer Service in Property Business

Property business involves people. This is not a new concept at all. Your business will be going strong when you have clients. Therefore, knowing well what the customers want is a great step to successful investment in real estate business.

However, it will be even greater if you can understand the reason behind they wants. Knowing why customers want what they want will be advantageous for your business. Once you know their reasons, you will have better understanding about their needs.

Customer service in property business

Therefore, you will be able to provide what they really need. This will open the opportunity of having loyal and profitable customers. Remember that customers appreciate even small gesture like this. Showing that you care about what their need will make them stay loyal.

What to do to understand more about what the customer needs

There is no grand gesture as to find out about what the customers want. You can communicate and interact as usual. However, you can add simple questions and gesture that show you care more about them such as:

  • When you are discussing about a home wanted by the customers, you may ask basic questions such as “what is your price range?” or “how many bedrooms do you need”. If you want to know more about the reasons behind their want then you can ask further questions such as “why do you decide to start looking for a new home?” or “how can we help to make this process run more smoothly for you?”. These types of questions are not only to dig information about their ideal home but also to show them that you support them.
  • It is true that property business relies more on rational thinking instead of instinct or emotional decision. However, it is great to gage your customer’s emotion while having conversation or making transaction. You can ask questions such as “how do you feel about the transaction so far?” or “how do you think about the concept of the home we offer?” Finding out about their feeling whether they are sad, happy, disappointed, will make you easier to find the right solution.
  • Delivering a great experience to customers is a great start in real estate investing. Statistically, companies that make customer service as their priority earn 60% more profit than those that don’t apply the same method. When you are involved negatively with the customers, the impact will be direct to your company. Therefore, it is highly recommended and suggested to exhibit excellent customer service and appreciation if you want to enter real estate business.

Remember that in every business, relation and interactions are important. When it comes to satisfying your customers, you need to focus to understand more about what they need and what solution you can provide.

Make sure you will be a main source for customers to find an answer of their questions. When you show great appreciation and support to your customers, you will get loyal and profitable customers in return. That is a great asset for your business.

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Travelling Abroad? Take The Lightweight Hammock With You

I bet that you must have been visited the beauty destinations at the other countries before. That will be good for you for have travelled across countries and experience many things. Running through the airports with the pounds of luggage may sounds like a good workout, but still, you need to get the your backpack as lighter as possible. You won’t spend your holidays exhausting just because of what you have decided to be carry on your shoulder. You have to bring the useful and important travel items such as the lightweight hammock, first aid kits, t-shirts and less of the jeans since it will not save more rooms in your bag.

I will always recommending to get the lightweight parachute hammock when travelling abroad because it will give you more advantages than you could imagine before.

The parachute hammock is surely standing out for its lightweight. No doubt that most of us will be agree that the hammock is one of the best travel items that won’t give you a burden in any imaginable ways.

When you will be arrived at abroad—if there will be chance for setting up the hammock whether at the accommodation you have reserved or destinations you are visiting, then you can even experience more than they who aren’t using it. Think about the beautiful white sand beach with many of the coconut tress, don’t you think that the spot will be great if you can enjoy the breeze inside the hammock?

There are some of the beaches that actually have been provided with the hammocks, but mostly they are the rope hammock or even the mexican hammock. Both of them are pretty much heavier than the one made out of the parachute nylon, so getting and bringing the lightweight hammock should have been your priority than the other types.

It won’t even burden your shoulder as much as 1 kg, but you can expect a half of it or even less. Since the hammock can be used at any destinations you are going to visit and also possible at the accommodation you have rented, you will have more chances for experiencing the best about the destinations.

Never have anyone else to bring your luggage and only pack what you need! That’s a pretty common thing you will be done when travelling abroad. You don’t have an obligation to buy and bring the hammock, but if you are requiring the best way to feel the ultimate trip, then a hammock can be something you can’t be denied.

At least, it may helps you in planning your itineraries. If you think that you still have more times at that country, you can make use of the camping with a hammock as one of the way to spend your lazy time. I am thinking using the hammock while reading my favourite book at the beach between the coconut trees in the morning. That will be the refreshing idea to start the day while listening to the birds sounds and the gentle breeze hitting your face.

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Implementing Good Habits for Your Finance while Building Property Business

Building wealth from property business is challenging. While it is true that you need to work hard, it is even better to work smarter.

Collecting money from every deal you make in running property business is easy. However, to be able to keep more of your monthly income is not so easy. That is why you need the right habits to help you do so. Building and maintaining your finance are basic in property business.

Good habits to implement for finance

You don’t need big actions. In fact, small and frequent actions are more impactful when it comes to financial management.

Good habits to implement for your finance

Habits are not always good and healthy. There are toxic habits which can ruin what you have earned so far. Thus, you need to choose only healthy habits in regards to your money management. Thus, your hard-earning income won’t be such a waste.

Here are examples of healthy habits you need to implement in order to keep you finance stable and even grows:

  • Monitoring your expenses in your investment is a basic action you need to take. Even if budgeting is not your thing, you still need to track on your expenses in detail. Many investors are overwhelmed by this basic action. However, it will be more bearable if you start tracking on the problematic expenses which have more potential in risking your finance. Make sure you check thoroughly. You can spare an hour or two every day to do this habit.
  • Make sure you know how to prioritize your goal in your finance. Once you organize your priority based on the urgency and importance, you can make clearer plan to achieve them one by one.
  • Next habit is saving. Instead of doing conventional saving, you can do more creative concept of saving such as save your tax refund, make regular deposit, and portion your revenue into different buckets of savings. Those are more impactful instead of just saving account.
  • To save yourself from excessive shopping, it is such a great idea to have ultimate shopping lists. It is often to forget what’s on the list and purchase everything that pops in mind. This is bad habit which can ruin finance. Thus, it is recommended that you plan your own shopping list so that you won’t suffer from excessive and unnecessary expenses.
  • Take every chance you have to get better price. As property investor, you will need to make deal or buy stuffs to provide the needs of your tenants for example. Thus, you have to use the chance to ask for better price or discount every time. This is not embarrassing at all when you make it as habit.
  • Make sure you keep building knowledge in financial management so that your brain won’t ever be rusty. Learning has no expire date so you can do it anytime. You can read books, blogs, or articles about investing. Those are helpful resources to help your financial IQ upgraded. So you become more capable in handling your finance for your property investing.
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3 Quick Tips To Make Money Through Graphic Design In Bali

Graphic design work seems to be the one of the finest job in Indonesia today. Almost all the cities in Indonesia are possible for whoever you are to get success as the graphic designer and that is also happening in Bali for the past recent years.

Graphic design Bali services or products to make more money

The best two things you can get as the graphic designer are you can offering the graphic design products and also the services at the same times. You have 2 income resources! Selling things or offering your design skills in any possible way.

As you have known that Bali is where everyone want to spend their vacation. Indonesian people from various city are visiting Bali, so with the foreigners from various country. Every flight at the airport is the real prove of that. You can’t go the airport without seeing the foreigners, either they who just landed or those who are departing.

How to make money through your graphic design skill in Bali

The more travellers are coming, the very good sign for the local businesses. Graphic designing itself can be considered as the skill that most of the businesses in this world need it.

Either you will be as the Bali graphic design freelancer, working in a design agency, build your own design business, you are possible to success in design industry as you need as long as you know some of the best products and services you have to offer along the better way how you will do it.

1. Bali wedding invitation designs

You can sell your skill to offering the Bali’s wedding invitation designs plus the printing services if you want. The Bali’s wedding invitation itself is has the special motifs and patterns that are representing the local wisdom. Any other cities in Indonesia have also the same thing in the design, so you’d better start do some researches.

Anyway, many foreigners are also getting married in Bali. So, the market for your wedding invitation designs may increasing as well.

2. All businesses related to the tourism will need the design services, so you’d better find them

Be it the restaurants, transportations, accommodations, attractions and destinations, events and many more, the businesses are need to be promoted. To do that, the great design is one of the main thing the business owners should have.

3. Cooperate with the digital printing services

If you don’t work together with the printing services and on the other hands you have no printing machines, then you have missed big opportunity to get more money through the graphic design.

Your graphic design services is the main way to get clients and also make money as you have planned, but if you can cooperate with the digital printing services, you can even make more money as you will get bonuses from the owner.

I have worked with the above quick tips to make money through graphic design Bali services and products at the other cities before, and Bali is no different at all except the number of the foreigner visitors. So, I think that you will also possible to get success in Bali.

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What Makes You Fail in Achieving Your Property Business Goals

In running a business, goals are important. Without them, you don’t know if you have progressed or improved. Not only in property business are goals basically needed in other subject of business. This way, it will be easier for you to set determination about what kind of strategies you are going to use.

Reasons for fail in achieving property business goals

By trying hard in achieving your goals, you will have more chance in advancing your career to another level. This motivates you to keep moving forward with better actions. If it is hard to imagine the importance of goals, then just imagine what will bus do if it doesn’t have clear destination.

It will just wander around randomly or maybe circle around without aim. Thus, you can also say that goals are similar to destination.

Things that make you fail in achieving your goal

Goals are important but it doesn’t mean you will always achieve them successfully. There will be times when the goals are hard to achieve or you don’t try enough. There are many things that can determine your success in achieving your goals as well as factors which can result the opposite. Here are examples of what makes you fail in achieving goals in property business:

  1. Shallow knowledge in property business especially in the property market can lead you to failure in achieving your goals. The property market is not something static. It is dynamic and keeps changing. Thus, you need to stay up to date with whatever happens to the market. There are many things to learn regarding to property market and will be useful to use for building your business such as loans, customers demand, niches, etc. It is recommended to access and consume market data no matter what the format is.
  2. Next factor which leads you to failure in achieving goals is unreasonable and unrealistic goals. It is great to be positive and have high hope. However, business needs calculated moves and goals. It is true that unrealistic goal can motivate you. However, it means the goals are harder to reach. Thus, it is highly suggested to make realistic goals without underestimating your determination or skills. You can focus more on the progress instead of absolute result. This way, you are not only going to achieve your goals but also improve your skills.
  3. Too afraid to start is also another reason why you will never achieve your goals. There are always risks in every subject in life regardless is the impact is small or big. However, there is more useful to see from the positive sides. You can see that there are successful investors out there. Surely they start their business with determination and bravery. Your fear can be reduced by fully prepared such as making the right plan, educating yourself about property business, always eager to learn something new. When you cannot achieve your goal in the first try doesn’t mean it is an absolute failure. It is the right time for you to find the root of the problem and fix it.
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SEO Service In Bali to Help Your Business Site Rank Better

Where you business site will get the better rank? It is on search engines. You can take some of the popular search engines in this world as the example such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. But for most of the cases, many of the business owners are only focusing on one which is Google, the giant search engine on our planet. You don’t have to feel intimidated by it, since we are simply just want to talk about the SEO service Bali for your online business.

Find SEO service Bali to rank better on search engines so the online business is highly increasing

Your online successful journey doesn’t stop just because you’ve got an online site. Not really. Even it will only the start of all the online competitions you have to involved in.

People are using the search engines to find many valuable information. Right before they are getting to that, they were typing one or two keywords before and then selecting the relevant site to be visited. A simple as that and I am sure that you have known that. So, where’s the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is standing for this case?

As you all have known too that SEO is also about competing for the exact, relevant and related keywords that have been typed by the users before, so you are about to competing in those types of keywords. But, it won’t only the case you can get if you find the right and proper SEO service Bali.

In fact, the competition itself is actually differentiated into 3 types which are international search engine result pages (, national (, and locally. So which one you need to win the keyword competition of all the three result pages?

Before I am getting a bit further, I think I have to tell you that my first campaign related to SEO is about the products and services in Bali. You don’t have to know what are those, but the important thing to keep in mind is that, the competition for all the keywords that need to be optimized are for the worldwide market.

Now imagine this! You have dozens or even hundreds of keywords that your online business needs to be ranked especially on the first page, you need to prepare its on-page and off-page of your site, etc. The problem is, you have no idea how to do it and may too late to start over. That’s why you will need the SEO service Bali.

How many SEO service Bali that you know? Do the services will also give you to not only rank better for any keywords but also can give you chance to improve your website domain authority?

If the company will build you the backlinks which is good for SEO, do all the backlinks are placed permanently or not? There are many things you can ask if you don’t know much about this field. But you don’t have to worry about all the things that you think you have to learn about them at the first stage. For my recommendation, you can visit the SEO service Bali by the Kesato & Co located at Jl. Plawa near to Seminyak’s main street.

Talk to them about all your SEO issues and what do you need from them. If you still haven’t got your own team for the campaign, simply try the SEO service Bali offered by that agency. You may be surprised with the results in the future. Rank better in search engines mostly means your business is highly increasing as well.

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Knowing More about Green Building Techniques in Property Business

Today, eco-friendly building and everything related to sustainable resources are more preferred. This is why people involved in real estate business are now more interested in green building. It is not a secret that human activities have led to negative impact on the environment. However, thankfully people are more aware of the important in sustaining energy to save the Earth.

Green building techniques in property business

That is why people demand for green building even more these days. Lots of people especially homebuyers are more interested in sustainable materials as well as energy efficiency. Thus, they have less interest in wide space or grandiose location.

However, there is fierce competition amongst real estate investors regarding to green building. Even though this is promising in the matter of attracting homebuyers, the process of building green property has never been too simple. It is not only about finding the right sustainable materials but also the right green building technique.

Basically, implementing green building technique is beneficial for many parties such as investors, homebuyers, and of course the environment. Here is more information about green building technique investors need to know to increase value as well as save the environment:

  • Choose particular energy efficient products. This type of product should be included in your green property. When you choose appliances with energy efficient labels then it offers cost and energy savings. However, those appliances don’t compromise their performance. Examples of energy efficient appliances you can choose for your green build are insulation, eco-friendly water heater, dual panel glass, etc. Insulation which provides energy efficiency is important to choose because heating and cooling account most of property’s total energy consumption. Thus, will give significant change to apply proper insulation which promotes energy efficiency.
  • Green building technique also includes light fixtures and conserving water. Installing energy efficient light bulb is quite simple and does not cost much while the benefit is great. Water conserving fixture is a great way to conserve water. Besides, this is a great way to reduce energy bills. Lighting and water are absolute necessities for living. By choosing the one that promotes energy efficiency, it contributes a lot in sustaining resources and save the Earth from further damage than already has.
  • It is also a great idea to set landscaping for your green building. This technique requires you to consider planting on the southern and western side of the property. Thus, there is no need for excessive use of air conditioning since the planting creates proper shade needed when the sun is too harsh. There are other ideas you can choose such as installing artificial turf, Zen garden, etc.
  • Choose solar panel to promote energy efficiency to your property. Solar energy is renewable and clean. This is often used in fix and flip industry. Installing solar panel is the best way to utilize natural energy. This will help decreasing energy bills from 20% to 75% and even more. Some investors may think this is too costly. However, the benefits are unlimited so it’s worth it.
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