Automating Office Tasks for Your Property Business

Running property business isn’t always about meeting up people or researching local market. It is also about finishing office tasks. There are various due diligences you need to do when you run property business. Both technical and paper work are important for your business to keep running and growing. Thus, you cannot underestimate even small tasks. However, time is everything for real investor. Hence, it is just normal to think that there are better and more effective ways to maximize the time spent in the industry. Therefore, automating your tasks can help increasing productivity of your business. It will also help your business to enhance its performance.

Office tasks you can automate

As a person running property business, you must have realized that every minute can be spent to accomplish more income producing activities. As the result, it gives you more advantages over the competition in the industry. When you are able to enhance performance and increase productivity of your business, it will be easier for you to reach success. Here are office task that you can automate to maximize your time:

  • The first example of office task that can be automate is paying bills. In running business, there are expenses you need to pay every certain period of time. You need to pay the bills for electricity, place of business, and other things that help your business to keep running. You can use a service which can allow you to manage all your payments through bill management system. Thus, you can pay any bills with accuracy in one place.
  • Next thing that needs to be automated is customer support issue. With advanced technology, you can connect with your customers easier in more personal level. Thus, make sure you create official website of your company and set up a contact form that can be reached by your potential customers. Set route communication so that every message will go to inbox. Then, you can assign individuals on your team to handle it.
  • Marketing strategy can be automated as well. There are various softwares you can use to automate marketing campaign. Thus, you can automate large portions of your online marketing. The software works by establishing series of steps for generating leads on your website. Then, it will be designating follow-up activities as well. One of the most popular is email campaign. You can also set the access so that it can connect to your mobile phone through certain apps.
  • Next office task that can be automated is filling out online forms. While you are working with your tasks online, there is always things you need to fill out regarding to information such as name, age, address, etc. Each form usually requires the same information. Doing this repetitive task can be stressing and just holding back your business to grow in faster pace. Thus, it is recommended to automate this task using program software that is capable to store your data so you can just fill out any forms automatically with more accuracy as well.
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Rent Collecting Methods to Know for Your Rental Property Business

Running rental property means you have certain due diligence to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly. One of the most obvious tasks you need to do as the owner of a property you rent out as well as a landlord is collecting rent.

Rent collecting methods for your rental property business

It sounds simple and not many investors pay much attention to it. Instead, many of investors pay attention more on how to find a tenant.

Well, it is also important as the first step in running your rental property business. However, you still need a work to do after finding a tenant which is rent collection.

Rent collecting methods in running your rental property business

Rent collection is supposed to be easy thing to do. However, it is not only for you as a payoff for all your hard work and investment but also for your tenants. When you make it easy for them then you give them a favor in not complicating anything.

If you make rent collecting process too complicated, it will be just a nuisance both for you and your tenants.

It is something you need to avoid since it is monthly task you need to accomplish. So that, pay your attentions to some alternatives of rent collecting methods you need to know that I’d like to tell you on a second.

The first method is of course none other than cash. Collecting cash sound simple but it also can cause potential hassle.

It is not efficient to let your tenants send cash in the mail. The solution is to drive to your rental property every month for rent collecting. Of course, sparing time to meet up with your tenants and retrieve cash from them is not the best way.

To minimize potential problems, it is highly advised to set time and date every month. So, there is no risk of conflict to emerge.

Next rent collecting method is by check. It is quite popular and many landlords and tenants still use this method. However, it has also downside such as lagging issue regarding to time a check is sent to the time it is received.

There is also potential loss of items in the mail. There is common conflict such as when tenants say they have sent the check on the first but the landlords haven’t received until the fourth.

This problem often leads to bigger conflict than it is necessary.

Next method is online. This is getting popular and preferred by most rental property business. With the help of advanced technology, online payment is more effective and efficient that it is thought before.

There are various program and website online offering payment service online. It is easy and safe. There is also advantage of this method such as clear time and date of the transaction made.

The problem is also minimized since there is no lagging issue in the mail. You also don’t have to spend extra time driving to your rental property to collect cash.

Make sure that you choose trusted and reputable sites to set up online payment from your tenants if you prefer this method.

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Seeking Out Tenants without Spending Extra Money

When you purchase property for your investment, it is a must to find the right tenants. However, it can be both challenging and exciting. It is part of your most important job to find tenants so that your property kept rented. Most leases are usually year to year. This doesn’t only apply to student housing but in general rental property. That is why you, as a landlord will have to find new tenants every nine months or so. It is true that finding new tenants can be time-consuming when you own rental property. However, it doesn’t have to be money-consuming as well. Attracting new tenants can be done by not spending extra money too much.

How to seek tenants inexpensively

Investors who are in budget must think creatively to stay in the limit but earn benefit as much as possible. in the case of owning a rental property, benefit comes from tenants. That is why seeking out tenant is a must. Budget can be one of the hurdles for budget investor. However, you might as well consider these tips to attract tenants without breaking the bank:

  • Listing site is one of the most wonderful things for property business. Since it relies on internet, it makes your work in seeking out new tenants easier. There are many free listing sites available that you can take advantage of. Remember that this is your chance to find average renters. Most of them often search online. Thus, it is highly recommended to post your pictures and description of the property in the best quality to attract more potential tenants.
  • One of the simplest and cheapest ways to seek out new tenants is by using the yard sign. Well, this is so common but not less effective either. Putting a ‘for rent’ sign on the property is important step. You may step up the game by putting on more attractive sign to attract potential renters more.
  • Next strategy is to use your networking. If you have account on social media then you have to use it to gain benefit for your business as well. With social media, you can real people easier and in larger scale. Basically, there is no limit. Remember not to be embarrassed about reaching out to your contacts. Business is business and it is normal thing to do.
  • Next strategy is to dedicate your time for an open house. Keeping your house open means you give more chances for potential renters to see if they are interested enough to rent your property or not. Make sure to create the best atmosphere to the property you are going to display so it looks more presentable and attractive.
  • Next inexpensive strategy to seek out new tenants for your rental property is to try your local neighborhood. Try to find local intersection and busy telephone poles as many as possible then put signs on them. Make sure to create most creative sign to attract more people. Keep in mind that you may need to gain permission from the local law beforehand.
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A Perfect Accommodation For Your Vacation At Bali Villas

Tourists who often go to Bali easily describe each location. If you want to enjoy a vacation in the tropics with different sensations and joy, then Bali is the right destination. Bali is an exotic island that is interesting and can make tourists relax and refresh their mind. Most tourists think that the memorable place is Bali villas. Accommodation with luxurious facilities and make everyone feel comfortable.

Bali Villas

Relaxing And Ideal Family Accommodation  

Bali is not only known as the island of a thousand islands but also the island of a thousand hotels and villas. Villas are increasingly popular and attract tourists for accommodation while on vacation. Besides having luxurious and complete facilities, tourists can save money. Bali villas wherever the location is very professional, where you can enjoy private pools, internet connections, kitchens and equipment, and many others. Even when you find Bali villas that are managed by a particular group, you can enjoy a gym, spa and other facilities available. Even though the price offered is more expensive, but it is commensurate with the facilities provided.

Bali villas is a widely recommended accommodation because it has a private area and a home-like atmosphere. You can choose many villa locations, both in Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ubud, and others. If you want to spend a little more money, lets you get Bali beachfront villas. The pleasure of staying at a beachfront villa is seeing the blue sky when you wake up in the morning.

If your Bali villas are far from the beach, don’t worry. Maybe you find the villa surrounded by residential housing. This is a special experience in the midst of the homes of local residents. You can see the daily activities of the locals. You can learn a lot, starting from their ceremonial traditions that take place every day. Where when the time comes, they leave work and do tradition by praying.

Choosing Bali villas as holiday accommodation is based on many considerations. The initial consideration is the cost that you budget for accommodation. Given the many facilities provided at the villa, then you need to know that for holidays in the long term, Bali villas are cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort. Whether your Bali villas are located in Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Umalas, Jimbaran, Uluwatu or any location, this will be the perfect trip for families to get the pleasure, pleasure, and excitement of the holiday.

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Things To Anticipate Before Your Property Investment Falls

Everyone want to success in what they are doing, we are trying so hard for that day and night. But, not everything will be run as what you want. Sometimes, you get the better results, sometimes you just need to think about what you have done before you as the cause of your fails. In property investment, it is also the same with the other businesses in general, you have to prepare yourself and your business for the worst case.

Anticipate the property investment falls

So, what will you do if your property business falls? Have you prepare many things to secure your business? If not, I will inform you about some of the important things to know for anticipating right before your property investment going down.

What to prepare before your property investment falls?

Investors are required to read where the trends are going to. It doesn’t matter if you are the property and real estate investor, stock exchanger or else, if you know how to direct or at least can finds out the next trend in the market related to your business, that will be the great thing to get. It is because, there will always the time where investing in property won’t give you a better financial state but the otherwise. The worst case is, you may are going to broke and I believe that it will be something you don’t want to experience in this life.

There are some of the variables why investing in property business will be the wrong step to walks on. It can be the decreasing of people’s purchasing power, inflation, the worst marketing strategy, nature disaster or your team is late to finds out that the property is at the disaster-prone, strict regulation from the government, etc.

But whatever the causes of the property investment falls, there will always the back-up plans to anticipates it. And that’s what I am going to tell you in the next second.

The first you need to do is you have to evaluates the property you are planning to invest in. You have to know whether the property where you will put many of your money can be secured or not. If there will be possibility to secure the money through certain steps such as overhauling the financial management and the concept of the building, then you are good to go.

Next thing you need to pay attention is about the property price. It is recommended for you to sell the property directly when you think that will brings you more money. Don’t wait too long when the price is still on top except you are waiting the down of the market. Property price can even down to the unimaginable number that can makes us stress.

Get an experienced mentor! That will be the next important and useful tip for all the property investors. Just because you have somehow unlimited budget and also experiences, doesn’t means that you have to put an investment alone. Find someone that is more in knowledge and also experiences in property business than you are and start collaborating. By doing that, you can minimize the risks and also the fail. Then, hopefully there will be more successful chance coming along the way.

Last but not least, think about the investment diversification. Never put eggs in a basket, they will be broken. So with the business and investment, never get all of your money out just for one investment. See the other business opportunities as well!

That’s all I know about the things to keep in mind for anticipating the fail of property investment. If you finds this useful, kindly share the post to reminds the others. Thank you.

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Keys in Completing Due Diligence Diligently

There are many things to do in order to build your real estate business. Due diligence is one of the things you should not only remember but also do diligently.

Completing due diligence diligently

It is part of your top priority in running your business. it is not only important for new investors but also for seasoned investors. On your business to do-list, due diligence should be on the first check box.

The benefit of doing your due diligence is that you can earn potential leads and close the deals smoothly. When you neglect your due diligence, the chance to reach failure instead of success is higher that you thought it could be.

Important things you need to pay attention on due diligence

Realizing success is not as simple as breathing. You need to mind your due diligence with passion and determination. So that, you have to know about the things you need to pay attention to when it comes to minding your due diligence.

First is area or location. There is no end of saying that location is important factor when it comes to property business. Thus, you need to know the area you are investing in to mind your due diligence.

You need to do a research to find strong area which can appeal the tenants. It is even better to find a property in the best location instead of the other way around.

There are many sources you can rely on such as comparable local listings, local real estate agent, etc.

After doing research to find the best location and understand more about the area, your next important thing in your due diligence is the property itself.

It is important to inspect all about the property you are interested in. Of course, you can also ask around the local agent or seller but doing it yourself will benefit you.

You need to search if there is any physical damage both in the interior and exterior. You need to find out if the property is worth investing.

The next important thing is the seller. Once you find promising property to invest in, you need to find out about the sellers. Things you need to know include their motivation, the length of the property on the market, and the assigned negotiator.

With more understanding about those factors, you will be able to have better view about what to do next.

You will be able to calculate if the deal is promising or not. This also will help your from receiving disadvantage. That is why this homework is important to do.

Next factor to pay attention to when minding your due diligence is the deal. It is important for you to be more specific towards the offer you make.

Read the contract carefully and thoroughly since there is no benefits of being in a rush. This will give you more certainty about the deals. If you have difficulty in understanding the contract, don’t hesitate to ask your attorney and realtor.

Don’t hesitate to state your opinion if you find any contingencies.

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What You Need to Know about Real Estate Training Program

The number of people who want to invest in real estate is on the rise. People are interested in investing because they consider this business is promising for good income. However, it is also common for people to have difficulties to start investing in real estate due to many factors such as budget, specialization, or proper knowledge. Thus, there is real estate training program to help people who are interested in real estate investing to learn more about this business. of course, there are education and course to learn about this business but real estate training program is also promising to gain information from trusted sources and practice investing skills properly.

Things too can learn from real estate training program

The number of real estate training program keeps rising. It only means one thing; they find the benefits by joining the program. There are many things to learn and many options to choose. You can specify your choice for learning. Choosing specialization can be based on your interest and personal goals. There are skill and techniques that can be learned through this program such as :

  • Strategy in real estate investing. This program includes strategy-specific training so that you can choose your own specialization. For example, if you want to earn steady income then you can specify your training on rental properties. The information and knowledge you will gain will be specific to this subject.
  • You will also learn how to establish new business. It is not easy to start new business in reality. People with passion even find it hard with the starters. Training program will help you to understand more about how to establish a new business especially when your knowledge and skill is still minor.
  • Joining real estate training program, you will learn about marketing and advertising. These are important part of real estate business. By knowing marketing strategy and earn the skill, you will be able to reach your customers effectively and close the deals. Marketing and advertisement are also important to build your brand so that your business will be recognized by many people including potential customers.
  • Through this training program, you will also learn more about financial management including how to raise your capital, plan your finance, and analyze your expenses. Finance is the biggest support in running real estate business. The most important part is not how to get enough financial support but also how to plan and manage it. Thus, the flow is healthy for your business to grow.
  • You will also learn how to identify buyers and sellers through this program. Remember that every individual has their own preferences. By knowing what they want, you will be able to provide the right offer.
  • There are many more things you can learn from real estate training program such as how to do your due diligence, make contracts, manage documents, partner up with contractors and vendor, as well as how to manage your taxes and protect your asset properly.
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Making the Right Offers Effectively

Running real estate business is a challenge. However, it is not something impossible to be successful in this business since lots of people have proved it. The main thing to remember when it comes to property business is that it is about numbers game. Every step and plan should be calculated thoroughly for more positive results. To build your business, you need to earn as many leads as possible. The more leads you earn, the closer you get to close the deals.


However, lots of experts say that numbers of leads don’t necessarily determine in closing the deals. There is more important factor to consider which is to improve the offers you make or how you make them. Lots of investors think too simply regarding to this matter. They do everything in order started from submitting an offer, waiting for a counter, and close it. However, the reality is not as simple as that because the market has its way.

Making the Right Offers Effectively

How to make effective and attractive offers

The market today focuses more on attractive offers. Thus, it won’t do if you just simply submit the offer and wait for a counter. You will only get a counter offer if your offer is attractive enough. What to do to make the right offers so that your chance of acceptance will go higher? Here are tips you can follow:

  • As mentioned earlier that it is important to make attractive offer. Thus, you need to do it to grab the attention. In order to get the attention, you need to find out more about your target. For example when you are in buyer’s market, finding out the seller’s situation will help you make the right offer. You will be in upper hand with all information you gather. Thus, you can then make attractive contract for the seller. Make sure to make some concessions to get your price.
  • Don’t be hesitant in dealing with the offers. It is important that you are decisive. Generally, seller will accept your offer in two weeks. It is the most ideal deal. However, there is also situation when you have to proceed negotiation. Thus, it is more recommended to follow up within 24 hours without prompting the seller for quick answer. Just make sure they receive your offer and make yourself ready for further follow up just in case they have something to ask. Make sure you already have had number in your mind which you are willing to pay. If you already mapped out your number before submitting initial offer than it will benefit you.
  • Make everything less difficult than necessary. There is no use to put some resistance in making offer. It is highly recommended that you make clean, legible and signed contract to submit. The lenders tend to accept reduced cash if the deal is easy to close. If you choose to pay cash, make sure to make it ready within a week or two in max. Or, prepare yourself some cash as down payment on the contract.


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Find Out Ideal Property for Buyers

There are many way you can do to get started with property business. People in this industry use different strategy which works individually. Thus, following other’s strategy doesn’t guarantee your success in building your business. No matter what kind of strategy you use, you cannot be considered if you cannot sell the property at its best price. So what is the key to sell your property at top dollar?

The answer is to focus on buyers. When you decide to rehab a property, you need a great plan. However, the plan is not to focus on your own satisfaction as investors but the buyer’s. You need to think carefully and thoroughly about what buyers want and look for of a property. By focusing on buyer’s need and demand, your chance to sell the property quickly is higher. In fact, you have higher chance to sell it for the highest possible price.

However, you might get confused as to decide buyer’s need of ideal property since every individual has their own needs. To decide it, you need to remember that no matter how different the market is, there are always common items which can attract the buyer’s interest. Here is what buyers mostly look for:

  • You need to make the property like out of a good movie. Thus, you need to pay attention to details such as the entryway. This way you can deliver the appeal as soon as the door opens. Remember that the first impression is important. Thus, putting some effort to make the front parts appealing will be worth it. Make sure that the front door is not old or rusty. If needed, you can add new shelf or nice mirror by the entry. This is what you call wow factor that is mostly looked for by buyers.
  • Remember that buyers are always willing to pay for quality. Thus, it is a great strategy to update the property with something new and fresh. The updates don’t need to be major or grand. You can only focus on three major areas in the house; kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Buyers usually pay attention more in those areas. You can update the countertops, appliances, or floor of the kitchen. For the bathroom, you can update the basic such as the flooring, vanity, sink, etc. For the bedroom, it is highly recommended to update the master bedroom before anything else. You can also update to focus on creating more spaces to the room.
  • When it comes to decide the color, you need to take out your personal feeling. Remember that you need to focus on what makes the buyers interested. To make a safe choice, you can choose neutral color. This will provide spaces if the buyer want to change the color in the future.
  • It is true that the interior is important but the exterior is not less important either. Thus, you need to make sure that the exterior is as appealing as the interior. This is a key to make good first impression.
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Tips Before Buying Property in Bali

Buying property in Bali, both as residential or investment is a social statement with a high level of prestige. Who does not want to have occupancy and investment in Bali? Investors are competing to buy property in Bali because it has a high market value. What’s more, Bali is the world’s top tourist destination.

Buying Property In Bali

Judging by the graph of tourist visits, several natural disasters such as the great mountain eruption did not significantly affect the interest of tourists to visit. Although there are some countries that have a “travel warning”, Bali is not too much affected by the conditions of the mountain eruption. Even during 2017 tourist visit statistics increased by 5.86%.

Many people argue that the best property investment sources in Bali are still centered in Kuta. In fact, investors began to expand the area and buying property in Bali to the west and north which was considered more perspective. Based on the survey 9 out of 10 people think that the location is the most important of the prices when deciding on buying property in Bali.

Why can west and north Bali be a recommendation for buying property in Bali? There are 2 things that underlie the 2 areas in Bali that are of concern to investors. Both locations were opened as wide as possible for the development of the tourism business in Bali. It is expected that interest in buying property in northern and western Bali gets the attention of investors, both small, medium and large scale.

There are some important things that you should pay attention to before buying property in Bali for a place to live.

Buying Property In Bali From Trustable Developer

It’s better to buy property in Bali that was built by the best developers or developers who have a trusted track record. The track record for the developer is important and you need to acknowledge it as a first step before making the next step. The track record can be an illustration before knowing how well they built property before you bought a property in Bali.

Building Quality

The quality of the building is no less important. We must know the design, quality of work, and building materials used in the house. Knowing it is very important because you will live a lifetime to last long.

Rental Property Prices

Buying property in Bali to return to rent provides benefits for you. The interest in rental property in Bali is very high. Given the many expats who work and take their families to Bali. In its development, tourists prefer villas or rental homes that are luxurious and comfortable to stay while on vacation.

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