Reasons That Hold You Back from Building Wealth Through Property

One of the reasons why people choose property investment is to gain financial freedom as well as building wealth. They are not wrong goals to begin with. In fact, it is just valid that you want to build your wealth through property. The opportunities are there. Even if they aren’t you can make them yourself. Property business is for everyone with passion, patience, and creative thinking. It is not only for the wealth. You see, there’s a lot of successful property investor coming from various background and discipline. They have the same chance, so do you.

Things holding you back from building wealth through property

Being successful is one thing. Tackling something you need to fight on your own is challenging indeed. Even when you have clear goal to build wealth through property, there is always thing that can hold you back to make the first step. Those that only holding you back from reaching your goal should be removed. Here are some excuse that people use to refuse property investment:

  • Money is the most common excuse people use to avoid investing in property no matter how big the chance to be successful is in this field. Lots of people think they don’t have enough money to start investing. They think that property investment is only for the wealthy. The fact is, there is a lot of possibility you can find to fund your property investment. You can use the equity of your own house, borrowing enough money from trusted lenders, or starting with small investment that you can afford.
  • Lots of people also think that property market is not safe enough for investment. Property market is unpredictable but it is not the only factor that can affect your chance of becoming a successful investor. If you buy the right type of property at the right location as well as having financial buffer, the condition of property market won’t affect you that much.
  • The reason why people refuse investing in property is because it can takes years before reaching success. It is a fact. It is true that success in property investment is not something you can achieve overnight. It may take years before you can even pay your mortgage full. However, it is a great field if you aim for a type of long-term success. Gradual and steady steps are better than rush flight in order to reach your destination. That’s why property investment is for those who are patient, passionate, and dedicated.
  • The lack of knowledge about property investment is sometime used as an excuse to refuse the idea of property investing. However, it is truly not a big deal because today, everything can be learned efficiently. The knowledge is important but it is not something you can’t achieve either. You can learn from books, journals, articles, and even the experts. The knowledge in property investment is important to make the right decision and strategies. However, knowledge is everywhere so there is no reason to be discouraged about investing in property.
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Managing Property Investment Risks with the Right Tools

Everything in life holds its own risk so does property investment business. Investing in property sounds simple and easy but it is not in real life.

In facts, it takes years before you can actually pay your mortgage fully then take another couple of years to be able to start growing wealth from it. However, it is also important to keep in mind that every risk has different degree and it is your job as an investor to truly evaluate and asses every possible risk that may come your way.

You need to look through the potential loss and reward of every risk so you can the right decision. Remember not to follow others in making decision because every individual has different potential, capability, financial situation, and so on.

The right tools to deal with the risks

Right tools to deal with risks

In property investment business, it is important for you to stay ahead. Being hardworking is not the only thing that can lead you to success. You need to work smart as well such in making decision about the risk whether to take it or leave it. To help you making the right decision in managing the risk, here are the right tools you need to have in you:

  1. Skills are important to have when it comes to property investing. You can’t do anything if you don’t have certain skill. However, the most important thing is to know how to use your skills to your benefit. In property investment business, people come from different discipline and background. Thus, they also come with different individual skills. The way you make decision about the risk you face during your investing can be influenced by the skill you already have. However, it is also important that the skills are not only born but also can be created. Thus, sharping your skill can be very helpful in your ability to make thorough and proper evaluation over the risks.
  2. The contacts you have in property industry is also important to help you making the right decision. You must be aware that running property investment is not something you can do alone. You need other people to help you building your property investment business without taking higher degree of the risk. However, it is also important to keep in mind that you need to rely on the right people. Building contact to your network may not give you benefit immediately but it will be very helpful in the future such as when you have difficulty in managing the risk.
  3. The expertise you have also very helpful in risk management. Your specialty in certain area of property investment will allow you to achieve higher and better than others. It is because you are better at something than the average when you are expert in particular area. It also means, you will be able to find more opportunities than others. Your expertise will allow you to know many things the other don’t such as the right timing, the possible change, and other things so you can take better decision and minimise the risk.
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Food Truck, Gaining Advantages of Walking Restaurants

The phenomenon of a restaurant walking or called a food truck is busy being discussed. Food trucks have been very global to help businesses without a lot of capital. The food truck is a trend in big cities. At present, it will be very easy to find a row of food trucks that sell food and drinks.

The target of Food Truck Business

Everyone needs food. As everyone is busy, especially in big cities, the food truck is the right choice. The target market for food truck businesses is those who have limited time and are too busy with their jobs. The types of food and beverage food trucks can easily determine consumers such as on campus, offices, universities, entertainment venues and many others. This will greatly help food truck businessmen reach consumers from various walks of life.

Business Benefits

Want to do business with limited capital? So the food truck business is the right alternative business choice. Uniquely, you can determine the location where you sell as you wish. Make sure you communicate with a certain area that does require special permission. A food truck is a business where you are looking for consumers wherever and wherever possible to get a higher business profit.

Business Constraints

The obstacle of a food truck is during the rainy season, especially in some countries with a very high frequency of rainfall. Food trucks don’t provide comfort to sellers or customers. For food truck business people, it’s a good idea to find a solution to find a more comfortable place or delivery solution for customers.

Marketing strategy

Modifying the car food truck as interesting as possible will make many people interested to come and try. Installing banners around the car allow people who pass the location of your food truck to be aware of your business. Unique menus and affordable prices are a favorite of employees to save monthly fees. Or you can provide drive-thru services for passing vehicles who want to order without having to wait long.

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Enjoy the Best Holiday with Bali Luxury Villas

You must have known that Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are great places to visit during your peaceful getaway. It will even be less-hassled when choose Bali Luxury Villas to find the best accommodation. Of course, Bali gives you zero problem when it comes to accommodation. Besides, villas are more preferred for Bali visitors than other types of accommodation. Villas gives more cozy and homey vibe for the guest so it makes sense that most visitors in Bali prefer villas over hotels or resorts.

Bali Villas

Villas you can find at Bali Luxury Villas

Bali Luxury Villas have been renting and managing private villas in Bali with love and full attention. They are so ready to give you the finest of Bali through perfect accommodation in the form of prestigious, luxurious, private villas. You see, Bali has great diversity and beauty to enjoy. Designing exclusive vacation for over 20 years, it just makes senses for you to trust them to find you the best villa. Here are some villas featured in Bali Luxury Villas:

  • Sol Y Mar Villa is located in a breathtaking sunset cliff. It consists of four bedrooms to accommodate eight persons at max. Since it overlooks an open ocean, you can enjoy the view anytime you want while basking in a soft breeze. This villas is fully staffed consisted of manager, private chef, villa attendants, butlers, and security. This villas is only a short drive away from the infamous Balinese temple, Pura Luhur which is located at Uluwatu. This villa also has tropical garden, media room, infinity swimming pool, as well as stunning vista. There is also art digital library where you can find huge library of music and movie collection.
  • Jagaditha Villa is located in Canggu, overlooking Indian Ocean. It consists of six bedrooms accommodating twelve guests at max. It is perfect for a family getaway especially if you own a big one. This villa is only 24 km away from the airport which makes it more accessible. During your time in this villa, you can freely enjoy the view of Cemagi Beach. Not to mention you can also enjoy the view of rice paddies where the locals live nearby. Luscious garden, infinity pool, as well as living and dining pavilion are there to provide you more comfort during your stay.

Kali Bali Villa consists of four bedrooms. It has great interior design decorated with ocean-themed artwork. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas for you to enjoy your meals. And of course, it is fully staffed with experienced and charming people. You can also access an expansive rooftop entertainment terrace to enjoy majestic views. You can laze around in timber deck surrounded by potted plants, and breezy atmosphere. There is also a private give with coach trainer and complete equipment for you to maintain your fitness even during your holiday. So, choose one of villas features in Bali Luxury Villas from now so your getaway will be more memorable and comfortable.

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The Right Type of Property That Fits For Long Term Investment

Investing in property needs commitment. It is worth it if you can really commit to it and do your own homework diligently. Of course, it is challenging. However, the risk of property investing is considered less than any other types of business. If you can sell or rent out your investment property, at least you can use it for your personal housing. Investing in property also requires you to have clear goal. It can be short-term and long-term goal. Both are important but the long-term goal is more especially if you want your career to continue to the right path.

Choosing property for long term investment

Lots of people say purchasing an investment property is easy. However, it is not that simple in real life. It is not easy to find ideal property that fits your budget as well as expectation. Sometimes a property you are aiming for is located in not-so-ideal location which put your money at risk. Or, the property is located in the most strategic area but the price is too high to afford. To make it easier for you to find the right property especially for long term investment, here are some tips:

  • The ultimate thing to do when it comes to investing in property is to purchase investment grade property. This type of property will be able to outperform any circumstances even when the market is not that friendly. This type of property will assure you that your money is worth it. It also means you need to pay more attention to the quality when looking for ideal investment property. If you rely too much on cheap price, it may backfire you someday. Therefore, cheap price is not the main concern you need to think of when buying property. Quality over cheap price is what you need to consider.
  • You don’t have to get stuck with new property. Sometimes, your chance comes in a form of an old house with development potential. You see, if you expect to be a passive investor then you won’t be going nowhere. Thus, being proactive in doing your investment will help you to reach you’re your goals. A property with development potential is better than new apartment located in not-so-ideal location with high price.
  • Location is always critical when it comes to property purchasing. Of course, it is not the only factor of successful investment. However, the right location means high demand of housing. It means there’s a lot of potential for you to grow your business. Property in a good location assure you that your money will be worth it for a long term.
  • Medium rise-family size apartment or house is great for investment. The demand is at least never drop too low in the market. In addition, townhouses in the established middle ring suburban is not a bad idea either for long term investment. At least, the demand is stable enough that you won’t be too concerned whether or not you would be survive the market.
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Things to Learn during Your Journey of Property Investing

Life is not always about achieving thing but also about learning. As long as you live, you will always have chance to learn something new. This also happens when you are involved in property investing. Running business is like having another dimension of life but instead of making you feel left out or different, it can make you become a better person and reach your goals.

Making mistakes during your journey in investing is inevitable because you are human after all. However, mistakes can be the most valuable lessons in your life. Therefore, never beat yourself too hard when you make mistake but learn something from it.

What you can learn from property investing

Property investing involves various people, actions, as well as circumstances. It is not surprising if you manage to find something new from every interaction you make with your business partner. You will also face different circumstance throughout your journey in property investing. Those will teach you how to handle things better in the future.

Involved in property investing allows you to learn how to build your patience and town down your ego. You see, there will be lots of different people you face with throughout your career. Not all of them give the best impression. You may need to face people with bad temper sometimes. Thus, this is your chance to learn how to build your patience and not to get carried away by stressful circumstances.

Things to learn when you have a journey on property investing

In negotiation for example, things may not go as you wanted. However, you need to remember that there will always be another opportunity. Not jumping blindly to opportunity is also important.

Property investing also teaches you how to understand others instead of just listening. It is also common to want to be heard instead of listen to them. There is nothing wrong with telling what you want especially during negotiation. However, business needs to way communication. You can’t just listen or speak. You need to listen tentatively to others to really understand what they want so you can also think of better solution. You also need to speak clearly to let the others understand what you want. This way, you can make the best deal for your business.

Involved in property investment also teaches you hot synergize with others. You see, aside from competition, cooperation is also important in business. When you keep on your competitive side, your choice of solution will be limited. Meanwhile, wider options will appear when you also include your cooperative side. Interacting with others to communicate effectively and reach the best solution means you need good synergy.

There are things you cannot control such as the flow of property market, the value, etc. however, there are things you can control. They are your mind, body, and spirit. Don’t hesitate to improve yourself in every aspect in you. Educating yourself and sharpening your skills will be very impactful to the future of your property business. Remember that property is not the only asset you have. You yourself is precious asset you need to maintain and improve from time to time.

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Business Crisis – How to Recover from Business Crisis

There’s no one will guarantee that you will never go through a thing called a crisis. Every aspect of our life will meet this moment especially business. The real question is how we should face and manage it to make it under control.

Whether it is an external or internal event, a crisis is defined generally a series of measures which have the potential to give a negative impact for the organization or its leaders. Since every business and crisis is diverse, there’s no single approach to manage each situation. But, here are some ways to help you successfully handle a business crisis.

  • Being prepared is always better than repairing

You should try to imagine what could happen if Noah started to construct the ark when it was already raining. There will be too late right. It is the same for business, the leaders should have at least considered some things that could go wrong across their company before those things really happen.

  • The best preparation is planning how to handle crisis you haven’t been through

You may already have a clear image. But, it is actually set a scenario beyond your company’s comfort zone. But, a great business owner should take this step and prepare for the bad things.

  • A Crisis is inevitable

As the business owners, you should understand that it is out of the question that your company will face a crisis. Every organization does. It is more important to identify when, why and how. Being prepared is the best measure in business practices.

  • Some little planning is significantly helpful than not at all

It is true that you can’t make a plan for the various issue, however having discussions about different scenarios with your colleagues will help you develop the alignment and responses to the following event.

  • One crisis can lead to another

You should always be aware as a single crisis tends to create a separate crisis. Many business owners do not expect for this domino effect and make a simple crisis becomes a disaster.

  • Involve everyone

To keep good communication within your organization, it is vital to hold a meeting that involves every individual regularly. This will help you to get an early warning or signals of any events that could trigger a full-blown catastrophe.

  • Look at your vulnerabilities before anything happen

Examine your organization with a serious eye to be ably determining the vulnerable areas or blind spots in the institution that makes you fail from assessing potential risks. You may think that evaluating your company is a tough task and only a waste. But, you need to bear in your mind that the affected audiences and media will be tougher and stressful that it creates turmoil.

  • Consider telling everyone about what is going on

No matter how small or big the issue you are facing right now, you need to think about all stakeholders and keep their contact information. You need to communicate about the crisis if you need to and inform them once you are able to resolve the issue. Conduct an evaluation with them afterward, so you can get the important learnings and best solutions for the future.


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Canggu Bali Villa Rentals, A Perfect Accommodation To Enjoy A Piece Of Heaven

Canggu is one of the charming villages in Bali. Features a natural green landscape and offers stunning views of the village. The tranquility and peace of the village of Canggu are perfect for those who want to escape the pressures of an urban lifestyle. This village can be a safe, peaceful holiday and able to refresh the holiday atmosphere. The best accommodation to enjoy everything is Canggu Bali villa rentals.

All calm, comfort and luxury are available and prepared specifically for you. When you make the decision to stay in Canggu Bali villa rentals there will be many things you will definitely appreciate. There are many things that can be shared if you are in the village of Canggu.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Facilities

Staying at Canggu Bali villa rentals means you will take advantage of luxurious and modern facilities with exceptional service. Canggu villas are combined with a private pool or a spacious garden. Villas in the Canggu area are ideal for family vacations or couples. But that does not mean Canggu is not suitable for traveling solo.

Canggu Bali villa rentals offer many choices of bedrooms so they can be adapted to your holiday accommodation needs. Villas in Canggu Bali offer world-class services in combination with the friendliness of the staff and local residents.

What facilities are provided by Canggu Bali villa rentals? Villa facilities are not inferior to star hotels. Considering the Canggu area is in a rural area with views of green rice fields, you will feel a semi-outdoor family room. Automatically, you can easily monitor children playing in the pool area.

Have you ever felt homesick when on vacation? Canggu Bali villa rentals offer a comfortable atmosphere that keeps you at home. You can freely use kitchen facilities with modern equipment. If you want to enjoy an international restaurant, you can go to the Seminyak area. Enjoy the night in the Seminyak area, you can head to the row of bars accompanied by a bottle of cold beer.

Bali offers villas with luxurious and classy facilities for the best holidays. This exotic island not only offers a classy holiday but is also a relaxing, lively and pleasant paradise. Everything you can enjoy in one vacation package. Other activities that can improve your adrenaline such as surfing and diving can be the perfect choice to fill your memorable adventure vacation. A thousand temple island is the best destination and Canggu Bali villa rentals are the perfect accommodation for your vacation.

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List of No Money Business Which You Can Do on Your Own

Do you want to start some businesses and you are looking for the list of no money businesses which you can start on your own? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As we all know, starting a business can use a lot of money and not everyone has that money.

There are some people who end up in debt because they want to start a business but fail. Then, how do you overcome this problem? Well, fortunately, we are now live in a modern era. Meaning, our life is surrounded by sophisticated technologies and the internet.

List of no money businesses you can do your own


If you happen to want to start a business but you do not have money at all, then keep on reading this article. We will give you a list of home business which you can do to earn some good money every day.

Get Money with the Internet

If you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone, do not bother to step out of your home to look for a job. With your internet connection, you can get some money. For example, there are many internet earning opportunities such as completing digital offers, sharing offers with friends, testing websites, watching videos, using smartphone apps, completing surveys, and using coupons.

Usually, you will get paid for at least $1 to $30 per day. Most of the payment will be done using PayPal.

Make Money Blogging

The next no money business which you can do on your own is by creating a blog which can give you a stable income. In this case, you can either use WordPress or Blogger which are free. You will get your money by the WordPress and Blogger’s AdSense ads. Although you will get much money with this, you will be able to gather some audiences. Once you have a stable income, then you can move your blog to the paid version.

Child Care

The next business which you can do without having to have much money is by offering childcare services. As you all know, there are many busy families nowadays and most of them cannot trust their children to strangers.

This is where you can step in and get your chance. You can offer your childcare services to your neighbours in your area. It is even better if you can send your neighbours’ introductory emails so that they know that you are opening the childcare business.

Freelance Writing

The last business which you can do is this freelance writing. The first thing you need to know is that there is no bad writer. You do not have to major in English or have a good record in writing to be a freelance writer. If you enjoy writing, then you definitely have to try this business.

Not only this business will improve your skill in writing, but this business can also allow you to gain experiences. Those are the list of no money businesses which you can do at your home. Choose one and then try it!

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The Importance of Cash Buffer in Property Investing

Every business has its own risk you need to deal with. As in property investing, there are also risks and weighs you need to consider and anticipate. Besides, there is also the unexpected that you might need to face in the future. You see, anything that could go wrong should be anticipated in some ways so that you wouldn’t be suffered from the consequences. One of the most effective strategies to deal with the unexpected in your property investing is cash buffer. Building up cash buffer is a mart way for property investor to maintain their investment and avoid losing much money.

Cash buffer and property investing

There are possible scenarios which cost you money such as when your tenants are late in paying their rent or when your property is left untenanted for certain period. During those times, you need to remember that you still have to pay your loan. They don’t wait until your tenants pay their rent or until your property is tenanted. In addition, there is a lot of possible cases of emergency that could happen to your property such as broken heater, leaking pipes, and many more. Those situations sound simple but never easy to handle in reality.

Those situations can be a test for those who can survive and can’t. Those who can’t handle the situation might leave and retire with little to no savings. Some investors just give up when they keep dealing with those situations while they don’t even get profit they aim from the beginning. However, property investing is never easy. In facts, it has its ups and downs. However, it doesn’t happen only to property business. Other business face similar situation more or less. The point is, dealing with the unexpected never been pleasant but you need to face it either way. By dealing with them, your property investment can survive in the long run and even grow bigger.

Cash buffer is like a life saver in property investing, it can prevent you from losing so much money from unexpected and expensive emergencies. It is what you can rely on during your lowest and weakest point in your property investing. There are many ways you can do to build up your cash buffer. Of course it is not that simple especially when your cash flow is not yet stable. However, you will find it very helpful to have cash buffer during the hard times. It makes all your effort to build your cash buffer worth it.

There is no ultimate calculation as to how much cash buffer you should build. It usually depends on your rent income, property, and regular expenses. However, it is highly suggested that you at least have $5,000-$10,000 per each property you own. That much is enough to deal with emergencies such as immediate repairs that cannot be delayed. Cash buffer is also very helpful when the interest rates increase. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary drama if you can regularly save up from your rental income and build up cash buffer.

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