Making the Right Offers Effectively

Running real estate business is a challenge. However, it is not something impossible to be successful in this business since lots of people have proved it. The main thing to remember when it comes to property business is that it is about numbers game. Every step and plan should be calculated thoroughly for more positive results. To build your business, you need to earn as many leads as possible. The more leads you earn, the closer you get to close the deals.


However, lots of experts say that numbers of leads don’t necessarily determine in closing the deals. There is more important factor to consider which is to improve the offers you make or how you make them. Lots of investors think too simply regarding to this matter. They do everything in order started from submitting an offer, waiting for a counter, and close it. However, the reality is not as simple as that because the market has its way.

Making the Right Offers Effectively

How to make effective and attractive offers

The market today focuses more on attractive offers. Thus, it won’t do if you just simply submit the offer and wait for a counter. You will only get a counter offer if your offer is attractive enough. What to do to make the right offers so that your chance of acceptance will go higher? Here are tips you can follow:

  • As mentioned earlier that it is important to make attractive offer. Thus, you need to do it to grab the attention. In order to get the attention, you need to find out more about your target. For example when you are in buyer’s market, finding out the seller’s situation will help you make the right offer. You will be in upper hand with all information you gather. Thus, you can then make attractive contract for the seller. Make sure to make some concessions to get your price.
  • Don’t be hesitant in dealing with the offers. It is important that you are decisive. Generally, seller will accept your offer in two weeks. It is the most ideal deal. However, there is also situation when you have to proceed negotiation. Thus, it is more recommended to follow up within 24 hours without prompting the seller for quick answer. Just make sure they receive your offer and make yourself ready for further follow up just in case they have something to ask. Make sure you already have had number in your mind which you are willing to pay. If you already mapped out your number before submitting initial offer than it will benefit you.
  • Make everything less difficult than necessary. There is no use to put some resistance in making offer. It is highly recommended that you make clean, legible and signed contract to submit. The lenders tend to accept reduced cash if the deal is easy to close. If you choose to pay cash, make sure to make it ready within a week or two in max. Or, prepare yourself some cash as down payment on the contract.


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Find Out Ideal Property for Buyers

There are many way you can do to get started with property business. People in this industry use different strategy which works individually. Thus, following other’s strategy doesn’t guarantee your success in building your business. No matter what kind of strategy you use, you cannot be considered if you cannot sell the property at its best price. So what is the key to sell your property at top dollar?

The answer is to focus on buyers. When you decide to rehab a property, you need a great plan. However, the plan is not to focus on your own satisfaction as investors but the buyer’s. You need to think carefully and thoroughly about what buyers want and look for of a property. By focusing on buyer’s need and demand, your chance to sell the property quickly is higher. In fact, you have higher chance to sell it for the highest possible price.

However, you might get confused as to decide buyer’s need of ideal property since every individual has their own needs. To decide it, you need to remember that no matter how different the market is, there are always common items which can attract the buyer’s interest. Here is what buyers mostly look for:

  • You need to make the property like out of a good movie. Thus, you need to pay attention to details such as the entryway. This way you can deliver the appeal as soon as the door opens. Remember that the first impression is important. Thus, putting some effort to make the front parts appealing will be worth it. Make sure that the front door is not old or rusty. If needed, you can add new shelf or nice mirror by the entry. This is what you call wow factor that is mostly looked for by buyers.
  • Remember that buyers are always willing to pay for quality. Thus, it is a great strategy to update the property with something new and fresh. The updates don’t need to be major or grand. You can only focus on three major areas in the house; kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Buyers usually pay attention more in those areas. You can update the countertops, appliances, or floor of the kitchen. For the bathroom, you can update the basic such as the flooring, vanity, sink, etc. For the bedroom, it is highly recommended to update the master bedroom before anything else. You can also update to focus on creating more spaces to the room.
  • When it comes to decide the color, you need to take out your personal feeling. Remember that you need to focus on what makes the buyers interested. To make a safe choice, you can choose neutral color. This will provide spaces if the buyer want to change the color in the future.
  • It is true that the interior is important but the exterior is not less important either. Thus, you need to make sure that the exterior is as appealing as the interior. This is a key to make good first impression.
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Tips Before Buying Property in Bali

Buying property in Bali, both as residential or investment is a social statement with a high level of prestige. Who does not want to have occupancy and investment in Bali? Investors are competing to buy property in Bali because it has a high market value. What’s more, Bali is the world’s top tourist destination.

Buying Property In Bali

Judging by the graph of tourist visits, several natural disasters such as the great mountain eruption did not significantly affect the interest of tourists to visit. Although there are some countries that have a “travel warning”, Bali is not too much affected by the conditions of the mountain eruption. Even during 2017 tourist visit statistics increased by 5.86%.

Many people argue that the best property investment sources in Bali are still centered in Kuta. In fact, investors began to expand the area and buying property in Bali to the west and north which was considered more perspective. Based on the survey 9 out of 10 people think that the location is the most important of the prices when deciding on buying property in Bali.

Why can west and north Bali be a recommendation for buying property in Bali? There are 2 things that underlie the 2 areas in Bali that are of concern to investors. Both locations were opened as wide as possible for the development of the tourism business in Bali. It is expected that interest in buying property in northern and western Bali gets the attention of investors, both small, medium and large scale.

There are some important things that you should pay attention to before buying property in Bali for a place to live.

Buying Property In Bali From Trustable Developer

It’s better to buy property in Bali that was built by the best developers or developers who have a trusted track record. The track record for the developer is important and you need to acknowledge it as a first step before making the next step. The track record can be an illustration before knowing how well they built property before you bought a property in Bali.

Building Quality

The quality of the building is no less important. We must know the design, quality of work, and building materials used in the house. Knowing it is very important because you will live a lifetime to last long.

Rental Property Prices

Buying property in Bali to return to rent provides benefits for you. The interest in rental property in Bali is very high. Given the many expats who work and take their families to Bali. In its development, tourists prefer villas or rental homes that are luxurious and comfortable to stay while on vacation.

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Misconceptions You Will Find about Real Estate Business

Deciding to start investing in real estate should come from thorough consideration. You need to know exactly what you are getting into before you regret and backtracking.

Some people believe that real estate is a great start for investing money. However, it is also common for new real estate investors to believe in misguided advice or misconceptions. It is true that there are myths even in real estate business which is a logical deal.

It is great to ask for advice for those successful investors in order to follow the step. However, it is better to follow the truth. The best step to take is to do your own due diligence and necessary research in order to make the right decision.

Real estate business misconceptions

Here are misconceptions you will find often about real estate business:

  1. First misconception is that investing in a bad neighborhood is a big no. However, this statement is not true at all. If you can manage to find a potential even in a bad neighborhood then you can earn your profit. Statistically, distressed home prices are 37% below median sales prices. Thee type of properties are typically 20% under the market value. Hence, you can get your chance to higher your profit. You can use flip or buy-and-hold strategy for these properties.
  2. The next misconception is that you need to be wealthy to invest in real estate. Being wealthy means you have easier access to start investing but it doesn’t determine whether or not you are going to be successful. Statistically, 23% of successful investors started investing in real estate with less than 10,000 dollars. There are various alternatives to start investing in real estate if you have limited funds. Thus, being wealthy is not a must or rule to be able to invest.
  3. Next common misconception in real estate business is that customer is always right. In business, customer should be treated as a king. However, it doesn’t make them always in the right side. Statistically, 37% of customers do little to no research before investing in a product or service. This results in 23% of them more likely to request a refund. Thus, the best step to handle customers is to give them the best service but still holding on the best principle. Remember that rude customers cost you faithful employees. When you blindly trust customers and give everything they want, your employees will be upset for not having your back especially when the customers become more aggressive.

Those are common misconceptions you will find about real estate business. In order to not be misguided, it is important to rely on facts. Besides, real estate business depends on numbers.

It means you can calculate your steps and consequences easily without believing in unnecessary myth. When it comes to asking for advice, it is still necessary so you can gain more knowledge.

However, it is better to take advice with a grain of salt. Therefore, you can pull your own trigger after doing your own due diligence and research.

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How Millennial Buy House in Property Business Trend Today

Millennial have given significant influence in a lot of sectors including in property business trend. Lately, the numbers of young buyers participate in the large market of property industry. The number is impressive especially in the last decade. Therefore, it is highly suggested that sellers and investors take millennial into consideration. Their needs should be on one of the top lists since they are influential. There are potential buyers coming from millennial which may give you better chance to sell your home in the most promising and profitable deals. The first thing you need to do is to catch their attention.

How to approach millennial property buyers

There are differences between younger and older buyers including preferences, way of communication, etc. Since younger buyers are potential to earn you benefit in your business, it is highly suggested to use the most effective approach to catch their attention. Thus, the first thing to do is to analyze the tendencies of millennial. Thus, you can set a great plan to attract them. Here are ways of buying home used by millennial which change the dynamic of home-buying:

Email vs Phone Call

Unlike older buyers who like making a phone call for communication, millennial prefer texts and emails. They tend to choose the most efficient and convenient way in communication. Today, internet data is mostly used by millennial. That is why their approach in communication also tends to texting or emailing. Phone calling is viewed as less efficient by them. Thus, you need to adjust your approach in communication to meet their dynamic.

A Lot of Research

Instead of bugging the seller with so many questions, younger buyers prefer doing their own research to find out about potential house they want to buy. Therefore they tend to be more confidence and sure about what they are getting into. However, they also tend to ask unexpected questions which can put the sellers on edge. Thus, prepare yourself to interpret the information they get from their research.

Set of Expectation

As mentioned above that millennial tend to do their own research so when they need to question it to the seller they appear more confident. It means, they have set their own expectation as well. They don’t like vague information about the deal. They like to know what to expect and when it happens. Thus, you need to be upfront about the entire process so there won’t be any deviation.


Millennial like getting referrals. They tend to trust them with a proven track record. They won’t buy promotional words in advertisement easily. They like doing research and ask trusted referrals. Thus, you need to provide testimonials as well as positive online review to earn their trust.

Guidance for Value

Millennial tend to have difficulty in envisioning what it would be like to live in a respective home even though they appear to be a confident buyer. They value guidance a lot. Thus, you need to point out the potential of the house they are interested in. You need to do a good job at staging so the potential will be standout.


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Benefits of Watching Real Estate TV Shows for Investors

It is so common to see real estate TV show playing on weekend. Some people just ignore it and some pay attention to what the program shows. As real estate investors, you should not underestimate real estate TV shows. There are lessons you can learn from it. Remember that one of the key to become successful investor is to have endless willingness to learn something new from time to time no matter what the resource is. TV show can be a great way to learn many things which can help you improve your kills in investing and manage your business. Thus, next time you flip a channel and find real estate TV show playing on one of the channels, you can’t just skip it immediately. You can watch it and see if there is something you can learn from the show.

Every Tv shows dedicated to real estate shows different graphic and drama. However, every aspect of them contain meaningful message to deliver to the audience. Here are examples of lesson you can gain from real estate TV show:

  • A good team is important in real estate business. This is lesson you can get from watching real estate TV show. The investors in the show lean on their team for support. They involve others to manage the business include real estate agent, contractor, etc. Without the help of many people, it will be harder to reach your goals. This is why the TV show always displays how investors work smoothly with their business partner as well as real estate agent and contractor.
  • Hard work is important to reach goal is also a lesson you can get from watching real estate TV show. Hard work is essential to be successful. It doesn’t thing you can earn overnight. It takes months to years for investor to gain success. This includes scarifying your personal time. When the TV shows displays how hard it is to secure deals and close them, the process in real life can be twice harder.
  • Balance between work and life is also another lesson you can learn from watching real estate TV show. In the show, there are scenes which are not related to real estate. This shows that work needs to be balance with life. Securing deals and closing them is important but if your life revolving around it for 24 hours then you will get burnt out. It is not healthy for your life and work. Working with clouded mind won’t get you anywhere. Therefore, balancing your life and work is a great way to reach your goal more effectively.
  • Next lesson from watching real estate TV show is that there are challenges everywhere. In every step you take, you will find challenge from minor to major one. This requires you to think quickly for solution and decision. Sometimes, drama cannot be avoided. That is why you need to always be ready to face any challenge in every step from purchasing to ending sale.
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Reasons Why the Key of Real Estate Success is Great Service

When it comes to successful real estate business, people always talk about location and capital. Well, that is not entirely wrong but it not entirely true as well. There are many things to do before gaining success in real estate business especially this is not a business where you can gain success overnight.

You need to work hard and work smart in order to build your business and make your investment fruitful. Real estate experts and successful investors agree that one of the keys to real estate success is great service.

The reason is simple. It is because real estate is a service industry. It is not always about the most strategic location or the most affordable price.

Key of real estate success is great service

Remember that the competition in real estate business is quite fierce and challenging. Therefore, you need to make sure that your business is different from others.

One of the best ways is to show your excellent service to your customers. There are many ways to deliver your excellent service in real estate business. That’s why I tell you about some of them that you can start considering to apply.

The first important service is honesty. It is important that the customers think you are trustworthy. Being trustworthy and honest on a deal will earn you more chances to build your reputation. You will also have more chance anyone involved will want to work with you in the future.

Make sure that your words and actions are trustworthy.

Being responsive is one of the major factors in order to deliver excellent service in real estate business. Returning text, email or call is a must. There is no benefit from giving slow response.

Besides, technology has been a great support for this matter. It won’t take much time for you to reply a text or follow up email. When you lack of responsiveness, people will think that you are too unorganized, too busy, or don’t care enough. This is a bad sign. Don’t keep your customers or business partners in the dark.

Even if you cannot give the right answer, make sure they know that at least you care and try to find it for them.

Next important factor in delivering great service is to make yourself reliable for others. Therefore, it is not about showing off your achievement or how many deals you close in a month.

It is about how you show your customers and business partners how reliable and consistent you are in handling your work. It is important to make them know that trustworthy and have a great work ethic.

The next important point in giving great service in real estate business is consistency. Make sure that nothing can affect your professionalism. Don’t let your mood control your performance because this will lead to losing trust from customers or business partner.

People will easily lose their faith once you show that you are inconsistent in handling your business. Thus, make sure to remain reliable and trustworthy no matter what the situation is.

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Understanding more about Customer Service in Property Business

Property business involves people. This is not a new concept at all. Your business will be going strong when you have clients. Therefore, knowing well what the customers want is a great step to successful investment in real estate business.

However, it will be even greater if you can understand the reason behind they wants. Knowing why customers want what they want will be advantageous for your business. Once you know their reasons, you will have better understanding about their needs.

Customer service in property business

Therefore, you will be able to provide what they really need. This will open the opportunity of having loyal and profitable customers. Remember that customers appreciate even small gesture like this. Showing that you care about what their need will make them stay loyal.

What to do to understand more about what the customer needs

There is no grand gesture as to find out about what the customers want. You can communicate and interact as usual. However, you can add simple questions and gesture that show you care more about them such as:

  • When you are discussing about a home wanted by the customers, you may ask basic questions such as “what is your price range?” or “how many bedrooms do you need”. If you want to know more about the reasons behind their want then you can ask further questions such as “why do you decide to start looking for a new home?” or “how can we help to make this process run more smoothly for you?”. These types of questions are not only to dig information about their ideal home but also to show them that you support them.
  • It is true that property business relies more on rational thinking instead of instinct or emotional decision. However, it is great to gage your customer’s emotion while having conversation or making transaction. You can ask questions such as “how do you feel about the transaction so far?” or “how do you think about the concept of the home we offer?” Finding out about their feeling whether they are sad, happy, disappointed, will make you easier to find the right solution.
  • Delivering a great experience to customers is a great start in real estate investing. Statistically, companies that make customer service as their priority earn 60% more profit than those that don’t apply the same method. When you are involved negatively with the customers, the impact will be direct to your company. Therefore, it is highly recommended and suggested to exhibit excellent customer service and appreciation if you want to enter real estate business.

Remember that in every business, relation and interactions are important. When it comes to satisfying your customers, you need to focus to understand more about what they need and what solution you can provide.

Make sure you will be a main source for customers to find an answer of their questions. When you show great appreciation and support to your customers, you will get loyal and profitable customers in return. That is a great asset for your business.

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Implementing Good Habits for Your Finance while Building Property Business

Building wealth from property business is challenging. While it is true that you need to work hard, it is even better to work smarter.

Collecting money from every deal you make in running property business is easy. However, to be able to keep more of your monthly income is not so easy. That is why you need the right habits to help you do so. Building and maintaining your finance are basic in property business.

Good habits to implement for finance

You don’t need big actions. In fact, small and frequent actions are more impactful when it comes to financial management.

Good habits to implement for your finance

Habits are not always good and healthy. There are toxic habits which can ruin what you have earned so far. Thus, you need to choose only healthy habits in regards to your money management. Thus, your hard-earning income won’t be such a waste.

Here are examples of healthy habits you need to implement in order to keep you finance stable and even grows:

  • Monitoring your expenses in your investment is a basic action you need to take. Even if budgeting is not your thing, you still need to track on your expenses in detail. Many investors are overwhelmed by this basic action. However, it will be more bearable if you start tracking on the problematic expenses which have more potential in risking your finance. Make sure you check thoroughly. You can spare an hour or two every day to do this habit.
  • Make sure you know how to prioritize your goal in your finance. Once you organize your priority based on the urgency and importance, you can make clearer plan to achieve them one by one.
  • Next habit is saving. Instead of doing conventional saving, you can do more creative concept of saving such as save your tax refund, make regular deposit, and portion your revenue into different buckets of savings. Those are more impactful instead of just saving account.
  • To save yourself from excessive shopping, it is such a great idea to have ultimate shopping lists. It is often to forget what’s on the list and purchase everything that pops in mind. This is bad habit which can ruin finance. Thus, it is recommended that you plan your own shopping list so that you won’t suffer from excessive and unnecessary expenses.
  • Take every chance you have to get better price. As property investor, you will need to make deal or buy stuffs to provide the needs of your tenants for example. Thus, you have to use the chance to ask for better price or discount every time. This is not embarrassing at all when you make it as habit.
  • Make sure you keep building knowledge in financial management so that your brain won’t ever be rusty. Learning has no expire date so you can do it anytime. You can read books, blogs, or articles about investing. Those are helpful resources to help your financial IQ upgraded. So you become more capable in handling your finance for your property investing.
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3 Quick Tips To Make Money Through Graphic Design In Bali

Graphic design work seems to be the one of the finest job in Indonesia today. Almost all the cities in Indonesia are possible for whoever you are to get success as the graphic designer and that is also happening in Bali for the past recent years.

Graphic design Bali services or products to make more money

The best two things you can get as the graphic designer are you can offering the graphic design products and also the services at the same times. You have 2 income resources! Selling things or offering your design skills in any possible way.

As you have known that Bali is where everyone want to spend their vacation. Indonesian people from various city are visiting Bali, so with the foreigners from various country. Every flight at the airport is the real prove of that. You can’t go the airport without seeing the foreigners, either they who just landed or those who are departing.

How to make money through your graphic design skill in Bali

The more travellers are coming, the very good sign for the local businesses. Graphic designing itself can be considered as the skill that most of the businesses in this world need it.

Either you will be as the Bali graphic design freelancer, working in a design agency, build your own design business, you are possible to success in design industry as you need as long as you know some of the best products and services you have to offer along the better way how you will do it.

1. Bali wedding invitation designs

You can sell your skill to offering the Bali’s wedding invitation designs plus the printing services if you want. The Bali’s wedding invitation itself is has the special motifs and patterns that are representing the local wisdom. Any other cities in Indonesia have also the same thing in the design, so you’d better start do some researches.

Anyway, many foreigners are also getting married in Bali. So, the market for your wedding invitation designs may increasing as well.

2. All businesses related to the tourism will need the design services, so you’d better find them

Be it the restaurants, transportations, accommodations, attractions and destinations, events and many more, the businesses are need to be promoted. To do that, the great design is one of the main thing the business owners should have.

3. Cooperate with the digital printing services

If you don’t work together with the printing services and on the other hands you have no printing machines, then you have missed big opportunity to get more money through the graphic design.

Your graphic design services is the main way to get clients and also make money as you have planned, but if you can cooperate with the digital printing services, you can even make more money as you will get bonuses from the owner.

I have worked with the above quick tips to make money through graphic design Bali services and products at the other cities before, and Bali is no different at all except the number of the foreigner visitors. So, I think that you will also possible to get success in Bali.

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