Building Website for Your Property Business

Website is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. It is used in many subjects of life including business. Both for conventional or modern business, website is useful to promote and raise brand awareness to larger communities. There is no limit about whom or when the site is accessed. Thus, building website for your property business is great action to take. This will be more impactful as your marketing strategy instead of using conventional way to promote your business such as making flyers or brochures. Website is also a symbol of credibility you should own if you are involved in property investing.

Building website for your property business properly and efficiently

Even though we live in digital times as today, there are people out there who are not so familiar in using modern tools. For those who have solid tech background, creating and designing website to manage property business must be easy. However, it won’t be the same case for those who don’t have the same background. Basically, creating a website is easy. However, creating website which specifically made for your real estate business requires more effort. So here are things to consider when you try to build website to boot your traffic which leads to potential deals:

  • Domain name is important thing you need to choose before doing anything else. Choose a name that aligns your company name to establish your credibility. Then, you need to choose keywords domains to attract visitors. Unique domain is good but the one that is easy to spell is even better. Make sure not to include complicated hyphens or spelling. Once you find ideal domain name, register it immediately.
  • Next thing to consider is platforms to install your site. There are many platforms you can choose such as WordPress. Then, you will also need a hosting company to provide server space for your website to live on. The principle or function of hosting company is different from platform so make sure you understand the both of them beforehand.
  • Once you create your website, you need to go to the next step which is designing. As mentioned earlier that creating a website is easy but maintaining it is not so easy. Even before maintaining your website, you need to design it so it will attract many visitors. Make sure you make your website eye-catching but still show credibility of your company. Wise people say the simpler the better. There is no need to apply excessive color scheme. You can combine two or three colors for visual.
  • Content is the key of your website that it holds powerful impact more than the visual itself. There are basic contents you should include in your property business website such as About Us, Contact, Home Page, Social Sharing icons, Privacy Policy, etc. Make sure that you are reachable for your visitors. You can even add live chat so that you can interact with them and respond their questions. It is even better if the content is not only about promotion but also something informative and inspiring.
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Bali Property For Rent, Informality And Comfort Experience Like At home

Having your own property can be a wise investment in the future. You can stay permanently or rent it out. Especially for investments in tourist destinations such as Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, Korea, or other destinations, renting out property is a source of additional income. Why not invest if your finances are excessive?

Bali Property For Rent

Bali Property For Rent, Additional Income, and Smart Investment

Bali property for rent is currently very popular with tourists. There are many reasons why investing in Bali is very profitable. Property prices in Bali are slightly cheaper than in Thailand, Hawaii or Korea. And Bali is increasingly popular as a tourist destination. Bali not only offers scenery but is also best for diving, surfing, spiritual healing and perfect for relaxing.

Villa is one of most popular and trendy Bali property for rent. A villa costs less than the actual price to stay in 5-star hotels. Villa rental competition is getting tighter lately. The owner of Bali property for rent sees the conditions of intense competition and arranges villas with luxurious facilities. Want to vacation more privacy? Villa is the right accommodation to maintain the privacy of your vacation.

Bali properties for rent in most villa packages have private pools. You have plenty of room for sunbathing without mixing with other people. This is very private! The head waiter is always ready to help and serve for everything.

Most Bali property owners for rent design villas with a thick atmosphere with Bali but still have a modern lifestyle. The villa provides an atmosphere of informality and comfort as you experience at home. Bali property for rent is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy the real Bali experience.

The culture and way of life of everyday Balinese residents will be very visible if you decide to rent a villa. Why? Most villas are built in the midst of a neighborhood. The peace of the atmosphere in the area of the population is an added bonus of your holiday. Security protection from local villages makes tourists more comfortable.

Refraining from dealing with rogue rental agents who promise a lot of things upfront should be avoided. Looking for Bali property for rent online will be better. You can get the best Bali property for rent from many words or mouth to mouth from previous customers. Bali property for rent is the best accommodation for your privacy holiday.

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Criteria of Profitable Commercial Real Estate Market for Investors

Criteria of Profitable Commercial Real Estate Market for Investors

Commercial real estate market has become more popular since it offers profitable deals. However, investing in commercial real estate is not for everyone. Some investors are not confident enough to take a step into this investing type. However, there is market that supposed to be convincing enough for investors to consider investing in commercial real estate. Many investors are not confident to invest in commercial real estate due to the pressure and the risks. Some even say that this field is only for seasoned investors. Finance is one of the most feared obstacles by new investors to start investing in commercial real estate.

One of the best ways is to find out the right market to start. Here are criteria of profitable commercial real estate market for investors:


Profitable market for commercial real estate investing is supposed to have high tenant demand. There are up-and-coming markets you can look for. They create new jobs and develop new residential complexes. This is due to increased demand for space by the tenants. If you cannot find this type of market then it will be hard for you to get started with the investment since your goal will be more difficult to achieve.

High Asking Rent

Ideal and profitable market for commercial real estate investing is the one with high asking rent. To find out about this, you might as well do due diligence. It is essential to research the market so you can find comparison of average asking rent price. The higher the asking rent price is, the more profit you can potentially gain especially when your purchase is considerably low.

Low Vacancy Rate

Low vacancy rate is supposed to be included in the criteria of profitable commercial real estate market. It will become more profitable if the market has high tenant demand. You will earn substantial profit since you can charge higher the rent price.


Finding commercial real estate market with low purchase prices is seems to be too good to be true for new investors. However, this is a really good chance to make profit. Finding property priced at or below market value is like a blessing. You can opt for distressed properties since they are usually priced below the market value.

Low Unemployment Rates

The next promising market is the one with low unemployment rates. This is so logical though. If the market is full with unemployment rates that it indicates that there are more citizens who are incapable in paying rent which does nothing good for your investment. Meanwhile, market with low unemployment rates indicates that there are more spaces needed for office buildings in the area.


There are many strategies in which even new investors can successfully achieve their goal in commercial real estate investing. Those strategies don’t always have to be conventional though. It is perfectly fine to choose the unconventional ones. It is true that investing in commercial real estate is challenging for new investors. However, you can use it as the future goal especially when you are looking for high-profit potential.


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Conducting Your Annual Property Business Review Properly

Review your achievement or progress in running property business is a must to know how far you have gone and what to do next year. If you fail to achieve your goal this year doesn’t mean you need to immediately change it. If you reevaluate your work from this year then maybe you will have a chance to achieve the goal just by readjusting your strategies here and there. Aside from assessing your goals, it is also important to reassess the systems and process. When the years near the end, you need to plan and prepare for next year so that you can improve your business in many sides.

What to consider in conducting annual property business review?

First thing first, you need to set the date of when you will conduct the review. By setting the schedule, you will be able to prepare some questions and other stuffs. Thus, the meeting will be more ready to conduct. Then, you will discuss and find out the reasons behind and make new plan to achieve it or set new goals. Here is what you need to do in conducting the year-end review of your property business:

  • After preparing for the agenda, you need to make questionnaires to find out your biggest accomplishment as well as disappointment. Thus, you will find out the ways for improvement and you will be able to find out new role you are going to take in order to make positive improvement. However, the questionnaire is not only about you but also your team. You may have different point of view but the goal is still the same.
  • Next thing to do is to list accomplishment you have achieved over the year and find out what kind of strategies you used. Thus, you will have more chance to achieve another goal in the future. You will also need to list your expected goals over the year that hasn’t been achieved. Then, ask yourself if they are worth trying for the next year or if they are something you need to leave behind.
  • If you come to a decision that the stale goals need to be replaced then make sure you make more realistic and specific goals. You need to list both short and long term goals. If you still want to achieve the goals, then you need to find the right strategies to accomplish them more effectively.
  • Next is to find out the obstacles that keep you from improving. Then you can look for the solution to overcome them. To make you more determined, you can set realistic timelines to accomplish your next goals. Thus, your steps will be more prepared and calculated.
  • You need to make a list of goals you need to achieve next year but focus on three or five big goals because you will be overwhelmed if you list too many goals. Thus, big and more specific goals are more reasonable. Don’t forget to follow up your progress after three or six months.
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What Makes You Fail in Achieving Your Property Business Goals

In running a business, goals are important. Without them, you don’t know if you have progressed or improved. Not only in property business are goals basically needed in other subject of business. This way, it will be easier for you to set determination about what kind of strategies you are going to use.

Reasons for fail in achieving property business goals

By trying hard in achieving your goals, you will have more chance in advancing your career to another level. This motivates you to keep moving forward with better actions. If it is hard to imagine the importance of goals, then just imagine what will bus do if it doesn’t have clear destination.

It will just wander around randomly or maybe circle around without aim. Thus, you can also say that goals are similar to destination.

Things that make you fail in achieving your goal

Goals are important but it doesn’t mean you will always achieve them successfully. There will be times when the goals are hard to achieve or you don’t try enough. There are many things that can determine your success in achieving your goals as well as factors which can result the opposite. Here are examples of what makes you fail in achieving goals in property business:

  1. Shallow knowledge in property business especially in the property market can lead you to failure in achieving your goals. The property market is not something static. It is dynamic and keeps changing. Thus, you need to stay up to date with whatever happens to the market. There are many things to learn regarding to property market and will be useful to use for building your business such as loans, customers demand, niches, etc. It is recommended to access and consume market data no matter what the format is.
  2. Next factor which leads you to failure in achieving goals is unreasonable and unrealistic goals. It is great to be positive and have high hope. However, business needs calculated moves and goals. It is true that unrealistic goal can motivate you. However, it means the goals are harder to reach. Thus, it is highly suggested to make realistic goals without underestimating your determination or skills. You can focus more on the progress instead of absolute result. This way, you are not only going to achieve your goals but also improve your skills.
  3. Too afraid to start is also another reason why you will never achieve your goals. There are always risks in every subject in life regardless is the impact is small or big. However, there is more useful to see from the positive sides. You can see that there are successful investors out there. Surely they start their business with determination and bravery. Your fear can be reduced by fully prepared such as making the right plan, educating yourself about property business, always eager to learn something new. When you cannot achieve your goal in the first try doesn’t mean it is an absolute failure. It is the right time for you to find the root of the problem and fix it.
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Knowing More about Green Building Techniques in Property Business

Today, eco-friendly building and everything related to sustainable resources are more preferred. This is why people involved in real estate business are now more interested in green building. It is not a secret that human activities have led to negative impact on the environment. However, thankfully people are more aware of the important in sustaining energy to save the Earth.

Green building techniques in property business

That is why people demand for green building even more these days. Lots of people especially homebuyers are more interested in sustainable materials as well as energy efficiency. Thus, they have less interest in wide space or grandiose location.

However, there is fierce competition amongst real estate investors regarding to green building. Even though this is promising in the matter of attracting homebuyers, the process of building green property has never been too simple. It is not only about finding the right sustainable materials but also the right green building technique.

Basically, implementing green building technique is beneficial for many parties such as investors, homebuyers, and of course the environment. Here is more information about green building technique investors need to know to increase value as well as save the environment:

  • Choose particular energy efficient products. This type of product should be included in your green property. When you choose appliances with energy efficient labels then it offers cost and energy savings. However, those appliances don’t compromise their performance. Examples of energy efficient appliances you can choose for your green build are insulation, eco-friendly water heater, dual panel glass, etc. Insulation which provides energy efficiency is important to choose because heating and cooling account most of property’s total energy consumption. Thus, will give significant change to apply proper insulation which promotes energy efficiency.
  • Green building technique also includes light fixtures and conserving water. Installing energy efficient light bulb is quite simple and does not cost much while the benefit is great. Water conserving fixture is a great way to conserve water. Besides, this is a great way to reduce energy bills. Lighting and water are absolute necessities for living. By choosing the one that promotes energy efficiency, it contributes a lot in sustaining resources and save the Earth from further damage than already has.
  • It is also a great idea to set landscaping for your green building. This technique requires you to consider planting on the southern and western side of the property. Thus, there is no need for excessive use of air conditioning since the planting creates proper shade needed when the sun is too harsh. There are other ideas you can choose such as installing artificial turf, Zen garden, etc.
  • Choose solar panel to promote energy efficiency to your property. Solar energy is renewable and clean. This is often used in fix and flip industry. Installing solar panel is the best way to utilize natural energy. This will help decreasing energy bills from 20% to 75% and even more. Some investors may think this is too costly. However, the benefits are unlimited so it’s worth it.
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A to Do List Property Investors Should Have

It is not easy to become a successful investor especially in property business. There are many things you need to master. There are also many fields you need to know and explore before going further and achieve your goals. However, this is not supposed to discourage you.

To do list for property investors

This is a challenge you need to take and believe yourself that you can be a successful investor one day. Besides, every successful investor uses various and different strategies to be in the place they are in now. Thus, you can create your own plan to achieve your goal in running your property investment.

What kind of to do list you need to make and implement?

A to do list is common not only for planning a business but in general things in your life. It makes the process center-oriented and achievable. By making a-to do list, you know what to do and what to achieve. You have clear direction in achieving your goal so you don’t go blindly. Here is a kind of to do list you should make and implement as a property investor:

  1. List urgent and important matters or task you should accomplish. There might be more than one or two tasks on the list. You can organize them to the right order based on the urgency. Then, create checklist so you know the progress of your work.
  2. Make daily and weekly plans as well as goals to help you monitor your progress. In order to make the right plan, you need to schedule the time properly. Make sure that you allocate enough time for each task.
  3. Don’t procrastinate your daily or weekly tasks since it won’t do any good to our business improvement. Multitasking is also not recommended when it comes to accomplish task in a-to do list. It is also not recommended to rush your time in finishing your task because it leads to more errors.
  4. Spare time to check your email regularly. You can also set the time to respond emails and make sure you respond the most urgent emails first. Make this task as habit so when the time comes, you will automatically check incoming email.
  5. List tasks or activities that will boost your business. You can also identify qualified individuals to help you with the tasks. Thus, you can share ideas and responsibilities. This way results effectively than only rely on your own ability. You can even use software or tools which can make your task finish efficiently.

For some people, a-to do list can be overwhelming. However, it is not supposed to be that way if you make it realistically. Besides, you make a-to do list to know exactly your priority. Thus, you know better which task is supposed to be done. This is more effective since it is specific and you don’t have to multitask. A-to do list is meant to be done one by one so you cannot jump to another task before you finish the top list.

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Investing in Multifamily Real Estate to Increase Your Business

There is always chance for you to step up the game when it comes to investing. For property business though, you can do it by investing in multifamily real estate. This investment is seen as promising chance since it offers many benefits. Your goal in investing is to earn promising profit and financial freedom.

Investing in multifamily real estate

There are many ways you can do but investing in this type of real estate is a great step to take. However, this type of investment is more suitable for those who have already had experience in dealing with real estate investing such as single-family real estate rental, wholesaling, etc. Multifamily real estate is not an easy feat since it costs a lot as well.

Here are some benefits of investing in multifamily real estate you need to know first before dipping your hand in this type of investment:

  • The obvious benefit is of course increased numbers of tenants which automatically leads to increased cash flows. You can even add some amenities with unique vibe to boost up your profits. You can provide extra amenities that you think will be useful for the tenants. This is also important investment that will pay you back in no time once you have gathered your tenants.
  • Investing in multifamily real estate is honestly giving you easier task to handle things. It is easier to manage multifamily real estate than different single family rental properties. You don’t need to travel here and there just to manage your property since your multifamily real estate is in one place. All your tenants are under one roof so you can provide their needs easier.
  • By investing in multifamily real estate, you will earn tax benefit as well. To make sure that you gain proper benefits from this, you might need to work with the CPA. By investing in multifamily real estate, you provide housing to the citizens. As the results, the government will offer more significant tax breaks for you.

What you need to consider before investing in multifamily real estate?
If this is your first time investing in this type of property, then you might as well consider some important points such as:

  • Make your guidelines by considering and taking notes about your budget. As mentioned earlier that multifamily real estate costs a lot. Thus, you need to make sure that your finance can cover it well.
  • Finding the best location of multifamily properties that you are going to invest in is important. Location does matter in property investment since it can determine whether or not your investment is going to work well.
  • You need to try finding the best deals that meet your ideal investment. You can find them through auctions, networking events, etc. You can search from different sources so you don’t have to stick with only one place.
  • Once you find ideal property to invest in, you need to work with negotiation process. Make sure you understand how to do it and find the best deal that satisfies both parties.
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How to Sell Your Home in a Hot Market

Sure you’ll have a bigger chance of selling your house at a desired price range during the seller’s market compared to when the market is cold. However as customers’ tastes, preferences, as well as access to information evolve over time, it’s often not that simple. A lot of people selling their houses find it difficult to sell their house at the price range they have set regardless of the fact that it’s currently a hot market in their area.

Selling house in a hot market

Appropriate pricing

Be informed. Do as much research as possible and understand how the market is faring. You don’t have to do this alone if you can afford it; hiring an agent and a consultant is a wise thing to do as they not just provide you with data, but also give you insights from years of experience and training in the real estate field. Make sure to consult with the agents that you trust; someone whose opinion you’d be willing to listen to. Be willing to listen to them. Realize that you share a common goal: to successfully sell your house. Often time, what happened is that homesellers would not listen to their agents and go off on their on doing what they think is right, then ended up with a big DOM despite selling in a hot market. If your relationship with your agent does not work, then don’t hesitate to hire a different one. As with anything else, communication is key here, and you will be collaborating with your agent.

Be adaptable

If you already have a pretty accurate idea of the price range of your house as well as those recently sold in your area, then you have a good head start. Being realistic about your price expectations is extremely important to save you from disappointment. Be flexible with the price. If you’ve set the price at the highest range and you apparently are not getting any offers, then it’s clear that it’s time to adjust your price. Consult this with an agent you trust, if you have little idea where to start. Lower prices can result to more offers, and it could lead to more competitions among the potential buyers. It gives way to a bidding potential; it might even get you higher than the asking price.

Consider staging your house

Cleaning and decluttering might cut it, but staging your house professionally would put it in a different league from your competitors. Study has also shown that staged homes could sell 30% more than the asking price on average (depending on several factors). Staging a home would greatly help your potential homebuyers to visualize how they would live there. It’s far more intimate and imaginative compared to listings shown to be bare.

Be prepared to move out quicker than you’d anticipated

If you haven’t moved out already, then this is something that you should expect. This is especially true if you’ve successfully sold your house with the price that you desire or even higher—sometimes buyers are willing to pay higher for inventory if they could have the house ready on a set of time they’d determined.

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Novel and Practical: Co-Living Spaces Rise in Popularity

Co-living might sound like a new thing; as it’s gaining popularity across the globe. It is indeed a “very millennial” thing that’s becoming a prevalent option for more and more people. However the concept of shared living spaces or communal living has been around since forever. In fact, the concept of individual family houses is relatively new, especially when human history is taken into consideration.

Co-Living Spaces

There is a confusion among the terms that concern the style of living in shared spaces. A lot of people often interpret co-living as “commune” or “hacker’s house”, or even “co-housing”. However co-living, especially by people who opt the lifestyle, is considered as distinct compared to other types of shared living. It’s been described that co-living puts emphasis on design, convenience, as well as service. Co-living has been described as more of a lifestyle instead of simply a shared living space.

Co-living emerges as the solution to more affordable housing in big cities, and is especially in demand in metropolitan areas. While the price of the house does not rise significantly in the past years, rent certainly does particularly in cities. A common financial problem faced by millennials and younger generations after them is student debt. A lot of millennials are looking for a more affordable housing; some even opt to live with their parents until they pay off student debts. For those who cannot afford to live back with their folks, co-living has been a brilliant solution so far. With the average apartment price amounts to $2,800 to $3,000 for a studio to one bedroom apartment in cities like New York, and rising still, co-living space definitely shines in terms of cost.

A number of common spaces exist in co-living buildings that encourage social activities. Some co-living spaces, aside from a common dining room, have a common, larger kitchen where tenants can cook together and more comfortably, as well as socially interact. Cooking events or cooking classes can also be held in these fashionable spaces. A lot of co-living companies also offer cinemas, working spaces, laundry, library, and even spa services, all in one building. It makes everything highly convenient—and that’s what set co-living style apart from other shared living styles.

The average price offered by co-living space is $200 to $300 per week for studio apartment and en suite. The price also depends on the length of your stay. The fee already covers utility bills, wi-fi service, taxes, security, as well as cleaning services. An obvious advantage of co-living spaces is that contract is largely flexible. This does not require one to put in the commitment, and is highly beneficial for people who are highly mobile and often move from one place to another. This is why co-living spaces are also extremely popular with travelers, working class who label themselves “digital nomads”, as well as people newly migrated to a city. The social setting of the co-living space is highly conducive of social interactions on a day to day basis, making it easier to form friendships compared to living in the traditional apartments.

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