Choose Your Authentic Komodo Boat for Traveling Around Flores Sea

An authentic travel experience can refers to many things. Be it living with local people, doing things, eat and drink the same ways with the villagers, and many more. That will also a great thing if you can experience such things during your travel at Komodo Island or other Flores Islands you have chosen. But, there is the rare but more special authentic travel package at there that can be included into your travel lists for the next schedule. It is living on the authentic Komodo boat for a certain period of time.

Komodo boat for arounding Flores sea

What you don’t know about the Komodo liveaboard travel package is, you can’t only dreaming about getting to one island to another and exploring all the accessible travel spots. But, you are also possible to be the sea gyptian; living life on the sea. For a moment, you may have to say goodbye to the ground. Your new home now is the Komodo boat you have ordered the travel package before.

You won’t stop traveling even if you have reached the destination. Your Komodo boat can always takes you to some surrounding island’s sea and enjoy the seascape that makes the view of the islands as its main attraction. You can’t even think about the air and sound pollution, no more worries about the privacy, and you can continue enjoy the exotic moment with the other passengers you have came with.

Where of the authentic Komodo boat you can get?

Authenticity is all you need for most of the travel experiences you are dreaming of. And the original Komodo boat you can choose to accompany your sea gyptian life should be inspired by the Phinisi boat design as we can easily found at the eastern part of Indonesia, including at Komodo Island or the whole of Flores Islands.

You may need a modern yacht, but if it have left the traditional elements of the boat design, then the authenticity of your traveling may also decrease. It actually not a matter at all. But if you need to experience the real feeling as the local people get, then the Komodo boat with phinisi design somehow a must. Do you know about what most of us are looking for in a traveling? It can be the authentic feeling of anything, and even the boat at the sea can reveals that feeling.

In case you need the authentic Komodo boat along with the travel package or services to take your traveling even further, you can check what the HelloFlores have got for you. They have almost all what you need for exploring through Komodo Island and the others, and arounding Flores sea has never been this better.

Your day can be tired with all the attractions you have done since the morning came out. So that, floating all night long under the stars and the moon after your full day of travel activities sounds a fascinating thing to me. Did I miss to tell you that a romantic dinner right before a comfort sleep for that moment can’t also be missed!? Book your Komodo boat now and experience all the real and authentic travel experiences that have been waiting for your visit.


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Must Know Before Take Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Scuba diving for beginners means you must be prepared to undergo rigorous training from the best and quality dive instructors. After undergoing training, you will be certified as a diver. That is, do not try to be tempted by cheap training without the clarity of the certificate from which organization you will get. The best certificate recommendation is PADI. You will be accepted wherever you are when PADI certified. This is a trusted and accepted organization for diving.

Scuba Diving Vacation For Beginners

If you plan to take vacation scuba diving for beginners, then the preparation is to find a trusted dive center. When you start something, it’s important to learn right from the best. Training will take 4 days or more. For beginners, usually 4-5 days. After that, you will get a certificate.

The scuba diving vacation for beginners package under the PADI organization will guarantee your safety and safety. Professional instructors will direct you correctly. The beginning is everything. Learn and ask all the things about diving basics that you don’t understand yet. This is the basic skill when you explore the sea for the first time.

Scuba Diving Vacation For Beginners, Amazing Experience

You cannot do real dives without basic training. For that Scuba diving vacation for beginners is the initial package of your training. Attention requirements according to procedures. Register for diving training, at least you are 15 years old. This is mandatory! Health is the main one. Check your health before taking scuba diving for beginners.

Class training is the basic start of scuba diving vacation for beginners to get a certificate. You have to sit down, take notes and understand well. You will learn basic diving techniques. You will try the skills you learned in the pool. After a swimming pool session for a certain period, it’s time to try it on the sea.

Scuba diving vacation for beginners is right for you to try diving. Diving is not a terrible thing. You will learn to overcome fear under the sea. Professional and experienced instructors know for sure how to guide you well. Pay attention to every direction of your instructor. Diving is fun when you follow all procedures appropriately.

Complying with the rules and procedures during scuba diving vacation for beginners will result in the most exciting and exciting experience. If you are ready to plunge into the open ocean, you will see how life, beauty, and mystery under the sea. Wherever you dive, basic skills are important. For that, learn everything that is taught and ask anything that you do not know to the instructor.

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Bali Private Pool Villas in Seminyak Beach for Travellers

Living in an epic and cozy accommodation for travellers can be our own haven. When we were travelling, there are so much energy that will be drained. If you have not been experienced yet, then you may should come to Bali. With varied and unique cultures and islands, the best thing to end your day is by getting your own private pool villas in seminyak beach.

Private pool villas Seminyak beach

There’s an area called as the Seminyak which is also the name of the village consists of some popular tourist destinations and attractions in Bali. It then made this area as one of the center for travellers so that there are many of the accommodations, including the private pool villas Seminyak beach.

Private pool villas around Seminyak beach is all you need

You will be staying in a luxury villas around the beach at Seminyak and it has the private pool? That is why you will get the best of the beach nuances along with the pool you can access for 24 hours. It’s like made only for your visit. Doesn’t matter where you were going the whole day and how small of the rest of your energy, you can always jump into the pool and start recovering your strength.

The private pool villas seminyak beach will also possible to give you chance for experiencing the authentic feels of living at the center of the area where you can watch around and find the most interesting things you can do.

Don’t just enjoy the tourist spots and other common activities that have been done by you and the other travellers, staying in private pool villas around Seminyak beach, Bali, can also be the important thing to enjoy maximum of your vacation time. You have been tired with your job, fees you should pay a month ago, credits, medicines, etc, and now is the time for your perfect getaway from all of those.

You are deserved the better! Experience the ultimate holiday is all the target you need to be achieved, and make sure that finding yourself living in a very private pool villas at Seminyak beach is one of your own priority. Do not compromise about this because it may the last time you are in Bali, and the rare thing like this is really deserves your attention.

Think about of you need to give yourself or someone you are bringing with a gift. You have to spoiled yourself at least one in your life and never being so hard since the holiday is the day you are hoping for the best experience without losing your mind as in your office.

You can also find another area in Bali with the same accommodation like the Seminyak villas with the private pool, but surely you will left many of the excitements behind.

Soak in yourself with the fresh waters of private pool villas seminyak beach to get off all fatigues you have faced all day long, then relax your muscles and clear your mind on the cozy bed so later you can start experience the new things in the next morning. That’s all you need for the best travelling in Bali, ever!

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Makes the Double Parachute Hammock As the Best Gift Ever

It is never too soon to prepare your summer vacation or giving the earlier birthday gift for they who love being at outdoor. The double parachute hammock can be the best choice to accommodate your friend’s hobby and will gladly make them happy.

You don’t have to wondering about what the perfect gift your best friend would like to get, starting with his/her hobby will the better thing to do. It is something that what most of us loves to do and it won’t be hard to find what is our friend’s like to spend the leisure time.

It is the double parachute hammock size that your friend can enjoy with his/her special one. It could be you or it can be someone else as the couple.

Why considering the double parachute hammock as a gift?

Makes double-parachute-hammock-as-a-gift

Double hammock size will not only appreciated as the gift, but you are also contributes in helping your buddy providing their own comfort and lightweight sleeping tool on traveling. Even, it can be perfectly as the romantic gift ever since it can be used for two person.

Oh, and by the way, many have said that either the double parachute hammock or the other sizes are good to our health. They are delivering multiple benefits to our body and that will also what your best friend can get.

While many of us are too much paid attention to the usage of the double parachute nylon hammocks as the gift for used on traveling, it should also be perfectly accepted as the one of the best gift for your friend’s family.

The young family that get a baby can be perfect. It is because of, for example, the young mother or father can hanging inside the hammock with their baby or having fun inside.

It is really the multi-functions and fun gift for most of the people even if they don’t takes adventuring at outdoors as their own main hobby. That is why if the double parachute hammock is affordable enough for you to buy, make sure that your best friend and family are also deserved.

As the ideal, unusual and unique gift, the double parachute hammock is also perfect for most of all ages. There won’t many of the limitations about the young and old person when using it, from children and grandparents.

Beautifully simple and an elegant gift that can be bring anywhere.

Even, you can be proud of yourself for have bought the double hammock for your friend because you may will see that your friend’s and his wife or otherwise may still using it for years. And that may the gift that is also not easily lost.

Those are what the best gift ever is standing for! And you can get them all and also the other advantages that I haven’t yet mentioned. A double parachute hammock is really worth of your family or for couple, and then, you are deserved to act that you have gave the best and memorable gift in your life. Share this article with your friends to let them know that you guys can give more than what you have spent before.

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Komodo Island: Secret of Notorious Dragon Revealed

Komodo island goes phenomenal after the monstrous lizard of the same name, Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis). Living in the secluded and small island, not many people knows the real truth of Komodo Dragons. Some are already jumping into conclusion, thinking that Komodo are the last dinosaur on earth (fact: they are not). Well, looking at the Jurassic-like landscape where they live at, one can easily mistook this lizard as dinosaurs descent.

Komodo Island Secret of Notorious Dragon Revealed

Komodo dragons are the last living species of largest lizard on earth, descending from a group of giant monitor lizard from the prehistoric era. Komodo island and Rinca, two largest island in Komodo National Park are the only place in earth to find them. It’s easy to see that the dragons are kings who rule the park. They have a national park and airport named after them. There are no single fences in both islands to limit their moves. And on top of that, they have fat deers and buffalos—their favourite munch—breed by the locals. However, these scaly beast still hide layers of mysteries. Here, we are about to reveal facts about Komodo dragon, some of them might made your jaw dropped.

Things You Might Not Know about Dragons of Komodo Island…

They Are Not Afraid of Human

Most of wild animals on earth are born with natural fear to humans—even the big brown bears. Humans are in the top chain of predators, thanks to our vast expansion, exploitation skills, and killing technologies. Many animals see human as super predators and leader of the “packs”. Animals never purposefully hunt human—and when they show aggression (or in some rare cases, actually prey us) was often for self-defense. Komodo dragons, apparently, are not one of them.

They are an apex predators and they can just attack you whenever you want. There are some cases of dragon attacks in the area, mainly due to victim’s lack of awareness. You might see them laze around the shades, but that wasn’t coming from fear. They are just simply too lazy to care about us. To avoid fatalities, the dragons in Komodo Island and Rinca are very well fed. Meals are mostly launched in the morning before tourist pour down, and their belly can be full for a month. To them, we are just another warm-blooded mammals.

They Eat Their Own—And the Babies!

Komodo are not very picky with their food. Aside from deers and buffalos (the largest mammals on the island, therefore the most satisfying), they are happy to eat fishes and any kind of available meat. And when the options has down, they’ll begin to eat their own. Komodo rangers never find bodies of dead dragons as they eat their own. By the same reason, young baby dragons are instinctively climb into a nearest tree as soon as they hatched. The babies need to keep themselves safe from their hungry uncles and aunties—including their own mother!

They Can Have Children Asexually

When there are lack of male around, female can still maintain the population by producing babies without male fertilization. This process is called parthenogenesis, in which unfertilized eggs can reach maturity and finally hatch.

Yes, a female Komodo can be a virgin mother—literally.

Let us know anything else you want to know about Komodo Island and its ferocious inhabitants!

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Bali Photo Booth Rental for Lasting Tropical Memories

Bali is one of the best tropical island at tropical country in the world that is attracting many people from around the globe. During their visit at there, one of the best thing so they can experience the most of the traveling is capturing the moments that have shared with friends, family or the most special one. This is also just a reason why there are many of the photo booth rental in Bali that are sprung up.

Photo booth rental Bali for lasting tropical memories

I realized that you may have brought the high-end camera in your backpack for taking images, but you may are limited with all the tools, equipments and maybe concept that you can’t bring them altogether because of the weight, plane baggage fees, ca be troublesome or broken, etc.

It’s not just only about the special occasion like wedding or the others for finding the photo booth rental Bali. Not only for showing off your journey, but freezing the tropical moment theme in Bali may be the rare beautiful experience where you can only finds it in Bali and not in anywhere else.

If you have found where the photo booth bali rental you need, it will proves you useful and unique in various ways. And apparently many have also have proven that by using it for celebrating birthdays, beach club parties, pre-wedding, and even for business’ launching.

Another alternative way when you won’t rent a Bali photo booth for special moment is using it for business. That’s absolutely for sure, you can do it!

No more debating about the better images and concepts for getting your business’ success. You can always sees the photo booth as something unique to try for your products or services. But I may won’t talk much about it for now, so let’s get back to possible tropical moment you can enjoy with your partner.

If you are hiring the photographer for your special event, I am afraid that you will find one that got certain restrictions that have became the guide of photographing people. For example, they who aren’t care about shooting in natural hidden shots. And you won’t complain about that for later right?

But since you are possible to get the Bali’s photo booth rental in handy and cheap, along with the unique concepts and photographer if you need, you are possible to get the lasting pictures that will memorized and will beautifully stay in your photo album for years.

You can also determine where to bring the photo booth you have rent, and you won’t believe of how many tropical atmosphere you can easily find at Bali in variety corner of the cities, villages or tourism destinations.

You’ve found out that many of us are seeing the tropical atmosphere to represent the warmth and Bali will completed it to its perfection. With the best photo booth rental Bali, you can frequently enjoy the moments before your eyes.

I have been invited to many wedding ceremonies and parties before, and their photographers were taking images often in almost the same pose. I know the duration for that moment is too short, that is also why for many other events, renting a photo booth can be your choice for getting variety of poses, photo angles, and unique surrounding and backdrops for your guests.

If you are now in the middle of planning your special moment, be sure to makes the photo booth rental Bali as in your bucket list event for the lasting tropical memories. Share this idea!

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Where Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Diving is an increasingly popular activity today. Not a few of those who try to dive as a career. Working based on a hobby will be very enjoyable. In the era of modernization and high technology, many people work just to make money. Why not try to work according to your passion?

scuba diving vacations for beginners

If you want to try diving, start looking for the best location for beginners. Not all dive spots are suitable for beginners. Each dive spot has its own difficulty. Indonesia can be the best choice for you scuba diving vacation for beginners. Why Indonesia? Indonesia has many of the best diving spots and is the world’s best tourism.

4 Best Scuba Diving Vacation For Beginners


Who doesn’t know Lombok? This is the best spot that many beginner and professional divers visit. Why can Lombok say one of the scuba diving vacations for beginners? There are many waters in Lombok that are ready to explore. With initial abilities, you can try to explore safe dive spots in Lombok. You can also look for vacation for beginners scuba diving packages through the internet. Today, Lombok has many dive centers to help beginner divers do training and get certificates.


Different Lombok, different from Bali. Bali, an exotic island with a myriad of interesting activities. Diving spots in Bali are no less interesting as Lombok. The many lists of dive centers in Bali make it easier for you to find the best one. Menjangan is one of the recommendations for scuba diving vacation for beginners. Menjangan has very good coral and the flow is quite calm.

Tulamben also has calm ocean currents, so it is suitable if you take a scuba diving vacation package. Many species can be seen at Tulamben. If you have a diving certificate, you can explore popular wrecks throughout the world.


Maybe lay people know more about Bali and Lombok as divers. In fact, there are many other dive spots that are interesting to visit. Wakatobi is one of the areas in Southeast Sulawesi with interesting dive spots. Wakatobi is a national park that has 112 types of coral reefs, 93 species of fish, and 750 coral from a total of 850 coral in the world. This is one of the best spots for you to take scuba diving vacation for beginners.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a vacation place for foreign tourists. The costs that must be spent to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat are not few. But now, there are many packages on vacation to Raja Ampat at the lowest prices. Raja Ampat is better known as the best spot with the amazing underwater scenery.

Arborek is one of the dive spots in Raja Ampat. There are many packages of scuba diving vacations for beginners for you. This is a dive spot that is fairly safe from large currents and has a gradual depth.

One more spot for scuba diving vacations for beginners that can be visited is Yenbuba. This is one of the favorite diving spots that are famous for the clarity of the sea and the variety of fish.

Scuba diving vacations for beginners are the best choice for exploring life and beauty under the sea. There are lots of slopes that you can see while diving. The deeper you dive, the more beautiful the scenery you will see.

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The Lightweight Hammock Camping Is Really a Women-Friendly Thing

Both teenage girls and adult women will usually carry many things related to their needs during the trip. They can be many things that you will never thought before. But, when it comes to travel for camping, the lightweight hammock seems to be the best option they could get.

The lightweight hammock camping is women friendly

It will really women-friendly especially related to the weight that they should be carried. I am not intending to underestimate them, but I am pretty sure that many of the women won’t carry too much in their bag because of its weight. Yet, many of them are still bringing their own make-up accessories.

I am sorry for telling you this, but the ability of carrying heavy loads is still surpassed by men.

That is why, the lightweight hammock camping is not only women-friendly, but also a perfect choice for women who want to camping or providing their own “sleeping room” while traveling.

Another interesting thing about why we also love the lightweight hammock is, it encourages us, men and women, to not only simply for camping, but be brave for getting at outside. It can be our own perfect getaway for some cases.

For most of us, confining ourselves at home is not an option to enjoy life. You need to be somewhere else. To be at a new place that is fresh and soothes you. And I believe that those can be started with the lightweight hammock camping.

The more lighter of the hammock, the better.

Even though a hammock isn’t perfect, it’s worth saying that there will be a lot of luxurious that we get when using it as our hanging bed.

Most of the hammocks, for example the single and the double parachute hammock’s size, each of their weighs will only for around hundreds of grams. I have never found that it will reaches one kilogram, but usually around maybe 400 gr to 800 gr. Surely it will only for the parachute hammock and its 2 hooks.

And I think that it is pretty light even for the women, you may agree with me in this, don’t you?

I have never imagined before that there will one of the traveling tool that we have known have more of advantages and its genius developers were also thinking about the various aspects of human weakness, especially to reduce the weight of our trip. Isn’t it the thing we should be grateful for?

Now, if you are a woman or the nerd teenagers, most of us are deserved to experience the great adventures we have been dreaming of. It all will start with only the decision of getting our own lightweight hammock camping at the nearest available shops or directly through its manufacturer official site.

I hope someone will bring you the lightweight hammock as a gift someday for your camping, that will really the nice one. But if you have waited too long and seems not to be coming true, you’d better calculate your savings as quickly as possible.

The hammock’s price may not as expensive as you imagined, anyway! You can easily found it under $100. Happy shopping, gals!

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Bali Diving Prices And How To Plan A Dive Vacation

When it comes to vacation planning, finance is the main component. One of them is looking for a cheap vacation. Diving is a good idea. Enjoying the blue and sparkling waters of Bali is a spectacular experience. Bali has a number of fantastic dive sites and facilities. Whether you are a beginner or professional diver, you can watch the amazing underwater of Bali. Bali has become a meeting place for divers from all over the world.

bali diving prices

The high interest of diving people in Bali makes dive centers appear. Each offers a Bali diving package at various prices. Bali diving prices determine dive spots, length of dives and number of dives. Bali has never lost its fans. Each diving spot has its own advantages. Diving in Bali doesn’t make you bored.

Bali Diving Prices Special When The Facility Satisfy

Competition in the dive center is getting tighter. Bali diving prices are more affordable. When diving is an expensive sport, it is true. 10-15 years back, diving is an expensive hobby. That is the time when you have to find a dive spot, prepare your own diving equipment, look for your guides, and more.

Diving in Bali is not just a holiday. This is an unforgettable vacation. There are things that make Bali so unique and liked. Don’t be confused if you see many foreign tourists passing by in Bali like your own home. Bali has everything that tourists want.

How to find Bali diving prices that are right for you? Comparing Bali diving prices with one another is the right and best way. The difference in packages and prices offered by some dive centers may not be much different. Another factor that you must pay attention to in addition to prices is service. Many professional divers who don’t pay too much attention to the Bali diving center are offered.

As long as the dive center service is satisfactory, prices can be reconsidered. Most cheap dive centers do not provide maximum service. They do not pay attention to complaints, wishes and opinions of divers. What they do is teach, guide and earn money.

Price and service are the main ones. when you are offered a satisfaction with a high price compared to other places, then this makes you think 2x. When reviews and recommendations from many other divers can convince you, Bali diving prices are no longer the main one. The Bali diving prices offered from the dive center package is the right way to plan the start of your vacation.

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A Girls’ Guide for Fun and Safe Trip to Komodo

Real life dragons and Jurassic-like landscape is enough reason for a week full of trip to Komodo island, Indonesia. With it’s jagged landscape rising steeply from the deep turquoise ocean, Komodo National Park successfully lure innocent travelers into its wilderness magic. But what’s is this raw terrain for solo female traveler? Can you safely explore the lair of Komodo alone and come back in one piece?

A Girls’ Guide for Fun and Safe Trip to Komodo
Pictures by Hello Flores

What Girls Need to Do for A Safe Trip to Komodo

A trip to Komodo and venturing to the wilderness seems like a dangerous dream for many female travelers. In a quite isolated location, this frontier indeed looks quite intimidating—even to the seasoned one. Worry not, we got you covered.

Book A Safe and Decent Tour

The first thing you need to do when you are planning a trip to Komodo is ensuring the safety of your journey. There are a lot of sketchy tour providers out there and you need to be really selective. Find a comfortable tour boat with flexible itinerary to soften the rough trip to Komodo. Have a small talk with the owner and make sure they really give you what they are selling. 

No Trip on Bloody Days

Absolutely match your Komodo trip to your period calendars. It’s a small thing that proven to be very essential for any women who travel to Komodo Island. Calculate your days or don’t visit the dragons at all. These scaly beasts are extremely talented for picking up their food. They love to use their long, forked tongue to feel scents of particles in the air from up to 8 km away. And they definitely love the smell of blood. So girls, don’t risk your blood-infused ahem, panties, for a deadly encounter with the dragons. Or if you happen to get your period on the journey, approach your guide and launch the awkward talk. They will give extra caution to you from the dragons.

Always Use Sun Protection: Sunscreen & Covers

I gotta remind you that Flores is a very hot, hot island. This eastern part of Indonesia grows mainly dry savannah on its land, providing minimum to zero shadow under the scorching sun. Always remember to pack your sun protection and wear extra layers of covers wherever you go. You don’t want to come back from the beautiful journey with heavy sunburn.

If Possible, Book Ensuite Cabin

Flores is generally embrace any kind of travelers into its warm welcome. Though it’s generally safe for woman to travel around, we advise you to take extra precaution on board. Especially when you are travelling alone. If possible, book an ensuite cabin in your liveaboard for extra safety and privacy. You can change clothes, take a bath, and sleep in a much more secure setting. Unless you are willing to share a room with random guys in your 5D4N trip to Komodo. 

Where in Flores, Wear Modest Outfits

You might be free to wear the skimpiest bikinis in the liveaboard or the empty beaches. You need, however, change back into modesty when you reach the main island. Just like any other part of Indonesia, Flores is still very religious. The port town, Labuan Bajo, is home to the largest moslem community in the island, while the rest of others are devout Catholics. Whenever you venture on the city, avoid the skin-showing outfits and adapt to more conservative clothing. It’s especially important if you are planning to visit religious sites or cultural village with ancient tradition, such as Bena or Wae Rebo village.

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