How To Find Scuba Diving In Bali Cost With Professional Instructor

Diving is a symbol of expensive activity. If other activities can save you money, but not by diving. You have to prepare airplane tickets, transportation while in the destination, accommodation, and dive packages from the dive center. Most professional divers prepare their own diving equipment and this is not an item at a cheap price. Lately scuba diving in Bali has been widely discussed and is one of the favorites.

scuba diving in bali cost

Scuba diving in Bali cost a little cheaper than other destinations. The term, you pay 1x and get a lot of profits. In Bali, you don’t just enjoy the stunning underwater beauty. The landscape of the land in Bali is no less interesting for you to explore. The scenery of green rice fields, culture, and traditions of Bali has its own charm for all people.

How Much Average of Scuba Diving In Bali Cost?

Competition for dive centers in Bali can no longer be avoided. Starting from diving packages for beginners or professionals. The price of an experience is very expensive. When you enjoy diving trips, whatever scuba diving in Bali cost are not a  big problem.

There are many unprofessional dive centers without providing the best service for potential divers. Scuba diving in Bali cost are adjusted to the package you want. Most general packages offered by 2-3 dive spots include leasing diving equipment, transportation to dive spots, boat to sea and instructors who will help guide your dives.

Usually the question that many tourists question when arriving in Bali is where to look for a dive center? Searching for dive centers can be done via the internet when you are in your city or country of origin. Searching through the internet and comparing scuba diving in Bali cost will be cheaper. Previous reviews and comments by divers can be a guide to getting the best and most trusted dive center.

There are many non-professional and non-certified guides who try to get profits from tourists. Scuba diving in Bali cost for non-professional and non-certificate guides are indeed very cheap. But again emphasized that security at diving is important for your safety.

A real example of scuba diving in Bali is cost low, which has claimed the lives of tourists because non-certificate guides do not know how to save and maintain the safety of divers. For this reason, don’t be tempted by scuba diving in Bali with low costs. Note that the dive center you choose is professional and guarantees the safety of divers.

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1 Bedroom Loft of the Luxury Villas at Seminyak

One of the best villa accommodation you can rent in Bali is the luxury villas at Seminyak. And today, I’d like to tell you about the fine 1 bedroom loft provided by Hu’u Villas Bali. You can see the villa’s inside through the image below along with the upper bedroom on the loft after the stair.

Luxury Villas Seminyak - The 1 Bedroom Loft

Placed on the left after the stair, the bedroom is look unique and simple. The best thing about it is you can see the view directly down to the private pool that makes the exterior of the villa even better. and it will be perfect to be used for relaxing by swimming in the pool. A small party with your lover will be great besides the pool as well. Won’t you try that at least once in your life?

If you are curious about the Master Bedroom facilities along with all of this luxury villas Seminyak amenities, the official site has been published the relevant information about both and the others. If you are reading about it in the reservation websites, you can also get the same information.

How you can get yourself from the Ngurah Rai International Airport to this Seminyak’s villa?

Taxis are available, so with the online transportations and the car rentals, you can easily find them on the airport. If not, they will find you first. They are offering the transportation service right in front of the departure gate. If you are decided to use a taxi, let the driver know that you will go to the Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali.

But if you are doubt about using the transportation, feel free to ask the villa’s management by get in touch with them through email at or save the phone contact +62 (0)361 8499 130. Simply ask them if it will possible for the villa’s driver to pick you up at the airport.

Driving should be around 30-40 minutes by car and then finding the 1 bedroom loft or the other available luxury villas at Seminyak can be the easiest thing to be done.

Even though I have not been clearly mentioned before, the Seminyak area and also village is one of the best place where many foreigner tourists are want to stay. The village is at the coastal area as well as the luxury 1 bedroom villa. So that, if you are staying in that type of the villa and want to go to the beach, you can be there in just minutes by walking. So much closer as if you are living in the beachfront villas at Seminyak.

There are also the 2 and 3 bedroom villas that are available for the guests, and you can even rent up to 13 bedrooms villa if you want since the design is possible for the interconnecting villas. I think that is the first unique villa’s concept in Bali because I have not been found anything alike.

The management is also providing all the villa’s guests with the beautiful restaurant with scenery called as the Sea Vu Play, the Fortitude Bali for those who need to exercise at the fitness gym, The Den as the bar within a bar back of the restaurant and many more. There won’t enough time to talk about this luxury villas Seminyak and all its services and amenities. The Seminyak area will also gives you many advantages to do anything or find anything you need.

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Travelling Abroad? Take The Lightweight Hammock With You

I bet that you must have been visited the beauty destinations at the other countries before. That will be good for you for have travelled across countries and experience many things. Running through the airports with the pounds of luggage may sounds like a good workout, but still, you need to get the your backpack as lighter as possible. You won’t spend your holidays exhausting just because of what you have decided to be carry on your shoulder. You have to bring the useful and important travel items such as the lightweight hammock, first aid kits, t-shirts and less of the jeans since it will not save more rooms in your bag.

I will always recommending to get the lightweight parachute hammock when travelling abroad because it will give you more advantages than you could imagine before.

The parachute hammock is surely standing out for its lightweight. No doubt that most of us will be agree that the hammock is one of the best travel items that won’t give you a burden in any imaginable ways.

When you will be arrived at abroad—if there will be chance for setting up the hammock whether at the accommodation you have reserved or destinations you are visiting, then you can even experience more than they who aren’t using it. Think about the beautiful white sand beach with many of the coconut tress, don’t you think that the spot will be great if you can enjoy the breeze inside the hammock?

There are some of the beaches that actually have been provided with the hammocks, but mostly they are the rope hammock or even the mexican hammock. Both of them are pretty much heavier than the one made out of the parachute nylon, so getting and bringing the lightweight hammock should have been your priority than the other types.

It won’t even burden your shoulder as much as 1 kg, but you can expect a half of it or even less. Since the hammock can be used at any destinations you are going to visit and also possible at the accommodation you have rented, you will have more chances for experiencing the best about the destinations.

Never have anyone else to bring your luggage and only pack what you need! That’s a pretty common thing you will be done when travelling abroad. You don’t have an obligation to buy and bring the hammock, but if you are requiring the best way to feel the ultimate trip, then a hammock can be something you can’t be denied.

At least, it may helps you in planning your itineraries. If you think that you still have more times at that country, you can make use of the camping with a hammock as one of the way to spend your lazy time. I am thinking using the hammock while reading my favourite book at the beach between the coconut trees in the morning. That will be the refreshing idea to start the day while listening to the birds sounds and the gentle breeze hitting your face.

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Komodo Cruise: Indonesian Traditional Phinisi Revamp

Labuan Bajo becomes travelers’ hot list in this pas decade, and Komodo cruise begin to be a sought-after luxury. It’s hard to not love the vessel. Inside the well-polished wooden structure, you can relax in its comfy loungers while the cruise is taking you to the lair of notorious Komodo dragons. Passing series of beautiful islets wrapped in clear blue ocean and staring to the horizon. A voyage in the frontier made so much easier with fancy facilities the cruise offers.

Komodo Cruise: Indonesian Traditional Phinisi Revamp

Komodo cruise is the best option for travelers looking for enjoyable adventure with companions of creature comforts. Though we call it cruise, however, the “cruises” in Komodo might not appear as any other cruises in the world. Actually, compared to other mainstream cruises, these Labuan Bajo’s ocean liners appears on the smaller side. Instead of total steel structures, cruises in Komodo employs wooden structure for the body. Wood also dominates the interior of this schooner, evoking the sense of old times and closeness to nature. Instead of Titanic-like cruises, imagine the luxurious navy seal schooners from Pirates of the Carribean movie set—that’s how Labuan Bajo cruises looks like.

Fewer Passengers, More Intimacy

Most large cruises bring large group of passengers, sometimes more than 1,000 in one take. Komodo cruise, however, are mostly limited to maximum 30 passengers on its board due to its size. One of the cruise even specially designed for honeymoon couple, catering for only 2 people onboard!

While the wooden cruise might lack of casinos, indoor night club, or basketball courts, it never fail on other department of luxury. Onboard spas, buffet restaurant, and exclusive lounges are some of the highlight of Labuan Bajo cruisers. The small number of passengers speak closer attention from the crews and thicker intimacy with surrounding nature. Trust me, that’s something you would want when you are travelling deep between pure islands and tranquil water.

Komodo Cruise is A Modern Take of Indonesian Traditional Phinisi

Most of Komodo cruise in Labuan Bajo take the phinisi style—Indonesian traditional two-masted sailing boat with double ended hull and sharply raked stem and stern posts. Also known as Bugis schooner, the phinisi has deep root in Bugis sailing tradition.

The Bugis is one of ethnic group of Makassar Island, famously known as Indonesian bravest sailors in the past. The phinisi is believed to have been around since 14th century, transporting cargo within Indonesia archipelago. It was also the main vessel for fishing, transportation, and expedition.

Today, the tradition still remains. The craftsman in Tanah Beru, Bulukumba regency, Makassar, are still widely known as the best phinisi crafter in the nation, passing down ancient techniques from generations to generations. The purpose, though, has shifted. Their majestic crafts are no longer preserved for cargo and transportation services. The traditional phinisi schooner has been refitted to suit luxury liveaboard experience, bringing guests from all around the globe to sail across Labuan Bajo’s best kept secrets.

All Modern Amenities Under the Flapping Sail

For most people, cruise associates with luxury, and in Komodo cruise it’s essentially true. Passengers are spoiled with queen size mattress in a cabin with a view, hot waters, and hotel-standard amenities. A spacious sundeck boast relaxation and endless sun tanning opportunities while the restaurant serves up delicious Indonesian, Asian, and Western cuisine.
In this modern day, Komodo cruise arise from a well-preserved tradition and become the ultimate icon for Indonesian seafaring heritage. Have you ever experience the grandeur of sailing with one?

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Too Old To Bali Scuba Diving Course?

Exercise is very good for everyone, regardless of age. Exercise is appropriate when young because it is very good for health. Whatever sports activity is carried out, it is necessary to see the limits of each person’s ability. Activities that are currently popular and much popular are scuba diving.

Bali Diving Course

Scuba diving also has a minimum and maximum age for divers. But there is no word too old to try Bali scuba diving course. The only difference is the Han, there is its own fear with the body condition that is no longer as strong as young people.

Bali scuba diving courses liberate adults with the condition of having a good health test. There are many reasons how middle age can do scuba diving perfectly.

Bali Diving Course – For Anyone Who Loves the Sea

If your passion is diving, whatever obstacles, regardless of your age, there is no word late in learning. Bali scuba diving course can be done easily if done according to instructions. The availability of the Bali diving course of middle age towards the sea and strong beliefs bring them to discover a different and unforgettable underwater world.

Final Health Check, Bali Diving Course Requirement

Health checks are very important before Bali scuba diving course. At the very least, you have a medical health record. Health records are one of the requirements before you dive training. The operator or dive center needs to know the diver’s information well.

Learn From Younger One

Learning scuba diving skills is an important basis for diving. If you are late in trying to dive and are in middle age, learning from young divers will be very appropriate. Young divers usually have a lot of diving experience. They know exactly how to control themselves while under the sea.

Diving Takes Time and Money

To be a diver is not easy. Need sacrifice of time and money. At least, you have to take 5 days to dive. Especially in areas where there are not many tourists, you need 7 days. Diving can be said to explore many places to find the best underwater spots. Bali diving course for beginners takes 5 days. Whereas other packages have many choices. At least you have to prepare a fund of approximately $ 500 to get a beginner certificate.

The Bali diving course is available for all people, whether beginners, professionals or who want a career in diving. Each stage of the training requires different time and funds. For that, prepare yourself well, starting from health, time and money. Age is not an obstacle to doing the Bali diving course because the most important thing is how you dive according to the procedure.

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Memorable Family Vacation By Staying In 3 Bedroom Villa Seminyak

Family vacation supposed to be memorable and what could be best when you will enjoy the moments in Bali? For that purpose, staying in a 3 bedroom villa Seminyak will be a great deal than a 3 hotel rooms. It’s hard to find an island that can’t only provides you the tropical vibe, but also a place for everyone where age is nothing a matter at all. Kids, adults and the olders are welcomed here to explore their own happiness. And it all will start at where you are going to stay, the accommodation.

3 bedroom villa Seminyak, Bali for family vacation

Hotel rooms usually the first come in our mind regarding to where we have to stay, while villas are usually identical to the luxury accommodation. Most of the times, we are thinking that the luxury villas in Bali especially located in Seminyak will be more expensive. In fact, we simply just focusing on the rent price without giving a chance to consider about the free facilities and services you ca get.

Either a villa or the hotel room, both of the prices are actually comparable. For your family vacation, I will ensure you that staying in a 3 bedroom villa Seminyak worth your budget than get some rooms in a hotel that will have enough spaces for the family members. You won’t struggling in a limited rooms of a hotel and even sharing them, right? That will be a good thing you can do, but sadly, I doubt that it is the way how you will enjoy and remember your family vacation.

Family vacation should poses more fun and interesting things you can do together. With the right accommodation you can get, the facilities can even being part of the thing you can enjoy.

How many hotel rooms you have reserved before and provided you the free facility like the private pool that you can enjoy at anytime? I know that it is not the important facility that will change the way how your family spend the time. Still, it can encourages the family members to enjoy more interesting and fun things in the water. Surely that you will also uses it for relaxing your body at the end of the day. You can easily enjoy that kind of facility at the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak and most of the other numbers of the villa bedrooms.

No need more hesitates for staying in 3 or 4 bedrooms villa at Seminyak if you bring more family members and even friends. So with the prices I have told you before. Staying in a hotel will give you more extra services that you can get them freely in a villa. So there will be no more additional service mark up if you are renting a villa.

Bali is a great place for your vacation, but just like any other places in the world as the centre of tourism, you can even break your bank in a couple of days. The more family members are coming, the more money to spend. By staying in a luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, you have get rid off some of the money problems you should never experience.

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Sailing With Phinisi Boat Is The Best Komodo Liveaboard Package

Sailing on a traditional Indonesia Phinisi boat will give you more authentic sailing experience. As the biggest archipelago in the world, living aboard is one of the best you can get to explore the islands and enjoy all the things you can do. As East Nusa Tenggara province is also an archipelago, then your have to considering the best Komodo liveaboard package for your next trip.

Phinisi boat for the best Komodo liveaboard travel package

Dragons are no longer a myth when you are visiting the Komodo Island as the most popular island in the world to see the Komodo dragons. There are also other islands for that and many of them are the arid and uninhabited islands located at the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of the Komodo National Park. A perfect islands for the dragons whom aren’t breathe fire and no wings to fly. But, as the wild animal, dragons can also be so dangerous as the reptile who are even eat their own.

Still, many tourists are keep on coming to see that ancient animal. The only access how you will get to those islands is by boat. The water is dominated most of the region, so cruising on a boat will be the thing you have to deal with. And since Indonesians are proud of their own Phinisi boat and ship design, that can be the best Komodo liveaboard package you can take for couple of days ahead.

Why sailing with Phinisi boat can be your best Komodo liveaboard travel package?

Unlike the dragon myth, the best Komodo liveaboard using Phinisi boat is the real thing.

Phinisi is the real boat legend in Indonesia’s maritime history. The extent of Indonesia’s territorial waters has resulted in the birth of many tough sailors who had been sailed through the world’s oceans. This boat is made by the tribe of Bugis at the province of South Sulawesi. In fact, the center of phinisi shipbuilding is also still there up to this day, precisely in Bulukumba Regency.

It is the sailing boat where there are 2 sail poles, one at the behind and at the front of the boat’s deck. If there will be 2 poles with 7 sails, history tells us that it is representing the 2 sentences creed (Syahadah in Islam) and the 7 sails are representing the numbers of letter (Surah) in Al-Fatihah. But, the boat shouldn’t consists of 2 poles since you can also may see them with only one sail pole only at the front.

As a whole, phinisi boat is representing the glory and toughness of the Indonesian sailors and people on the sea. And most of its boat designs are safe for passengers, and have a big open wide deck where you can see all the corners of the boat along with the seascape and view. That’s why using the phinisi boat on your Komodo Island travel package can be the best Komodo liveaboard ever. There are rooms for even up to dozens of the passengers, so your islands exploration can be done in a group if you need it.

In the past, most of the Phinisi boats are used for trade. The goods will mostly placed under the deck. But now, they can also be used as the passenger boat and even as the luxury cruise. There are many of the traditional boats in Indonesia have been changed into the commercial boat for the island exploration funded by the local or even the foreigner investors.

That’s also happening in where the dragons are living, islands around the Flores seas. Many of the travel agents are utilizing the authentic value of phinisi ship to be combined with various travel packages they are offered. The boat design still inspired by the Phinisi, but in more luxury ways where the furniture, interiors, deck and all the boat exteriors are look luxurious.

So that, if you need to get to experience the Komodo Island and the other islands travel package, then you’d better get your own best Komodo liveaboard package that will serve you on the phinisi boat since the beginning of your island explorations.

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Ways To Start A Low-Cost Parachute Hammock Camping

If you can save more money during your travel or adventure, that will be the better experience to go through. Being at outdoors shouldn’t make you feel poor or have done something bad for your finance by bought the wrong gears. Since you and most of us will need to take some times to be at outdoors and enjoy the nature view with cool and refreshing air, you can experience the better even cheaper journey than before. Takes the parachute hammock camping as an example.

Parachute hammock used while camping on the air

Camping can be your main traveling activity that will also pose the adventurous feeling. And if you are bringing the parachute hammock, camping can even the best thing happening to you, ever!

There’s one best thing of camping that we can get, it will possible as the most low-cost traveling type. With the presence of parachute nylon hammock, it will really a great gear to get because of its affordable price and benefits.

Parachute hammock of all sizes are ideal for camping. You can experience the better view, get rid off some stressful packing aspects, support the more lightweight traveling, leave less or even no traces at all at nature, pretty much cheaper and easy to use than a tent and everyone is welcomed to use the hammock. I can continue telling you more of its advantages that will make you spending more times in this page if you want.

How to start a low-cost parachute hammock camping

If you have seen an image of someone or group of people were sleeping or resting comfortably inside the parachute hammock before, that will also be the true that you’d like to experience. I realized that for some people especially the ones that are new in using the hammock, finding the way in and out can be an ordeal for most of the beginners. But once you are getting used to it, the pleasures will be last for years.

To use the parachute hammock for the low-cost camping and traveling in general, it is possible that you’ll need more than just a hammock. There are some of the important accessories you will need to get according to where you’d like to go and the current season or weather of your destination or camping site.

You may thinking that apparently the hammock and its accessories are sold separately, not in a package so they can cost you more than what you have expected. While that is most of the true we are finding at most of the manufacturers, the prices will actually still affordable. And the more important thing is, you will just spend the money once and you can experience in using the hammock along with the accessories for years.

What you will need to get a cheap camping with a hammock?

Of all the available hammock types, the main one you will need is the parachute hammock, not the other ones such as rope hammock, chair hammock, etc. It is the sagging hammock made of the parachute nylon. Frankly, when the first time I heard about the term of parachute before, all of I was thinking is the parachute used by the skydivers. I know it was a wrong thought especially none of us camping on the sky.

The hammock made out of parachute nylon can cost you around $40 to $100 and you will the single parachute hammock with the hook.

If you are worried in case there will be a sudden rain or to avoid the snow in your camping ground, then you will need a hammock tarp for it. It can cost you around $13 up to $75 depending on the material, durability, and other specification aspects. You are to choose which one to get according to your own preferences.

You will also need the bug net or the mosquito net to avoid being bothered and bitten by the small bugs and insects. This accessory will really helpful when the night is coming out and the small flying animals will also active on that time like the mosquito. Using it in a forest or jungle is recommended but if you don’t need it at your backyard camping, then it’s fine. The net will cost you around $50.

Next is the suspension gear that I should have mentioned earlier. It is better to find the tree-friendly one so you aren’t hurt the trees in your camping. Remember, I have told you that the parachute hammock camping should have left no traces at all and one of the thing you can do about it is get the tree-friendly property for your suspension gear. For the estimates cost, its price is around $25.

The last one hammock accessory you may need is for the insulation. You can warm yourself at outdoor with the sleeping bag that you have had or get the related hammock accessory which is the underquilt. It will be placed under your hammock to minimize the cold air from below when you are hanging.

Underquilt is quite expensive compared with all of those accessories on above. Its price can even reach up to $110. But, either you need to buy it or not, it’s all your choice. That will also happen for all the mentioned accessories. You don’t need to get them all once. You can just buy the parachute hammock first and the suspension gear. Both will only spend you around $65 – $125.

That range of price surely so much cheap for experiencing the better camping and traveling since you can use them for years.

But if you need to buy them all, then at least you have to spend around $193 as minimal according to the low-cost estimation on above price ranges up to $375 as maximum. Still, the parachute hammock is really cheap to be used for hundreds of times for years. It can also be your own accommodation if possible. So you will not only experience the low-cost camping but also the more cheaper traveling.

Doesn’t the range of price above is pretty much a good investment for your camping and traveling for some years?

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3 Information About Best Scuba Diving In Bali

What do you imagine when you hear the word dive? Hassles? Enjoyment? Underwater mystery? Horror? Everyone has a separate view of diving. Bali is one of the different diving destinations from many sides. Not only diving but enjoying the beauty of nature, culture, and customs of Bali is an attraction for the tourist. Regardless of whether you are a domestic or foreign tourist, you will be welcomed with a smile.

Scuba Diving In Bali

Diving activities in Bali are very popular. Entering the best top destinations for diving sites is one reason to grow the dive center. It’s not difficult to find a dive center in Bali. The best dive package deals are always there for tourists. Best scuba diving in Bali is not just a dive center but also includes diving spots. A lot of information you can explore about best scuba diving in Bali.

Diff Experience Of Best Scuba Diving In Bali

There is something different for all levels of experience. The waters of Bali are able to accommodate everyone, from all those who want to learn to dive up to the diver’s career. Some of the best scuba diving in Bali spots for open professionals, even for beginners.

Best scuba diving in Bali is a small paradise for professional divers or small macro lovers. Diving spots in Bali are very spectacular with long beach coral. This is the best scuba diving in Bali experience for everyone.

Best Dive Center In Bali

Finding a dive center in Bali is not difficult. Dive centers bring you the best pleasure and experience of scuba diving in Bali. The conditions are, you can find the right, professional and trusted dive center. The recommendation of a favorite and popular dive center in Bali is Dune Atlantis. You will be handled by an experienced instructor with more dives in a year.

Dune Atlantis offers the best package for beginner or professional divers. Best scuba diving in Bali you will be successful if you choose the dive center. Not only looking for experienced dive centers but also those who are able to find out the difficulties of the divers. The mistake of choosing a dive center will make your dives a nightmare.

Best Spot Scuba Diving In Bali

Following the dive package from the dive center, surely you will have the experience of enjoying the best dive spots in Bali. Some dive spots like Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan, Nusa Penida, take you to a different world. Diving packages usually include many facilities inside, such as pick-up and delivery to dive spots, boats to spots, lunches, diving equipment, lunches, snacks, and many more. The success and pleasure of best scuba diving in Bali is the accuracy of choosing a trusted and professional dive center.

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Choose Your Authentic Komodo Boat for Traveling Around Flores Sea

An authentic travel experience can refers to many things. Be it living with local people, doing things, eat and drink the same ways with the villagers, and many more. That will also a great thing if you can experience such things during your travel at Komodo Island or other Flores Islands you have chosen. But, there is the rare but more special authentic travel package at there that can be included into your travel lists for the next schedule. It is living on the authentic Komodo boat for a certain period of time.

Komodo boat for arounding Flores sea

What you don’t know about the Komodo liveaboard travel package is, you can’t only dreaming about getting to one island to another and exploring all the accessible travel spots. But, you are also possible to be the sea gyptian; living life on the sea. For a moment, you may have to say goodbye to the ground. Your new home now is the Komodo boat you have ordered the travel package before.

You won’t stop traveling even if you have reached the destination. Your Komodo boat can always takes you to some surrounding island’s sea and enjoy the seascape that makes the view of the islands as its main attraction. You can’t even think about the air and sound pollution, no more worries about the privacy, and you can continue enjoy the exotic moment with the other passengers you have came with.

Where of the authentic Komodo boat you can get?

Authenticity is all you need for most of the travel experiences you are dreaming of. And the original Komodo boat you can choose to accompany your sea gyptian life should be inspired by the Phinisi boat design as we can easily found at the eastern part of Indonesia, including at Komodo Island or the whole of Flores Islands.

You may need a modern yacht, but if it have left the traditional elements of the boat design, then the authenticity of your traveling may also decrease. It actually not a matter at all. But if you need to experience the real feeling as the local people get, then the Komodo boat with phinisi design somehow a must. Do you know about what most of us are looking for in a traveling? It can be the authentic feeling of anything, and even the boat at the sea can reveals that feeling.

In case you need the authentic Komodo boat along with the travel package or services to take your traveling even further, you can check what the HelloFlores have got for you. They have almost all what you need for exploring through Komodo Island and the others, and arounding Flores sea has never been this better.

Your day can be tired with all the attractions you have done since the morning came out. So that, floating all night long under the stars and the moon after your full day of travel activities sounds a fascinating thing to me. Did I miss to tell you that a romantic dinner right before a comfort sleep for that moment can’t also be missed!? Book your Komodo boat now and experience all the real and authentic travel experiences that have been waiting for your visit.


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