Mistakes Of Content Marketing you Can Avoid

Content marketing is often seen as modern strategy to boost a business. However, the concept is not truly new or modern. In fact, it has been used even before advanced technology was born. The main concept of content marketing is to deliver story to help promote business. It has been used before digital era. However, the media and tools are different. Today, content marketing is considered digital marketing strategy because it is done via online platforms instead of books. Story telling has been considered as powerful strategy to boost a business because it can engage you with audience effectively. 

Mistakes Of Content Marketing you Can Avoid

Content marketing mistakes you can avoid

Today, content marketing is one of the key factors of the successful of your business in the matter of sales. It can help drive the sales significantly. It can help promote your products or service in more interesting ways. In results, it generate leads multiple times better. Not only that, content marketing also help build credibility, trust, and reputation. It is a great way to build strong connection with audience and your potential customers. Not to mention that it can also be effective way to improve customer service. However, there are also mistakes which make your content marketing less effective, such as:

Stick to one method over the time

It is a mistake to just stick in one method or topic after you gain success with it. What you need to realize is that everything changes, grows and develops. When you gain more customer base, the interest will grow. It is possible for the topic interest to get wider. Thus, it is a must to find out more information and gather data about it. As the result, you will be able to deliver the right contents at the right time. Make sure, you know your customers wants, needs, motivations, and preferences. 

Being too pushy in your content delivery

Mistakes Of Content Marketing you Can Avoid

Content marketing is different from sales propaganda. When you deliver content that is too ‘salesy’, the audience will not get interested. Instead, you have ti deliver contents which are full of helpful information. Keep in mind that your audiences visit your site in hope to find answer for their problems or concerns. Thus, you have to make sure you have what they need. You can carve the helpful contents to be relevant into your products or services as subtly as possible.

Too rare or too often in posting content

It is important to prioritize your content delivery for effective result. If you just post monthly or annually, your business won’t have enough engagement and relevancy. Meanwhile, it will be useless if you do daily posting low quality contents. It is highly recommended to set your content calendar. Make sure to take your time to create compelling content in regular basis such as once or twice a week. In that frequency, you can still keep your visibility. Meanwhile, quality content opens more opportunity for your audience to share. Not to mention that high quality contents are long lasting. 

Komodo Dragon Island, Land of The Endangered Fable Species

Dragon… a mythical ancient creature that popular within pop culture is mostly just fictional. But what if I tell you there is one animal that resembles the body structure of a dragon? It’s none other than a Komodo, a giant lizard lives on his own island and part of the East Nusa Tenggara province. Often called Komodo Dragon Island to emphasize the greatness of the animal, Komodo island becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. 

Komodo Dragon Island, exotic but can be dangerous…

Komodo Dragon Island, Land of The Endangered Fable Species

First, let’s talk about the beast. Komodo is a large lizard species resides currently on Komodo and Rinca Island. It’s unnaturally large size is due to the absence of other carnivorous animals around the island, making these lizards the very top of the food chain. They prey on every animal from mammals to birds, often sneakily assault them with impressive speed. Komodo also hostile to humans and will attack on sight, making it dangerous to approach carelessly without any protection.

As of now, Komodo is classified as a vulnerable species. That’s one step before endangered, so that’s why UNESCO declared Komodo, Rinca and Padar island as a heritage site and named it Komodo National Park. Komodo mate twice a year and usually hatched around 20 eggs in total, but the young lizards are usually vulnerable against cannibalistic adults, therefore, they dwell in under the trees for protection. 

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This is where colossus reptile roams the earth… 

Komodo Dragon Island, Land of The Endangered Fable Species

Out of the three islands in Komodo National Park, only Padar island does not inhabit any Komodo. They extinct in there because of a lack of food and unsuitable land which mostly consisted of hills and volcanic mountains. Rinca island has as many Komodo as the Komodo dragon island, but because Rinca is less visited by people they have fewer facilities to protect people from Komodo in there. Many accidents regarding attacking humans often happen in Rinca, especially the locals who have to take great care of themselves.

This exotic lizard has been shipped to other countries, but most of them do not live long due to different climate and unfit environment. Komodo in the USA and UK tend to only last 2 to 5 years before dying until a biologist by the name of Walter Auffenberg managed to figure out how to make the giant lizards stay to live longer. But that doesn’t stop people from around the world lining up to see the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, The Komodo Dragon Island.  


Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Every individual may adopt different strategies to reach their professional or personal goals in life. What work for the others doesn’t guarantee the same outcomes when you do the same. However, there must be some qualities you can develop in your daily habits to have better work experiences. Lots of people say that work harder can guarantee success but it os not always the case. More often than not, those who work smarter can achieve their success more effectively. Therefore, it is essential to find the right strategies that work for you to gain more success including in business. 

Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Developing effective strategies to thrive at work

Running a business put you in more difficult and complex situation because you have more responsibilities following your role. However, it is not impossible for you to be a successful entrepreneurs and leader at the same time. Aside from hardwork, you need effective strategies to thrive. 

Depth and Thought

Depth and thought are critical aspects you should use when trying to thrive more at work. Try thinking deeper instead of superficial. Digital world allows you to gain easier access to information. However, do not rely on it to have thoughtful and deeper thinking. Use your brain to think without any distraction. It can help you gain better understanding of the problems you are facing. Deeper thinking promote multiple parts of brains to active. 

Consider your working styles

Aside from fixing the way you think, it is also important to consider how you work typically. Every individual has different tendencies in working. Efficiency is often viewed as priority when it comes to work. however, do not forget to take a break. Taking breaks every once in a while is essential for your body and mind. Breaks give your brain time to properly recharge. It also helps to receive your energy more effectively. As the result, you will be able to work more efficiently and productively. 

A positive environment

Strategies To Have Better Work Experiences

Set up positive environment of where you work on daily basis. Every day you visit the same building and the same room. You complete various tasks diligently. However, you can do more to have better work experiences. You can do it by finding some greens. Nature has positive impact to your brain. It can help it function more effectively. Your cognitive function will be enhanced when you are exposed more to nature. Healthy, positive working environment helps improve your work performance. 

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Create a safe space

It is also important to create a safe space within your working environment. Your brain will work effectively when you feel safe and protected. Create a working space with protected view as well as provide privacy. Thus, you will be more comfortable and safe during your work. If it’s possible, provide more natural light into your working space. It can help your brain function effectively and prevent from stress. Not to mention that unhealthy lighting can lead to sleep disruption and obesity. Exposing yourself to natural light will help promote your health. Thus, you will be able to work more productively without putting your health at risks. 

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

With jaw dropping beaches and all year long surfing season, Algarve of Portugal become one of the most favourite surf destination in the world. Surfing schools offering varied surf lessons lined up in Algarve beautiful coastline. The region house some of the best waves in Portugal—and learning to surf here is definitely one way to beat a boring holiday. Or if you have some surf below your belt, the Algarve can be a perfect surf spot to take your surfing skills to the next level.

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

But the Algarve is so much more than great waves. Algarve is the house of delicious cuisine, picturesque countryside, plenty of sun, and intoxicating relaxed atmosphere in the town that makes your surf getaway even more complete. The Portugal’s southern region is a paradise for both surf holidays and just holiday to “get away from it all” in general. So what’s so special about this region? Why you have to take your surf lessons in Algarve?

Superb Weather for Surf Lessons Algarve

Oh, the weather. You won’t be asking for more sun in Algarve—unless you grow up in tropical countries. The weather in Algarve is just perfect and pleasant. In hot summer days, the Algarve git the cooler breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. As you will spend most time of the days out in the sun and the sea for having surf lessons Algarve, you don’t want the sun to be burning hot. You will find the cool breeze balance the warm waters and the sunlight. During the winter, the temperature remains mild as it never drop below 10ºC. Not many people go surf during this time unless the advanced and the pro. But if you are one of them, you will find that the beaches are emptier, waves are more fun and challenging, and the weather is enough to be tackled with just 5mm wetsuits.

The Super Fresh Seafoods!

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

One of the joy of having surf lessons in Algarve is tasting the delicacies! The Mediterranean touches on fresh seafoods with simple ingredients in Algarve is to die for. Your surf camp will definitely introduce you to their cuisine pride. Walk around the city between your surf lessons, explore humble restaurants in the streets, and see what they have to offer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself indulging in chicken piri-piri, grilled sardines, bacalhau, and the famous Portuguese egg tarts!

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Affordable Living Cost

Do you know that Portugal is one of most budget-friendly destination in all Europe? Most surf camps that offers surf lessons in Algarve are fairly priced. You can find many surf accommodation offering budget-friendly arrangement that will suit even the most frugal backpacker. Meals in Algarve ada available from €10 to €15, possibly less. If you keep it simple, you might even have some money left to splurge at fancier restaurant at the end of the holiday!

Lots of Pristine Beaches to Choose for Surf Lessons Algarve!

Beaches are the backyard of Algarve. You never have to travel too far away from your Algarve accommodation to the beaches to have the surf lessons. And that means less time spent for driving and more time for the actual surfing.

Delivering The Best Customer Service When running Your Business

Adding value to the customer experience is important because it can help your business to grow better and bigger. It has been mentioned so many times that customers play huge role to the future of business regardless how sappy it may sound. When you run a business, you should know the value of your customers experience holds. Keep in mind that when they are happy, they won’t hesitate to stay loyal to you. Investing your time and dedication to get obsessed over your customers, in a positive way of course, can benefit your business in the long run. Therefore, delivering best customer service is a must if you want to keep them. 

How to deliver best and satisfying customer service

Lots of business owners focus on increasing their profit. More often than not, they forget than their customers are more than money maker. They are also human who need to be treated well. There are many ways you can boost your profit without neglecting your customers. Making them happy is also an important investment you need to keep your business stayed afloat. 

Give love the right way to your customers

It is essential to provide your customers easy and quick help. Every customer experience different problems when using your products or service. Instead of blaming them, you should focus on giving them the help they need. Also, it is important that you deliver your help with real people. Human touches affect differently. Therefore, it is also important to hire the right people to be put in front of customers. Addressing the issues your customers complaining should be immediate as well. Most customers don’t like waiting. 

best customer services

Loyal customer base

It is good to be obsessed over every detail of the customer service you want to deliver to your customers. In fact, it is good for your business. There is no such thing as a waste by having loyal customers. However, they come from real effort. By paying attention to small details of customer service, it may lead to greater impact on your business. You can do simple things such as improving the way you interact with customers. Or, you can also encourage your customer service team to be more approachable for your customers. Thus, your customers will feel more comfortable talking about their problems. This is also helpful to build long term, personal-leveled relationship with customers.

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Interconnectivity between departments

To deliver the best customers service, you can also align customer service and marketing departments, both are relevant to each others after all. Therefore, you can boost the best impact to your business from every sides. It is also important to remind yourself that the value of your customer should be taken from the quality not the quantity. Always be open to receive feedback and data regarding to your customers. Then, put it to good. Every feedback, data, and even complaints can help you deliver better customer service in the future. It is not only beneficial to the customers themselves but your business as well. Make sure to collect and analyze customer data routinely.

How to Determine the Best Place to Get a Tattoo in Bali

Best place to get a tattoo in Bali can be tricky to find. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali has numerous tattoo studios and parlors that it can be overwhelming to find which ones are the most suitable for you. As one of the leading tattoo destinations in the world, how can you determine the best place to get a tattoo in Bali island?

Best place to get a tattoo in Bali – hygiene & comfort matters

One of the things that makes a good tattoo place is still going to be the factor of comfort yourself as a customer feel. For many people who are experienced in getting inked, this is one of the most important factors in determining which tattoo place they’ll settle anywhere they go.

best place to get a tattoo in bali

This is especially important when you’re the type of traveler who’d like to get a tattoo to whatever destinations you’re going as a token or a souvenir for yourself. Trusting your gut feelings and assessing the tattoo place; hygiene, equipment they use, the people who take care of the place; are all necessary in order to not regret your tattoo decision wherever you are. Make sure to visit the place you’re going to get tattooed at before you enter any deal and put down that deposit. Of course, always do this to find best place to get a tattoo in Bali island.

Tattoo artist portfolio – best tattoo in Bali?

There’s no such a thing as the best tattoo in Bali – what’s best for one person is different compared to another. So the so-called best is mostly a matter of opinion and subjectivity, more often than not.

best tattoo studio in bali

What do you need to do then when you’d like to find the best place to get a tattoo in Bali? Just like back home or any other tattoo travel you’re doing, what you need to find first and foremost is the Bali tattoo artist! Make sure that you love what the tattoo artist is doing. Always, always look at their portfolio. Reserving a tattoo appointment without ever looking at the artist’s tattoo portfolio is like walking with a blindfold and hoping you’ll get to your destination without stumbling.

Does your Bali tattoo place has a website?

bali tattoo artist

A tattoo place that has a well-maintained website showcases that they’re serious about their business. When you find a website, make sure that you look into the artists profile that they have. The best place to get a tattoo in Bali will be showcasing their artists; their talents. They’ll have the names of their artists up on their website, displayed proudly. Now it’s time for you to do your homework and find the individual artist’s portfolio. This can be in a form of social media (like tattoo instagram) or their individual website.

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Checking tattoo reviews

The essential things to look for in a review would be:

  • The service! You’re purchasing art yes, but when it really boils down to it, tattooing is a service. While this is not a hospitality service where you should expect impeccable treatment, remember that artists being courteous and polite are not just important, but a requirement for a good tattoo experience.
  • Keep in mind that comments about artwork are mostly subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Skills Needed To Execute Great Customer Service

It is not easy to handle customers properly. Not to mention that every customer may have different interest or needs. Thus, it is abound to happen if you cannot just please everyone. Receiving complaints is also thing you should have expected from the beginning. Delivering quality customer service is a must if you want to make sure your business stays afloat. When they are happy, your business will most likely stay on the right track. Executing great customer service requires some skills. Thus, you have to assign the right people to handle customer service department. 

Important skills to execute great customer service

The responsibilities that customer service team have are big. It needs dedication, strategy and the right skills to deliver quality customer service. Here are several skills that your team should have to execute great customer service:

Empathy is important skills your customer support team should have. Keep in mind that every customer is unique. They also have their own struggle or problems. Being empathetic means you can feel what the customer feel. You put yourself in your customer’s perspective to get better understanding. This way, you will be more mindful before giving any suggestion or solution. 

Communication skill is also essential skill to improve customer service. It is important to know how to communicate properly with customers. It is easy to get riled up when facing with customers who are complaining about your business. However, effective communication can prevent from unnecessary arguments. Communication skill is also needed so that you can threads the words carefully. Not to mention that your customer base consists of different group of people. Thus, communication skill will help you adjust and decide the way to communicate to different customer. 

Problem-solving skill is needed to deliver great customer service. Every customer faces various problems. Not to mention that they don’t like waiting. Addressing the issue your customer are struggling with immediately is a must. Thus, they won’t feel ignored. Every problem may also need different approach to find the best solution.

Emotional intelligence is also needed when it comes to customer service execution. Handling customer who are in rage for example, requires you to stay calm and control your emotion. Emotional intelligence skill will help you analyze and and interpret other people’s emotions. Therefore, you will be able to respond properly. This will you handle situation involving customer better especially when they are upset over something. Being able to interpret their emotional state and needs will help you prevent from upsetting them even more.

Patience is also a skill needed to execute great customer service. You have to choose people to be in your customer service team who have great patience. Keep in mind that handling customers on daily basis can be exhausting and straining your emotional state. It can mess up your mind if you don’t have enough patience within you. With patience, you will know how to handle every customer without letting your frustration show.

Canggu Villas, The ultimate Planning of A Vacation Trip

Bali is known as the island of the Gods, rich in popular tourist attractions and supported by international accommodation, enough to make it a favorite destination of the world. Ranging from nature tourism to art and culture offers fun for all tourists. One famous area that is a favorite area of tourists, especially foreign tourists, namely Canggu and its surroundings. Canggu is indeed a holiday destination as well as for enjoying a quiet vacation. The right way to enjoy the tranquility of a vacation is to look for rental Canggu villas. Canggu Bali villa rentals offer comfort, tranquility, and privacy. Villa facilities are no less complete with 5-star hotel accommodations.

Canggu Villas with a private pool and comfortable

How to book Canggu villas?

Most tourists who are on holiday to Bali will immediately think that the hotel is the most comfortable accommodation. Why not think about surfing the internet and looking for cheaper accommodations with facilities equivalent to star hotels? The fact is, all tourists will find a different atmosphere than when you enter a five-star hotel. What are you looking for when on vacation? All your activities in the villa will be very privacy without any disturbance from groups or other tourist groups.

When considering a vacation to Bali, then finding accommodation is first. Deciding to choose accommodation in the Canggu area offers a lot of understanding for you about the daily life of local residents. While you will be spoiled with perfect services and facilities while immersing yourself in a rich culture.

Surfing on the internet allows you to get many lists of Canggu villas. Comparing facilities, services and prices bring you to a pleasant and cost-effective vacation. Mistake booking accommodation allows you to pay a very expensive vacation. Who wants it? You will not regret and most likely can make you re-occupy Canggu villas.

It’s not difficult to find Canggu villas, but it can’t be said to be easy either. Not a few tourists who are stuck in booking a villa and ultimately end up with an unpleasant vacation. Actually, you can search for villa rentals from professional and trusted agents. Usually, they do the maintenance of the villa well so that it is comfortable when guests come. Another way that is also very easy is to find information through reviews of previous guests. Guest reviews allow you not to lie to you. At least, you get a picture of the Canggu villa that will be in place. Why waste time on expensive vacations if you can enjoy on a low budget.

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

Running a business can be terrifying for some people because it takes a lot of courage to start something and make decision. Meanwhile, running business will involve lots of decision making in the process. Every day is about making decision from minor to major issues. However, remember that there are always choices to choose. You have the ability to choose what’s best for your business without letting anyone dictate you in certain way. What you have to do about decision making issue is the ability to calculate and think logically. You have to be willing to weigh down the risks and possibilities of taking particular choice for your business. 

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

What to do to make the best decision for your business

Running a business is about growth and survival. Careful thinking will help you through various crisis. Problems will always appear no matter how well you plan your business. Without problems, your business might not grow properly. Problems should be considered as a chance for you to grow yourself and business positively. In making decision, some choices are easy to choose and others most likely not. Here are tips to make the best decision for your business.

Put your focus on your priority

It is easier said than done because focus can be easily distracted even by minor things. However, where you put your focus on is the key for making the best decision. For example, you should choose between focusing on your competitors or your customers. Both are important factors but which one of them should you put your focus on? The answer is customers because they have direct impact to your business growth. Happy customers will lead you to positive business growth and revenue. When you focus on your customers, you will work hard to satisfy them until you earn their love and loyalty. In the end, your competitors will try to figure out how to beat you and not vice versa. 

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Take direction of your business

Making The Best Decision For Your Business

The next tips is to take the right approach to decide the direction of your business including manufacturing, technology, customer services, etc. you should choose whether you are going to be a follower or a leader in directing your business. The better answer is to choose the latter because even though the leader approach takes more courage and risks, the rewards can be greater. Meanwhile being a follower won’t allow your creativity and brand personality to shine. You will be limited to what others do. This will only lead you to lose your own unique value. 

Choose how to treat your employees

They are your assets and you should know how to treat them right. This is making decision issue regarding to the management. This can be stressful especially because your employees are their own individuals with unique personalities, background, and characteristics. Making decision is not easy in this matter. What you can choose is facilitate your employees morale through good communication, growth opportunities, open-door policies, as well as individual advancement and individual respect. 

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Scattered in the blueness of Flores Sea, the staggering volcanic islands within Komodo National Park has been attracting millions of visitors every year. The prehistoric folds of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar island landscape give a promising raw adventure. Soon, you will be left awed by Komodo’s natural charms; walking along dusty trails on tropical dry forest in search of world’s last colony of Komodo Dragons, chilling on the crystalline waters on the rare Pink Beach, watching wild sunset backdropped by thousands of flying bats, and many more. Every day, Labuan Bajo cruise as well as budget liveaboard and day trip boats come crossing the water in search of nature wonders. If you have planned a Komodo cruise trip for the upcoming holiday, you will be pleased to know these insider insights.

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Arriving One Day Before Embarkation is A Good Idea

Many people try to cram their activities in one day to save the budget. Inexperienced backpackers tend to think that arriving in the same day at Labuan Bajo in the same day with their cruise embarkation is time and cost-efficient. The reality is, however, often times the other way around.

One, some Indonesian airlines just love to delay. They can postpone their flight up to 8 hours for “technical reason” and nobody bats an eye. And the worse is, your cruise won’t wait for you—unless you charter it whole. So we highly recommend you to arrive at least one day before and book a room in Labuan Bajo. This way, you have plenty of time to spare and a chance to see what the beautiful city has to offer.

Outlets on Labuan Bajo Cruise Can Be Limited, So Bring Yours

Labuan Bajo cruise is not known for their generosity in electrical outlets. On the sailing trip, you gonna need a lot to devices to use—phones, tablets, camera, laptops, or maybe curling iron (why will you need a curling iron in a frontier anyway?). So we highly suggest you to bring your power outlets to make room for more devices. This will help your roommate too!

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They Don’t Serve that Alcoholic Drinks for Free

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You might be picturing a lying leisurely in one of Labuan Bajo cruise sundecks, donning your glasses and sipping tropical cocktail as you gaze on passing sceneries. Only to find out that the dream will cost you additional prices for the cocktails. Any alcoholic beverage drinks are not inclusive to the package, you know. The same goes along with espresso, latte, and any other specialty coffee. Only simple black coffee and tea are free during the meal time.

Don’t Arrive Late—Labuan Bajo Cruise is Not that Big

You might have heard this tips everywhere. That the port will be very full of people waiting in line on the embarkation day of the cruise and you should arrive late to avoid the long line. Well, the Komodo cruise on Labuan Bajo is not as big as your mega cruisers. It’s more like an elevated, high-end version of 40 meters wooden boat. Most cruises in Labuan Bajo only take 8 – 20 passengers at most, so there won’t be long lines to avoid. Always come on time—the cruise won’t wait for you.