Money-Saving Decision For Small Business

Small businesses may develop different operation especially because of limited access to money. It is not always because they are lack of financial support. It is mostly because any decision they make will affect their business finance. Thus, money-saving decision is crucial for small business to keep operating while growing at the same time.

Keep some revenue cash in the bank 

Balancing small business budget by money-saving

Balancing budget of small business can be challenging because the slightest change to the finance can cause major tremors to the overall operation. Thus, financial planning is very important for small business. One of the most effective and helpful strategies is money-saving. Here are some tips for your small business’s money saving.

Reevaluate Your Toolkit

During this pandemic, all businesses are affected including the small one. For your small business, it is very essential to reevaluate your toolkit to ensure your business can run effectively during the crisis without unnecessarily wasting too much money. One important element you have to take into consideration is the toolkit. Different toolkit comes with different prices and functionality. Thus, choose the one that is only essential for your business.

Negotiate more with your vendors

In this struggling time, everyone is suffered. Thus, helping each others out is the best solution. Many vendors prefer lowering their prices instead of losing their customer entirely. If your business relies on a vendor, negotiate more to have lower prices. However, make sure that you give reasonable explanation on why you have to reach out to them.

Keep some revenue cash in the bank 

Money-Saving Decision For Small Business

Saving money is not always especially for a small business that has already had a tight rope. However, you can plan to keep 10% of the revenue in cash in the bank. This percentage of revenue will be a life saver for your business just in case it faces difficult times. You will be able to make good decision knowing that you have that 10% of the revenue to save your business when needed.

Reuse inventories

You can also save money by reuse and recycle your inventories. You can find a way to cut down any unnecessary expenses. One of them is your office supplies. Instead of keep buying new assets every year, it is wise to reuse and recycle as long as they are still function properly. This way, you can save money and reduce the waste.

Find more ways to generate income

To save money, you cannot just rely solely on your core revenue. If it is possible, you can also try to find more ways to generate your income. It can be considered as supplemental revenue for your small business. It doesn’t have to be something big. It is enough if your supplementary can add extra cash to your bank.

Saving monthly revenue

Saving monthly revenue can be used as strategy to balance your budget. You can keep 5% of the monthly revenue and let it go to your business reserve. It is a good way to build your financial stability in a slow pace. To make it easier, automate the process so you won’t have a chance to forget.

How You Get the Perfect Bali Family Resort Holiday

While on holiday in Bali with your children, you would like to find a family-friendly accommodation and this guide on choosing the right Bali family resort for the holiday. 

How You Get the Perfect Bali Family Resort Holiday

Do You Need Bali Family Resort for Big Family?

Family resort in Bali for holiday is popular with families as it offers extra space and privacy. The Holiday Inn resort in Nusa Dua, for example, has family-designed room with connecting doors where everyone can get connected easily. Kids can sleep in their own ocean-themed bedroom, but it’s connected to their parents by default. Everyone can maintain basic privacy while still getting in touch closely.

Great Packages for Little Family in Bali Resort

If you are looking for a great deal family package, this is a very good option for you. As a self-proclaimed kids-friendly resort, the Holiday Inn resort has a compelling Bali family resort package. Their “Family Adventure” offers activities-packed deals for four days stay. With this package the kids can dine for free, making kites (and own it!), cook authentic Balinese dishes with their Mum and Dad, and get a nudibranch doll for free!

Kids Friendly Activities to Do

Kids Friendly Activities to Do

There are so many things you have to do with young people in Bali that keep you entertained while the family as a whole stays in Bali. Look up for child-friendly activities in Bali that you can use as a guide to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. The Holiday Inn resort has fun kid’s pool, beach activities, exciting kids club, cooking club, cooking class, kids-friendly cultural excursion, and many thing else.

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Other Experiences to Try

Bali Bird Park is the best place to visit Bali with your family if you want to see the beautiful birds and animals as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While enjoying your Bali family holiday, you and your family members can take the opportunity to relax in Bali Green Village and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Perhaps you would prefer to find a place in Bali that offers a more cultural perspective? Perhaps the best place for you to stay in Canggu Seminyak is for those who love the sunset. If you want to try some water sport, you should try Tanjung Benoa. They have all kinds of parasailing, banana boating, snorkeling, and other sports that would get the kids super excited.

Once you know all the great things about Bali and the best accommodations for the family, you will be ready to make your Bali trip in no time. Remember that you have all your travel needs sorted so you only have to worry about your Bali holiday with your family.

Delivering Marketing Contents For Your Business Growth

Content is essential for your business to keep running especially in this digital age. Content is what makes your business known. It serves to attract more customers to buy your products or services. Therefore, paying attention tot he contents you are going to deliver is critical. Fresh and valuable contents tend to be what people look for. Therefore, you have to create contents that your target customers need and want.

Delivering Marketing Contents For Your Business Growth

Presenting marketing contents

The problem is, it is not easy to keep creating fresh content every time. Of course, you have a team who manage the matter of marketing content. They make advertising, blogs, social posts, PR, training materials, website, investor materials and many more stuffs. Each content contains knowledge, materials, and hardwork to ensure that your brand’s message is delivered and communicated well.

Preparing content creations

Content creation is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it can be stressful and demanding especially with how smart customers are today. However, creating new content all the time doesn’t guarantee the marketing strategy will be successful. Also, not to mention that all contents used once or twice might just sit in the folder. You can prevent them from becoming a lost investment.

Content recycling

Delivering Marketing Contents For Your Business Growth

You can recycle the contents containing the brand and its message across the media instead of rewriting or redesigning them. Remember that no matter how far your business has become, the brand and messaging for mass media should stay consistent. Of course, including unique contents is also helpful in building your brand even more. However, being consistent in brand ;s message delivery is also critical to ensure that the objective of your business is still there. This approach of recycling used elements that have basic brand and message of your business is less costly.

Make it more accessible

In creating content, it is highly recommended to make it more accessible. You can do some content management so that every files, slides, videos, and pages can be searched easily by your team members who need them. Not to mention it can save times instead of making everything from the scratch. You can set some codes or visualization to make those materials are easy to find.

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Plan for customisable contents

Also, make sure to create contents that can be customized as needed. There are people who like making content for the time being and make it permanent. This kind of content even if it is searchable won’t be productive because it cannot be used for other events. Thus, easy-to-customize contents are highly recommended to make because they still be useful for the future.

When it comes to content creation, you can implement a motto of reuse and recycle. It doesn’t make you less creative or productive. In fact, creating contents which are reusable for the future is such a great skill. Organizing every content to be accessible and productive can help your business runs smoothly. It saves times and energy without reducing the quality because the contents themselves contain tremendous amount of knowledge and materials.


A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

The far-flung, once isolated and unknown Komodo National Park rocketed into fame as its undulating hills, untouched beaches, crystal blue waters, and the existence of 5,000 years old Komodo Dragons captured worldwide attention. The last surviving colony of dragons to roam the earth. The Komodo National Park has successfully stun wanderers, travelers, divers, and all the like with its pure natural beauty. However, the beauty of Komodo wouldn’t last very long if we, as visitors, is not careful. This is why eco and sustainable travelling becomes very important on the sailing trip Labuan Bajo. We should never forget to care to Komodo’s fragile environment to keep it at its pristine condition for generations to come.

A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

A green travelling is not only about camping deep in the forest or travelling to a lush jungle. Green travelling is about putting awareness on every little thing we do during the travel to keep the balance of nature. It’s not only about the destination; but what we can contribute to the destination while enjoying its beauty. And here’s some simple but impactful things to do on your Komodo trip and protect the environment.

Be mindful with your body care products on sailing trip Labuan Bajo

The Komodo National Park is house of one of the richest and most diverse marine life in the world. It’s part of globally-treasured Coral Triangle which become a save haven for million species of ocean life. Careless travelling on this pristine water actually contribute to the slow death of the coral triangle. Studies has found that some body care products like shampoo and sunscreen release oxybenzone chemical that can seep into waters and get absorbed by corals, causing bleaching and ultimately the death of coral. You don’t want to be that person who ignorantly spoiled Komodo’s environment.

Reusable water bottle is your best friend

Indonesia is definitely not a nation with drinkable faucet water. A large portion of local people either purchase a gallon of drinkable water or buy the packaged one in closest store for a speedy beverage. Try not to follow the custom. Lessen the plastic waste by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Likewise, ditch the plastic straws. Use a reusable silicone/ metal straw for your drinks instead.

Pick up trash on the sailing trip Labuan Bajo

A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

Because why not? This is how we can express our love and actually give something back to our beloved Komodo. First step is collecting your own plastic junks throughout the Labuan Bajo sailing trip—the whole time. Make sure you dispose it at garbage dump point which doesn’t end up in the sea. Especially when you are on trekking tour or beach chilling at one of the islands. Second, start picking up trashes you see during the island tour. Do your best to help clean up the wild.

Bring reusable shopping bag everywhere

Komodo’s big sister, Bali, has banned single use plastic bags from markets and shops. Follow the lead and bring your reusable shopping bag anywhere during the sailing trip Labuan Bajo. It will come extremely useful when you come across a local shop on one of the destination island.

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Komodo Sailing Trip Tips: Taking Care of the Environment

Light Packing on the Sailing Trip

Do you realize that vehicles utilize more standards to convey heavier burdens? In this way, they emanate increasingly green house gasses which adds to climate contamination.

Furthermore, as usual, don’t take anything, don’t leave anything, and make the most of your green Komodo sailing trip!



Bali Real Estate Rental Guide: Taking Care of Pets

Renting a real estate in Bali is relatively easy as long as you provide clear identification and are willing to follow the landlord’s rules. But most of the landlords often have strict rules against pets, some can tolerate them within certain boundaries and some others just plainly forbid the tenants to bring any pets. So why exactly most Bali real estate rental seems to be avoiding tenants with pets?

Animal Rule in Bali Real Estate Rental


Pets are cute and can be a great companion for humans. But unlike us, they need extra care to make sure that they don’t do something harmful. Most pet owners already train their pets to obey the house rule, so they can tend to themselves without making a mess. But since there are also some pet owners who just let their pets do whatever they wanted, the landlords cannot take that chance.

So if you own a pet and are currently looking for a place to rent, be patient because it can be quite hard to look for a suitable place. If you do manage to get the place that allowed pets, make sure to convince the landlord that your pet won’t cause any problems. Depending on what kind of pets you own, your landlord might give you additional rules. 

Types of Pets

Animal Rule in Bali Real Estate Rental

Cats are probably the most common pet that people might have. They are generally harmless and don’t really hard to groom. But an aggressive one can potentially scratch the furniture and leave permanent damage, especially on the wooden floor. Also, if your cat is the type that likes wandering around the house, you will definitely need to clean the furs quite often.  

Dogs are another common pet. They are generally larger than cats, but because of their obedient nature, dogs can be easily thought to behave. Problems with dogs are generally the same with cats, but dogs tend to be noisier sometimes. Keep in mind your landlord might not allow you to bring a big or aggressive dog like a pit bull, because even a trained one can still be a danger to a neighbor or other tenants.     

Other animals like birds or ferrets, for example, can also be allowed as long as you can make them behave. Birds like a parrot can be really loud and can potentially disturb the others. Meanwhile, ferrets can easily sneak through the house and damage some furniture. So as long as you can handle them not to misbehave, it should be no problem. 

Fish and hamsters are a safe example. That’s because you kept both in a tank and cage so they won’t roam around the house and make a mess. Landlords usually give you a pass for these 2 animals as long as you take care of them carefully.

Lastly, if you own an exotic pet like lizard or snake, you better off buy your own house because it’s going to be even harder to find a landlord who will allow you to keep it on Bali real estate rental under his/her supervision. Just make sure to not hide them to avoid more problems later.

Social Media For Your Business Marketing Strategy

The role of social media is essential in the matter of your business marketing strategy. Social media presence influence your brand awareness. You see, the ways consumers engage with businesses is now hugely influenced by social media presence. Therefore, it is important for a business to increase its social media engagement. You can generate it through many things such as comments, likes, share, etc. Extending your brand through social media engagement is also a way to build trust. You can even start building more loyal customer base through social media engagement. 

social media for business

Improving your business through social media engagement

Building your business engagement through social media can be tricky and challenging especially. However, it is worth a try because the impact for your business will be significant. You may need to apply specific strategies so you can build your following and customer base surely but steadily.

When you attempt to catch attention through social media, don’t think to catch everyone’s eyes. What you have to focus on more is your ideal client. Stay in your target niche by delivering more relevant contents to them. Hence they would find your posts useful and relevant as well. If you use more than one social media platforms, deliver consistent brand and image. 


Instead of trying to impress everyone, it is better to make unique or personalized contents where your target customers find them more valuable to them. The value of the content is more important and when you can make it connected to what your ideal clients want, it is great. To build social media engagement, make sure to use the connections to be more active and engaging with your follower. You have to give your followers reasons why they should reciprocate your attempt to connect with them. 

Create relatable stories

A story has powerful impact to business and how the brand is viewed. If you want to build your brand through social media engagement, you have to create more engaging story that can connect your brand with your ideal customers/followers. You may have to define the story of your business then find out who else will be interested in it. Then, you can explain the story in a more engaging way. When you can deliver the story well, the customers will find something from the story that resonate with them. It makes them want to stay with your brand. 

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Be more genuine and sincere in building your social media engagement. Treat social media as effective tools to let your customers see who you really are. Your customers follow you on social media to really see beyond your high quality products and service. They may want to see the behind the scene of your successful brand. Thus, you may show them snippets of the process of as well as the hardships, and how you value your customers’ opinions. Don’t be ignorant just because your followers keep growing. In fact, you have to be more active, accommodating, and engaging with them. 

Selecting Home Furniture for Small Living Spaces Yogyakarta 

Furnishing tiny living spaces at first can seem daunting. You’d feel that your options are very restricted and you may not be able to store some of your items properly. Working with home furniture Yogyakarta for small houses can seem very challenging as well. But creativity when it comes to home furnishing is often stimulated exactly by those limitations. 

home furniture yogyakarta

Selecting home furniture Yogyakarta for small living spaces

Not many people have the budget nor the resources to alter their living spaces in order to maximize the tiny spaces they have. The only way to do it is to work your way around it. Small living spaces can be charming and low on maintenance, making it perfect for those who’d like to keep their lifestyle as minimalist as possible. So working with your small space can and will prove to be particularly rewarding. 

home interior yogyakarta

Selecting furniture that double as storage units 

While tables with drawers are nothing revolutionary, this concept extends beyond the good old table and drawers. Many creative manufacturers these days offer a flexible range of furniture options. One of the popular contemporary furnitures manufacturers provide are those home furniture Yogyakarta that double as storage units. There are many variations of it, but one of the most popular kinds are coffee tables that double as chests. This is why contemporary rustic designs like putting a stylish treasure-chest like coffee table are pretty in when it comes to revamping the look of your room. Some bed frames are also designed with a large storage just below, making it perfect to keep your bedroom clutter-free.  

Choose light color palettes 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Often, the reason you as a homeowner would like to save space is not exactly the need for more space, but for the illusion of it. This is where aesthetics and tricks to the eyes play the most important role.Step up your game by choosing home furniture Yogyakarta that displays light color palettes as well. Roll up your sleeves and do some DIY by repainting your furniture white or other light neutral hues. Choosing neutral or earth colors as a default would save you the headache of not getting them together 

Play with your light fixtures 

Unfortunately not everyone’s apartment or houses boast those floor to ceiling windows that speaks of lux and large spaces. This is where light fixtures come in. Why not double or triple the light fixtures? Industrial style lamps can be great for those who dig in the style. But other than that, putting warm-colored illumination is a really great way to transform your space. 

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Proportionate furnitures for your living space

Choosing the proportionate furniture doesn’t mean going for the smallest possible pieces available. This means that you need to assess your needs and the space you have available before settling on any furniture. Buying a lot of smaller pieces would often make your house look cluttered, and instead of saving space, you’re simply adding unnecessary mess that you could very well avoid. If you need a large storage for all of your little trinkets from travel, for example, then choose home furniture yogyakarta that will afford you the necessary storage. Make sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the furniture you’re purchasing as well. Make sure it fits! 

Determine The Right Move When Facing Crossroads In Business

Running your own business is promising and rewarding. However, it is also full of challenges and obstacles. Not to mention that you hold full of responsibility of the business you run. Your decision will determine how it affect your business. It is not easy to make the right decision especially when it involves so many people. It is harder when the situation put your business at risks of great financial loss. 

How to determine the right move for your business

Decision-making is important aspect in business because every decision holds its own risks and consequences. However, avoiding the problems will only cost you more. It will only put your business at higher risks. Thus, making efficient and effective solution is a must. 

crossroads business

What you have to focus on is not how to make the right moves or decisions but how to make decision that will reduce the number of mistakes you make. That’s the main goal of decision-making. Making mistakes is common in business but when it happens all the time then your business is doomed. Therefore, reducing the risk of making mistake is important. 

Economic impact

There are main factors you can focus on when making the right moves for your business when facing crossroads. The very first factor you need to consider is the economic impact. It includes the cost of money, time, and personnel. This impact can be estimated and calculated because the result is in number. The estimation may not exactly accurate but at least you have informed base. Educated guesses are better moves to take than hitting blindly on the target. When you look at the sums, see if the risk is worth the reward.

Brand value

Make sure that the decision you make doesn’t change pr reduce the value of your brand. The decision you make should cause improvement for your business. In making decision, it is impossible to please everyone. Thus, you have to choose a decision that makes you stay on what you stand for as a brand. This way, you will be able to make thorough calculation and improve your business as the result. 

Preparing yourself for any scenario

In searching for the right move for your business, you have to be aware of the worst scenario that possibly happens. This way, you will be more prepared when unpredictable result is what happens from the decision you make. However, you can also estimate the possible best scenario. This can help you plan the next moves to take if it really happens so you will not get overwhelmed or freeze on the spot. 

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Trust your instincts – and your team

Other important factors in decision-making include gut instinct and teamwork. Your intuition is often based on accumulated experiences which lead your subconscious to certain path. Thus, do not underestimate it. Listening to your gut can save you from troubles. It is also important to trust your tea because you hire them for a reason. They are capable and skillful people you trust so discussing he issue with them and giving them opportunities to give solution or suggestion is the right move. 

Outdoor Home Furniture Yogyakarta and Quality Materials

Even if you’re a budget-conscious home owner, outdoor furniture is not something you’d want to mess with when it comes to prices. With the threat of weather, insect, and fungi infestation, the sensible thing to do is to invest on quality outdoor pieces home furniture Yogyakarta and don’t compromise on quality. What are some of our recommendation when choosing your outdoor furnishings?

furniture jogja

Home furniture Yogyakarta choose the right materials

Choosing outdoor furniture Jogja is not the same as choosing just any indoor furniture. You’re going to need to consider the materials and how to care for them. Fortunately you’ll have a lot of options if you’re planning to buy furniture in Yogyakarta. There are numerous Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide quality furniture and even those that are made to order.

Can you find quality outdoor furniture in Yogyakarta?

interior furniture yogyakarta

Absolutely. Yogyakarta is one of the top places to visit when you’re looking for furnitures made in Indonesia. The city’s proximity to Jepara makes it one of the most favorite places when you’re doing furniture shopping or simply window-shopping. Many furniture shops in Jepara handle bulk orders and you’re going to need minimum quantity if you plan to purchase from their place since it’s the very source of timber and raw materials themselves. Doing some shopping in Yogyakarta can actually be more convenient for you.

Choosing teakwood furniture

Teakwood furniture has long been associated with building boats and have been utilized as such centuries ago until now. Teak is a very strong hardwood with a known durability that makes it a favorite of many. It does come with a higher price tag as the wood is considered to be of a “premium” class in many if not most areas in the world. However you can easily find teak furniture in Yogyakarta and Indonesia in general. Teak is undoubtedly one of the best options for home furniture Yogyakarta and choosing them is an investment that will last you decades.

Indonesian Mahogany (Toona Sureni)

toko furniture jogja

Another excellent choice beside the more popular teakwood is the mahogany wood that’s native to Indonesia known as Toona Sureni. Many refer to it as the Indonesian Mahogany. It’s one of the strongest hardwood with a beautiful color – used not only for furnitures but for musical instruments as well.

Regular furniture maintenance

Just because you opt for the best premium wood in the market, that doesn’t mean you can just leave your piece without any care. Just like when you’re buying a car, you know that it’ll need regular maintenance. So does your outdoor home furniture Yogyakarta.

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With teak furniture, the piece will change color as it’s exposed to the UV rays of the sun. The aging will make the wood silver-grey in color. This will not affect the durability of your furniture. However if you’d like to retain its light golden color, then it’s recommended to coat it with oil regularly. We do believe that letting nature do its thing is not a bad idea and the aged teakwood do tell a story.  You can also apply sealant to protect teak furniture for it to last long.

Tips for Entrepreneurs To Cope With Stress

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path to choose. It is full of responsibility especially when you are a solopreneur. When you decide to involve in entrepreneurship, it means you also have responsibilities as a leader. You have to take care of many things so everything is running smoothly. When you acquire new role, you have more burden. It also means you are more prone to stress and any fatigue both mentally and physically. It is essential to know how to cope with the stress since it can lead to more problems if you keep piling it up.

Coping with stress for entrepreneurs

Every individual may have their own way to cope with stress or fatigue due to work. When you are an entrepreneur leading and running your own business, feeling lonely and stress is bound to happen. However, every individual may experience different intensity or frequency. Regardless, it is important to not succumb to any kind of stress because it can hold you down from reaching your goal.

Tips for Entrepreneurs To Cope With Stress

Meditation and Mindfulness

One of the many things you can do to cope with stress is to practice mindfulness and meditation. Your mind is the key to almost everything related to your physic and mental. When your mind is too hectic, it is easy to get stress and distracted. You will also get less productive which can affect your business flow. Your mind holds power so when something wrong happens, it is easy for errors to happen.

Know how to respond to symptoms of stress

As an entrepreneur, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself so you will be prepared how to respond to any symptoms of stress. Practicing mindfulness and meditation doesn’t have to make you spend hours a day. It is enough for you to spare 30 minutes a day to do it. This simple practice to cope with stress can help you clear your mind. This kind of silent retreat is important to do every once in a while especially when you think you have had enough with all the stress caused by your business.

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Don’t normalize the stress

Stress is not uncommon especially for entrepreneurs. However, it doesn’t mean you can normalize it. It is something you have to cope with. When you neglect and pile up the stress, it is easier for you to get agitated, irritated, and feel lost. Those are not good if you are in a position to run a business. It is true that running a business requires you to use your logic more but emotional fatigue can be dangerous too. It is not only bad for your business but for yourself.


Self-care is important especially for entrepreneur because business world itself is full of things that trigger stress. Physical fatigue is not the only thing you have to be aware of. Your emotion needs to be stable as well so that you can more focus on things you have to do with your business. Taking care of yourself should be part of your goal too aside from reaching professional success.