Beautiful Places for vacation in Germany

Germany is a great travel destination in Europe. Besides, it’s been the center of world history. There are many spots with historical story you can visit. You can also find the remnants of World War II as well as Cold War. There’s a lot of interesting sites to explore during your travel in Germany. You can go for solo travel or bring your travel buddies along with you to make it more fun. Sure, Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Germany since it is the capital and all. However, there are also other beautiful cities just as beautiful if not more to explore.

Recommended spots to visit in Germany

It is highly recommended to visit various cities other than Berlin since there are so many of interesting sites you can explore including rich forests, magnificent mountains, opulent palaces, as well as picturesque villages. Here are recommended places to visit in Germany:

Lichteinstein Castle is a great spot to visit it is huddled in the Swabian Jura mountain range. Aside from its stunning architecture, you can also enjoy the amazing scenery framed the castle itself. Another best thing is the position of the castle where it sits on a steep escarpment. 

Wiblingen Abbey Library is a perfect to visit for literature lovers. There’s so many interesting points owned by this place especially the architectural aspects. There are ceiling paintings by Franz Martin Kuhn. There are also intricate gold-trimmed pillars. The library is designed in Rococo style. It is a stunning library with the most beautiful design in the world. 

lichtenstein castle travel germany

Balutopf is one of the most valuable treasures in Germany. It is a spring with jewel-toned color situated in the city of Blaubeuren. The pool is beautiful with bright blue water filling it. It is about 21 meters deep. The view is stunning that you will forget how long you have stayed. The surrounding is just as amazing. 

Altensteig is a village located near the Black Forest. This village has medieval architecture. Timber houses are filled the village. When you enter this village, it will feel like you are in different universe during the Middle Ages. 

Atta Cave is a great spot for adventurous travelers. It runs about 500 meters deep. This dripstone cave is considered the largest in Germany. This is where you can find the limestone in beautiful formations. It was actually found accidentally back then in 1907. Each year, this amazing cave attract local and foreign visitors. 

Harz National Park is also highly recommended spot when you visit Germany. The beautiful forest in the soft-blue mountain is so impressive in the eyes. This is where you will find diverse nature at its finest. The national park stretches out Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. You can go hiking or mountain biking if you feel fit enough to do so.

Bastei is a stunning rock formation which juts out 194 meter above the Elbe River. The panoramic views truly great for photography enthusiasts even though the picture can’t do justice to how beautiful this place truly is.