Build A Team For Your Startup

Building your own startup from the beginning allows you to handle everything from scratch. You don’t really need a team in the beginning as a startup founder because you have eveything planned. And besides, your startup may not be too demanding. Talking to potential customers, pre-selling your products, or sketching your app idea can be done by yourself. You don’t really need help from team members to be able to do well in those. However, it can be really helpful if you can build and start with a team from the beginning. Your startup has more opportunity to grow well.

Build A Team For Your Startup

How to recruit team members for your startup

Your team members can be a very valuable asset for your startup. You don’t really have to wait until your startup grows successful in order to start looking for team members. If you can afford it, you can start recruiting team members from the beginning. A startup with solid and experienced team members is already an appeal for investors especially when you still don’t have validation for customers yet.

Fill the three pillar roles

In order to build a startup, at least you need three roles to occupy. They are leader, builder, and marketer. Each role is not less important than the others. Leader is the one who sets plan, identifies opportunities, build the team, and executes. Meanwhile. Builder is the one who create the solution. Then, marketer is the one who can bring and boost the sales. Each role is important and can be complimented the other. Each roles requires different skills to shape the startup.

The builder and the marketer

The builder and the marketer

As the startup leader, you can recruit someone who fit the role as a builder and marketer. However, it is important that you know what to build to hire a builder and have what to market to hire marketer. Those roles are significant to the customers not only the product sale itself. Hiring the right people for the right role can help you grow customer development. However, hiring people is not as easy at it seems. It is also a challenging process when building a startup team.

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Hire the right people

It is highly recommended to hire the right people from specialized marketplaces because it picks and focuses on one specific skills. You can hire people who are specialized in finance, design, development, content creation, and so on. It will be easier for you to sort the candidate if they are already known of what they are specialized in.

Try to look for the right person from social media 

You can also try another method such as looking for the right people through social media. Of course, the profiles on social media are not always real. However, it is one of the most common methods used by people who want to find the right recruits. Or, you can also seek someone’s referrals and recommendations. This is safer especially if you seek recommendation from someone you already trusted. Remember that your startup needs support as it grows and it is such an investment to build your team members from the start.