Open Trip Labuan Bajo to Gili Lawa

Labuan Bajo Open Trip

Small islands are scattered around the Komodo National Park, and each island has its charm. The Open Trip Labuan Bajo always takes us on a journey into the wild from one coast to another through the water under which there is a beauty that is comparable to the astounding land. 

One of them is Gili Lawa, a savanna that has thow colors according to whether it is the rainy season or not. Alternating only green and white, like a mood that suits the sky weather. This uninhabited island is surrounded by oceans and other landmasses visible from afar, such as Kanawa Island, Komodo National Park, and Padar Island. 

Explore Gili Lawa with Open Trip Labuan Bajo

The towering hills on this island are very interesting to climb, it doesn’t take long to get to the top of the hill, with an estimated time of about half an hour we can be up there and see the entire expanse of the savanna with the naked eye. You can run around without stopping unless you are tired or stumbling. But the peace is yours on the Open Trip Labuan Bajo

You can see the stretch of sea that you have passed from a distance, as well as the Komodo Cruise ship that is waiting for you to return. But usually, the tourists who come to spend time snorkeling first then continue to climb the hill. Also sunbathing on the beach with white sand will not be missed as if it were in a place like this. And on this island, there are no Komodo Dragons or other mammals, only small insects and grass. 

Even though this tour is open twenty-four hours, the accommodation available is still in Labuan Bajo, because Gili Lawa is uninhabited. Also this mid-sea savanna does not use an entrance ticket, there is only a fee for transportation costs to take you. 


The savanna in the middle of the sea is still in the Komodo National Park area, the trip to Gili Lawa from Labuan Bajo by speedboat will take about four hours. The clear blue seawater, the plain with cool green color, until the wind blows slowly calms the hearts of the tourists who have come.

As one of the famous tours from East Nusa Tenggara, you don’t need to order this place, because, in the Open Trip Labuan Bajo the Gili Lawa tour is included as a series of events, so don’t forget your belongings and diving clothes. 

So you need a camera, so you don’t miss out on capturing the panorama that is happening and what is there, and also leave a large memory to store the result of all the documentation that you will make while you are on your foot in this mid-sea savanna.

The photo or video that you will take there will be a difficult choice to use because the object itself no longer needs to be edited as a result of the color. However, the Open Trip Labuan Bajo will always tempt you to capture every trip, because the areas that are passed are very stunning and are so amazing in their beauty and splendor.

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