Paid Social Media Ads Services in Bali, Start Thinking About It!

So, you have a business in Bali, huh? Could you telling me how does your business get customers? Do they stopping by into your shop or rent the villa by accident or do they have known you from random social media status on their feeds and read about someone reviewing your business?

What a questions!

But frankly, those are important questions since the more people your business could reach, you can then start gaining revenue, profits, developing the business, pay the employee and many more. And you have known that social media platform can also be good to be used for customer reach.

And today, we are not going to talk about what status should be posted on Facebook, what image should be uploaded on Instagram along the captions and hashtags, or what to tweet that can get more retweets and so on. Your business need to reach more customers through social media platforms but using the paid traffic which is means to make use of the available ads services.

Paid social media ads services in Bali

Paid traffic is the ads service itself. Think about Facebook Ads where you can reach customers or users who are using Facebook and is also integrated to the Instagram since this image-base platform has been acquired by Facebook in 2012 ago.

As one of the ads platforms for social media, it is mostly used by the businessmen or Social Media Specialists as the faster way to promote the products, get more traffics to business site, increasing the engagements of the posts or the social media followers and many things.


Getting organic traffics which is mean that people will find your page or site naturally is good, but it take time. So much time and will also affecting your business can be developed slower. So that, you can’t really neglecting the paid social media ads. Hey, you have known that business competition in Bali is also very much crazy. Do you think it is enough for your villas or hotel rooms to be reserved by travellers that will finds it accidentally? You are dreaming!

Did you know that even if you only got a dollar, you can actually start using it to put ads on Facebook? That will really a good news for business in Bali since almost 99,9% of all businesses have been got a chance to reach the online customers that are active on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger app.

You can also think about the Google Ads to increase traffic for you site and see if that can help you get more sales or conversions.

Sadly, many businessmen in Bali don’t know where to start and what to prepare and consider. They had never got a team for that, nor the way how to optimise the ads so they can reach more visibility in more affordable budget. Therefore, I’d like to tell you that your business is really need a service like the social media ads Bali where you can get rid off the hassles in preparing the contents, designs, no more thinking hard about copywriting, monitoring the engagements, and many more.

If you’ve got an accommodation in Bali to be offered to the travellers, a coffee bar for a leisure of hanging out, your time is more valuable to ensure that all the services are at their best and the other important things. Leave the social media optimisation to the agency you are going to work with and you’d likely will in love that this important project is handled by the experts.