Solo Travelling Tips for Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

Solo Travelling Tips for Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

The fun of marvelling in the underwater is hard to compare, and the thrill of exploring every pristine seas in earth to discover the liveliest marine life is addicting. Like Bali, Indonesia, that’s not just renowned for its beaches and wonderful culture, but also rich ocean life with sunken wrecks, coral garden, underwater statue, Manta Ray, and all. But no matter how rewarding diving could be, this sport is not for everyone. Diving needs a license and extensive training, and not everyone is capable for that. So what if you cannot find someone to go for scuba diving adventure to Bali? Will it be okay to go on a solo scuba travel? It’s okay to feel nervous about it—and here’s what you need to know to have a smooth single scuba trip. 

Solo Scuba Trip Doesn’t Have to Be Solo Dive

Just because you are travelling alone for scuba diving, doesn’t mean you have to dive alone. After all, diving alone could be dangerous! Remember that you should never dive alone? This is why you are taught about the buddy system back during the dive course. If you are travelling alone to this island for a dive trip, hit up your Bali scuba diving tour of choice to arrange your dive adventure. 

Take Up The Perks of Flexibility

You can also have greater flexibility when traveling alone. Last-minute airline or hotel bargains might save you a lot of money. Traveling during the off-season might also save money. Check ahead to see if they provide discounts for lone travelers, or consider staying at a boarding home rather than a hotel.

Embark on Scuba Diving Liveaboard Bali for Your Adventure 

Liveaboards are the greatest diving adventure for single divers, as most waive the single supplement if you’re willing to share a cabin with another diver. Everything you’ll need is there on board the boat: meals, dives, and beds. For lone divers, room sharing is typical, and if you prefer a room to yourself, you’ll almost certainly be charged an extra for that vacant bed. Why not team up with a friend and create a new acquaintance? 

When you dive on a liveaboard as a single traveller, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded divers who can help you develop new acquaintances or perhaps love connections so you don’t have to dive alone.

With so many dive site destination to visit in Bali—and Indonesia in general—liveaboard trip has always been a favourite among divers. It’s a good way to travel solo and still see the most of Indonesia’s unparalleled underwater. If you are going for solo scuba diving trip in Bali, we definitely recommend a liveaboard trip. 

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Let It Go With The Flow

Don’t plan too many things ahead of time. One of the most enjoyable aspects of solo diving is the ability to establish spontaneous plans with people you meet along the route.

Learn to Scuba Dive Alone

Sometimes, you really need to for scuba diving alone. When that happens, you better have prepared. We should acknowledge that some people dive alone. However, it is important to note that the majority of certification agencies discourage solo diving, and many countries outright forbid it. Despite this, and due to demand, several of them provide courses in this area. The PADI® Self-Reliant Diver course and the SDI SOLO DIVER course are two examples. Of course, these specialist courses are only open to advanced divers and experts (at least 100 dives in the logbook are required). 

However, It’s Still Best to Never Dive Alone

As you can see, there is a lengthy checklist that must be completed before you can apply for solo certification. But why would you want to go diving alone? Even with a friend, the danger is great. Veteran divers who were well-known for their expertise have perished in a sad accident while diving. Despite this, people continue to be eager to learn. So if you really see yourself doing some solo diving in the future, you might want to take the certification.