Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

The human skin is a blank canvas and Bali tattoo studio is one of the best place to transform it into a great piece of art. Not only Bali is great for summer vacation, it’s also famous for large community of tattoo artists that has been producing lots of praised works. Getting a tattoo in Bali is essentially the same with anywhere else in the world. However, something about ‘holiday vibes’ prompt us to get our skin inked—even if you never do tattoos before. If this is your first time getting tattoo, here’s the steps of getting a tattoo done in Bali. Right from initial preparations up to the finishing process.

Make the Deals with Bali Tattoo Studio

Let’s assume you have done the research and get the tattoo studio of your choice. The very first process you need to get done is making the deals with the tattoo studio. Make sure they have a tattoo artist Bali that specialise in style of tattoo that you are about to get and make the appointment. Settle a price deal with the tattoo parlour before getting into the next process.

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Planning the Designs

After all negotiation settled and question answered, it’s time to get into detailed tattoo designing with your tattoo artist. It’s important to communicate what you want; little details of the tattoo, tailoring the design to your skin and personality, what colours to pick, and whether you want to connect the new tattoo to the previous design. There’s so much things to talk about!

 Steps of Getting Tattoo in Bali Tattoo Studio

All the Paperworks

Now, every initial preparations are done and it’s time to get in the paperworks. Your Bali tattoo studio will require you to show a valid identification card and fill some forms. They cannot ink someone underage! They might ask for your Bali address, where you stay, and your phone numbers. After all the paperworks is done, you will make the payment. Don’t try to bargain again or you will be kicked out from the studio!

Skin Prep

It’s time to sit in the chair of honor in studio tattoo Bali and prepare the skin where the tattoo will be applied. First, they will clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Then, they will shave the skin to remove any hairs on the area. This is important, because even the finest of hair could disturb the inking process and may cause skin problems. 

Stencils on Bali Tattoo Studio

This is the secret of a good tattoo. The stencil process! Once your design is fixed, the tattoo artist will make a sketch of your tattoo design, then insert it into the tattoo machine. The machine will print it in a thermal paper, which will be pasted unto your skin. The artist moisten your skin with soap, water, or even stick deodorant before pasting the thermal paper. When the paper is pulled away, you will see purplish blue lines stick on your skin.

Getting the Tattoo

All the preparation is complete and it’s time to get into the real work! You will be seeing your tattoo artist preparing the inks and tattoo machine in Bali tattoo studio. They will work with cleaning the machines, preparing the inks, and start the line works. The next work is adding colour and shading, where your tattoo artist could get creative! Depend on the scale of your tattoo, the work could be done just in few hours or you might be required to come back to the tattoo parlour for several times to finish the tattoo.

The Aftercare

Now, your tattoo is ready and your tattoo artist will put a protective layer to your tattoo! Just consider it as an open wound—it needs to be keep sterile to avoid bacteria infections and other complications. Don’t open this bandage until the amount of time that’s you’ve told. Also, don’t forget to apply aftercare to your tattoo as the tattoo artist instructed you.