This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip

Ahh, the Komodo National Park. We all have a dream to sail with Komodo boat to this remote frontier. To meet the prehistoric, largest lizard on earth in their last sanctuary where they can roam for free. Absorbing the raw beauty of the jagged terrain and vast blue ocean. And to chill in idyllic islands that seems like another part of the earth.

This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip


Komodo boat is the best option to visit each beautiful island that are scattered across the Flores Sea. You can still opt for small wooden boat or speed boat to reach the island for a day trip. Of course, that means you need to spend each night in Labuan Bajo instead on the liveaboard. If you are thinking of spending all the excursion in the liveaboard, you need to find a good boat. A gorgeous boat and reliable management will give you a good holiday in return.

After all the planning for a wild adventure to the remote Komodo National Park of Indonesia, it’s time to choose the vessel. It’s the one that are going to bring you sailing across the sea to the beautiful destinations. Nothing can bring disappointment than having three days of uncomfortable tour because of a crappy boat. And believe me, there are many.


Journey of Finding A Perfect Komodo Boat


Looking for a boat to Komodo, I must say, is not as easy as what I initially think. My travelling partners and I spent a whole week trying to find the perfect Komodo boat for us. We read some travel blogs to see the boats but nothing could spark our interest. Either it was small (going to quite cramped for our gang) or just totally modest. As humble as a wooden boat with one single deck in the center where they’d spread a shabby mattress at night. And when the boat actually has cabins, they didn’t look very inviting. If you are a frugal backpacker who value destination over anything, this shouldn’t be an issue. Who knows, this might feel more adventurous to you.

However, I am a firm believer that a good accommodation will equally gives you a good holiday. With most of your times spent on the sea, your Komodo boat will more and less affect your holiday. No one want sea sickness to ruin the whole vacation mood.

So, the search continued.

Meet the Ever Chic Kelana

When I finally found Kelana, my heart leaped with joy. I know this will be the dreamscape I’ve been waiting for.

This is Why My Trip with Komodo Boat is A Dream Trip

I stumble to this liveaboard through an online search. Starting at $43 per night per person, it’s hard to beat this gorgeous Komodo boat in her class. Kelana easily wins the other boats in her class as she was the most liveable ship I can find in the market. This ship sleeps 6 person on board, which was perfect for our group travelling.

We were definitely fallen to this wooden Phinisi (Indonesian traditional voyaging boat). Well, she wasn’t the most luxurious boat around, but she was definitely chick. All the elements were entirely made of wood—down to the table sets and aircon cover. Every corner of the boat just begged for a snap!

Sailing Time!

We would love to have a week entirely exploring the beautiful Flores. Alas, we only had enough time to squeeze 5 island to our 3D2N itinerary. The organizer let us to pick our own destination, which is quite liberating. We ensure Rinca (where the dragons are!), Padar, and the Pink beach were on the list. When they heard we are a fool of amazing view, the crew suggested Gili Lawa and Kelor island. And we absolutely love it! We also took Manta Point and Kenawa Island for snorkeling—and they were downright awesome.

Between the island hopping, we spent the days chilling in Kelana’s front deck. They have soft white cushion for us to lay in comfortably. We enjoyed sunbathing under the glorious sun and seeing the translucent sea gleaming from all around. When it got too hot, we decided to just cool down a little in our cabins or indoor living area. These air conditioned rooms are perfect for sipping some beers while waiting the ship to reach our destination.

I couldn’t get enough of the interior. The polished wooden exterior and furniture mingled so harmoniously with white decors, making Kelana totally Pinterest-able. This chic Komodo boat is just beyond comfy—it gave one of the happiest excursion we had ever been.