5 Tips For Choosing the Right Bali Web Designer

At one point, Bali is not only good for traveling. The more people are visiting, the better for the business. They are your prospective customers when it comes to the industries such as hotel, culinary, souvenir shops, villas, car and bike rentals, and many more. Tourism has more positive impact to other sectors than we have thought before. And to increases your business presence, you can hire a Bali web designer to make you a better business site.

Tips to choose the right Bali web designer

As I have seen and experienced, the website designers in Bali is not as much as I have thought. I mean, for the big island with many of the products and services that are offered, I think the web designers and developers will more than I have expected. And apparently I was wrong.

That is also why there are still big chances to be the web designer and developer in Bali in case you may interesting to get a job in those field.

Tips for finding the best Bali web designer

The web designer I am talking about is not only the one who is capable for designing your business website, but it will also may the agency in Bali. You will hire an agency or the freelancer for the simple thing: they will do your own homework. That’s it!

After that, you will start talking about what you need with the agency, taking some notes, and other stuffs. You need the best one, because it is the main business you are working with and you really need the Bali web designer guy or agency that takes your business seriously.

1. Ask about their experiences

It is simply just to showcase the portfolio of the web designer you will hire. Do they have been built a site using CMS before such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc? Do the agency have created similar websites to your business before or maybe the relevant one? What about the e-commerce hosting plan if your business is selling products?

While asking those questions and others, you should have been seen some of the related links or URLs as the firm or agency’s solid portfolio from previous works for their clients.

Visit those links, looking around in it, and give it a short and quick review for each projects they have been finished. Is there any of the web designs from sites you have visited that is appeals to your style?

2. You can ask the price, too!

I may should have put this point as the first tips, shouldn’t I? You have to makes sure that the Bali web designer or an agency outlined all the prices about your website, along with how much money you should spend associated with the project. Deal with it and get a full understanding for both sides since the beginning.

3. Do the Bali web designer or agency know about SEO

Yes, it is about Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). Your website pagination is matter, so with the displayed menus, easy to navigate, etc. The design of the website will be seen by the visitors. Either it will be the best designed site ever made or the ugly one, your visitors will know about it. Not to mention about the speed of your site, structured data and how your site will be indexed by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.

The first SEO step is taken right after the first second when the web designer is designing your business site. Your site should be human friendly as well as search engines friendly.

That is also why web designing and SEO go all together hand-in-hand.

4. Times to wait until your website is ready

You are also have to ask about how long will it takes to design and develop your site until it will really ready to be used for your business. Many freelances or even the website agencies sometimes have more projects of the month, so you have to make sure about how long you have to wait.

We know that there won’t be a perfect human in this world, but at least they can estimate the quickest and the longest times it will takes for end the project. And then you can consider whether to keep on working your site with them or find another one or agency.

5. Ask about the supports you may get after your website is finished

Why not. You may can have a lower price for the site maintenance for certain months since you have used the service. Or rather than give a document guide about how to run your site properly, the web designer or agency may want to give an hour or more of training for your own staffs. Simply ask them about that and other “after service” things you have in mind.

That’s the simple ways you may want to use for finding the right Bali web designer to improve your online business visibility. Share this thoughts if you found it useful.