Why You Should Start Marketing Your Exclusive Villas in Pinterest

Start Marketing Your Exclusive Villas in Pinterest

As the market for vacation rental in Bali becoming more and more saturated, home owners need to continuously revisit their marketing strategy to stay on top of the competition. Employing digital marketing strategy in various social media channel is one of the best strategy to increase your visibility and attract more bookings to your Bali villa. While you probably have heard about promoting your exclusive Bali villas in Facebook and Instagram, but have you heard about Pinterest? 

So What is Pinterest? 

Users of Pinterest, sometimes known as “pinners,” may have numerous boards with images posted from all over the Internet. Although there are countless topics, lifestyle concerns like cooking, crafting, and apparel predominate. It should come as no surprise that travel has grown in popularity on Pinterest. Travelers make Pinterest boards to organize their travel ideas, research potential vacation spots, and save potential accommodations. Since each photograph contains a link to its original location, the more users that pin and re-pin your photos will increase the visibility of your vacation rental.

Why You Should Get Serious on Pinterest to Promote Your Bali Property

Pinterest had 433 millions of monthly active users (MAUs) as of the first quarter of 2022, up almost 2 million from the prior quarter. In a nutshell, Pinterest combines the functions of a social networking site and a search engine. It connects viewers to different sites using images for those who learn best visually. Pinterest is made specifically to direct visitors to a link, while the algorithms of most social media networks penalise this action. In other words, you can put direct link of your villa website on your vacation rental photos.

The best part is that it’s entirely free and users may upload and see a variety of content for ideas.

Understanding How Customer’s Journey on Pinterest Works

Users of Pinterest can bring high intent travelers to your direct channel, convert prospects without exorbitant channel costs, and transform a ‘pinner’ into a devoted, repeat visitor by pinning the photographs of your villas. So yes, if you have villas for rent in Bali with appealing photograph, Pinterest is a terrific marketing tool for generating direct reservations.

However, don’t give up if you don’t notice an increase in traffic to your website right away. Even if they aren’t ready to commit, users pin ideas and then go back to their boards to plan their next trip. 

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Create A Pinterest Business Account

Make sure to first create a BUSINESS ACCOUNT with the name and address of your holiday rental. If you already have a logo, use that for your profile; if not, this is a fantastic approach to begin building your rental property’s brand.

Optimising Your Pinterest Profile and Post for Your Bali Villas

Even while creating your profile simply takes a few minutes, deciding what to post—which typically consists of a photo, caption, and hashtags—can be challenging. The benefit of producing material for social media postings is that you may reuse it on all of your favorite social media sites. For the greatest results, customize it for each person.

Make Your Pins Inspiring

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, focusing on creating eye-catching images should be a key component of your approach. The primary motivation for consumers to use the platform is the educational and inspirational content. Therefore, be sure to offer users something worthwhile to “pin” and click on your link.

Create Lifestyle “Pin Board” in Your Vacation Rental

Do not just post promotional pictures of your exclusive Bali villas. Try to get creative but stay in a topic that relate your your villas. Of course, you can have one or more boards consisting of beautiful pictures of your luxurious exclusive villa in Bali, but you should consider creating a lifestyle board related to your property. If your rental is beachfront, you can create a surfing board or recipe board of tropical cocktails. You can also create a board about Bali destination in your Pinterest. Just get creative!

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Like Any Other Social Media, Be Sure to Build Your Followers

Engaging with other people’s pins is an excellent strategy to grow your following. “Begin to follow people you believe will want to follow you back. Comment and like on their pins. Someone may visit your account and decide to follow you after seeing you engage with their content. To improve the searchability of your Bali rentals, you can incorporate hashtags into your captions.

Optimise Your Pinterest

Finally, use your business analytics dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of your postings and identify any that are more successful than others. To increase traffic to your listing, you can edit your content so that you are posting the things that pinners are most interested in.

Test a couple ad campaigns using your most popular posts to increase reservations during the off-season or fill midweek openings!