WordPress News Widget Plugin: Why You Should Use It?

When it comes to WordPress blog or site design, one of the main thing most of us will consider is about the appearance of the homepage of the theme along with the widget that you’d like to install. However, not many site owners use this powerful plugin yet: the WordPress news widget plugin.

Some know it by WordPress latest news widget as well due to the flexibility of its placement. This plugin can not only be placed inside the theme page but also positioned as a widget on the left or right side of the site design.

You can also use the WordPress news feed widget to display your featured posts from different categories or labels, pages, and even the tagged posts. I think this will be the best way to display about the latest posts inside your site to visitors. Instead of using the default widget, you can change or even customize how your site design will be seen by your visitors in a more interesting way.

Installing your own WordPress News Widget can give you more of control than the default one, which is quite minimal compared with the widget. You can choose to display the featured image of the post, custom post types from various category, and even your recent posts from your site’s subdomain.

WordPress news widget plugin

The default of WordPress site itself mostly will only allow us to show our latest news or posts with its own title along with the featured image that you can’t change, display the date of the posts, and set the number of posts to display. Other than those, there’s not much of the offer you can choose.

So that, you can not just change the theme of your WordPress site, but you may want to find and install the best WP news widget plugin as well. In case you are trying so hard to reduce your blog bounce rate and need to increase the conversions, the WordPress latest posts widget may help you for that because it is possible for increasing your pageviews by driving more visitors to your other posts.

Another best news is, you may well find the latest post plugin that has some of the inbuilt themes that don’t just theme as they are, but will really change the way how your posts will be displayed. And the more important is, many of the plugins have been built to show your posts as responsive as you need so you won’t be worried about mobile-users visitors.

You will only need to spend seconds or a minute for that after have decided which posts will be shown on the plugin or widget.

Where to get the WordPress News Widget or Plugin?

Of all sites that I have been visited, the only one of my recommendation, for now, is using the latest post plugin from JoomUnited.com.

The first reason for that is you can get a set or 6 of the news widget themes for PRO version. It is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce in case you may need to display the sponsored or affiliate products, events and many more.

I am sure that there will be more reasons and advantages you can get when using the WordPress News Widget plugin, but I think that will be enough for now. Last but not least, the plugin that I have mentioned above is ultra light, so you don’t have to worry about your site’s loading page and your hosting plan as well.