A Little Peek to How Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Works

Trip with liveaboard Labuan Bajo is on demand. Trips are selling fasts—especially on the holiday season. Labuan Bajo is no longer been a quiet fishing village. Tourism blooms like flowers in spring and now the town is brimming with tourism centre. Labuan Bajo is the base of Komodo adventure; a thrilling expedition for deadly encounter with the last dragon on earth and an exciting exploration to the gorgeous frontiers, both above and under the water.

Labuan Bajo is just 90 minutes away from Bali, yet it differs so much. While Bali is getting busier with rooftop bars, tropical lifestyles, and latest beach parties, Flores is like a land that slipped from time. More than twenty small and virgin islands, most of them are inhabited, are spread within the Flores Sea. Bright blue sky, clear turquoise water, and jagged hills are the element of Flores. No nosy bars, no congested roads with overpriced shops lining on the side, no beachfront villas. Every pretty things in Flores is a nature’s creature, and the only thing that can bring you to experience such pristine beauty is the liveaboard in Labuan Bajo.

So, how does these boats works exactly?

A Little Peek to How Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Works

Launch from Labuan Bajo

Every boat trip starts from Labuan Bajo, the only port town between Flores and Komodo National Park. All the boats dock here—from speedboat to those big wooden liveaboard. You can walk on numerous boat trip operators you can choose. Booking can be made either on the spot or online. We personally like to do a thorough research and look for established Liveaboard Labuan Bajo with massive online presence that I know I can trust. The safest option will be making appointment with several tour companies you have seen online, and see the boats with your own eyes.

Usually, the boats leave Labuan Bajo early in the morning, especially if you book a day trip. 

Charter the Whole Boat or Go with Open Trip

There are two ways to book a liveaboard for trip to Komodo. You can either book the whole ship for yourself (or with your own family and friends) or taking a shared slot with an open trip. Of course, booking the whole ship brings more privacy and flexibility, but it also come with a price. The latter also works for group travelling. If you are travelling with a group, we suggest you to book the whole ship for your own and later split up the cost with the rest of the group.

It’s the Accommodation!

The liveaboard Labuan Bajo will also be your accommodation during the trip. This is what makes a liveaboard trip so special! The boat will take you around Komodo National Park—the Komodo Island, Padar, Rinca, Gili Lawa, Manta Point, and numerous other beautiful destinations. Assuming that you are taking a multiple day trip, you will experience living inside a boat; sleeping, taking bath, eating, and everything. You will have three meals a day served on the ship. Just magine dining with Flores’ superb view dropping on the background. Breakfasts are usually served before the first dive of the day or right after a sunrise hike. Dinner usually involves candle light situation, and in some more luxurious liveaboard, it can be set up in nearest empty beach. Oh, isn’t that the perfect thing?