Improve Your Restaurant Cash Flow Management Properly

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Managing your restaurant’s cash flow management is challenging. It is not something simple yet vital for your restaurant to keep growing steadily. Cash flow has huge impact to the growth of your restaurant and having high volumes of transactions can make cash flow management even more challenging. However, it is not as daunting as you think it is. There are many ways you can do to manage your restaurant’s cash flow management properly, such as:

Gather accurate data

The foundation of proper cash flow management is accurate data since it is what shows good visibility. Through accurate data, you know where cash is moving, what sales are coming in, and what payments you are making. Hence, it is vital to get accurate data by analyzing the current cash status of your restaurant. You also need dependable operational processes and have your books capturing things accurately. 

Create cash flow forecast

ledger book

After gathering accurate data of what is coming in and moving out of your restaurant finance, start creating cash flow forecast. It allows you to have more accurate expectations for income and expenditures over a given period of time. Of course, you need to take cash flow forecast with a grant of salt since there is no really accurate forecast regardless of who makes it. However, creating accurate forecast will help you be in better place compared to those who didn’t especially during facing a crisis. 

Trim your expenses

Refining operating procedures are essentials to improve your cash flows. And one of the best thing to do it is trim your expenses. Reducing expenses in restaurant industry varies in method, depending on your business and environment. You can adopt more flexible staffing, get intelligent inventory, and reduce food waste. 

Adding value to your income

Aside from reducing unnecessary expenses, you can also focus on increasing your income. You can do it by offering additional service that catch customer’s attention that won’t make your restaurant too dependable on dine-in customers. For example, offer delivery and takeout services to drive more sales and increase income. You can also consider online promotion since more people like to have online transactions nowadays. 

Build a safety net of cash

There is possibility of your business experiencing unexpected situations. Hence, you need to make sure that your restaurant is ready just in case something unexpected happens. Prepare your restaurant with a safety net of cash. A built-up supply of cash on hand will come in handy for you to weather the storms. Even if you don’t know what’s coming, you are already prepared with the most essential thing to help you pivot accordingly: cash.

In the time of the global pandemic that has not been fully contained, having a restaurant to operate is challenging. One of the best ways for you to stay afloat and even thrive is by managing your restaurant’s cash flow properly. It helps you navigate your way to successful business because you are prepared with well cash flow management. You will be less worried about being hit by the unexpected.

Sustainable Architecture, Have You Done Your Part?

Nowadays, there is a big awareness about being sustainable. But what does it means to become sustainable? Sustainable in this context means to us humans fulfill our needs in this planet without compromising the ability for the next generation to fulfill their needs in the future. So it basically means to live without damaging the planet so the future generations can still enjoy it. Then if we apply it in the architecture context, sustainable architecture is architecture that apply that concept of minimalizing the damage we done in to the environment  when we made or design the building, and when the building is still in use. 

Several ways you can achieve sustainable architecture

If you’re considering to make your own living space sustainable there are several ways you can do it. Heres what we compile on how you can make your own house or building sustainable.

Harness the Power of the Sun

home with solar panel

This can be achieved by placing photovoltaic cell in places where the sun shines so you can convert solar power to electricity. This can be a great way to become more independent from the grid. Even though you have can only generate electricity when its sunny, you can store excess power to a battery so you have power to use when its cloudy, raiing or at night. Beside raising the value of the house, having solar panel installed on your building can also become a way to gain some income. Because you can also supply the grid with your excess power generated from the sun. So you can reduce the amount you need to pay for electricity if you’re still dependent from the grid.

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Installing Better Window Panel and Frame

Beside as a source of natural light and for letting the wind through to the house, a high quality window can become a great insulator. Low quality windows transfer heat easily, so you heat from outside can easily heat your air conditioned room, making you set it colder, hence consuming more power. Proper window framing and better quality windows can help you insulate your house, hence saving power you would consume otherwise.

Greywater Recycling

There are 2 kinds of waste water that come from a typical home. Black water, which is water waste that has toilet waste mixed in. Next is greywater, which comes from shower, sinks, and washing machine. Greywater can still be treated and later reuse to flush toilet and water plants. If you want to implement this, it’s better to consult a contractor with prior experience with greywater recycling.

Beside greywater recycling, you can also reduce clean water consumption by collecting rainwater.

Using LED Lights Instead of Conventional Lights

room lit with led lights

To save power consumption, we recommend installing LED lights in your house instead of the other lighting methods. Why so? Because LED is more efficient than previous generation of lights the fluorescent, consume less power, brighter, and last longer. You can also get a directional light effect unlike fluorescent light that throw light to all direction. You can also get LED in more color temperature, so you can light your house with various way to match your theme.

How Delightful Customer Service Experience Can Boost Business

How Providing Delightful Customer Service Experience Can Boost Your Business

Lots of business owners focus on making their customers satisfied with their service. However, it is not enough anymore ad for today, providing more delightful customer service experience is what can make customers stay for a long time. It is because there is a sense of unexpectedness when it comes to customer delight. It is the highest level of customer satisfaction so it is almost guaranteed to boost brand loyalty. 

How to provided delightful customer service experience

Making your customer feel satisfied is good for your business. However, it will take it beyond when you can provide delightful experience. It is when you surpassed what you customers expected. And it is not only you who is responsible for delivering such customer experience. It is your as much as it is your employees’ and managers’. here are few things you can consider to do so:

Give something the customers didn’t expect

Give something the customers didn’t expect

When you are trying to make them satisfied, it means you provide something they expected for. You fulfill their expectations until they are satisfied with what they are looking for. Meanwhile, giving delight customer service experience means you do or give something they did not expect. For example, a auto repair service wash their customer’s car after fixing. It is not part of the job but when it is done, customers leave with a smile and won’t hesitate to come back. 

Help improve your staff’s knowledge and skills

When you have staffs who are in the front row of interacting with customers, you need to make sure they are knowledgeable and skillful for that. Aside from their competence, make sure you help develop your staffs to provide wow factor tot heir service. It can be through quick response, immediate identification of problems, technical knowledge, being able to solve the problems without needing to consult a manager or colleague. 

Collect feedback

Asses your customer delight over your products or services to find out the index. There are many feedback tools you can use such as interviews or surveys. The things you should be focused on when asking for feedback include service quality, communication, customer support, friendliness, etc. This way, you will be able to make the right improvements for your business. 

Solving problems effectively

It is great for you to help solve customer’s current problem.  However, it will be greater if you can help them solve their future problems as well. Hence, they know what challenges they are going to face you can give them recommendations, educational resources, tips, etc. 

Do and give the unexpected

You don’t have to do something grandiose to do and give unexpected thing to your customers. It can be something simple but meaningful for them. For example, you give them a coupon for 10 percent off their regular order. You never know maybe your customers are short on money so receiving this kind of coupon out of the blue will be appreciated. Don’t forget to give a word of appreciation for their regular order on the note of the coupon. 

Easy Steps to Make Your Bali Private Villa Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Easy Steps to Make Your Bali Private Villa Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
An eco-friendly bamboo house in Seminyak

Today, sustainable tourism is becoming more prevalent in many facets of the global tourism business. Green tourism is getting increasingly popular these days. According to the Center for Responsible Travel, green tourism increased by 7% in 2017. Bali, like many other tourist sites, has benefited from tourism to modernize and globalize. And now it’s the leading region in Indonesia on sustainability awareness, with many local shops, bakeries, cafes, and other establishments promoting zero-waste living. There has been a big shift in thinking that has been long needed, from globetrotters pining for off-grid eco-friendly housing to vacation rental property operators investing in energy-saving technology. More and more travelers coming to Bali looking for a nature-surrounded vacation with eco-friendly travel in mind. It’s a good call for owners of Seminyak private villa Bali to revamp their vacation rental and make it greener.

Why Being Sustainable and Eco-Friendly is Important for Your Business

Climate change is becoming more widely discussed in the media, which is, of course, a positive thing. As people become more informed, they expect their holiday rental to be environmentally friendly. Furthermore, according to’s Future of Travel survey, 44% of US travelers want to travel more sustainably in the future, and nearly two-thirds (63%) expect the travel industry to provide more sustainable travel alternatives. In 2021 and beyond, we should expect to see a more environmentally concerned mindset. As the research shows, there is a strong need for sustainable travel currently. This puts villa owners in Bali in a great position to meet demand while also contributing to the reduction of emissions created by the travel industry.

Use Eco-Friendly Toiletries & Complimentary

Use Eco-Friendly Toiletries & Complimentary
Refillable glass bottles for toiletries and wooden brush

Plastic trash is a major issue, with 8.3 billion tonnes manufactured since 1950 and 300 million tonnes discarded each year. All single-use plastic packaging should be replaced with biodegradable, zero-waste, or recycled alternatives, according to property managers. This entails looking for environmentally friendly providers for guest amenities and cleaning supplies.

Offer refillable soap containers instead. Not only will they look better in your kitchens and bathrooms, but buying in quantity is also better for the environment.

Help Guests Minimise Their Plastic Use

Provide reusable options for your guests, such as shopping bags, to help them limit their usage of plastic. Leave a supply of cloth shopping bags so they don’t have to return from the store with plastic bags.

Leaving reusable water bottles behind is another environmentally responsible option. Allow them to refill from your tap water filter, avoiding the purchase of disposable bottled water.

Consider how you dispose of rubbish in terms of the environment. Standard garbage bags are not biodegradable. Compostable garbage bags are available, so provide these to the in your Seminyak villa instead.

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Use Less Energy Lighting and Appliances

Equipping a home’s hardware and appliances with energy-saving devices is one technique to lessen a home’s carbon impact. These adjustments can help you save money on utility bills by making your home more energy efficient.

Switching to LED light bulbs is a simple way to get started. If you run a 3 bedroom villa Seminyak with private pool, for example, the electricity for lighting alone is huge. Imagine how much energy and money you can save with LED light bulbs. 

Another alternative is to add an automated thermostat to your heating and cooling system so that the temperature can be adjusted when the visitors are not there. They can easily fulfill 94% of your energy requirements. 

Grow Trees and Garden in Your Seminyak Villas

Grow Trees and Garden in Your Seminyak Villas 1
Take example of this private Seminyak villas that grows trees and nice garden in its backyard

Plant some trees on your land, whether it’s your home or your business. There are more than 60,000 different types to pick from. Above all, select a species that is well-suited to your Seminyak private villa Bali. In long summer just like it is in Bali, surrounding a villa with trees and plants reduces cooling expenses by effectively blocking the sun from heating up a residence.

Alternatively, you can also grow a garden to lower your carbon footprint. Aside from organically cleaning the air, refilling the soil, and saving energy on supermarket runs, having a vegetable and fruit garden is a definite way to amaze visitors. You can try easy food to grow, like lettuce, strawberry, basil, lemon basil, or mint. Your guests would love to just be able to pick few mint leaves in the garden for their Mojito!

Incorporate Sustainable Materials for Your Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Even though many of the houses you manage are already furnished, it’s good meeting with homeowners to talk about future repairs and decorative additions. As previously said, aim to source all resources locally and reduce your environmental impact by utilizing sustainable materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or even cork!

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Try Green Energy

One of the most significant factors to climate change is electricity generation. Our electricity consumption is enormous, and we rely on burning fossil fuels to generate it, resulting in pollution of the air, land, and sea.

With numerous energy providers offering green energy alternatives, green energy is becoming more broadly available and accessible to everybody. It is feasible to use and manufacture energy without emitting any emissions by just switching your tariff.

Hiring Top Talents On Limited Budget

For those big names in business industry, hiring top talents seems to be easier because they have sufficient budget needed to accommodate them. However, it is not an easy feat for small businesses since limited budget mean many constraints to hold you back from hiring as you wish. In addition, there is possibility to hire the wrong people and the cost is not something to joke about. And for small business, making wrong move when hiring is too risky to even try. 


How to get top talents with limited budget

There are many considerations when hiring talents for your business. Running your business is challenging enough that you cannot just rely on yourself. Your business grows and you need more people to help you manage it. Hiring talents is challenging especially for small business but there several things you can do to make good decision even on limited budget.

Take advantage of your business being small

Don’t be discouraged to hire top talents even what you have is small business. In fact, many employees leave their jobs at big business and prefer to work for the same position in smaller businesses. Those who choose this way often not think too much about money. They look for challenges instead. To attract top talents who like challenge, make sure to let them know that they can have a major impact and shape the future of your business.

Consider outsourcing

There are many ways you can get more hands to help you manage your business without spending too much money. It is outsourcing. This is pretty common ways businesses choose to do when they need additional but non-permanent talents. Outsourcing companies usually have their talents trained for variety of jobs and tasks, making them experienced and skillful. Outsourcing can help reduce the likely of wrong hires while also help save your money. 

Set clear expectations

When hiring employees, make sure you know what kind of employees you expect to join. Set clear expectations from the beginning so you know who to look for. It is applied to the hiring process in which you should set expectations from the beginning. Also, talk and discuss about salary at the beginning of interview process. If you wait for it to be discusses at the end, you may blindside potential hires instead. Aside from salary, be clear about job duties, office culture, and many other important aspects. 

Offer non-salary benefits

Not all employees are in for the adrenaline rush without getting paid properly. Hence, you can make up for the lack of payment with some other forms of compensation. You can offer competitive non-salary benefits such as childcare supports, flexible schedule, cooler offices, transportation reimbursement, remote work option, etc. You can figure out what kind of non-salary benefits that are competitive and interesting for new hires. You may consider work-life balance in deciding the forms of compensation to make.  Keep in mind that every individual may have different priority so not all of them are money-oriented because they might be more family-oriented

Bali Family Resorts Staycation, Exploring G20 Summit Area

Bali as a world-class tourist destination has become the location of the next G20 summit on February 2022. The view of the ocean on the southern peninsula of Bali is a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists. Rows of hotels, villas & Bali family resorts in Nusa Dua are lined up worldwide and are being targeted as luxury and prestigious vacations. The beach atmosphere of Nusa Dua family resort invites many worldwide figures and artists such as David Beckham and his family to spend their holidays in Bali.

Bali Family Resorts perfect for tourists with different holiday wishes and criteria

The desires and criteria of tourists who vacation in Bali are certainly different. One of the areas in southern Bali, Nusa Dua is able to offer all the vacation dreams of tourists. No need to go far to enjoy the beach with white sand and spectacular views. 

What to expect during your stay in Nusa Dua?

No need to be afraid of having trouble getting cash in the Nusa Dua area. Rows of ATMs and money changers make it easy for domestic and foreign tourists to get cash quickly. The facilities of Nusa Dua family resorts ensure that tourists feel at home in silence during the holidays. Generally, well-known resorts such as Holiday Inn, Mulia, St. Regist, are on the beach so you can enjoy them any time of the day. 

In addition to the beachfront, other facilities such as a swimming pool ensure the safety of children while playing in the water. For health matters, they provide super complete gym facilities. So you don’t have to worry about your weight increases during the holidays. When you want to enjoy relaxation, a row of well-known resorts in Nusa Dua offers spa facilities. 

True to its purpose, Bali family resorts offer activities and fun for children. They provided children’s activities such as a climbing wall, costumes, arts and crafts, and a variety of toys. 

Bali’s tourism and cultural potential are enormous. Uluwatu Temple in the south of Bali offers exotic and magical views. With various historical heritages, Uluwatu Temple will bring you to feel the history of Bali. Tourists are brought to enjoy the Kecak dance which is a traditional Balinese dance performed by male dancers.

Kids certainly enjoy water activities such as banana boats, sea walkers and others. You can go to Tanjung Benoa to enjoy all the water activities. There are 12 games that you can try with your family. Tanjung Benoa Watersport is open at 09.00 – 16.00 WITA

What You Can Do When Business Slows Down

What You Can Do When Business Slows Down

In business, it is common to experience the ups and downs. It is a world where everything is possible to happen. Just like during these uncertain times, running business is very much challenging. Many businesses are trying their best to stay afloat that many of them don’t even think of making big profit. There are many types of challenges every business may experience throughout their journey. These are often unprecedented experience for many businesses that make them even have the though if closing down. 

What to do when business is slowing down

Business slowing down can be recognized through various red flags. For example, loss of revenue, reduction in sales leads, slow foot traffic, etc. Your business might not lose the revenue immediately. It may be a slow but significant process. You also need to do regular check on your sales team to see if there is any reduction in sale leads. Here are some of helpful things you can consider to try when dealing with your business slowing down:

Communicate with your employees

Don’t let your employees in the dark when your business facing a slow down in the moment. Allow them to ask questions and voice out their concerns. Make direct communication so their message is conveyed to you directly. Hence, you can address their concerns immediately and effectively. This kind of communication build trust between you and your employees, making them part of the solutions you are seeking together. Being transparent is necessary to do all the time. 

Build open communication with customers

Aside from employees, customers are also important party you need to build communication with. They will be greatly affected if there are changes you need to make to navigate with your business slowing down. Be transparent by letting them know what is happening. This kind of communication shows that you are safe and clean business and that you will get back pretty quickly. 

Talk with your suppliers

Your business is slowing down but you have to pay your bills still. However, if it is too hard for you to pay your business’s bills just like usual, talk with your suppliers to see if there is any way of flexibility. With the payment. You may ask for an extension or another payment plan instead. You also need to communicate with the bank to see if it is the right time to use your lines of credit. These attempts are necessary as ways to maximize cash on your balance sheet.

Analyze thoroughly

Before making any decision, it is best to collect metrics so you can accurately pinpoint the source of your business’s downshift. During this analysis, you need to find out your lead generation, active sales, sales channels, pipeline sales, as well as conversions. These are essentials to help you find the best decision to navigate the situation. Since it is the period of decreased revenue, what need might be some new strategies to build new sales and get the numbers back. 

Buying A Villa in Bali: All the Perks & Cons to Know!

Buying A Villa in Bali: All the Perks & Cons to Know!

Ever think to buy a villa in Bali? Dubbed as the resort island of Indonesia, Bali is the most popular holiday destination in the country that receives constant stream of both international and domestic tourists. Owning a private vacation home in Bali can be financially and personally rewarding—but only if you can manage it right. We will help you decide whether or not buying a vacation home is the right next step for you, as well as how to properly rent it out.

Should You Buy A Villa in Bali for Profit? 

You might be contemplating whether buying a vacation rental in Bali could be profitable in the long term. With vacation rental property, you might generate a constant stream of revenue and charge greater rates than traditional long-term renting with the correct property and strategy. There is clearly the potential to transform your house into a profitable large-scale enterprise. You can reap all of the benefits of owning vacation rental homes if you know where to buy and how to advertise them to the right target demographic.

The Perks of Buying A Villa in Bali

The Perks of Buying A Villa in Bali

More Profitable Than Other Real Estate Investment

Vacation rentals can provide more revenue than long-term rental properties or regular real estate investing. Not only are guests prepared to pay more for a well-equipped vacation rental, but hosts can also change their rates at any time during the year.

This allows them to take advantage of high-season discounts as well as unique events such as festivals, sporting events, and business expos. Furthermore, hosts have the option to charge for additional services. There are a variety of things that your guests will gladly pay for as an add-on, ranging from transportation to laundry services.

Appreciation of equity

Buying a good property in Bali is a good method to ensure a secure financial future. Property values in real estate tend to rise with time. It’s the same with a vacation home. If the economy allows it and inflation continues to rise, the value of your investment property may rise over time as well. Consider making upgrades and adding amenities that will attract visitors and increase your appreciation. Vacation homes in Bali with jacuzzi, for example, can generate 15–20 percent higher revenue. You may cash in on the gains from selling your house when the time comes.

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Short-Term Vacation Rental Allows More Control than Regular House Rental

When you buy a villa in Bali and turn it into a vacation rental business, you would have more control over the property instead of owning a regular residential house rental, which usually be put up for long term rental. 

If you choose the short-term rental route, you’ll have more control over the condition of your property, its availability, and the rates. Because you haven’t signed a long-term contract, it’s more easier to set aside a weekend or raise your rate on weekends. Furthermore, the short time rental time frame allow you to inspect your holiday home on a regular basis.

The Cons of Buying Bali Villas

Irregular Income for Vacation Rental Owners

Irregular Income for Vacation Rental Owners

Short-term rentals might be more profitable than long-term rentals on general, but there can be times when your occupancy rate and income are lower. It’s no secret that vacation homes are subject to seasonal fluctuations. Before purchasing a villa in Bali, you should understand how seasonality may affect your business. You should figure out when your peak season is so you can make the most of it.

Managing A Real Estate Rental in Bali is A Hardwork

Managing a vacation rental takes constant care. You must guarantee that the room is clean and that everything is in working order for each visitor. It may also necessitate more care than a standard real estate investment due to the increased likelihood of wear and tear.

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Dealing with Challenging Guests

Running a vacation rental house in Bali, you may encounter a problematic guest from time to time. This might result in property damage as well as a strained relationship with your neighbors.

On the plus side, you won’t have to deal with difficult visitors too often. Furthermore, you might charge a security fee or require your guests to sign a vacation rental agreement to deter troublesome guests from staying at your rental.

Keeping Your Home Spotless For A Spotless Mind

You might have experiences how you come back from work and see the mess inside your home. It affects your mood so significantly that you feel like you are even more exhausted. It is true that cleanliness can affect your physical and mental well-being. With cleaner and tidier home, it is easier for you to relax and have a quality rest you deserve after working hard all day. Hence, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of not only yourself but where you are living as well. And here are some tips you can apply to keep your home spotless that will result in spotless mind:

Shot of an unrecognisable woman using rubber gloves and disinfectant to clean her home

Schedule cleaning time on a regular basis

It is best to make a routine of cleaning up the mess of your home. Hence, you know when to do it, and when to rest. You can do the full cleaning once or twice a week if you tend to have busy days and do the basic cleaning every morning or evening. When you have a routine, you have something to hold onto that keep you productive, stay active, and mentally stable. 

Prepare your cleaning equipment

Make sure that you have sufficient cleaning equipment and tools and store them in the same place after. Some of the most basic material for cleaning include broomstick, mop, dustpan, toilet brushes, buckets, sponges, scrubbing pads, liquid cleaners, soap, sanitizers, special cleaning oils, detergents, and vacuum cleaner (optional).  Those are essential cleaning equipment and tools you need to invest in because they will be useful for long use. 

Get your own cleaning hacks and habits

You can create your own cleaning hacks and habits so that it is the process that you can actually enjoy. this way, you won’t feel like it is a chore because there is also a type of happiness you gain from cleaning your home. For example, you can play your favorite music during cleaning process. Also, find some cleaning hacks to make the process more efficient. You can find them on the internet try to apply to your cleaning regime. 

Set the time

In order for you to not doing anything outside of cleaning the house, it is recommended that you set the time. So you know that there is limited time for you to clean your home. This way, you know what to do to make the process as efficient as possible. This is such a great time management especially for those who tend to get distracted easily when doing a task. You can set an alarm for one or two hours to finish the cleaning process entirely. 

Cleaning your home and make it a regular habits can help you build a healthier lifestyle. By doing it, you can prevent germs from piling up and cause harm to your health. It is also easier for you to relax and have a regular sleeping pattern when you are living in clean and healthy environment. Also, keeping your home clean can help you manage your stress level.

Meet the Asmat Papua, God Incarnate Tribe

The Asmat Papua people have a mythological belief that they are the incarnations of gods. The Asmat have a highly respected culture that makes this tribe famous to foreign countries. The uniqueness of the Asmat tribe brings many researchers from all over the world to visit. They are mostly interested in learning about the Asmat tribe’s way of life, their belief system, and their unique customs.

The people of Asmat Village follow the ancestors embodied in spirit mask as they tour the village. The Doroe ceremony.

Asmat Papua Tribe Mythology

A god named Fumeripitsy descended to earth. He explores the earth and begins his adventure from the western horizon of the sunset. The god had to deal with a giant crocodile and defeat it. Despite winning, the god was seriously injured and stranded on a riverbank. God tried to survive until he finally met a Flamingo bird who had a noble heart and nursed the God until recovered from his wound. 

The movement of the god was so powerful that it brought the two statues he carved to life. Not long after, the two statues also danced and moved to follow God and were the first human pair who became the ancestors of the Asmat tribe.

Asmat Tribe Population

The Asmat tribe is further divided into two, namely the tribe living on the coast and the Asmat tribe living in the interior. There are differences in the pattern of life, way of thinking, social structure, and daily life of these two Asmat categories. The Asmat people who live in remote areas usually have jobs as hunters and garden farmers. While those who live on the coast prefer to be fishermen as a livelihood.

The difference between the two populations is also caused by the condition of the area where they live and the large influence of the immigrant community, which is generally more open than the Asmat culture itself.

Tradition & Arts

The Asmat tribe is well-known for its arts and traditions. They are well-known as dependable engravers with a global reputation. The resulting carvings tell about something, such as the story of their ancestors, their daily lives, and their love for nature. 

One of the traditions that are very interesting to observe is the Bujang house or commonly known as Jew. Jew is the main house where all Asmat activities start in every village. Even in establishing Jew, there is a special ceremony that must be carried out. Jew, only inhabited by unmarried men. Occasionally women may enter but must be in a large gathering situation.

The Asmat Papua has a rich tradition of singing and dancing. They have great respect for their ancestors. Even though modern culture has had a lot of influence on their lives, Asmat traditions and customs will be difficult to get rid of.