Sustainable Architecture, Have You Done Your Part?

Nowadays, there is a big awareness about being sustainable. But what does it means to become sustainable? Sustainable in this context means to us humans fulfill our needs in this planet without compromising the ability for the next generation to fulfill their needs in the future. So it basically means to live without damaging the planet so the future generations can still enjoy it. Then if we apply it in the architecture context, sustainable architecture is architecture that apply that concept of minimalizing the damage we done in to the environment  when we made or design the building, and when the building is still in use. 

Several ways you can achieve sustainable architecture

If you’re considering to make your own living space sustainable there are several ways you can do it. Heres what we compile on how you can make your own house or building sustainable.

Harness the Power of the Sun

home with solar panel

This can be achieved by placing photovoltaic cell in places where the sun shines so you can convert solar power to electricity. This can be a great way to become more independent from the grid. Even though you have can only generate electricity when its sunny, you can store excess power to a battery so you have power to use when its cloudy, raiing or at night. Beside raising the value of the house, having solar panel installed on your building can also become a way to gain some income. Because you can also supply the grid with your excess power generated from the sun. So you can reduce the amount you need to pay for electricity if you’re still dependent from the grid.

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Installing Better Window Panel and Frame

Beside as a source of natural light and for letting the wind through to the house, a high quality window can become a great insulator. Low quality windows transfer heat easily, so you heat from outside can easily heat your air conditioned room, making you set it colder, hence consuming more power. Proper window framing and better quality windows can help you insulate your house, hence saving power you would consume otherwise.

Greywater Recycling

There are 2 kinds of waste water that come from a typical home. Black water, which is water waste that has toilet waste mixed in. Next is greywater, which comes from shower, sinks, and washing machine. Greywater can still be treated and later reuse to flush toilet and water plants. If you want to implement this, it’s better to consult a contractor with prior experience with greywater recycling.

Beside greywater recycling, you can also reduce clean water consumption by collecting rainwater.

Using LED Lights Instead of Conventional Lights

room lit with led lights

To save power consumption, we recommend installing LED lights in your house instead of the other lighting methods. Why so? Because LED is more efficient than previous generation of lights the fluorescent, consume less power, brighter, and last longer. You can also get a directional light effect unlike fluorescent light that throw light to all direction. You can also get LED in more color temperature, so you can light your house with various way to match your theme.

Selecting Home Furniture for Small Living Spaces Yogyakarta 

Furnishing tiny living spaces at first can seem daunting. You’d feel that your options are very restricted and you may not be able to store some of your items properly. Working with home furniture Yogyakarta for small houses can seem very challenging as well. But creativity when it comes to home furnishing is often stimulated exactly by those limitations. 

home furniture yogyakarta

Selecting home furniture Yogyakarta for small living spaces

Not many people have the budget nor the resources to alter their living spaces in order to maximize the tiny spaces they have. The only way to do it is to work your way around it. Small living spaces can be charming and low on maintenance, making it perfect for those who’d like to keep their lifestyle as minimalist as possible. So working with your small space can and will prove to be particularly rewarding. 

home interior yogyakarta

Selecting furniture that double as storage units 

While tables with drawers are nothing revolutionary, this concept extends beyond the good old table and drawers. Many creative manufacturers these days offer a flexible range of furniture options. One of the popular contemporary furnitures manufacturers provide are those home furniture Yogyakarta that double as storage units. There are many variations of it, but one of the most popular kinds are coffee tables that double as chests. This is why contemporary rustic designs like putting a stylish treasure-chest like coffee table are pretty in when it comes to revamping the look of your room. Some bed frames are also designed with a large storage just below, making it perfect to keep your bedroom clutter-free.  

Choose light color palettes 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Often, the reason you as a homeowner would like to save space is not exactly the need for more space, but for the illusion of it. This is where aesthetics and tricks to the eyes play the most important role.Step up your game by choosing home furniture Yogyakarta that displays light color palettes as well. Roll up your sleeves and do some DIY by repainting your furniture white or other light neutral hues. Choosing neutral or earth colors as a default would save you the headache of not getting them together 

Play with your light fixtures 

Unfortunately not everyone’s apartment or houses boast those floor to ceiling windows that speaks of lux and large spaces. This is where light fixtures come in. Why not double or triple the light fixtures? Industrial style lamps can be great for those who dig in the style. But other than that, putting warm-colored illumination is a really great way to transform your space. 

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Proportionate furnitures for your living space

Choosing the proportionate furniture doesn’t mean going for the smallest possible pieces available. This means that you need to assess your needs and the space you have available before settling on any furniture. Buying a lot of smaller pieces would often make your house look cluttered, and instead of saving space, you’re simply adding unnecessary mess that you could very well avoid. If you need a large storage for all of your little trinkets from travel, for example, then choose home furniture yogyakarta that will afford you the necessary storage. Make sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the furniture you’re purchasing as well. Make sure it fits! 

Outdoor Home Furniture Yogyakarta and Quality Materials

Even if you’re a budget-conscious home owner, outdoor furniture is not something you’d want to mess with when it comes to prices. With the threat of weather, insect, and fungi infestation, the sensible thing to do is to invest on quality outdoor pieces home furniture Yogyakarta and don’t compromise on quality. What are some of our recommendation when choosing your outdoor furnishings?

furniture jogja

Home furniture Yogyakarta choose the right materials

Choosing outdoor furniture Jogja is not the same as choosing just any indoor furniture. You’re going to need to consider the materials and how to care for them. Fortunately you’ll have a lot of options if you’re planning to buy furniture in Yogyakarta. There are numerous Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide quality furniture and even those that are made to order.

Can you find quality outdoor furniture in Yogyakarta?

interior furniture yogyakarta

Absolutely. Yogyakarta is one of the top places to visit when you’re looking for furnitures made in Indonesia. The city’s proximity to Jepara makes it one of the most favorite places when you’re doing furniture shopping or simply window-shopping. Many furniture shops in Jepara handle bulk orders and you’re going to need minimum quantity if you plan to purchase from their place since it’s the very source of timber and raw materials themselves. Doing some shopping in Yogyakarta can actually be more convenient for you.

Choosing teakwood furniture

Teakwood furniture has long been associated with building boats and have been utilized as such centuries ago until now. Teak is a very strong hardwood with a known durability that makes it a favorite of many. It does come with a higher price tag as the wood is considered to be of a “premium” class in many if not most areas in the world. However you can easily find teak furniture in Yogyakarta and Indonesia in general. Teak is undoubtedly one of the best options for home furniture Yogyakarta and choosing them is an investment that will last you decades.

Indonesian Mahogany (Toona Sureni)

toko furniture jogja

Another excellent choice beside the more popular teakwood is the mahogany wood that’s native to Indonesia known as Toona Sureni. Many refer to it as the Indonesian Mahogany. It’s one of the strongest hardwood with a beautiful color – used not only for furnitures but for musical instruments as well.

Regular furniture maintenance

Just because you opt for the best premium wood in the market, that doesn’t mean you can just leave your piece without any care. Just like when you’re buying a car, you know that it’ll need regular maintenance. So does your outdoor home furniture Yogyakarta.

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With teak furniture, the piece will change color as it’s exposed to the UV rays of the sun. The aging will make the wood silver-grey in color. This will not affect the durability of your furniture. However if you’d like to retain its light golden color, then it’s recommended to coat it with oil regularly. We do believe that letting nature do its thing is not a bad idea and the aged teakwood do tell a story.  You can also apply sealant to protect teak furniture for it to last long.

Happy Times Parachute Hammock; A Higher Place to Sleep Anytime

Sleeping is everyone’s daily routine. It is easy to fall as sleep for some people and is also hard for the others with certain health condition. You can sleep anywhere, but mostly the bed is the main thing you will finds for that. But now and actually since years ago, you’ve already got an option to have a dream on a higher place by using the parachute hammock.

Sleep on a higher place using parachute hammock

Later on, you can then decide which the best way for you to spend the night in a dream; hanging on a hammock or simply lay your head down as usual on the bed.

Each options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and that surely that I will explain in this post in not an in-depth analysis. Let the scientists doing that for us. But I will reminds you that spending your time inside a hammock apparently can be one of the worth and valuable thing you can get in life.

Sleeping on a higher place may brings our imagination to the rare of the tree-house or about the tribal at the remote area. But it is actually shouldn’t be that far. You shouldn’t also thinking about make a new higher building or grow the trees for years. Nope. That will be too much just to sleep on a higher place and not also sleep on the plateau. No really.

It is as simple as sleeping in your own house or bedroom by the present of the bed alternative which is the lightweight parachute hammock.

Hammock itself is actually so much related to the item to travel with. It is allowing you to sleep on a higher place and you can do that almost anytime you want. There are only 2 requirements you will need to met. Both are you know how to set it up and you have a place to makes it happen.

So, feel free to choose the place you need to go and in any purposes of your activity. You can use it at your home or you can also brings the hammock while on a trip.

I am suggesting you to sleep in a parachute hammock not without reasons, even at outdoors far and far away. Don’t feels like you have been thrown away. I’m just saying that you can truly makes it as the bed at any possible places. But if only you could do that at home, you are free to do that as well. No forces at all since this should be your best time to enjoy the short moment in your life.

Many times, using hammock is risk-free. I have no idea things that it could harm you in many ways, except the extreme weather even though that will be the thing that you have no control at all.

You don’t even need to be scared by the cockroach that sometimes you find besides the bed, stuck in a webbing is also won’t be necessary any longer since this is not the hanging web that you may have had on your patio.

It is comes with the ropes where the two ends will be tied up to the trees or two poles and will makes it stronger and can load up to certain weights base on its specification.

Most of the hammocks can carry up to 100 kg, 200 kg or even more.

You may have just known that hammock can be used both inside and outside. If you have a relative or close friend that make hiking, camping, backpacking or adventuring as the hobby, then it will be the good gift you can share.

The material is soft for your skin nevertheless it made out of the parachute nylon that makes it sturdy and strong. It can be folded and to be carried easily so wherever you are going to have your relaxation moment, in house or at the outdoor, the hammock can’t weight you more.

Family Fun With Double Hammock At Home

Did you know that a hammock has various sizes? You can’t only use it for yourself, alone, but also with your friend and even more partners. If you simply needs it to be used yourself, then a single size of it will be more than enough. But if you want to get the one that can be used with your friend as well as yourself, then the double hammock is the thing you will have to get.

A hammock that at least enough for two adults, that’s the double size is for. It gives you more or bigger room without even add an extra length to its size.

Most of the double hammock that I have ever seen are only different in width with the single person hammock when it comes to talk about the size. The length is remain the same since it has been standardized based on the average of human body for certain countries.

Since the hammock is made mostly for everyone, then we can’t takes it only as the traveler item. It is because of the family members that even hate to travel are possible to get a hammock, enjoy the time, have fun inside a double hammock.

double hammock for family fun

I prefer to suggest the family people to get the double hammock to be used at home. Simply think about it as the toy or decoration and then try to uses it. i am assuming that you will really loves it, just gives it a chance.

For those with children, the fun is always starts even if you never asking for it. The double hammock is not only can be one of the best hanging spot for kids, but if you are difficult in getting them falling asleep, you may need to try hanging with them inside a hammock.

How long have you been pickaback the kids while walking here and there in a day? You will be tired! You are running out of energy since there are many other home works that have not been finished yet. I know that a hammock is not free, but if you can get it and gives your kids a chance to sleep in it, then you won’t need much troublesome that you can avoid. Moreover, you will not only uses it for the kids alone, but there’s always chance for you to experience the adventures. The hammock is proven for its durability up to years of usage.

Some of us are using the double hammock at the backyard to introduce their kids about the nature or at least the camping things. Besides as the fun activity to do, the others are also using it as the decoration alternative for their interior. Surely that it won’t only be hung, but can be so much functional as the sofa when watching tv in the living room, reading your favourite book, or as simple as putting child to sleep.

It really only need some minutes to sleep the child while swing them gently, and it is also just minutes away to get more fun with family at the backyard with the double hammock since setting it up is very easy.

Bamboo Linen Sheets for Better Family Living

We all love our family. We do our best to give all the efforts to make sure they are happy, healthy, safe and all the other good things. We provide our family with home, healthy foods and drinks, education, etc for a better future. But who would have thought that we can’t do and know all the things at the same time. So that, I am going to tell you about the bamboo linen sheets that might lost from your concern before.

Using bamboo linen sheets for better family living

Have you ever heard about the bamboo linen sheets before? If not, I won’t ask you about how long have you been using it.

They are the bed linen sheets that usually made out of the flax plant, and now, their main raw material are made with the bamboo. The plants that are usually look beautiful in shape of the forest like bamboo forest. The leafy plants that will make us feel comfortable and cool under the plants.

What works have you produced using the bamboo as the main or even the only material? If you can’t answer the question, I’d like to tell you that apparently it can help us to start a new better living at home for it is possible to produce the bed linen sheets. All related to linen fabrics mostly can be made with bamboo which what make it even better.

Bamboo linen sheets can be the start of your new better family life. Who would have thought that bamboo has the miracle fibre?

We can wear the clothes or using the bed linen sheets made of bamboo that is superbly soft and resilient. For those with sensitive skin, the fibres will be so natural and synthetic which I believe that the sheets will also be healthier to be used.

It can be wise if you want to change your bed sheets or covers for now or at least considering to do so. That will also being part of providing the best for your family life. If the bamboo linen sheets are the healthier product you can get, don’t you think that will worth of your time to think of it!?

Another question I’d like to ask is that “how do you know if your bed sheets are environmentally friendly?”

Your bedding sets may have met the standards of human-friendly, but you may doubtful when you think about their eco-friendly usage. Means that your bedding sets were possible harming the environment (soil, animals, etc) in their making process since the earlier stage up to the stage when you are no longer need them and throw them out as the wastes.

Bamboo linen sheets are the true definition of the green product you can get. Not only because the bamboo is naturally eco-friendly where you don’t need to re-plants it but re-growing it, but also the bedding set products made out by it are biodegradable. When you have decided not to use it anymore, you can even throw it anywhere you like even though I won’t suggest you doing that because of the aesthetic reason.

The important thing is that if the bamboo linen sheets are no longer needed which will be automatically be the wastes, they can be included into the decomposed wastes. Let the environment do that for us.

Don’t you think that using the bamboo linen sheets are beneficial for your family as well? If every family will know about this, all of us can’t only contribute in getting the better family living, but also the better environment for our future generations. That will make our life more valuable.

Neutral Colours for Home Interior

Neutrals in interior design refers to shades “without colours”. These colours are often not found in the colour wheels. Neutrals often refer to those muted colours that include taupe, ivory, grey, whites, black, and beige.

Neutral colours for home interior

Some of you might think that these colours may appear “lifeless” but when you take a closer look to a lot of today’s interior designer portfolio, and even historical interior designers, these neutrals are always a recurring theme in houses. Why can’t you go wrong with choosing neutral colours?

Neutral colours are highly versatile

Neutrals have always been a great start for styling your interior. Neutrals are naturally able to mend and mol to adapt to suit many, if not all, styles. however, make sure to pay attention to the undertones. Some neutrals might not be so neutral if you’re not careful with your picks.

Some whites have a pastel red undertone, or even gold as its undertone. Some browns have a strong red undertone in them, and while it’s a gorgeous shade, it could be a tone too rich to reach the muted, calming moods that neutrals are often associated with.

Neutrals are classic

Simply put, they’re timeless. It won’t go out of favour no matter what era you’re in. And because they don’t stand out too much to begin with, you likely won’t bore of them either. Most people enjoy neutral colours exactly because people don’t have any preference nor distaste towards neutral colours.

Having your house based on neutral colours would save you the headache of changing it once you got tire of it or when it’s time to stage your house for sale.

Neutrals are an investment

Having neutral colours for your interior can be considered as an investment. Houses with tasteful neutrals often look more modern and contemporary, compared to rooms that aren’t. Consequently, the rooms might appear newer.

Choosing neutral colours would minimize the possibility of home-sellers alienating potential buyers. Say, your living room is painted dark purple, but not all of your potential buyers would want that shade. Most people also prefer houses that look modern and not cluttered. Neutrals for your interior could achieve this.

Neutrals are applicable across all aspects of your house

Choosing neutrals for permanent fixtures of your house, for example, walls, doors, and windows, would create a calm backdrop for your room. It would also emphasis on the furnitures as a feature to your rooms.

On the other hand, neutrals for your furnitures are excellent choices that go with whatever colour your room is. Or if you’d have it with the best of both worlds, neutrals for both the permanent fixtures of your house as well as your furnitures, you’re going to end up with a clean, modern look that many homebuyers are always attracted to.

Although the shades might not match in an exact manner, he furnitures and the rooms would still look great overall because neutral colours don’t oppose each other and they go with each other well.

Reasons Why Bean Bag Is A Perfect Furniture

Bean bag chairs are increasingly popular and loved by many people. In fact, bean bags are better than traditional furniture. When looking for furniture, most people look for what can brighten the atmosphere of the living room, family room or children’s room. Don’t ignore what is in front of you. The good furniture design is adjusted to the condition of the house.

Bean Bag

A bean bag is very comfortable and suitable for relaxing which is interesting for everyone regardless of age. Finding furniture is not as easy as you think. But bean bag is modern furniture that is comfortable and casual style. Bean bag is for years of use so it will save costs.

We can bet that not many know about bean bags. But when looking for comfortable, durable and affordable furniture on the internet, the recommendation is a beanbag. The range of designs and types of comfortable furniture offered varies. You can see beanbag pools or indoor and outdoor furniture.

For most people who are looking for the best furniture, the beanbag is the right choice. There are many reasons why modern and innovative furniture is perfect furniture.

Inexpensive And Affordable Bean Bag

When compared to other modern and luxurious furniture, beanbag offers you something more special. Buying furniture should adjust to many things. The main thing is the budget. Make sure you buy furniture in accordance with the budget. Visiting shops or outlets can make you buy anything to beautify your home.

Bean bag is cheap, affordable but luxurious furniture. No need to spend a lot of money to get luxury furniture. Because of the luxury, comfort, and low prices you can get from beanbag chairs.

Bean Bag Chairs Size

They come in various sizes, ranging from small sizes, medium to large sizes. Comfort does not only belong to adults. Children also need comfort. Sitting silently playing games or seeing favorite shows for hours makes them tired. Traditional chairs are not ergonomically designed. Bean bag has been designed and manufactured according to ergonomic calculations that are good for health.

Trendy And Durable

Finding a chair must be adjusted to the house design. In fact, the bean bag is suitable for whatever your home design is. 1 bean bag design can be used and adjusted under any conditions. Whether you are going to party in the pool, camping or fishing area, they are finest furniture. If you realize it, stop by and find to get the best furniture.

Luxury Bean Bags, A Lead New Furniture Innovation

Furniture is an important part of your needs. Choosing furniture for home needs a big decision. More modern home designs, choosing traditional design furniture is not a good idea. Keeping children safe at home or anywhere is a top priority. Traditional furniture mostly uses wood materials so it is not safe for children. Traditional sofas need extra care. This is different if you take modern furniture such as luxury bean bags.

Luxury Bean Bags

New Innovation With Multifunction

If you are looking for modern furniture that is trendy and comfortable, then the choice is bean bag. They proved to be a choice of comfortable furniture. Luxury bean bags can also improve the overall decor of your home. A beanbag is your consideration to replace old furniture.

  • Luxury bean bags can be said to be a leading new furniture market. At present, it’s not difficult to find them. Especially in tourist destinations such as Bali, Thailand, bean bags are a necessity. As a leading new furniture innovation, there are many benefits that you can use.
  • They are very comfortable so the perfect place to relax. Watch tv, read books or relax at your home, you can park yourself in luxury bean bags.
  • Very easy and easy to carry anywhere. You can move it wherever and wherever the best spot is in your home.
  • They are more economical than traditional sofas. Moreover, the bean bag is the best design decoration for your domicile.
  • Luxury bean bags are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • If you have trouble washing a traditional sofa, then it’s not with bean bags. Bean bags are designed with a zip model that is easy to open and wash. They will always look new!

In the modern and efficient era, everyone does everything quickly. Manufacturing is always looking for ways to attract customers. Like luxury bean bags, they bring changes to your home. They give a dual purpose, relax or sleep.

If most people think looking for expensive furniture for prestige, the luxury bean bag is what you are looking for. You can take them to the side of the pool, fish and even receive guests. Receiving guests formally makes the atmosphere boring. Beanbag provides a solution to your boredom when receiving guests, and even while in the office.

Finding comfortable outdoor furniture might be a bit difficult. Along with the development of furniture, outdoor furniture is made as comfortable as possible. When you buy luxury bean bags, you get double advantages.