Improve Your Restaurant Cash Flow Management Properly

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Managing your restaurant’s cash flow management is challenging. It is not something simple yet vital for your restaurant to keep growing steadily. Cash flow has huge impact to the growth of your restaurant and having high volumes of transactions can make cash flow management even more challenging. However, it is not as daunting as you think it is. There are many ways you can do to manage your restaurant’s cash flow management properly, such as:

Gather accurate data

The foundation of proper cash flow management is accurate data since it is what shows good visibility. Through accurate data, you know where cash is moving, what sales are coming in, and what payments you are making. Hence, it is vital to get accurate data by analyzing the current cash status of your restaurant. You also need dependable operational processes and have your books capturing things accurately. 

Create cash flow forecast

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After gathering accurate data of what is coming in and moving out of your restaurant finance, start creating cash flow forecast. It allows you to have more accurate expectations for income and expenditures over a given period of time. Of course, you need to take cash flow forecast with a grant of salt since there is no really accurate forecast regardless of who makes it. However, creating accurate forecast will help you be in better place compared to those who didn’t especially during facing a crisis. 

Trim your expenses

Refining operating procedures are essentials to improve your cash flows. And one of the best thing to do it is trim your expenses. Reducing expenses in restaurant industry varies in method, depending on your business and environment. You can adopt more flexible staffing, get intelligent inventory, and reduce food waste. 

Adding value to your income

Aside from reducing unnecessary expenses, you can also focus on increasing your income. You can do it by offering additional service that catch customer’s attention that won’t make your restaurant too dependable on dine-in customers. For example, offer delivery and takeout services to drive more sales and increase income. You can also consider online promotion since more people like to have online transactions nowadays. 

Build a safety net of cash

There is possibility of your business experiencing unexpected situations. Hence, you need to make sure that your restaurant is ready just in case something unexpected happens. Prepare your restaurant with a safety net of cash. A built-up supply of cash on hand will come in handy for you to weather the storms. Even if you don’t know what’s coming, you are already prepared with the most essential thing to help you pivot accordingly: cash.

In the time of the global pandemic that has not been fully contained, having a restaurant to operate is challenging. One of the best ways for you to stay afloat and even thrive is by managing your restaurant’s cash flow properly. It helps you navigate your way to successful business because you are prepared with well cash flow management. You will be less worried about being hit by the unexpected.

Keeping Your Home Spotless For A Spotless Mind

You might have experiences how you come back from work and see the mess inside your home. It affects your mood so significantly that you feel like you are even more exhausted. It is true that cleanliness can affect your physical and mental well-being. With cleaner and tidier home, it is easier for you to relax and have a quality rest you deserve after working hard all day. Hence, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of not only yourself but where you are living as well. And here are some tips you can apply to keep your home spotless that will result in spotless mind:

Shot of an unrecognisable woman using rubber gloves and disinfectant to clean her home

Schedule cleaning time on a regular basis

It is best to make a routine of cleaning up the mess of your home. Hence, you know when to do it, and when to rest. You can do the full cleaning once or twice a week if you tend to have busy days and do the basic cleaning every morning or evening. When you have a routine, you have something to hold onto that keep you productive, stay active, and mentally stable. 

Prepare your cleaning equipment

Make sure that you have sufficient cleaning equipment and tools and store them in the same place after. Some of the most basic material for cleaning include broomstick, mop, dustpan, toilet brushes, buckets, sponges, scrubbing pads, liquid cleaners, soap, sanitizers, special cleaning oils, detergents, and vacuum cleaner (optional).  Those are essential cleaning equipment and tools you need to invest in because they will be useful for long use. 

Get your own cleaning hacks and habits

You can create your own cleaning hacks and habits so that it is the process that you can actually enjoy. this way, you won’t feel like it is a chore because there is also a type of happiness you gain from cleaning your home. For example, you can play your favorite music during cleaning process. Also, find some cleaning hacks to make the process more efficient. You can find them on the internet try to apply to your cleaning regime. 

Set the time

In order for you to not doing anything outside of cleaning the house, it is recommended that you set the time. So you know that there is limited time for you to clean your home. This way, you know what to do to make the process as efficient as possible. This is such a great time management especially for those who tend to get distracted easily when doing a task. You can set an alarm for one or two hours to finish the cleaning process entirely. 

Cleaning your home and make it a regular habits can help you build a healthier lifestyle. By doing it, you can prevent germs from piling up and cause harm to your health. It is also easier for you to relax and have a regular sleeping pattern when you are living in clean and healthy environment. Also, keeping your home clean can help you manage your stress level.

Email Habits And Your Ability To Communicate Effectively With Your Team

In business, sending emails is a basic thing to do as a way to communicate both with your customers or team members. However, your styles and preferences do matter. Email habits are essentials for you to make come changes on how to increase productivity and optimize effective communication with your team.  

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Email practice in running a business

It is pretty often for emails to be taken out of context and if you find it happening to you constantly then it is probably a sign that there is something wrong with your email practice. By adopting good email practice, you have also the opportunity to communicate effectively with your team while running your business. Find out what type of personality you adopt when it comes to email habits and see what you can improve.

Being abrupt in your emails

If you are the type who address your team directly without any greetings or adding a small note then you probably not being efficient but abrupt in your emails. This kind of email habit leads to lack of motivation on your team members because your emails may come off too dry or cut. Hence, it is best to reduce your ‘abruptness’ in emails by considering checking in your interlocutor first and then get down to business. It is to make sure that you can convey your expectation clearly while still be kind. 

Taking too much of your time

If checking emails make you lose most of the time of your day then you probably have to get it fixed because it is not being productive to get swamped by emails. Do not let emails dictate you and hold you from doing other important matters. You can try creating a system that can help streamlines your response process. It is probably will be more efficient for you to make a quick phone call then writing a long email. Hoarding habits on email can be fixed even slowly and gradually if you are aware of it and start taking actions.

Too concerned about what you write 

It is also pretty common for some people to write and rewrite their emails before sending it because they are too concerned about how your email will be perceived. Or that you ask people around about the email before you send it. This one email habit can block your productivity because you are over-concerning. If you need feedback, solicit it from trusted peers. And to avoid any concern with what you write is going to be perceived, be clear and direct with what you want to convey. 

Time to make a change

If you find unnecessary habits in your emails, it is time for you to find ways to fix it to make sure that your communication with your team members established effectively. Have expectation of what kind of result you want and find the reason why you don’t get the result you expected. Then, commit to small changes every day, ask someone for advice, and adopt new habit until your productivity progressed significantly.

Keeping Positive Work Relationship While Running A Business

Leading a team is not as simple as it seems. Even if it looks so harmonious on the outside, the inside might be full of tension. Hence, it is important to create positive work relationship in your team to reach success together. Conflict and disagreement between the team members are something common and normal. However, if it is what dominates the flow, then it is unhealthy and you need to find a way to overcome it. 

Dealing with disagreements and conflicts in a team

Conflicts are something to be resolved so the relationships between team members are not destroyed. One of the sign that your team has unhealthy work relationships is when the members hold grudges of past disagreements, or are becoming more rude and arrogant lately. And here are some tips to build positive work relationship in your team:

Make the other feel heard and seen

Having disagreement sometimes is inevitable because every individual has different perspective. However, it is important to deal with it more healthily when communicating those disagreements with another person. Hence, it is essential to make them feel heard and seen so you validate their point of view. This is also a way to show your respect even though you don’t agree with them. This way, it is easier for both parties to try to understand each other’s point of view. 

Focus on facts rather than personal feelings

When discussing in professional setting, you need to remain professional and put your personal feelings aside. Focus on facts and learn to phrase your feelings well. Avoid making personal comments when having a disagreements with your team. However, do not back down with your opinion and standpoint. When delivering your point of view, avoid using accusatory tone or remarks. Stay focus on what’s best for the business. 

Approach the issue from different perspective

When having disagreement, it is often that you want to encounter the other’s opinion without offending them to avoid conflict. To do this, you can approach the issue you are discussing from different perspective. Try to be more tactful with your approach by asking questions in more respectful tone so you both can look at the issue from your point of view instead. 

Make it as part of creative process

Disagreement can be a creative process to improve your business and team. To do this, you can create a culture that is constantly playing the devil’s advocate to disarm the casual disagreement. Hence, it creates more organic response as opposed to a clash. It takes time to practice this habit but with teamwork, it is more possible to achieve. 

Stop interrupting each other

Disagreement can become quarrels if both parties keep talking without listening to each other. When you listen to them, you let them know that what you oppose is their idea or point of view and not them. Give them time and space to articulate their ideas and once they are done talking, it is your time to talk. 

Komodo Island Tour & Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

Are you planning a trip to see the Komodo dragons and looking for the finest Komodo island tour package? We recently returned from our trip a few months ago, and I must say, you’re in for a wonderful treat. Dragons, rusty-red volcanic hills, coral reefs, pink sand beaches, sparkling turquoise oceans.

Komodo Island Tour & Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

Everyone comes to Indonesia’s Komodo National Park to see one thing and one thing only: the dragons. And for good reason: Komodo is the only place in the world where you can meet them! Komodo island trip allowing you to explore the land and sea wildlife around Taman National Komodo park

Komodo Island Tour And Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

The vast and impressive Komodo National Park is located in the East Nusa Tenggara province. The Komodo National Park consists of 29 volcanic islands and is home to approximately 2,500 Komodo Dragons. The park’s terrain is unique in that it includes tropical rain forests, grassland savannah, and clean white sandy beaches. A Komodo island tour is an opportunity to explore flora and fauna.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon is the world’s largest lizard and reptile, measuring over 3 meters in length and weighing over 70 kilograms. Massive stature, flat heads, bowed legs, long thick tails, and fork-shaped tongues distinguish the dragons. Komodo dragons can run and swim at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and have great vision. They allowing them to spot objects from 300 meters away. These reptiles are carnivores and can eat up to 80% of their body weight in a single feeding. Water buffalo, deer, carrion, pigs, and even humans are among the Komodo’s major prey.

Geography & Climate

The Komodo National Park has one of Indonesia’s driest climates. Monsoonal rains have a significant impact on the national park, which receives little to no rainfall for about 8 months of the year. From May to October, daily temperatures average around 40 degrees. The marine environment has a vibrant and diverse terrain. The national park, which is part of the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle, is home to a diverse range of seagrass beds, vibrant coral reefs, and dense mangrove forests.


The Komodo National Park is home to spectacular Komodo Dragon. You can see the Komodo dragons walking freely in their native outdoor habitats.

A wide range of reptiles, mammals, and birds can be found among the terrestrial fauna. 12 snake species, 9 lizard species, numerous frogs, the Timor deer (the Komodo’s main food), horses, water buffalos, wild boars, the indigenous Rinca rat, fruit bats, the orange footed scrub fowl, and over 40 bird species are among them.

Diving Spots

A Komodo island tour is the best way to explore diving spots around Komodo National Park. Divers, scientists, and photographers from all over the world visit this national park to witness the incredible biodiversity found at one of the many dive sites.

This area is famous for its strong currents, riptides, and whirlpools, which bring rich nutrients from the depths of the Indian Ocean. This is what causes many tropical fish and corals to thrive.

Divers can expect to see manta rays, sharks, and dugongs on tough blue water current dives.

Diving at Komodo National Park will take you to the center of one of the world’s most dynamic marine environments.

Virtual Team-Bonding Activities To Survive Remote Work

Remote work can be stressful because you and your team keep staying at the same place both for work life and personal life. Sometimes, you feel burnout because you still have to check some works even if it is time for bed. Or, your work being distracted over and over again because you feel hungry, sleepy, or bored. As a leader of your team, it is necessary that you encourage your team to find balance between work life and personal life int his situation. You can also help them alleviate some of the stress by organizing virtual team-bonding activities that are fun, inexpensive, and engaging. 

Here are some of the ideas of virtual team-bonding activities you may try with your team to stay sane during this pandemic:

Virtual meetups regularly

You can organize virtual meetups once a month for example. Invite your team to participate in this meeting. Make sure to organize fun activities such as games in this meeting. Avoid any heavy talk or discussion if you want to keep everything light and fun. There are many games that can be played virtually such as picture-sharing rounds, personal fact-guessing games, etc. Those games allow the team members to get to know each other better. 

Virtual lunch or dinner on Friday

Friday is happy day where most people cannot wait to be freed from their responsibilities. You can also organize fun activity such as lunch or dinner on Friday together with your team. You can share a beer, soda, coffee, or whatever your team like. In this session, you and your team can talk about anything especially about non-work stuffs. If your team like, you can decide different menu for each Friday session so everyone may enjoy similar things to strengthen the feel of togetherness through the distance. 


Most people like playing game on their computer or phone. You can also play game together with your team from time to time. You may also consider multiplayer games on company times. It can help build bonds between team members. It can also help alleviate some stress because it is the moment to recharge and relax so you can go through the day with a little bit happiness. Make sure to choose games that everyone can play so everyone can engage and participate in the game. You may also split the members into different team to elevate the sense of competitiveness and get them excited. 

Music-related activities

Your team consists of different individual with different taste including in music. Hence, you may consider organizing an event when you all can share your music taste and have a jamming session. You may also discuss more about your each favorite music. This activity allows everyone to show each other interest and helps develop relationships. Virtual jamming session is possible especially if your team can play some instruments. You may also consider holding a song-writing session or karaoke session with your team. These kind of activities are stress-relieving and fun to do every once in a while.

Dive Cruise Indonesia, Exploring The Last Paradise in Earth

Indonesia has an amazing variety of liveaboard options. Liveaboard Indonesia has always been a smart choice for adventure diving lovers. Diving in world-class destinations in Indonesia is found throughout the archipelago. Dive cruise Indonesia with a traditional boat offers the availability of a sailing trip schedule at any time. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia offers diving and leisure trips in Indonesia. 

dive cruise indonesia - lonestar liveaboard

Dive Cruise Indonesia To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is indeed popular as an underwater paradise. In fact, Raja Ampat has been named the world’s best diving spot by CNN. Unfortunately, not all divers can enjoy the underwater panorama on small islands with a total of 2,600 and ribbonfish species. Tourists who want to dive must have certain certificates or licenses. For tourists who want to dive, it is advisable to dive elsewhere.

The islands of Raja Ampat do have mostly safe locations for learning to dive due to the gradual depth of the water and the relative safety of large currents. But do you want to spend time on a dive cruise just to learn to dive? But if you want to learn to dive during a dive cruise in Indonesia, there are several spots that are suitable for beginners.


arborek village

Dive cruise Indonesia to Arborek is very suitable for beginner divers. Tourists can learn to dive in stages, starting from 1 meter, 2 meters to 15 meters. In Arborek, you can meet colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Not only for beginner divers, but Arborek is also a paradise for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling activities. 

Batu Lima

In addition to Arborek, you can include Batu Lima in your list of Indonesian dive cruise trips. The current at Batu Lima tends to be safe because it is held by large rocks and is very suitable for beginner divers. Diving just a few meters, tourists can see the stunning underwater panorama and see the rare blacktip reef shark.


yenbuba village

Yenbuba village is included in the Meos Mansar district and is one of the dive spots for beginners. The clear sea and the variety of fish are the hallmarks of Yenbuba. Like in Arborek, this island also has a gradual depth for tourists who want to learn to dive. You don’t have to dive deep to see beautiful corals and various types of fish.

What you need to know when diving in Yenbuba, do not to dive when the water has just receded and the water is just high tide because the current will be very strong. The dive lesson program provides training and essential material several times before you dive in Yenbuba.  

Providing Value To Your Audience Through Content Delivery

One of the most essential keys for success is good relationship including in business. Your relationship with your audience, potential customers, and existing customers should be nurtured carefully if you want to make it long lasting and beneficial for both sides. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can stay connected with your audience such as through online platforms. You can open an official account of your brand in several social media platforms for example, and reach out to your audience even better.

Providing Value To Your Audience Through Content Delivery

Bring in more value to your audience using high quality content delivery

When you decide to establish an online platform to keep in touch with your audience, you must know that you have to keep delivering content. However, it is not just random content but the ones with high quality to bring in more value to your audience. If you do it consistently, you will also attract more followers. And here are some tips to do it properly:

Share your company vision

Everyone must know already that every brand aims for making money. However, allow your audience to see another side of your brand. Show them that your company has its vision and share it with them. You can share your vision both with the existing and prospecting customers. When you share your vision, you allow your audience to know what your positive mission statements are. Audience who share similar values and interest will be more attracted to support your brand naturally because they can feel the connection.

Be consistent

Online content is king in today’s marketing strategy. Hence, you need to be consistent in delivering high quality online content through your platforms. Make sure that your contents can capture their attention, informative, and up to date. Do not always aim for your content to be viral because it is not a guarantee your audience will stay. Bring in more value to your customers with consistency instead. 

Provide availability and accessibility

Customers more appreciate brands that can be reached out easily to answer question and help fix their problems. Otherwise, your customers might just find another brand that they can rely on better. You can provide more availability and accessibility through various ways. But first find out where your customers spend most of their time. Today, most of them spend most of their time in social media. Hence, you can start by opening up direct message with your existing and prospecting customers. This is an attempt to establish seamless communication. Or, inform your audiences to tag you when they have a question you need to answer.

Seek out feedback and respond to it

Feedback from your customers either negative or positive can be used to improve the quality of your product or service. Instead of waiting for the customers to give their feedback, seek them out proactively. You can do it using polls, surveys, or posts that can utilize questions as well as call to action. Put the feedback you receive to use to grow your business better. 

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

A lot of villa owners in Bali fall to the trap of trying to attract mass audience to their vacation rental. The result? Tight price competition that you cannot escape. This is why creating a niche audience for luxury villas in Bali is a good business.

Every holiday property is distinctive. Whether it’s a small villa in the Jimbaran, a beach house in Canggu, or a condo in Seminyak, and if it’s properly positioned inside a niche area, you can step away from the mass audience arena and welcome guests who want exactly what you have to offer.

Why You Should Appeal to Niche Market

Now think about it. Can you compete with high-level search terms for vacation rental that are dominated with giants like AirBnB, Traveloka, and if you focus on large mass audience?

One of the benefits of catering to a narrow niche is that your direct competition is greatly reduced. Because you have a lot smaller collection of keywords, facilities, and specialized marketing outlets to filter results by, competitor research is also much easier. The disadvantage is that each direct competitor has the potential to take a larger share of your revenue.

First and Foremost, Location

When it comes to choosing a specialized market, the location for your luxury villas in Bali is unquestionably important. When you own a vacation rental condo in Canggu, you can make a special accommodation for surfers! Consider where you are, what your surroundings have to offer, and why people vacation in your area. Make a list of activities, vacationer kinds, and the surroundings around you, and set it aside.

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

You should also think about the demographics of the people who live in or are drawn to a given location. Your surfing resort should ideally be located near a beach with excellent wave breaking conditions for surfers. You can also consider in your area because your demography of surfers is likely to be male-dominated and between the ages of 18 and 45. Choosing a property in a municipality with a nightlife rather than an isolated one, for example.

Researching the Competition for Your Niche Luxury Villas Bali

When looking at competition for a purpose-built luxury villas in Bali, the most crucial thing to look for is an open market. If not, you’ll have to evaluate whether you can compete directly with current firms that cater to your target market. Do you have something more interesting to say? Do you have a stronger grasp on marketing channels?

Targeting the Niche Market

You’ve determined the unique selling points of your location and lodging. Also, you have find the reasons why people would enjoy their vacation rental experience in your villa. From here, you can begin to imagine the types of guests who will enjoy what you have to offer and how to attract them.  You should be selective about the guests who book your holiday rental, whether it is merely a short-term rental investment or your own vacation property that you rent out when you are not using it. This can be accomplished by defining your ideal guest persona.

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Examples of Niche Luxury Villas in Bali

You can start narrowing down your theme or niche market now that you’ve identified your home and the type of renters you’re looking for. Here are some instances of niche travel markets that are expanding in Bali:

  • Luxury travels
  • Pet-friendly accommodation
  • Surfer accommodation
  • Yoga and wellness retreat
  • Honeymoon getaway
  • LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation
  • Family and kid-friendly accommodation
  • Luxury wedding villa

The more you serve to a specialized market, the more you’ll discover about their travel habits. And if you are a quick-witted villa owner, that means an opportunity to let your business grow better!

Building And Managing A Thriving Business With Rocky Path

How to Maintain Authentic Self For Entrepreneurs

No one can deny that the global pandemic has brought huge impact to business world. It is still on going even with how vaccine are started to be distributed all over the world. The impact, shift, and changes are still remained. Ups and downs in business is not something uncommon. The most important thing of it is how to keep your business thriving regardless how rocky your path is. It is not easy but not unreachable. 

Building And Managing A Thriving Business With Rocky Path

Innovation. Those who can survive and thrive are the ones who are always willing to innovate. It is because innovation itself is what helped society overcome various big problems caused by the global pandemic. And it will be the thing that can also help business to thrive. One of the major shifts caused by the global pandemic is rapid rise of technology. If you refuse to adapt to the growing trends then you need to be ready to fail. 

It is essential for business owners to be willing to try new things. Business itself is not something stagnant. Something can happen anytime regardless of your readiness to face the situation. What you need to do is always be ready to innovate and take action. Experimenting with different methodology and recommended systems of operation can help a lot to run your business steadily during crisis. When you adapt according to the situation, you have ideas to develop. 

Don’t let your business to be or look fragile. It should stand strong regardless of the situation. Well it sounds easier said than done for some people but when you have this kind of mentality, it helps a lot making the best decision for your business. Identify any factors that can put your business off balance. Hence, keeping track of the trends that can potentially cut your business down help you to take preventive actions. Hence, it is important to create careful planning which include any scenario your business possibly face when crisis happens. 

To keep your business thrive, you need to take care of your employees. They are important for your business because they are the backbone of your entire operation. Therefore, you have to prioritize in taking care of them just like how you take care of your own health. Support your employees mentally and emotionally as well because it is just as important. Encourage them to cultivate healthy work-life balance. 

To keep your business thrive, you have to sick to the budget. It is not a secret that finance is one of the most crucial things for business to thrive. However, when the road is bumpy, you need to take do extra to ensure your revenue stream still running in. Hence, it is essential for your business to have budget from the beginning. Even if your profit increase rapidly, stay within the parameters of your budget. Then, reevaluate your budget on regular basis. So you will know what adjustments to do to align with your goals and expectations.