Dive Cruise Indonesia, Exploring The Last Paradise in Earth

Indonesia has an amazing variety of liveaboard options. Liveaboard Indonesia has always been a smart choice for adventure diving lovers. Diving in world-class destinations in Indonesia is found throughout the archipelago. Dive cruise Indonesia with a traditional boat offers the availability of a sailing trip schedule at any time. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia offers diving and leisure trips in Indonesia. 

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Dive Cruise Indonesia To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is indeed popular as an underwater paradise. In fact, Raja Ampat has been named the world’s best diving spot by CNN. Unfortunately, not all divers can enjoy the underwater panorama on small islands with a total of 2,600 and ribbonfish species. Tourists who want to dive must have certain certificates or licenses. For tourists who want to dive, it is advisable to dive elsewhere.

The islands of Raja Ampat do have mostly safe locations for learning to dive due to the gradual depth of the water and the relative safety of large currents. But do you want to spend time on a dive cruise just to learn to dive? But if you want to learn to dive during a dive cruise in Indonesia, there are several spots that are suitable for beginners.


arborek village

Dive cruise Indonesia to Arborek is very suitable for beginner divers. Tourists can learn to dive in stages, starting from 1 meter, 2 meters to 15 meters. In Arborek, you can meet colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Not only for beginner divers, but Arborek is also a paradise for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling activities. 

Batu Lima

In addition to Arborek, you can include Batu Lima in your list of Indonesian dive cruise trips. The current at Batu Lima tends to be safe because it is held by large rocks and is very suitable for beginner divers. Diving just a few meters, tourists can see the stunning underwater panorama and see the rare blacktip reef shark.


yenbuba village

Yenbuba village is included in the Meos Mansar district and is one of the dive spots for beginners. The clear sea and the variety of fish are the hallmarks of Yenbuba. Like in Arborek, this island also has a gradual depth for tourists who want to learn to dive. You don’t have to dive deep to see beautiful corals and various types of fish.

What you need to know when diving in Yenbuba, do not to dive when the water has just receded and the water is just high tide because the current will be very strong. The dive lesson program provides training and essential material several times before you dive in Yenbuba.