How Music Affects Your Happiness

How Music Affects Your Happiness

It is a given for us as human to always search for happiness it what makes you feel alive. The problem is, sometimes happiness come from little things and sometimes it driven by something more monumental in your life. Regardless, we won’t stop looking for happiness as long as we live because that also what makes us human. There are many things that can create happiness and one of them is music. 

Music and its ability to create happiness

Music is surely one of the most powerful thing. It can be seen with your naked eyes but you can feel it very deep in your soul. It can move people with its unseen force. It is safe to say that everyone loves music. Of course, every individual has different taste in music but generally, it is hard to find someone who hate music. Even baby who doesn’t understand anything yet often show happiness when being listened to music.

Music and its elements

There are many elements of music started from lyrics, tune, melody, beats, etc. Those elements breath life into something when being played. Music affects people in so many ways. The lyrics for example, they can create a connection through relatable experience. The right choices of words in the song can make it much more impactful, along with the story it carries. Lyrics can ignite emotions and connection with the people who listen to it. One may feel understood and heard and that’s how it feels relatable to them. 

Music alleviates pain

There have been many studies about music and its relation with pain experienced by people. Turn out, music can help alleviate pain. It has great effect on mind and hormones which play important role in decreasing the feeling of being in pain. Music can help relax nerves and mind when one in pain. This is scientific finding and not only proven psychologically. 

Music to lift up your mood

Sometimes, the types of music you listen to can affect your mood drastically. When you listen to sad song during a rainfall, you feel like you are being more sentimental and emotional without reason. Or, you listen to upbeat music and suddenly you have the urge to move your body and feel happier. Music can affect the production of various hormones affected to your mood such as oxytocin, serotonin, and other hormones. 

Develop IQ and language skills

Music can help improve communication skills and IQ. Children learn better and faster when music is involved, be it instruments or any other tools. By listening to music, it can help reduce the level of stress, making one able to function and focus better. Hence, it affects overall IQ as well. Also, music can help develop communication skill. Many people learn new language by listening to the songs. It helps them learn the language faster because it is more creative way to learn and keep them engaged with the process of learning it. People who are interested in music learn how to express themselves better be it through lyrics, melody, etc.