How to Determine the Best Place to Get a Tattoo in Bali

Best place to get a tattoo in Bali can be tricky to find. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali has numerous tattoo studios and parlors that it can be overwhelming to find which ones are the most suitable for you. As one of the leading tattoo destinations in the world, how can you determine the best place to get a tattoo in Bali island?

Best place to get a tattoo in Bali – hygiene & comfort matters

One of the things that makes a good tattoo place is still going to be the factor of comfort yourself as a customer feel. For many people who are experienced in getting inked, this is one of the most important factors in determining which tattoo place they’ll settle anywhere they go.

best place to get a tattoo in bali

This is especially important when you’re the type of traveler who’d like to get a tattoo to whatever destinations you’re going as a token or a souvenir for yourself. Trusting your gut feelings and assessing the tattoo place; hygiene, equipment they use, the people who take care of the place; are all necessary in order to not regret your tattoo decision wherever you are. Make sure to visit the place you’re going to get tattooed at before you enter any deal and put down that deposit. Of course, always do this to find best place to get a tattoo in Bali island.

Tattoo artist portfolio – best tattoo in Bali?

There’s no such a thing as the best tattoo in Bali – what’s best for one person is different compared to another. So the so-called best is mostly a matter of opinion and subjectivity, more often than not.

best tattoo studio in bali

What do you need to do then when you’d like to find the best place to get a tattoo in Bali? Just like back home or any other tattoo travel you’re doing, what you need to find first and foremost is the Bali tattoo artist! Make sure that you love what the tattoo artist is doing. Always, always look at their portfolio. Reserving a tattoo appointment without ever looking at the artist’s tattoo portfolio is like walking with a blindfold and hoping you’ll get to your destination without stumbling.

Does your Bali tattoo place has a website?

bali tattoo artist

A tattoo place that has a well-maintained website showcases that they’re serious about their business. When you find a website, make sure that you look into the artists profile that they have. The best place to get a tattoo in Bali will be showcasing their artists; their talents. They’ll have the names of their artists up on their website, displayed proudly. Now it’s time for you to do your homework and find the individual artist’s portfolio. This can be in a form of social media (like tattoo instagram) or their individual website.

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Checking tattoo reviews

The essential things to look for in a review would be:

  • The service! You’re purchasing art yes, but when it really boils down to it, tattooing is a service. While this is not a hospitality service where you should expect impeccable treatment, remember that artists being courteous and polite are not just important, but a requirement for a good tattoo experience.
  • Keep in mind that comments about artwork are mostly subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt.