Business Basics You Need To Know As An Entrepreneur

Business Basics You Need To Know As An Entrepreneur

Running your own business sounds fascinating but in actual truth, the majority of startups failed to survive their first year operation. It is how challenging running a business is like. Even if you manage to run business successfully, you still have to stay guarded to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Lots of people think that working harder is what will guarantee you to success in business. However, it is not always true. 

Know these business basics if you want to become successful entrepreneur

Work smarter is better than work harder when you are diving in entrepreneurial journey. You may read as many business books as possible but the truth is, you can gain intelligence from wherever you are. There will be good ideas to find in your entrepreneurial journey toward wisdom. So know these business basics for entrepreneur if you wish to become one:

Invest in things in what you know and need

Business Basics You Need To Know As An Entrepreneur

It is foundational to invest in something that you know rather than on things you think you know. This kind of mindset might not be it for aggressive investors. However, it will help a lot in your entrepreneurial journey. It can help prevent you from making costly mistakes. Thus, avoid buying things you don’t need. Keep in mind that you actually know what you need.for example, you think you need to hire more people to sell more your growing product lines without taking anything into considerations. It may lead to unnecessary problems. Thus, make sure to take everything into account before making any decision.

Change how you view your money

As entrepreneur, stop viewing your money as wealth or treasure you need to keep. Instead, see your money as something to make more money. Use it as tools for you to invest in things that make more money in return. Instead of keeping them stagnant, you can multiply your wealth. Keep in mind that assets and liabilities are two different things. Make sure to know how to distinguish them and optimize them. For example, your home is not your asset but liability so don’t expect it to make more money. Meanwhile, you company cars are assets which has contribution to your business. 

Don’t get too smug so easily

As mentioned earlier that running business has its own risk even though it sounds promising and rewarding. Hence, don’t get too smug or cocky so easily when you accomplish things. Use it as your motivation to keep improving yourself. Cockiness will only lead to foolish decisions and costly mistakes. Even successful entrepreneurs know they they don’t always understand everything in the industry. There will always be something they don’t know because business market is unpredictable and full of surprises. 

Listen to advice and suggestions

You don’t have to follow what other advise or suggest you. However, listening to them won’t make you lose anything anyway. Hence, try not to discount suggestions just because they don’t seem possible o that they are against what you believe. Listen to them and use it as learning opportunity.

5 Advanced Tips for Scuba Diving Beginners

5 Advanced Tips for Scuba Diving Beginners

When you learn how to dive, you will get basic scuba diving theories and practices for beginners. You will get to learn scuba diving in few weeks before getting your first certification. However, the classes would cover just as much—and there are plenty of things you will only learn in real dives. Here are some “advanced” tips that make your beginner dives better. 

Keep Your Calm Under the Water

Do you know that the most important thing to stay safe while diving is by keeping your calm? When you first begin diving, remaining composed seems like the least likely thing to do because you might be panicking to recall everything. 

Almost every diver was the same way. However, once they began to unwind and adopt a calmer attitude, diving became simpler for them. The more you dive, the more this will come naturally to you. Do some breathing exercises before entering the water. Then you will know that scuba diving can be the most calming and peaceful activities you can do. You’ll feel more at ease as a result. Once in the water, try not to rush or focus only in one direction. You might, for instance, miss seeing large fish, sharks, or rays in the deep blue in the opposite way if you are concentrated on looking at a wall or coral.

Keep Yourself Hydrated Before and After A Dive

One of the most important scuba diving tips for all beginners that unfortunately often get forgotten is keeping a good hydration. Drinking enough water before jumping to the ocean is very crucial.

Because you are surrounded by water, you might not be aware that you sweat during the dive just like you do on land. Since you are already wet, you can’t see it, yet drinking water is just as necessary for scuba diving as it is for hiking. To avoid entering a dive dehydrated, drink lots of fluids the day before and the morning of the dive.

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Reducing Your Air Consumption

Beginner divers first have a tendency to use and exhaust their air far more quickly than experienced divers. There are numerous variables, including anxiety, excessive movement, and buoyancy issues.

When the person with the least amount of air needs to go up, safe procedure dictates that a group or companions climb back to the top. That implies that your friends must accompany you even when they have plenty of air but it is time for you to ascend. The longer you stay down, the less air you will likely need to breathe.

Learning how to preserve air would help you to improve your scuba diving vacations for beginners. You will have longer time underwater to see and explore anything you love. If you are diving to wait for underwater superstar like the Manta Ray to pass by, you will have a greater chance to meet them. 

Keep your cool and take deep breaths. You’ll consume less air if you maintain slow, even breathing. It somewhat reminds me of breathing techniques used during meditation. Stay streamlined and develop your kicking technique. You will breathe less if you swim gently and with little movement. This is why it’s important to understand buoyancy and how much weight to carry.

Have A Better Buoyancy Control 

Have A Better Buoyancy Control

Why is buoyancy crucial? A good buoyancy control hold you fairly still so that you don’t rock back and forth. You want to be able to descend to the desired depth and then ascend without making any significant adjustments.

You will typically ascend if your BCD has too much air in it, whereas you will typically sink if it has too little air or too much weight. A divemaster will assist you in determining the proper weight before you dive. In case you require a little more, they typically have extra on them. Knowing the proper weight will make a significant difference. If you feel you are too close to the surface when you reach the bottom or your intended depth, slowly add some air to your BCD.

Try to regulate and even out your breathing for the most part. After some practice, you can somewhat alter your buoyancy by breathing differently.

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Don’t be Lazy to Keep Your Dive Log

It is enjoyable to reflect about past dives because, with time, some of them will start to blur together. When you initially begin, it can be beneficial to keep track of your air consumption, the type of wetsuit you used, and the amount of weight you utilised during a dive.

So you will have a good idea when they ask you how much weight you need, etc., before your next dive. Every dive is different from the last due to the various circumstances, marine life, corals, and other things you will see.

Writing down all the various details you noticed that made it stand out in your logbook is a good habit. In this manner, it will be simpler to recall. Plus, some site require divers to have certain entry on their log book, especially for advanced sites. It’s a good way to log your dives as early as possible to help you at times like this!

Making Fruitful Connection With Customers Through Positive Conversation

Making Fruitful Connection With Customers Through Positive And Productive Conversation
Woman selecting her new hair with the beauty consultant

Making a connection with your customers does matter for your business’s longevity. Your customers are important element that need lifelong nurturing. You will be able to establish, healthy mutual relationships with your customers by doing the right things. And communication is the key on this matter. Your customers need to know that they are appreciated and taken care of. To keep the connection going, you need to maintain effective communication. It means, you need to make sure the conversations you have with them stay positive and productive. 

Keeping conversations with customers positive and productive

It does matter to keep your customers happy. And they are happy when they are heard, appreciated, and taken care of. Maintaining good communication through positive and productive conversation is a way you can keep healthy, beneficial relationship for long-term. And here are several strategies to help you make it:

Be mentally present during the conversation 

Make sure that you are consciously present at the moment you are having conversation with your customers. This way, you can navigate the conversation well to positive paths. Also, be willing to listen to your customers when they are speaking so you know how to respond to them accordingly and appropriately. 

Be patient

It is almost impossible to have all your customers nice and friendly. Some of them might easily get heated when conversing making them appear more aggressive or defensive. However, make sure to be attentive and patient. Try not to follow their flow and direct back the conversation to be more positive and productive. Stay respectful and level-headed to keep the conversation focused and on track. 

Notice your customer’s strength

Every individual needs recognition, and so do your customers. Thus, make sure that you also point out their good quality and strengths. During the conversation, talk about how customers can improve their strength. When they are aware their strengths being noticed, they will feel appreciated. They will also be more motivated to keep the conversation going in a more positive manner.

Validate your customers

Avoid invalidating your customers’ feelings or thoughts. Whatever they feel or think is valid and make sure to show your customers that you understand them. It will build more confidence for them to confide in you and sharing more information. It is also a way to build trust with your customers. 

Be authentic

Create authentic relationship by showing that you truly care of your customers. Give appropriate respond so they know that you don’t have any ill intention. Be transparent and stay resourceful for them so they know they have your back. Admit your mistakes openly and avoid making excuses. 

Show your desire to create positive social impact

Today, customers care not only about great products and services. They also care about whether or not you create positive impact to the society. Thus, make sure to demonstrate your intent on making positive social impact during the conversations you are having with them. Show them that you also care about the issues that matter to them. 

Why You Should Start Marketing Your Exclusive Villas in Pinterest

Start Marketing Your Exclusive Villas in Pinterest

As the market for vacation rental in Bali becoming more and more saturated, home owners need to continuously revisit their marketing strategy to stay on top of the competition. Employing digital marketing strategy in various social media channel is one of the best strategy to increase your visibility and attract more bookings to your Bali villa. While you probably have heard about promoting your exclusive Bali villas in Facebook and Instagram, but have you heard about Pinterest? 

So What is Pinterest? 

Users of Pinterest, sometimes known as “pinners,” may have numerous boards with images posted from all over the Internet. Although there are countless topics, lifestyle concerns like cooking, crafting, and apparel predominate. It should come as no surprise that travel has grown in popularity on Pinterest. Travelers make Pinterest boards to organize their travel ideas, research potential vacation spots, and save potential accommodations. Since each photograph contains a link to its original location, the more users that pin and re-pin your photos will increase the visibility of your vacation rental.

Why You Should Get Serious on Pinterest to Promote Your Bali Property

Pinterest had 433 millions of monthly active users (MAUs) as of the first quarter of 2022, up almost 2 million from the prior quarter. In a nutshell, Pinterest combines the functions of a social networking site and a search engine. It connects viewers to different sites using images for those who learn best visually. Pinterest is made specifically to direct visitors to a link, while the algorithms of most social media networks penalise this action. In other words, you can put direct link of your villa website on your vacation rental photos.

The best part is that it’s entirely free and users may upload and see a variety of content for ideas.

Understanding How Customer’s Journey on Pinterest Works

Users of Pinterest can bring high intent travelers to your direct channel, convert prospects without exorbitant channel costs, and transform a ‘pinner’ into a devoted, repeat visitor by pinning the photographs of your villas. So yes, if you have villas for rent in Bali with appealing photograph, Pinterest is a terrific marketing tool for generating direct reservations.

However, don’t give up if you don’t notice an increase in traffic to your website right away. Even if they aren’t ready to commit, users pin ideas and then go back to their boards to plan their next trip. 

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Create A Pinterest Business Account

Make sure to first create a BUSINESS ACCOUNT with the name and address of your holiday rental. If you already have a logo, use that for your profile; if not, this is a fantastic approach to begin building your rental property’s brand.

Optimising Your Pinterest Profile and Post for Your Bali Villas

Even while creating your profile simply takes a few minutes, deciding what to post—which typically consists of a photo, caption, and hashtags—can be challenging. The benefit of producing material for social media postings is that you may reuse it on all of your favorite social media sites. For the greatest results, customize it for each person.

Make Your Pins Inspiring

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, focusing on creating eye-catching images should be a key component of your approach. The primary motivation for consumers to use the platform is the educational and inspirational content. Therefore, be sure to offer users something worthwhile to “pin” and click on your link.

Create Lifestyle “Pin Board” in Your Vacation Rental

Do not just post promotional pictures of your exclusive Bali villas. Try to get creative but stay in a topic that relate your your villas. Of course, you can have one or more boards consisting of beautiful pictures of your luxurious exclusive villa in Bali, but you should consider creating a lifestyle board related to your property. If your rental is beachfront, you can create a surfing board or recipe board of tropical cocktails. You can also create a board about Bali destination in your Pinterest. Just get creative!

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Like Any Other Social Media, Be Sure to Build Your Followers

Engaging with other people’s pins is an excellent strategy to grow your following. “Begin to follow people you believe will want to follow you back. Comment and like on their pins. Someone may visit your account and decide to follow you after seeing you engage with their content. To improve the searchability of your Bali rentals, you can incorporate hashtags into your captions.

Optimise Your Pinterest

Finally, use your business analytics dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of your postings and identify any that are more successful than others. To increase traffic to your listing, you can edit your content so that you are posting the things that pinners are most interested in.

Test a couple ad campaigns using your most popular posts to increase reservations during the off-season or fill midweek openings!

The Best Nusa Penida Snorkeling And Meet Manta Ray

Bali as a tropical island does not have many snorkeling spots. Sometimes it is difficult to choose one spot from the many snorkeling locations. Nusa Penida is one of the popular snorkeling spots around Bali. One of the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia is located on the southeast side of the island of Bali along with 2 other islands that are no less popular, Ceningan & Lembongan. Nusa Penida is a popular destination because of its beauty which is always displayed on many social media.

The Best Nusa Penida Snorkeling And Meet Manta Ray

Nusa Penida snorkeling with calm ocean currents & good visibility

Several spot snorkeling in Nusa Penida offers fairly calm sea currents, although the currents can change at any time. In addition, the visibility when snorkeling is quite good, around 10 meters to 20 meters during the day, especially during the dry season. 

The waters between the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan have very beautiful underwater views. Many international divers are interested in snorkeling or diving in Nusa Bali.

There are 296 species of coral reefs and 576 species of reef fish in the waters of Nusa Penida. Good or bad coral reef conditions, depending on the location you dive. However, most of the coral reefs in Nusa Penida are still healthy.

Snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is more widely known by tourists as a tourist destination for white sand beaches on the island of Nusa Penida. The location of the coastline facing the southwest side makes Crystal Bay beach Nusa Penida one of the best locations to see the sunset on the island of Nusa Penida. In addition, the location of Crystal Bay is also close to Gamat Bay which is only 15 minutes by road. One of the most anticipated marine life to see during Crystal Bay Nusa Penida snorkeling is the Mola-Mola.

Manta Point

There is Manta Point which is located in the south of Nusa Penida Island, precisely in Batukandik Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency.

The name Manta Point was taken because around this area is the residence of manta rays around this beach so that visitors who want to snorkel can swim and interact with a group of manta rays here.

Gamat Bay

Crystal Bay is close to the Gamat Bay location. However, access to Gamat Bay is more difficult than access to Crystal Bay beach.

To get to the Gamat Bay cliff-top area, you must travel through several dirt roads. You must descend the path from the top cliff of Gamat Bay to reach the shoreline.

When compared to Crystal Bay, there are fewer visitors in the Gamat Bay area because access to the Gamat Bay location is more difficult. For the time being, Gamat Bay is mostly visited by tourists looking to snorkel or scuba dive.

Survival Tips To Know Before You Go Camping As Adult

Camping as a kid with your family or school mates and teachers is different from when you do it as an adult. Camping is surely fun activity to do since you can get closer to the nature, seeing so many wildlife and experience so many interesting things. However, it also has its own risks and they can be daunting when you go camping for the first time. Thus, it is important that you educate yourself with information about camping survival tips to make your experience more seamless and memorable. 

Friends of Young Asian women camping and cooking picnic together happy on weekend at sunset.

Camping survival tips for first-timers

Facing the wilderness of the nature can be challenging and you cannot just do whatever you want there. You need to gear yourself with camping skills so you know how ti survive if something goes wrong. Here are some of survival tips for you who are planning to camp for the first time:

Pack enough food

When you plan to camp in the forest, you might think that the place will provide you everything you need to eat. However, it is not a movie where you can just hunt a deer, catch some fish, or grab some fruits from the nearest trees. You need to prepare and pack your own before camping. Make sure to also choose the right foods. The best foods to camp include breads, salt and pepper, jam and butter, sandwiches, biscuits, protein bar, fruits, and bottles of water.also, don’t forget to bring your own cutlery, lighter, and garbage bags. 

Bring something to give you comforts

Going for a camp doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a back pain. Hence, bring proper gear to help you rest comfortably. Bring your own sleeping bag, travel blanket, and even few cans of beer. 

Wear and pack the right clothes

Make sure to do a research before going camping so you know what to do and bring to survive. Make sure you wear and pack appropriate clothes. You don’t want to freeze to death while sleeping in a tent during chilly night in the middle of the forest. Also, wear proper shoes that can protect your feet optimally. 

Bring the right necessities

If you are going to camp in  a place that is pretty far from civilization, make sure to bring the right necessities to help you survive. For example, make sure to bring headlamp to help you when you are going back to the van, tent, or toilet. Pack enough toilet paper and your own usual toiletries. Also, don’t forget to pack some insect repellent, sunscreen, and swimming costume. 

Things you should pay attention to

Every campsite usually has staffs who maintain the place. Make sure that you get their permission before camping on the site. Make sure to ask them emergency number that you can call in case of emergency. Also, don’t forget to follow the rules and camp respectfully. Avoid making any damage to the campsite facilities. And of course, clean after yourself and leave the place as it was before you came. 

Komodo Liveaboard Budget, Why It Worth?

While it is famous for its resident Komodo Dragons, visitors come to see the magical underwater life that surrounds the Komodo Islands. And what better way to explore this diving paradise than on a Komodo diving liveaboard? However, the costs for these Komodo liveaboard budget frequently exceed backpacker budgets. So, is it truly worthwhile?

Komodo Liveaboard Budget, Why It Worth?

Komodo liveaboard budget – explore diving spot

The Komodo Islands are breathtaking! From snorkelers to divers, young and old, the Komodo Islands are yours to discover, and nothing beats the natural beauty and unspoiled islands that comprise Komodo National Park.

It’s a scuba diver’s paradise with over 30 dive sites to choose from. Day tours leave from the port town of Labuan Bajo on the Indonesian island of Flores to visit these sites spread throughout the vast park.

Best time diving Komodo

Divers can see manta rays, sharks, eels, and turtles in the Komodo Islands.

December to March: The rainy season between December and March is the best time to avoid diving the Komodo Islands. The rainy season is brutal, with heavy rains almost every day. There are still day tours and Komodo diving liveaboards available during this time, but they will be unpleasant. Manta rays are most active during the wet season!

April to June: Following the rainy season, this is one of the best times to dive in Komodo National Park, with warm sunny days, clear skies, excellent visibility, and lush green islands.

There will be fewer crowds and more underwater activity from September to November! Expect to see a lot of Mantas and possibly even whale sharks starting in September. The conditions are perfect, making this one of the best times to dive in the Komodo Islands.

Komodo diving liveaboard

Indonesian Dive Boat anchored in Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia.

A diving liveaboard is the best way to experience the underwater world of Komodo. Being on a diving liveaboard allows you to visit popular sites during quieter times of the day or when the conditions are ideal.

Komodo diving currents

Komodo diving currents are well-known for being unpredictable and powerful. Don’t be put off by the strong currents if you want to dive Komodo. If you’re still new to diving, just expect to expend more energy than usual and to be more cautious when descending.

An Open Water diving certification is the minimum requirement. This will enable you to complete all dives and maximize your Komodo liveaboard experience.

It is critical to select a reputable dive operator with dive masters on hand to assist and guide you if any problems arise.

Scuba diving Komodo spots

When you compare sites as bright and vibrant as Komodo National Park to others around the world, you will truly understand the effects of climate change.

A manta Ray in Komodo diving spot

Cyrstal Rock

Even at 8 a.m., Crystal Rock is a popular destination.

Despite a large number of divers, this was one of my favorite Komodo dive sites because I saw incredible blacktip reef sharks, grouper, moray eels, and long-finned batfish.


Get ready for a fast-paced drift dive. It’s no surprise that this world-class site is popular among all divers. Manta rays, eagle rays, moray eels, and white tip reef sharks can all be seen. This Komodo dive site is not to be missed.

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is the most visited dive site in Komodo National Park. Swimming around Batu Bolong feels like swimming in an aquarium because you’re surrounded by schools of fish the entire time.

Manta Point

Manta Point does not have the brightly colored coral that the other Komodo diving sites are known for, but it does have manta rays!

Solo Travelling Tips for Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

Solo Travelling Tips for Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

The fun of marvelling in the underwater is hard to compare, and the thrill of exploring every pristine seas in earth to discover the liveliest marine life is addicting. Like Bali, Indonesia, that’s not just renowned for its beaches and wonderful culture, but also rich ocean life with sunken wrecks, coral garden, underwater statue, Manta Ray, and all. But no matter how rewarding diving could be, this sport is not for everyone. Diving needs a license and extensive training, and not everyone is capable for that. So what if you cannot find someone to go for scuba diving adventure to Bali? Will it be okay to go on a solo scuba travel? It’s okay to feel nervous about it—and here’s what you need to know to have a smooth single scuba trip. 

Solo Scuba Trip Doesn’t Have to Be Solo Dive

Just because you are travelling alone for scuba diving, doesn’t mean you have to dive alone. After all, diving alone could be dangerous! Remember that you should never dive alone? This is why you are taught about the buddy system back during the dive course. If you are travelling alone to this island for a dive trip, hit up your Bali scuba diving tour of choice to arrange your dive adventure. 

Take Up The Perks of Flexibility

You can also have greater flexibility when traveling alone. Last-minute airline or hotel bargains might save you a lot of money. Traveling during the off-season might also save money. Check ahead to see if they provide discounts for lone travelers, or consider staying at a boarding home rather than a hotel.

Embark on Scuba Diving Liveaboard Bali for Your Adventure 

Liveaboards are the greatest diving adventure for single divers, as most waive the single supplement if you’re willing to share a cabin with another diver. Everything you’ll need is there on board the boat: meals, dives, and beds. For lone divers, room sharing is typical, and if you prefer a room to yourself, you’ll almost certainly be charged an extra for that vacant bed. Why not team up with a friend and create a new acquaintance? 

When you dive on a liveaboard as a single traveller, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded divers who can help you develop new acquaintances or perhaps love connections so you don’t have to dive alone.

With so many dive site destination to visit in Bali—and Indonesia in general—liveaboard trip has always been a favourite among divers. It’s a good way to travel solo and still see the most of Indonesia’s unparalleled underwater. If you are going for solo scuba diving trip in Bali, we definitely recommend a liveaboard trip. 

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Let It Go With The Flow

Don’t plan too many things ahead of time. One of the most enjoyable aspects of solo diving is the ability to establish spontaneous plans with people you meet along the route.

Learn to Scuba Dive Alone

Sometimes, you really need to for scuba diving alone. When that happens, you better have prepared. We should acknowledge that some people dive alone. However, it is important to note that the majority of certification agencies discourage solo diving, and many countries outright forbid it. Despite this, and due to demand, several of them provide courses in this area. The PADI® Self-Reliant Diver course and the SDI SOLO DIVER course are two examples. Of course, these specialist courses are only open to advanced divers and experts (at least 100 dives in the logbook are required). 

However, It’s Still Best to Never Dive Alone

As you can see, there is a lengthy checklist that must be completed before you can apply for solo certification. But why would you want to go diving alone? Even with a friend, the danger is great. Veteran divers who were well-known for their expertise have perished in a sad accident while diving. Despite this, people continue to be eager to learn. So if you really see yourself doing some solo diving in the future, you might want to take the certification.

Bali Family Resorts Staycation, Exploring G20 Summit Area

Bali as a world-class tourist destination has become the location of the next G20 summit on February 2022. The view of the ocean on the southern peninsula of Bali is a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists. Rows of hotels, villas & Bali family resorts in Nusa Dua are lined up worldwide and are being targeted as luxury and prestigious vacations. The beach atmosphere of Nusa Dua family resort invites many worldwide figures and artists such as David Beckham and his family to spend their holidays in Bali.

Bali Family Resorts perfect for tourists with different holiday wishes and criteria

The desires and criteria of tourists who vacation in Bali are certainly different. One of the areas in southern Bali, Nusa Dua is able to offer all the vacation dreams of tourists. No need to go far to enjoy the beach with white sand and spectacular views. 

What to expect during your stay in Nusa Dua?

No need to be afraid of having trouble getting cash in the Nusa Dua area. Rows of ATMs and money changers make it easy for domestic and foreign tourists to get cash quickly. The facilities of Nusa Dua family resorts ensure that tourists feel at home in silence during the holidays. Generally, well-known resorts such as Holiday Inn, Mulia, St. Regist, are on the beach so you can enjoy them any time of the day. 

In addition to the beachfront, other facilities such as a swimming pool ensure the safety of children while playing in the water. For health matters, they provide super complete gym facilities. So you don’t have to worry about your weight increases during the holidays. When you want to enjoy relaxation, a row of well-known resorts in Nusa Dua offers spa facilities. 

True to its purpose, Bali family resorts offer activities and fun for children. They provided children’s activities such as a climbing wall, costumes, arts and crafts, and a variety of toys. 

Bali’s tourism and cultural potential are enormous. Uluwatu Temple in the south of Bali offers exotic and magical views. With various historical heritages, Uluwatu Temple will bring you to feel the history of Bali. Tourists are brought to enjoy the Kecak dance which is a traditional Balinese dance performed by male dancers.

Kids certainly enjoy water activities such as banana boats, sea walkers and others. You can go to Tanjung Benoa to enjoy all the water activities. There are 12 games that you can try with your family. Tanjung Benoa Watersport is open at 09.00 – 16.00 WITA

Meet the Asmat Papua, God Incarnate Tribe

The Asmat Papua people have a mythological belief that they are the incarnations of gods. The Asmat have a highly respected culture that makes this tribe famous to foreign countries. The uniqueness of the Asmat tribe brings many researchers from all over the world to visit. They are mostly interested in learning about the Asmat tribe’s way of life, their belief system, and their unique customs.

The people of Asmat Village follow the ancestors embodied in spirit mask as they tour the village. The Doroe ceremony.

Asmat Papua Tribe Mythology

A god named Fumeripitsy descended to earth. He explores the earth and begins his adventure from the western horizon of the sunset. The god had to deal with a giant crocodile and defeat it. Despite winning, the god was seriously injured and stranded on a riverbank. God tried to survive until he finally met a Flamingo bird who had a noble heart and nursed the God until recovered from his wound. 

The movement of the god was so powerful that it brought the two statues he carved to life. Not long after, the two statues also danced and moved to follow God and were the first human pair who became the ancestors of the Asmat tribe.

Asmat Tribe Population

The Asmat tribe is further divided into two, namely the tribe living on the coast and the Asmat tribe living in the interior. There are differences in the pattern of life, way of thinking, social structure, and daily life of these two Asmat categories. The Asmat people who live in remote areas usually have jobs as hunters and garden farmers. While those who live on the coast prefer to be fishermen as a livelihood.

The difference between the two populations is also caused by the condition of the area where they live and the large influence of the immigrant community, which is generally more open than the Asmat culture itself.

Tradition & Arts

The Asmat tribe is well-known for its arts and traditions. They are well-known as dependable engravers with a global reputation. The resulting carvings tell about something, such as the story of their ancestors, their daily lives, and their love for nature. 

One of the traditions that are very interesting to observe is the Bujang house or commonly known as Jew. Jew is the main house where all Asmat activities start in every village. Even in establishing Jew, there is a special ceremony that must be carried out. Jew, only inhabited by unmarried men. Occasionally women may enter but must be in a large gathering situation.

The Asmat Papua has a rich tradition of singing and dancing. They have great respect for their ancestors. Even though modern culture has had a lot of influence on their lives, Asmat traditions and customs will be difficult to get rid of.