Tips For Whom Starting to Invest in Start-Ups

Start-ups are a new business creation that appears from time to time, especially for milenials, in Indonesia there are many start-ups that are changed into a more advanced form like Go-Jek, Traveloka, Tokopedia, OVO, and Bukalapak, and they bring the name “unicorn / unicorne”. As a country is developed and its starting quality is performing, the more competition will be strong in the business world, especially to become a professional startup. 

Start Up

In these highly developed times, a beginner can no longer hesitate, because he has the same quality as a professional. Being a startup, you can also get enough positions and don’t be surprised if they can get a high offer from the company. Other startups, where you will encounter many challenges that can improve your skills to accomplish something or other important tasks. Here are several ways to become a professional startup.

Maximizing technological media

Beginners have used the Internet or technological media necessary to create or develop a career in the business world in order to become a professional of the future. You can use advanced technology that is now more and more on the market and can be obtained easily. Start-ups get connected to technology so you have to adapt!

Dig up as much information as possible

Explore as much information as possible to develop an entry-level career. You can also track the community or organization that has been included in the previous points. In addition, you can also find information on many sites about the latest start-up update. When you start a global technology company, you’re up against smart, ambitious and capable people from all over the world. It’s a big challenge. 

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Join the Start-up Chat Activity

To get your potential, you can also participate in discussion activities with other companies. The discussion program with the theme of getting started will be very beneficial because you will be able to learn many new things and new knowledge. You can also get advice on developing start-ups to become more professional in any field such as technology or media. Another activity you can do is to participate in seminars that bring a lot of motivation and quality.

Understanding trends and markets

As an entrepreneur, you start a business with long-term goals. You want to create something that stays and adds value to human life, both your customers and your employees. A constantly changing environment, such as that of the technology industry, makes it very difficult to predict trends and developments and requires a great deal of attention to flexibility. Be prepared to expand and overcome new opportunities quickly. Make sure your team is ready too. These are the tips for you who want to start developing start-ups!

Advantages of Quality and Professional Website Design for Your Business

The better and best website design is the great valuable investment for your recent and future business. If that is too abstract to describe its advantages or benefits, then I will tell you more about how the quality and professional website design will make your business even better.

Advantages of quality and professional website design

Below, I have listed down some of the great advantages your business is possible to get from the best quality website design.

1. Your website design can help increase your brand identity

If there will be someone telling you that the rich information and valuable contents are mainly the things that make a successful website, then there won’t be any web designers in this world. Design is vital in any aspect that can representing your business. how it is looks like is really matter for your business.

It is about the presentation where you can get the love of your visitors at the first click.

Your brand will usually appeared on your website such as the logo, social media profiles and more. Those are your business brand. So, by showing your brand consistently through the site, the customers will getting used to and familiar with your brand and all the products and services you are offering.

2. Make the visitors spend more of their times in your site

You have known that getting visitors to your website is challenging. You were even have been using relevant services to help you with that or even paid for the ads. Later, getting traffics is not the end. You have to make the visitors spending more of their times on your site.

You can do it by providing valuable and beneficial contents for your customers, and you can also serving them good by using the better website design so that the User Experience of your site is always being the priority.

3. Being different with your competitors

Look, getting the theme or template for your own site is easy. There are many sites and developers are selling that. No matter how premium the looks are, you’d better build your own or hire the web designer and developer to finish it for you.

Your business site won’t really stand uniquely and differently if you are using the same template that have been used by many others. So that, make your competitors stand behind you by building the website design that they have never seen before.

4. Good website design will also helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The design of your website and your organic search performance are related one another. The first that you may have not been realised is related to the contents that should be crawled and indexed by search engines.

The things you have to make sure is that you have to build the site architecture that allows links or pages to be easily crawled by search engines robots and distributes the internal links judiciously.

The more you pages are crawled, your indexation performance will be better which is mean that your next new published contents will be indexed faster. And when your site will get that, the faster for your site to compete on search engines as well.

The other terms related to SEO and its correlations with website design are you will have the fast-loading and responsive web pages, increase visibility in search engine results, minimize the potential downtime of the server and many more.

5. All the website design elements are functionally work

Have you been visited a site that when you click on a navigation menu and it doesn’t works at all? That’s really stressful, right? Especially when you really need or curious about what you have just clicked.

By the help of the professional website designer, there shouldn’t be any more false navigations, awkward presentation, broken and un-used links, anything that you won’t need.

Your site should be work professionally, 100%. No more element designs that not only don’t work but also don’t appear and the other issues.

So that, you have to think about investing your business budget to build a better and professional website design that will get rid off all the issues as well as providing you the best and quality site appearance that really supported your UI and UX. One of you can try is the website design Bali service. Hope you like this post and talk to you later in the next posts.

Rent the Studio Bali Seminyak For Photography Sessions

Photography is not as simple as creating images through the light. Although, for some people it can also be very difficult to learn. It takes time. It can be used to freeze the special lifetime moments or even for taking product images in the go. But, whatever your purposes are, you may will find yourself working by taking images indoor. In case you need one and don’t know where to go, you can make use of the studio Bali Seminyak if you are in the island.

It is pretty much a perfect match to talk about Bali and also the photography. With the existing of the beautiful landscapes, attracting destinations, the people from around the world, etc, those are can be combined to create the great images.

The studio Bali Seminyak for your photography project sessions

But rather than doing it at outdoors, you have also the choice for making images inside a studio in Bali especially at Seminyak.

Talking about the studio Bali Seminyak, I think that I should never asking about what your purposes. Whether for modelling event, magazines, brand ambassador or many more, you are free what to do about what you are doing. The only thing that I have to inform you is the location of the photography studio. That’s will be all, right?

Get your photography sessions by renting the studio Bali Seminyak, but where?

I have not much ideas about the studios, but I knew the one that I have been using before where that will be the main recommendation of this post. In fact, I will also tell you about the price rate so you can plan about your visit for how many hour.

And yeah, this studio Bali Seminyak will be get paid by per hour rate where I think it is make sense so you can also focus on finishing the project.

A studio that is located at Jl. Plawa that will only spend you about a minute from the main street of Seminyak street by bike. Even if you are close enough from the main street, you may only will reaches the studio Bali Seminyak within 2 minutes by walking distance.

This is a studio that is perfectly located nearby the double six beach, so you can really enjoy your time after the photography sessions are finished. If you are wondering about the studio Bali Seminyak name, it is called as the Le Studio. By only knowing its name, you may thinking that it is full of the French atmosphere.

While you are right about that, the studio itself is managed by the digital agency and you know what, it is easy to meet with French people in the office. You will be welcomed in hospitality and also of course in English if you needs it.

As one and the only studio Bali Seminyak at the street of Plawa if I’m not wrong, you can rent the photography studio for even your professional project. It is because the studio has been completed with the required pro-cameras and lenses, lighting and many more. There is even the dresser for your model for the make up purpose with mirror and lights around it just like what you have seen in a movie or else.

The per hour rent rate is also relatively affordable. With only IDR 300,000 you can start using the studio along with the available tools. You can also rent the camera like Canon 5D Mark IV and the lenses with different price rates for daily in case you need to take images at the other places or at outdoors but realizing that you haven’t bring the professional tools in your trip to Bali.

I think that I have been paid my debt to delivering information about the studio Bali Seminyak along with its price rate and even have told you about the camera and lenses rent as well. So, that will be all for now. If you are helped with the information in this post, then start sharing it with your colleagues.

Website Design Is Not Only About How the Site Is Appeared

Web design is not only about how beautiful your website is appeared. It’s not about how simple or how many styles it’s appealing, not as simple as pampering they eyes of the owners or the visitors. It should be more than that.

There’s even a study titled as “Trust and mistrust of online health sites,”revealed that the design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. What a surprising revelation! How do you feel when the contents you are prepared and published in your site can be no mean at all comparing it with the design elements!?

Website design is not only about how the site is appeared

94 % of the respondents were commenting directly related to the web design elements while the rest of the 6 % were referring to the specific contents. No more term like “Content is the king!”

That will only just from one particular research and I have no idea how many researches or studies are telling the same with various reasons. The important thing you can note from it is that the web design is not something you can get rid of. Even, it is so much important to support the success of your website with the goal you’d like to reach.

Many of the users are finding that making a website is easy, but when they have to make their own design and implementing it to the new site, it can takes months or even years. They have to learn and experience the trial and errors of the design. Not to mention that the web design is also has the correlation to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That is why, there will be many of the web design agencies such as the Bali web design or the other agencies based on the location across the world. Since this is the internet age, now we all can get the related services from anywhere you’d like to hire.

Anyway, content is still a matter for sure, but your website design is also something important that should be handled professionally. If you have a site for running your business like online shop, then you have to invest in it to get the professional look and also have the functional elements to help your visitors.

Quoted from ecpi University, it is reported that a well-designed website is also affecting the conversion rates. If the navigation is easier for the customers as well as the wordings (contents and copywriting), and the used colour, then the site can be the “gold mine” for your pocket. It can generates more and more customers and will be easy to improve your business and get success.

I realised that the web design styles are vary and also the trend is changing all the time. But I think that we should never stick to one trend only since it will be changed by another one over time. If we need to approaching the web design with SEO, then I recommending you to consider about the long-term planning for the site. Focusing on the trend can be a troublesome and even can be problematic.

For the conclusion, it is important for the business owners to understand well the complete impact and affect of the web design. Rather than only to get the look as you like, it can be better to think about how the design will contribute in delivering you the online success.

SEO Service In Bali to Help Your Business Site Rank Better

Where you business site will get the better rank? It is on search engines. You can take some of the popular search engines in this world as the example such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. But for most of the cases, many of the business owners are only focusing on one which is Google, the giant search engine on our planet. You don’t have to feel intimidated by it, since we are simply just want to talk about the SEO service Bali for your online business.

Find SEO service Bali to rank better on search engines so the online business is highly increasing

Your online successful journey doesn’t stop just because you’ve got an online site. Not really. Even it will only the start of all the online competitions you have to involved in.

People are using the search engines to find many valuable information. Right before they are getting to that, they were typing one or two keywords before and then selecting the relevant site to be visited. A simple as that and I am sure that you have known that. So, where’s the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is standing for this case?

As you all have known too that SEO is also about competing for the exact, relevant and related keywords that have been typed by the users before, so you are about to competing in those types of keywords. But, it won’t only the case you can get if you find the right and proper SEO service Bali.

In fact, the competition itself is actually differentiated into 3 types which are international search engine result pages (, national (, and locally. So which one you need to win the keyword competition of all the three result pages?

Before I am getting a bit further, I think I have to tell you that my first campaign related to SEO is about the products and services in Bali. You don’t have to know what are those, but the important thing to keep in mind is that, the competition for all the keywords that need to be optimized are for the worldwide market.

Now imagine this! You have dozens or even hundreds of keywords that your online business needs to be ranked especially on the first page, you need to prepare its on-page and off-page of your site, etc. The problem is, you have no idea how to do it and may too late to start over. That’s why you will need the SEO service Bali.

How many SEO service Bali that you know? Do the services will also give you to not only rank better for any keywords but also can give you chance to improve your website domain authority?

If the company will build you the backlinks which is good for SEO, do all the backlinks are placed permanently or not? There are many things you can ask if you don’t know much about this field. But you don’t have to worry about all the things that you think you have to learn about them at the first stage. For my recommendation, you can visit the SEO service Bali by the Kesato & Co located at Jl. Plawa near to Seminyak’s main street.

Talk to them about all your SEO issues and what do you need from them. If you still haven’t got your own team for the campaign, simply try the SEO service Bali offered by that agency. You may be surprised with the results in the future. Rank better in search engines mostly means your business is highly increasing as well.

Reasons Your Business in Bali Need the Web Development Company

Need to find the Bali web development company for your online business? That is easy. Simply type what you want on search engine, then you will get dozens of information you need.

Reasons your business in Bali needs the web development company

But, that’s not the main case for this topic today. Let’s talk about the reasons why your online business in Bali or target Bali as the your main business market need the web development company.

Some of the businesses were actually building their own Bali web development team, but since most of the businesses don’t have a big capital or funds, then hire the website development company can be the solution. Simply, this way will be more affordable than build a team consists of 2 or 3 person, does your business can pay the employees?

That will also be the first reason why you will need to find the Bali web development company for your online success. Your business can’t spend more money on employees. You may good in recruiting them, still, they have to prove you that they are capable to deal with all the business website development.

How will you know if the employees you just hired have the needed knowledge and relevance experiences? At the other hands, you have no ideas about the web development since this will be the first time for your business.

If you have got a business in Bali like a small shop besides the crowded road, that can be the advantage for you to generate more income. But, when you have decided to make it as the online business to get more revenue, then it could be really troublesome.

Sometimes, doing an online business is not as easy as it heard. Many products and services have been sold in Bali and as we all know, the business market in Bali is so big since there are many of the international travelers. Competing with the same business providers as yours can be stressful. Not to mention that your site may down for its wrong maintenance. Are you ready for that?

So that, one of the thing you can do as it is your first online business site is to hire the Bali web development company. Why? The second reason for that is the company at least have got the team with some skilled and experienced person, supported with the previous works and the relevant education background if you need.

Hiring the website development company in Bali for your online business can also means that you are hiring the experts. Most of the times, you don’t have to worry about anything but the deadline. I am telling you the true. You just need to feel matched with the web design and all effects it has, and then make sure that the company that is helping you to build the best website for your online business visibility is doing their works very well and finished at the right time as you needs it.

After that, you can now deal with how the online marketing for your online business is working. You have took the big step for your business and even have been started the online marketing strategy by building a website, you can make it even better.

Even though your business has an official site, there will be more things to do. I won’t say that it will be hard since it can also be easier than we thought. The thing I need to talk about is how to get more customers through your site. It will involves at least the way how you will know and find your customers. You can start with the good keyword researches and SEO things (search engine optimizations). But that will be the months or years of work, so you don’t have to worry about that. At least, now you are good to increase your online brand with your site, its logo design, and more.

By having a website made by the web development company, mostly your site should has also search engine and user-friendly. Both are also being part of the big step I have mentioned earlier.

Last but not least why you will need the Bali web design and development company is they may have the other better services that are also needed to improve your online business presence and you may get the prices a little lower since you have hired the company for making you a site.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Bali Web Designer

At one point, Bali is not only good for traveling. The more people are visiting, the better for the business. They are your prospective customers when it comes to the industries such as hotel, culinary, souvenir shops, villas, car and bike rentals, and many more. Tourism has more positive impact to other sectors than we have thought before. And to increases your business presence, you can hire a Bali web designer to make you a better business site.

Tips to choose the right Bali web designer

As I have seen and experienced, the website designers in Bali is not as much as I have thought. I mean, for the big island with many of the products and services that are offered, I think the web designers and developers will more than I have expected. And apparently I was wrong.

That is also why there are still big chances to be the web designer and developer in Bali in case you may interesting to get a job in those field.

Tips for finding the best Bali web designer

The web designer I am talking about is not only the one who is capable for designing your business website, but it will also may the agency in Bali. You will hire an agency or the freelancer for the simple thing: they will do your own homework. That’s it!

After that, you will start talking about what you need with the agency, taking some notes, and other stuffs. You need the best one, because it is the main business you are working with and you really need the Bali web designer guy or agency that takes your business seriously.

1. Ask about their experiences

It is simply just to showcase the portfolio of the web designer you will hire. Do they have been built a site using CMS before such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc? Do the agency have created similar websites to your business before or maybe the relevant one? What about the e-commerce hosting plan if your business is selling products?

While asking those questions and others, you should have been seen some of the related links or URLs as the firm or agency’s solid portfolio from previous works for their clients.

Visit those links, looking around in it, and give it a short and quick review for each projects they have been finished. Is there any of the web designs from sites you have visited that is appeals to your style?

2. You can ask the price, too!

I may should have put this point as the first tips, shouldn’t I? You have to makes sure that the Bali web designer or an agency outlined all the prices about your website, along with how much money you should spend associated with the project. Deal with it and get a full understanding for both sides since the beginning.

3. Do the Bali web designer or agency know about SEO

Yes, it is about Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). Your website pagination is matter, so with the displayed menus, easy to navigate, etc. The design of the website will be seen by the visitors. Either it will be the best designed site ever made or the ugly one, your visitors will know about it. Not to mention about the speed of your site, structured data and how your site will be indexed by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.

The first SEO step is taken right after the first second when the web designer is designing your business site. Your site should be human friendly as well as search engines friendly.

That is also why web designing and SEO go all together hand-in-hand.

4. Times to wait until your website is ready

You are also have to ask about how long will it takes to design and develop your site until it will really ready to be used for your business. Many freelances or even the website agencies sometimes have more projects of the month, so you have to make sure about how long you have to wait.

We know that there won’t be a perfect human in this world, but at least they can estimate the quickest and the longest times it will takes for end the project. And then you can consider whether to keep on working your site with them or find another one or agency.

5. Ask about the supports you may get after your website is finished

Why not. You may can have a lower price for the site maintenance for certain months since you have used the service. Or rather than give a document guide about how to run your site properly, the web designer or agency may want to give an hour or more of training for your own staffs. Simply ask them about that and other “after service” things you have in mind.

That’s the simple ways you may want to use for finding the right Bali web designer to improve your online business visibility. Share this thoughts if you found it useful.