Email Habits And Your Ability To Communicate Effectively With Your Team

In business, sending emails is a basic thing to do as a way to communicate both with your customers or team members. However, your styles and preferences do matter. Email habits are essentials for you to make come changes on how to increase productivity and optimize effective communication with your team.  

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Email practice in running a business

It is pretty often for emails to be taken out of context and if you find it happening to you constantly then it is probably a sign that there is something wrong with your email practice. By adopting good email practice, you have also the opportunity to communicate effectively with your team while running your business. Find out what type of personality you adopt when it comes to email habits and see what you can improve.

Being abrupt in your emails

If you are the type who address your team directly without any greetings or adding a small note then you probably not being efficient but abrupt in your emails. This kind of email habit leads to lack of motivation on your team members because your emails may come off too dry or cut. Hence, it is best to reduce your ‘abruptness’ in emails by considering checking in your interlocutor first and then get down to business. It is to make sure that you can convey your expectation clearly while still be kind. 

Taking too much of your time

If checking emails make you lose most of the time of your day then you probably have to get it fixed because it is not being productive to get swamped by emails. Do not let emails dictate you and hold you from doing other important matters. You can try creating a system that can help streamlines your response process. It is probably will be more efficient for you to make a quick phone call then writing a long email. Hoarding habits on email can be fixed even slowly and gradually if you are aware of it and start taking actions.

Too concerned about what you write 

It is also pretty common for some people to write and rewrite their emails before sending it because they are too concerned about how your email will be perceived. Or that you ask people around about the email before you send it. This one email habit can block your productivity because you are over-concerning. If you need feedback, solicit it from trusted peers. And to avoid any concern with what you write is going to be perceived, be clear and direct with what you want to convey. 

Time to make a change

If you find unnecessary habits in your emails, it is time for you to find ways to fix it to make sure that your communication with your team members established effectively. Have expectation of what kind of result you want and find the reason why you don’t get the result you expected. Then, commit to small changes every day, ask someone for advice, and adopt new habit until your productivity progressed significantly.