Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale

Authenticity is important element when it comes to building relationships including the one you build in professional field such as your company. A business with authenticity has more opportunity to grow better. It is even greater if a leader can develop authentic traits in their ways to lead the teams. Authentic leadership means an approach that is centered on building honest team relationship based on an ethical foundation. 

Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale
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Authenticity drives people to the better

Authenticity especially during these difficult time of crisis truly makes difference. We are forced to evolve our ways to accommodate he situation and circumstances. However, we well get through any crisis if we know what to use to pull through. In this case, the power of people is what we can rely on the most. And it can only b driven by authenticity delivered by authentic leader. 

How you lead people with authenticity

When you lead your team, you are aware that they are your source of power. Hence, you need to remember what powers your team and how to empower them so they do their best work in any situation the company is facing. This will help you gain long-term success for your business together with your teams. 

To lead with authenticity means you need to put their best interest first. Express your team that you understand and recognize as well as value their their purpose. It is important thing to do because every individual is inspired by purpose. So recognizing their purpose will help inspire new trust between you. This way, they will be their best because they are happy to work with people who know they can trust. 

In business, productivity is one of the keys for success. To increase productivity, you need to make your teams feel valued and appreciated. Make them want to take their best action on their own with how you inspire them through your own authentic actions. This is why authentic leaders are important to grow business better and faster along with solid team. 

Authenticity is good for both business and morale; how?

In these difficult times during pandemic, people look for brands they can trust. Hence, it is the best you show your employees, customers, and business partners why your brands is one of them. You need to show your team why they should be trusted. In business today, it is beyond the sales. Business is also about appreciation to diverse culture, and embracing inclusive ideas to build trust better. 

Productivity and authentic leadership

Authenticity can increase productivity because embracing authentic leadership style requires embracing new mindset as well. New ideas tend to be the results of authentic leadership and those can generate excitement and inspire productivity. Also, authenticity means vulnerability and transparency. When you are leading your team, it is okay if you make mistakes as a leader because you are also human. Use it to show your team how you can grow better. Encourage them to embrace their humanly sides too by not being afraid to show vulnerability and transparency.

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

A lot of villa owners in Bali fall to the trap of trying to attract mass audience to their vacation rental. The result? Tight price competition that you cannot escape. This is why creating a niche audience for luxury villas in Bali is a good business.

Every holiday property is distinctive. Whether it’s a small villa in the Jimbaran, a beach house in Canggu, or a condo in Seminyak, and if it’s properly positioned inside a niche area, you can step away from the mass audience arena and welcome guests who want exactly what you have to offer.

Why You Should Appeal to Niche Market

Now think about it. Can you compete with high-level search terms for vacation rental that are dominated with giants like AirBnB, Traveloka, and if you focus on large mass audience?

One of the benefits of catering to a narrow niche is that your direct competition is greatly reduced. Because you have a lot smaller collection of keywords, facilities, and specialized marketing outlets to filter results by, competitor research is also much easier. The disadvantage is that each direct competitor has the potential to take a larger share of your revenue.

First and Foremost, Location

When it comes to choosing a specialized market, the location for your luxury villas in Bali is unquestionably important. When you own a vacation rental condo in Canggu, you can make a special accommodation for surfers! Consider where you are, what your surroundings have to offer, and why people vacation in your area. Make a list of activities, vacationer kinds, and the surroundings around you, and set it aside.

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

You should also think about the demographics of the people who live in or are drawn to a given location. Your surfing resort should ideally be located near a beach with excellent wave breaking conditions for surfers. You can also consider in your area because your demography of surfers is likely to be male-dominated and between the ages of 18 and 45. Choosing a property in a municipality with a nightlife rather than an isolated one, for example.

Researching the Competition for Your Niche Luxury Villas Bali

When looking at competition for a purpose-built luxury villas in Bali, the most crucial thing to look for is an open market. If not, you’ll have to evaluate whether you can compete directly with current firms that cater to your target market. Do you have something more interesting to say? Do you have a stronger grasp on marketing channels?

Targeting the Niche Market

You’ve determined the unique selling points of your location and lodging. Also, you have find the reasons why people would enjoy their vacation rental experience in your villa. From here, you can begin to imagine the types of guests who will enjoy what you have to offer and how to attract them.  You should be selective about the guests who book your holiday rental, whether it is merely a short-term rental investment or your own vacation property that you rent out when you are not using it. This can be accomplished by defining your ideal guest persona.

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Examples of Niche Luxury Villas in Bali

You can start narrowing down your theme or niche market now that you’ve identified your home and the type of renters you’re looking for. Here are some instances of niche travel markets that are expanding in Bali:

  • Luxury travels
  • Pet-friendly accommodation
  • Surfer accommodation
  • Yoga and wellness retreat
  • Honeymoon getaway
  • LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation
  • Family and kid-friendly accommodation
  • Luxury wedding villa

The more you serve to a specialized market, the more you’ll discover about their travel habits. And if you are a quick-witted villa owner, that means an opportunity to let your business grow better!

Supporting Your Virtual Team To Work With Good Spirit And Enthusiasm

Working remotely brings out its own challenges to your business. You need to lead virtual team to keep your business operation runs smoothly. Leading a virtual team is not so easy because working from home itself can be a thing that makes some of your employees at their best performance to say the least. Some of them may prefer working from the office. It is easy to experience burnout even when your teams work from comfortable place like home. 

Supporting Your Virtual Team To Work With Good Spirit And Enthusiasm

How to support your virtual team remotely

The way we work has changed significantly since the global pandemic hit and we can do nothing but adapt. Implementing working from home policy is not as easy as it sounds because there are may things to handle to make it work. Here are some tips for you to support your virtual team during remote work:

Establish good communication

Communication is key is any type of relationships whether personal or professional one. Good communication helps your team remain productive and engaged with their work. Make communication a regular thing to ensure everyone stay on task and meet all the objectives. You can hold weekly meeting to check in your teams, asking their well-being, etc. Then, you can discuss a topic about projects, tasks, etc. Hold another meeting halfway to ask if your team face any challenges or difficulties with their tasks. Open your communication lines such as phone call, email, or message to let them know they can contact you when necessary. 

Consider cross-training

Cross-training can be a good way to keep your virtual team fresh and excited. Enable your teams to switch works or perform other tasks outside of their typical job description. This will work especially for smaller teams. This strategy can also help foster creativity within your team and company. For example, you can appoint sales staff to assist with the hiring and recruiting. This way, they have some variety of their day-to-day tasks. It is a good way to support each other in the team. Not to mention that it is also good to build open-learning culture in the company. 

Increase flexibility

One of the best way to increase your employees satisfaction and wellness is by providing them more flexibility to their working hours and workdays. This is not only good to optimize their performance but also to encourage them to have a good work-life balance. By giving them space to focus more on their well-being and family, they will be more satisfied with both their work and life. You can implement flexibility in many ways such as having an afternoon off, a no meeting day, or shorter working hours on the weekend. 

Asking feedback from your team

To give the right support, you can also open an honest discussion with your team to let them give their feedback. Let them spill their thoughts and ideas of how to work more efficiently within remote culture. Each of your team may face different challenges so this is a good opportunity to plan the best strategy.

How to Have the Best Staycation at Nusa Dua Resorts

How to Have the Best Staycation at Nusa Dua Resorts

The global pandemic closed borders of countries and put travelling into halt. However, if you lived in Bali, Indonesia, you’re still blessed with the chance to stay and destress in one of Nusa Dua resorts. In fact, there’s no better time than this current situation to have a staycation at these resorts. It’s time where you get most discounts for stay and eat in resorts’ restaurants, special offers, and have the resorts all for yourself. This is why staycation is a good idea and

A staycation is a vacation where you spend the majority of your time at home. Sometimes, such as during a global pandemic, you just can’t get out to travel. This is an ideal time to use your vacation days to visit local attractions in your hometown.

Planning Outdoor Activities during Your Stay at Nusa Dua Resorts

Having one-of-a-kind experiences with loved ones is the best approach to create lasting memories. While planned excursions and adventures add to the pleasure and excitement of your vacation, you don’t want to overbook yourself. So, pick a few things to spread out over your stay. Then you may schedule the rest of your trip around them.

It’s critical to choose outdoor activities wisely during this time of pandemic. Take into account the interests and restrictions of individuals going with you. If you’re traveling with kids, this Nusa Dua resorts have a variety of activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Get Some Beach and Pool Time

Get Some Beach and Pool Time at Nusa Dua Resorts

No vacation is complete without having a cold beverage by the water and wash all the stress away. You might not think to check ahead of time to see what pools in the Nusa Dua resorts are available. However, the resort do have a variety of options, from adult-only to kid-friendly pools. By planning ahead of time the pools you wish to visit, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on anything throughout your vacation.

It’s crucial to remember that the early bird gets the worm while visiting a beach area. If you get early to the beach, you can obtain the ideal spot for sand and sun. If you plan on spending the entire day at the beach or pool, book a cabana if one is available. This will provide you with a spot to rest and keep your items while avoiding the sun.

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Eating Out in Resorts’ Restaurants

Although you may not consider eating to be a part of your agenda, one of the finest aspects of resort life is the variety of food alternatives available. Checking the resort’s selections ahead of time can ensure you can get a reservation at a popular restaurant and choose the best time to fit it in amongst your other activities.

Check to see if any special offerings or events, such as chef-created tasting menus or farm-to-table dinners, will be available during your stay while you explore the resort’s eateries. For any foodie, these particular offers are definitely worth adding to your agenda!

It’s Time to Relax at the Spa of Nusa Dua Resorts

Spa regulars know that getting your spa day just right is half the battle. Do you want to start your vacation with a pleasant massage or wait until after an excursion or a round of golf to relax? When choosing a day and time for your appointment, be strategic. In any case, set aside some time before and after your appointment to rest and enjoy the spa’s services. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before to your scheduled appointment time.

Tips To Build Influence And Credibility For Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneur is still considered minority. Hence, many women out there want to be influential both as entrepreneur and leader. In business world, there have been women who have defeated the odds and built their own multi-million dollar empire. So it is not impossible for you to be one of them as well.

There are so many challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. However, it should not make you discourage. You can take inspirations from other successful and influential female entrepreneurs on how to build their confidence, influence, and credibility within different industries and organizations. 

Tips To Build Influence And Credibility For Female Entrepreneurs

Can you pretend to be an influential person?

Yes, you can pretend to be an influential person with so many ways especially with how social media works today. You can make social media account, build large following and claim yourself as influential person. You can also pretend to have credible expertise in entrepreneurship to make people believe you are such an influential, credible entrepreneur. However, why faking it when you can learn how to be real influential instead? Here are ways to do it:

Find your voice

Keep in mind that the purpose to build influence is to build power. And to build power you need to find your voice. Before doing anything else in attempt to find your voice, find out and decide who you want to influence exactly. This way, you can create message and decide the style that attract only the right people. By doing so, you will also repel the wrong crowd and slowly build power. It is even better if you have people or sources to back you up as social proof to create good perception of your brand. 

Support other female entrepreneurs

One of the most common mistakes many female entrepreneurs make is focus more on competing with other female entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, it should not be the competition but a source of great support for each other. Learn from other successful female entrepreneurs regardless of their age. Focus more on building your influence by creating unique understanding, desire, and thoughts that motivate your employees and potential customers to take actions. 

Let people know and care about who you are

By letting people know and care about who you truly are is important to be a real leader. It is important element to build string relationships and maintain network. Try not to shy away from interacting with others be it your employees, potential customers, or potential business partner. Show them what you want to show to connect with each other. Genuine connection will last a lifetime if you know how to nurture it. 

Compel people to take action

Being an inspiration is not enough to build influence. Build your influence with messages containing inspiring lines, possibilities, vulnerabilities, and solutions that motivate people to take action. Only then it will create influence that is based by trust. Also, remember that influence is not by any mean a power to control other people. Instead, it is a power to control yourself. With influence, you have more power to support others with your knowledge and understanding.

Quarantine from Villa Sanur Bali? Yes Please!

Quarantine from Villa Sanur Bali 2

Are you looking for a bright, peaceful holiday place with plenty of outdoor and romantic activities that you can visit without having to undergo an obligatory two-week quarantine upon arrival or return? Your best bet might be Sanur, one f the most peaceful beach town in Bali. The island is currently open to Indonesian and KITAS holder visitors, and health and safety measures have been established. Here are some suggestions for traveling and having an idyllic self-isolation at villa Sanur Bali during the global pandemic.

Look for Villa Sanur Bali with Good COVID-Regulation

The Sanur area, Bali, features a wide range of all-inclusive resorts, boutique-style villas, and luxury hotels, but only a few are presently accepting reservations since the island is still in phase one of its rebuilding. The majority of the villas have a private plunge pool, sitting area, well-equipped kitchen, air-conditioned bedroom, hidden outdoor shower, and a hammock with a spectacular view.

Plan Your Sanur Staycation Properly and In Advance

Schedule a COVID-19 test seven days ahead of time, then share your negative test results and submit Bali’s necessary travel registration form three days ahead of time. Also print the test results because you will need to show it in the airport. Download e-HAC and fill the online travel forms; this is a necessities for all travelers in Indonesia. Keep all the paper works secure and ready as you go through airport check-in and customs.

Be Prepared to Spend A Lot of Time in Your Villa Sanur Bali

Be Prepared to Spend A Lot of Time in Your Villa Sanur Bali

Per July 2021 when this article was written, Indonesia’s government will not allow visitors to dine in restaurants nor partying in any beach club. This is due to the effort to maintain a low number of COVID-19 infections. It’s far safer to avoid crowded locations altogether. If you want to see popular places, travel during off-peak hours. A stroll to the park or the beach is pretty risk-free. Especially if you can maintain a safe distance from others and avoid having long talks with people outside your household.

So, definitely choose a villa Sanur Bali where you will feel at ease and enjoy spending time. You’ll also probably cook at your villa a lot, so make sure to choose one with good kitchen.

Bring All the Tropical Essentials

Reef friendly sunscreen, aloe gel, bug sprays, and shades are your absolute Bali essentials. Despite the fact that beds in most Sanur villa Bali are draped in netting, mosquitoes assaulted our skin every night, and SPF 30 sunscreen wasn’t strong enough to protect us from mild sunburns.

Inquire about cleaning procedures

Inquire about cleaning procedures

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by intimate personal touch, however it can also be transmitted through surfaces. Before you book, double-check your host’s or rental company’s housekeeping policies. However, you should check the reviews for both the specific property and the host’s overall listings. If you have any further queries, please contact the host. The host should, ideally, be forthright and precise about cleanliness and disinfection procedures. An evasive response is a signal in and of itself.

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Be A Good Guest

When outside the property, maintain social distance and wear a mask. If your host lives on or near the property, let them know you’ll be keeping a safe distance. Keep in mind that this virus can be transmitted by asymptomatic people who appear to be perfectly healthy. Allow no one from outside your household to enter the villa if at all possible. If you want to invite folks over, try having a socially distant party outside rather than indoors. Outdoors, the danger of transmission is lower than indoors.

Practical Changes You Need To Implement For Your Business

Practical Changes You Need To Implement For Your Business

We have been living through covid-19 for over a year now. There are many things to learn from the situation we have faced so far. We have learned how to adapt, to build patience, and to work on ourselves better. For business, there are many changes happened to help navigate through the crisis. Practical changes are need for business in order to keep floating and thriving especially during this uncertainty. 

Learning to find balance

The situation with the covid-19 pandemic has made us all realize that finding balance is truly necessary. We have been working from home and it is a challenge itself because we have to find balance between taking care of our family and fulfilling our responsibility professionally. Working on maintaining relationship while accomplishing professional achievement is not as simple. However, we have survived so far. We don’t know what the future holds. however, we should keep moving forward. And it is also what we have to do to run our business seamlessly throughout uncertain times. 

Find balance of remote work

Find balance of remote work

Working from home during the pandemic has been forced. Not all people like working from home due to its lack of efficiency and so many distractions. Meanwhile, some people find it easier for them to work more efficiently because they can focus more on themselves while working. Remote work has its pros and cons. It is actually a great short-term and special-case solution. However, it is not beneficial in the long run. It is important to remember that the intent of remote work is not to stifle our abilities but to nurture them. 

Provide more accommodation for working parents

There have been many cases where mothers or fathers quit their job because they have to take care of their children. There are also those working parents who have been feeling stretched thin and burned out with their responsibilities at work and at home. During this pandemic, it is important for every business owners and leaders to be more accommodating to working parents. Encourage your employees who are also a working parent to speak up more about the challenges they face especially related to the pandemic. Then, show your care by providing strategic flexibility. This way, they will feel valued and can work more efficiently. 

Increase flexibility for better workforce in the future

There have been many issues arise due tot he situation with the pandemic. Those issues can affect workforce within your company maybe not today but it can be in the future. In order to be ready with the challenges, it is important for every business owners to increase the level of flexibility and creative supplemental accommodation. You can apply this as well to the hiring process in the future. You may need to do some adjustment to hire the right people to work with you. You may find it beneficial for your business to hire a fast learner with strong work ethic than applicants with a degree alone. You can start planning this practical change from now. 

How to Have the Best Dive Trips in Bali!

How to Have the Best Dive Trips in Bali!

Bali is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy water sports. This Indonesian island offers the ideal setting for taking in both the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean. But before you go, take notes on these tips to make an excellent, smooth dive trips in Bali.

Searching for Dive Sites in Bali that Matches Your Skill

Not all diving spots are the same. Some dive sites in Bali will have more advanced elements that can only be handled by an expert diver. Beginners should be very cautious about the websites they access. The site of Tulamben is an excellent starting place.

Consider Going for Dive Trips in Bali with Private Yacht Charter

Consider Going for Dive Trips in Bali with Private Yacht Charter

Private charters are advantageous for groups. It will save time because group members will be able to choose certain dive sites in Bali to visit. If you’re not traveling with a group, seek for well-reviewed scheduled boat cruises.

Ensure that you have a first-aid kit with you.

When you are having dive trips in Bali, you will probably come across a wide range of circumstances. Cuts, scrapes, and other minor injuries can be helped by having a first aid package. Some divers will get a cut while diving on the coral reefs, therefore pack the necessary equipment on any boat tours.

Renting Dive Equipments for Dive Trips in Bali 

Renting Dive Equipments for Dive Trips in Bali

Renting dive equipment for your entire dive trips in Bali isn’t always the most cost-effective option, as it may be fairly pricey. Of course, if you just plan on doing a few dives throughout your vacation, this is a realistic alternative. Instead than lugging a suitcase full of dive gear around for a few dives, you can just rent everything and return it when you’re done. Divers understand that having the proper equipment is one of the most critical factors in a good dive. Before renting, get recommendations from other divers. Before using any equipment, make sure to thoroughly inspect it.

Bring Your Own Wetsuit

The water temperature is normally warm, but there are times when it is cooler. Wetsuits are required for divers, although they are also recommended for surfers. They provide additional protection against possible injuries and encounters with water life on each adventure.

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Bring bottled water with you

Clean water is essential for staying hydrated throughout the day. Bring at least one bottle of water for every hour you’ll be out in the sun, and don’t drink anything else to avoid contamination. Bottles should be properly disposed of and, if feasible, recycled.

Never Dive By Yourself

For safety reasons, it is necessary to travel in a group. Especially when you’ve never dive in Bali before. Choose a diving buddy who will stay with you throughout the dive and can warn the boat operators if an emergency arises. Your diving plans should be shared with the rest of the group.

Can You Share Your Business Journey Freely Online?

Can You Share Your Business Journey Freely Online?

Some people say that it is good to share your business journey to the people through online platform. Meanwhile, some others say that the journey should stay behind the scene and share only the finished product for people to see. Which one do you prefer?

About sharing your business journey online

Today, there are so many online platform people use to share everything they want to from something small to something that have huge impact on their life. Sharing stories online has become a normal thing today. People have become more expressive in spilling their thought through online platforms such as social media. However, what about using those online platforms to share your business journey? How much is too much?

Understand the cost of sharing your business information

About sharing your business journey online

Many business goers and entrepreneurs alike share what drive them to choose the path they are now. There are many reasons why they do this and one of them is to attract more people so they are interested. It is often used as part of marketing strategy. However, sharing more important information such as a project in planning before it comes to fruition can cost you a lot.  You might be forced to make wrong decision just for the sake of saving your face. 

How about sharing your in depth thoughts or weakness on something you are working on?

Admitting your weakness or deep thoughts about something you are working on can result in various effect. It might seem authentic and endearing for some people hence you win more sympathy. However, what about your professional value? Does what you share undermine it or vice versa? Therefore, it is important to know how to connect to positive level instead of just aiming for temporary pity or sympathy from people because what matters is what make yourself better. 

Higher risk of slips-ups

Sharing your business matters to online platforms open more opportunity for you to dig your own grave. You are more open to make mistakes. You might post something you see harmless but it can be a weapon for people to attack you. Sometimes, slips-ups are hard to avoid. There is a risk of oversharing when it comes to online platform. No matter how safe you feel sharing on online platform, remember that is is still public forum. Therefore, it is wiser to stay patient and hold yourself back from oversharing everything related to your business. 

What is the best thing to do?

You can share your business matter to online platform with the intention to build motivation that can provide the accountability. However, make sure that the output is something within your control. Share you think it worth sharing that won’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Also, you might prefer confiding in your own tribe so you share only with people whose work and values are similar. In return, you will get relevant feedback and opinions only because you share with people inside your inner circle only not with people who are not relevant and only serve for distraction. 

A Peaceful Sanctuary at the Three Bedroom Private Villa Ubud

A Peaceful Sanctuary at the Three Bedroom Private Villa Ubud

Get away from Bali’s congested traffic in the busy and crowded coastal area to the quiet Ubud. This is a way to enjoy a holiday especially when you are looking for a relaxing retreat surrounded by pristine nature. If you want a luxurious getaway overlooking Ubud’s lush tropical jungle with spectacular sunset to end a perfect day, take a peek at this three bedroom private villa Ubud. This is a place where you can forget about your worries. Experience a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, as if you were shut off from the rest of the world. All the while being close to Ubud’s center which is only 3 kilometers away.

A Peek to the 3 Bedroom Private Villa Ubud 

A Peek to the 3 Bedroom Private Villa Ubud

A quiet getaway inspired by Ubud, nestled deep in the highland’s natural beauty and surrounded by the peace of a private forest. Guests can relax and enjoy the calm calm of nature and listen to the sounds of wildlife and birdsong. You’ll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet you’ll be less than 2 minutes from the vibrant, lively Ubud. It’s difficult not to be moved by the beauty of this venue, which is tastefully designed in urban-inspired design.

Fantastic jungle views from this charming three bedroom private villa Ubud. Step inside to find a large great room with a 50″ flat screen HDTV with Blu-ray player, as well as a comfy sitting and dining area where you can unwind after a day at the beach. The east-facing balcony looks out over a lushly manicured Ubud’s jungle area with patio set and ceiling fan to help you relax in the fresh air. 

A dishwasher, new oven range, microwave, new huge refrigerator, and granite counter tops are all part of the newly renovated full kitchen. You will find everything you require to prepare a delicious meal in the kitchen. At the far end of the kitchen, the full-size front loading washing and dryer are discreetly stowed under the counter. 

Sound Sleep in Jungle-front Master Bedroom

Sound Sleep in Jungle-front Master Bedroom

The spacious master bedroom suite includes a king-sized bed, a sitting area, and a wall-mounted 37” flatscreen HDTV with a Blu-ray player, as well as lots of storage space. The master bath features a large showers and granite-topped custom vanity space. You will surely taking your bathing time well here as it overlooks the lush jungle from the granite bathtub. Two further bedrooms are located on the opposite of the villa.

The second bedroom includes a comfy queen bed and HDTV for entertainment during your stay. All bedrooms have en-suite and large bathroom, refurbished with only the finest materials. Board games, XBox games, Blu-ray movies, beach toys, and a small library of literature, as well as high-speed internet, are all available at the villa. A pool, tennis courts, and private, covered, free parking are among the complex’s attractions. The bathrooms are partially exposed in the rooms. Bathtubs and showers are common features in bathrooms.

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This villa’s guest rooms provide washers and dryers as well as DVD players. Rooms with balconies or patios are available. Kitchens with microwaves, separate dining spaces, dishwashers, and coffee/tea makers are included in the 3-star villa’s accommodations. This three bedroom private villa Ubud location provides convenient access to the heart of Ubud’s market (a 5-minute walk), shopping, restaurants, and cultural attractions.