Komodo Island Tour & Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

Are you planning a trip to see the Komodo dragons and looking for the finest Komodo island tour package? We recently returned from our trip a few months ago, and I must say, you’re in for a wonderful treat. Dragons, rusty-red volcanic hills, coral reefs, pink sand beaches, sparkling turquoise oceans.

Komodo Island Tour & Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

Everyone comes to Indonesia’s Komodo National Park to see one thing and one thing only: the dragons. And for good reason: Komodo is the only place in the world where you can meet them! Komodo island trip allowing you to explore the land and sea wildlife around Taman National Komodo park

Komodo Island Tour And Reason To Visit Komodo National Park

The vast and impressive Komodo National Park is located in the East Nusa Tenggara province. The Komodo National Park consists of 29 volcanic islands and is home to approximately 2,500 Komodo Dragons. The park’s terrain is unique in that it includes tropical rain forests, grassland savannah, and clean white sandy beaches. A Komodo island tour is an opportunity to explore flora and fauna.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon is the world’s largest lizard and reptile, measuring over 3 meters in length and weighing over 70 kilograms. Massive stature, flat heads, bowed legs, long thick tails, and fork-shaped tongues distinguish the dragons. Komodo dragons can run and swim at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and have great vision. They allowing them to spot objects from 300 meters away. These reptiles are carnivores and can eat up to 80% of their body weight in a single feeding. Water buffalo, deer, carrion, pigs, and even humans are among the Komodo’s major prey.

Geography & Climate

The Komodo National Park has one of Indonesia’s driest climates. Monsoonal rains have a significant impact on the national park, which receives little to no rainfall for about 8 months of the year. From May to October, daily temperatures average around 40 degrees. The marine environment has a vibrant and diverse terrain. The national park, which is part of the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle, is home to a diverse range of seagrass beds, vibrant coral reefs, and dense mangrove forests.


The Komodo National Park is home to spectacular Komodo Dragon. You can see the Komodo dragons walking freely in their native outdoor habitats.

A wide range of reptiles, mammals, and birds can be found among the terrestrial fauna. 12 snake species, 9 lizard species, numerous frogs, the Timor deer (the Komodo’s main food), horses, water buffalos, wild boars, the indigenous Rinca rat, fruit bats, the orange footed scrub fowl, and over 40 bird species are among them.

Diving Spots

A Komodo island tour is the best way to explore diving spots around Komodo National Park. Divers, scientists, and photographers from all over the world visit this national park to witness the incredible biodiversity found at one of the many dive sites.

This area is famous for its strong currents, riptides, and whirlpools, which bring rich nutrients from the depths of the Indian Ocean. This is what causes many tropical fish and corals to thrive.

Divers can expect to see manta rays, sharks, and dugongs on tough blue water current dives.

Diving at Komodo National Park will take you to the center of one of the world’s most dynamic marine environments.

Preventing Your Company From Data Breach

In this modern era, digitalization is a must because you need to keep up with how the world works. There are many benefits your business can get from going digital such as easier access, effective data collection, faster actions, and many more. The downside is, your business will be at risk of data breaches. There are many different incidents that can be called data breaches. Some of them might not affected your business significantly but it CAN be bad. Many companies have lost millions after experiencing data breach. 

Preventing Your Company From Data Breach

Preventing data breaches from happening to your business

What the most concerning of data breach is the damage it can cause. You may lose confidential data and information that cost a lot and endanger the stability of your company. You may have the best method to recover from data breach but it takes time. It is more recommended that you prevent it from happening instead of just preparing for the way to contain it and here are several ways you can do it:

Understand data breach and the risk your company might have

Data breach can sound scary since it is a movement of private or secure information to an untrusted environment and it can be unintentional or intentional. It could be a hacker or even your employees doing the leaking. There are many ways your data can be breached even unintentionally. It takes many different from and not every company is exposed to the same risks. However, it is vital to stay on guard.

Limit the access

It is essential that you restrict the access of information flowing in and out of your company, especially if it is personal or secure information. Limiting the access to data can be really helpful in minimizing the risk of data breaches. You can do it in many forms such as set up different user roles with different levels of access for your internal space or avoid storing confidential information in a storage where every employees can access it freely. 

Improve your online security

It is crucial for you to improve general security comprehensively. You may discuss with professionals of how to do it properly. There are many ways you can do to improve your general security such as through the architecture, VPNs, firewalls, traffic monitoring and restriction, routine updates and checking, etc. Those can make huge differences for your company to stay safe from data breach. Even If you still get your data breached, you will find it out quickly and figure out how to contain it immediately. 

Train your employees to protect themselves

Some data breaches are not caused by professional hackers but also oblivious employees due to human errors. Hence, it is highly recommended to train your employees by teaching them to follow best practices to prevent it. Establish protocols and hierarchies so they know what they have to do and what they are responsible for. Also, educate them of possible cyberattack threats that can elad to data breaches so they know how to avoid them. 

What Travellers Wants in Your Beach Villa Bali

What Travellers Wants in Your Beach Villa Bali

Building a great vacation property in Bali is not only about buying lands and houses. To stay in competition, you need to know your audience and provide what they need. You need to be that desirable villa that hook their attention in accommodation listing and featured by lifestyle influencers. It takes deep research and great taste to create a vacation home that people save in their wish lists. Here are our insights on what travelers really want in a beach villa in Bali.

A Beach Villa Bali That Actually Feels Like Home

When travellers settle for a villa, they don’t always look for the most luxurious beach house with jacuzzi and private cinema. Sometimes, all they want is a nice house where they can relax and be at ease.

Affordable House for Long-Term Rent

Let’s face it. Not every traveler could afford those billioners-dream houses and most of them need affordable houses for long-term stay in Bali, but still gives luxurious feel in it.

A Privileged Location

A Privileged Location

Travelers love modern style villas that sits in great location. Your guests can relax and rest easily anytime they wish in the modern villas, which are adjacent to attractive and tranquil spots. Modern villas are particularly popular near beaches and coasts, or further interior yet close to the sea or with wonderful mountain views, where there are also neighboring forests and pleasant locations.

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A Spacious Beach Villa Bali

When travelers cross half of the globe to stay in Bali, they don’t want to settle in a small house. They want their vacation villa to be airy and spacious—and really feels like a vacation house. That isn’t to say it needs to be a massive mansion. It must be built in such a way that people do not feel as if there is insufficient space. A villa may be built across a large area, but it is the interior of the villa that should make it appear enormous. When you first go into the home, you must have the impression that there is a lot of space within. Despite the fact that there are numerous rooms, they should not feel crowded. You should get the impression that the space is alive.

A Private Pool Only for the Villa Dwellers

A Private Pool Only for the Villa Dwellers

Because pool sharing is so overrated! One of the best things about living in a beach villa Bali is that they won’t have to share the pool with dozens of strangers. Guest can have it all to themself. Private villa pools varies in size from little plunge pools to large infinity pools. Some pools have a shallow area for children or are connected to an open-air Jacuzzi. Choose the right pool model for your villa according to your budget and target markets.

A Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom

A Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom

Imagine being able to combine that experience with a relaxing bathing rituals. An outdoor bathroom in a private villa is the closest travelers can get to connecting with nature in the most intimate time, without sacrificing privacy. Outdoor bathroom is almost synonymous with a refreshing treat, relaxing, and being in the zen. Travelers love outdoor bath since it allows you to be cut off from the rest of the world while basking in the tranquility of nature in your own little cocoon, amidst towering flora. It will be a significant departure from the monotony of traditional indoor restrooms. This is why many luxury resorts feature outdoor baths, which provide the ideal combination of luxury and open-air appeal without sacrificing privacy.

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Something Unique About the Villa

Travelers love to find something unique and different during their vacation. And if you follow Instagram, travel blog, or travel vlogs trend in recent years, most villas that features in “10 Villas You Need to Stay in Bali” or “Most Instagrammable Villas in Bali You Must Try” are one-of-a-kind. They offer anything from luxurious environmental bamboo homes to oceanfront treehouses. So, if you decides to build a beach villa in Bali, make sure to incorporate unique design on it.

Virtual Team-Bonding Activities To Survive Remote Work

Remote work can be stressful because you and your team keep staying at the same place both for work life and personal life. Sometimes, you feel burnout because you still have to check some works even if it is time for bed. Or, your work being distracted over and over again because you feel hungry, sleepy, or bored. As a leader of your team, it is necessary that you encourage your team to find balance between work life and personal life int his situation. You can also help them alleviate some of the stress by organizing virtual team-bonding activities that are fun, inexpensive, and engaging. 

Here are some of the ideas of virtual team-bonding activities you may try with your team to stay sane during this pandemic:

Virtual meetups regularly

You can organize virtual meetups once a month for example. Invite your team to participate in this meeting. Make sure to organize fun activities such as games in this meeting. Avoid any heavy talk or discussion if you want to keep everything light and fun. There are many games that can be played virtually such as picture-sharing rounds, personal fact-guessing games, etc. Those games allow the team members to get to know each other better. 

Virtual lunch or dinner on Friday

Friday is happy day where most people cannot wait to be freed from their responsibilities. You can also organize fun activity such as lunch or dinner on Friday together with your team. You can share a beer, soda, coffee, or whatever your team like. In this session, you and your team can talk about anything especially about non-work stuffs. If your team like, you can decide different menu for each Friday session so everyone may enjoy similar things to strengthen the feel of togetherness through the distance. 


Most people like playing game on their computer or phone. You can also play game together with your team from time to time. You may also consider multiplayer games on company times. It can help build bonds between team members. It can also help alleviate some stress because it is the moment to recharge and relax so you can go through the day with a little bit happiness. Make sure to choose games that everyone can play so everyone can engage and participate in the game. You may also split the members into different team to elevate the sense of competitiveness and get them excited. 

Music-related activities

Your team consists of different individual with different taste including in music. Hence, you may consider organizing an event when you all can share your music taste and have a jamming session. You may also discuss more about your each favorite music. This activity allows everyone to show each other interest and helps develop relationships. Virtual jamming session is possible especially if your team can play some instruments. You may also consider holding a song-writing session or karaoke session with your team. These kind of activities are stress-relieving and fun to do every once in a while.

Dive Cruise Indonesia, Exploring The Last Paradise in Earth

Indonesia has an amazing variety of liveaboard options. Liveaboard Indonesia has always been a smart choice for adventure diving lovers. Diving in world-class destinations in Indonesia is found throughout the archipelago. Dive cruise Indonesia with a traditional boat offers the availability of a sailing trip schedule at any time. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia offers diving and leisure trips in Indonesia. 

dive cruise indonesia - lonestar liveaboard

Dive Cruise Indonesia To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is indeed popular as an underwater paradise. In fact, Raja Ampat has been named the world’s best diving spot by CNN. Unfortunately, not all divers can enjoy the underwater panorama on small islands with a total of 2,600 and ribbonfish species. Tourists who want to dive must have certain certificates or licenses. For tourists who want to dive, it is advisable to dive elsewhere.

The islands of Raja Ampat do have mostly safe locations for learning to dive due to the gradual depth of the water and the relative safety of large currents. But do you want to spend time on a dive cruise just to learn to dive? But if you want to learn to dive during a dive cruise in Indonesia, there are several spots that are suitable for beginners.


arborek village

Dive cruise Indonesia to Arborek is very suitable for beginner divers. Tourists can learn to dive in stages, starting from 1 meter, 2 meters to 15 meters. In Arborek, you can meet colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Not only for beginner divers, but Arborek is also a paradise for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling activities. 

Batu Lima

In addition to Arborek, you can include Batu Lima in your list of Indonesian dive cruise trips. The current at Batu Lima tends to be safe because it is held by large rocks and is very suitable for beginner divers. Diving just a few meters, tourists can see the stunning underwater panorama and see the rare blacktip reef shark.


yenbuba village

Yenbuba village is included in the Meos Mansar district and is one of the dive spots for beginners. The clear sea and the variety of fish are the hallmarks of Yenbuba. Like in Arborek, this island also has a gradual depth for tourists who want to learn to dive. You don’t have to dive deep to see beautiful corals and various types of fish.

What you need to know when diving in Yenbuba, do not to dive when the water has just receded and the water is just high tide because the current will be very strong. The dive lesson program provides training and essential material several times before you dive in Yenbuba.  

Using Past Personal And Professional Experiences To Benefit Your Business

Your experiences shape how you see the world as human being and entrepreneur. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to not afraid to try new things because it is what builds your growth. And growth can only be found outside of your comfort zone. When you keep nurturing your growth through experiences, success is more possible to reach. But more than that, you can use your past personal and professional experiences to benefit your business. 

Using Past Personal And Professional Experiences To Benefit Your Business

How to use past personal and professional experiences in business

Your past experiences whether they are personal or professional can be used in building your business if you know what context to use. You need to use them with the right perspectives. For example, all your experiences can be used with the context of providing good service to your consumers. 

Contextualizing your experiences to connect and establish a rapport

There is always something you can learn from what you have experienced in life. Whether or not it relates to your professional life, you can always create a connection one way or another with the right context and here is how you do it:

Put your critical learning into practice

It is essential to put critical learning into practice to leverage your past experience. Hence, you need to analyze patterns and identify areas to improve outcomes. When experiencing things, whether they are something new for you or not, it is recommended to document outtakes and frequently look at them so you know how to stay on tracks and how to bring your business a brighter future. 

Use authenticity in storytelling

Authenticity is often viewed as less important thing in business. Meanwhile, it is such an impactful power you can use to leverage your experiences in the success of your business. You can convey your real-life examples of best practices and experiences through a storytelling that is entertaining as well as meaningful. The art of storytelling is important in business and you can use your experiences to boost its impact to your success.

Build relationships through your own stories

When you convey your stories, there are people who may relate or are simple interested with it. And it what can lead to relationship. As entrepreneur, building a relationship is a lifelong process and you can maximize it by using your own stories to connect with more people. You can share your stories using variety of platforms such as social media, blogs, articles, etc. Try to open up about the good, the bad, and something in between to your following. It allows them to see your values and beliefs that can connect you with each other. 

Remain humble and be open to learn

It is a must to embrace curiosity to be successful not only in business but also in life. With curiosity and growth mindset, you will always create an opportunity to learn while remain humble. Always know your core values to guide your key decisions while allowing the evolution to happen. Only this way you will enjoy the journey while gaining success. 

How to Maintain Your Property Bali Benoa and Its Value

How to Maintain Your Property Bali Benoa and Its Value

Having a property in Benoa, one of the most beautiful coastal area in Bali, can definitely be a good investment. Whether you let it or sell it in future decades, the property will give you huge return—as long as you maintain it right. Maintaining your investment property is beneficial to you in terms of recruiting and keeping good renters, as well as preserving the property’s worth over time. With this in mind, we have created several tips on maintaining your coastal property to protect its value from depreciating risks.

Renting Your Property Bali Benoa for Long Term? Screen Your Tenants

It’s common to rent out your house and property in Benoa and other areas of Bali to long term foreigners, aside of putting it up for B&B or villa rental. However, you need to do selective screening for your tenants if you choose to put up your property for long term rent. Tenants can have a significant influence on the maintenance requirements of a building. Are they willing to contribute to the property’s upkeep? As a landlord, you’re in charge of the bulk of the property’s upkeep and repairs, while the renter promises to keep it clean and neat. You can, however, require that your renters perform some basic maintenance jobs as part of your rental agreement, such as mowing the lawns, weeding the yard, and changing dead batteries of electronic households.

Regular House Inspections and Maintenances

Regular House Inspections and Maintenances

Some maintenance concerns, such as a leaking faucet, are difficult to predict or avoid. By maintaining a regular maintenance plan, other concerns may be addressed before they become severe problems. These are the items that should be examined on a regular basis, such as a yearly furnace inspection, whether weekly, monthly, or annually. It’s not only about avoiding expensive repairs; it’s also about providing a comfortable living environment for renters.

Here is the list of things you should check during a regular inspection in your property Bali Benoa:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Air filters
  • Smoke alarm
  • Plumbing and hot water
  • Gutters, if your tenants regularly clean it or not
  • Pests checking
  • Leaks checking, especially during the wet months in Bali
  • Garden trimming
  • Any potential violation of tenant agreement terms
  • Why Regular Inspections is Important

Small maintenance tasks will save you money in the long term. You’re less likely to have a list ready for when your renters go, which means your property will be vacant for less time while you fix it. Regular upkeep also implies that if you decide to sell, the home will be in better shape.

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Property Inspections Post Move Out 

This inspection occurs after the renter vacates the premises, as the name suggests. This inspection is not just for the landlord to record any damage committed by the tenant, but also for the landlord to note any regular wear-and-tear repairs or maintenance concerns that may need to be addressed before the unit is rented out again.

The Rule of Thumb of Property Bali Benoa Maintenance

It’s difficult to know how much money to set out for rental property maintenance. Many professional property managers follow the 1 percent rule, which states that one percent of the entire property value should be put aside for rental upkeep. According to this guideline, a $200,000 rental property would have a $2,000 annual budget line item for maintenance costs.

Providing Value To Your Audience Through Content Delivery

One of the most essential keys for success is good relationship including in business. Your relationship with your audience, potential customers, and existing customers should be nurtured carefully if you want to make it long lasting and beneficial for both sides. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can stay connected with your audience such as through online platforms. You can open an official account of your brand in several social media platforms for example, and reach out to your audience even better.

Providing Value To Your Audience Through Content Delivery

Bring in more value to your audience using high quality content delivery

When you decide to establish an online platform to keep in touch with your audience, you must know that you have to keep delivering content. However, it is not just random content but the ones with high quality to bring in more value to your audience. If you do it consistently, you will also attract more followers. And here are some tips to do it properly:

Share your company vision

Everyone must know already that every brand aims for making money. However, allow your audience to see another side of your brand. Show them that your company has its vision and share it with them. You can share your vision both with the existing and prospecting customers. When you share your vision, you allow your audience to know what your positive mission statements are. Audience who share similar values and interest will be more attracted to support your brand naturally because they can feel the connection.

Be consistent

Online content is king in today’s marketing strategy. Hence, you need to be consistent in delivering high quality online content through your platforms. Make sure that your contents can capture their attention, informative, and up to date. Do not always aim for your content to be viral because it is not a guarantee your audience will stay. Bring in more value to your customers with consistency instead. 

Provide availability and accessibility

Customers more appreciate brands that can be reached out easily to answer question and help fix their problems. Otherwise, your customers might just find another brand that they can rely on better. You can provide more availability and accessibility through various ways. But first find out where your customers spend most of their time. Today, most of them spend most of their time in social media. Hence, you can start by opening up direct message with your existing and prospecting customers. This is an attempt to establish seamless communication. Or, inform your audiences to tag you when they have a question you need to answer.

Seek out feedback and respond to it

Feedback from your customers either negative or positive can be used to improve the quality of your product or service. Instead of waiting for the customers to give their feedback, seek them out proactively. You can do it using polls, surveys, or posts that can utilize questions as well as call to action. Put the feedback you receive to use to grow your business better. 

How to Keep Kids from Being Cranky in Bali Family Resort

They said families who travel together stick together, but say that to a travelling parent with young kids and they will give you the death glare. Travelling with toddlers is not always easy—and having kids going cranky or meltdown on a holiday is definitely a parent’s nightmare. While Bali and its abundant tropical resorts are among the best destinations for families, arranging a vacation there is not that simple. Here’s a vacation survival guide for any parents who plan for some relaxing getaway and enjoying their time in Bali family resort.

How to Keep Kids from Being Cranky in Bali Family Resort
Image credit: Instagram @ lifeintravels

Book the Bali Family Resort from Ahead of Time

Call the Bali family resort early to see if you can reserve a room in a quiet area of the building. Rooms near the pool, restaurant, stairwell, or elevator have more foot traffic and are often noisier. When you’re attempting to get your child to sleep, this may be quite irritating.

Make the Check in Fast

If you are travelling with toddlers, you know how “dangerous” it could be when you leave them alone. Even for just few minutes. They swallow a crayon or wander to nowhere whenever you’re off-guard! Luckily, a family friendly Bali resort like the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua knows the struggle. So, while you are busy signing papers and waiting for registrations in the check-ins, your kids will be enjoying their own welcoming drink, attended by the hotel’s concierge. They might have a little fun with activity book and coloring pencil from the welcoming pack as well when waiting for you. Despite all of that, you might want to make your check in process as fast as possible. The kids will be looking for their Papa & Mama if they disappear from too long from their side.

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Establish A Routine Before You Go

Before you go on your trip, it’s critical to have a regular routine. Establish a nap schedule, a regular and familiar wind down, and a bedtime that is suitable for the child’s age. Whether they’re a toddler or an adolescent, children who are well rested are more likely to fall asleep faster in a new setting.

Keep Kids on Their Routine (As Much as Possible!)

It’s the trick to maintain everyone’s sanity and happiness during the vacation. Try your best to keep same nap and bedtimes that you do at home when on the Bali resort. Allow for some flexibility so you can enjoy your vacation, but children will be better travel companions with a steady routine since they won’t be overtired and irritable. You also need to consider the time-zone difference into account.

Choose A Bali Family Resort with Suite

Choose A Bali Family Resort with Suite
Image credit: Instagram @globetrottinggrommets

There’s nothing more helping in a family vacation than a family suite with separate bedroom for adults and kids. This allows kids to sleep better, stick to their schedule, and let the adults to have fun and relaxing me times. One of the constant problems of family holidays is sharing a hotel room with a newborn, toddler, or preschooler. With separate sleeping setting, adults can watch movies or having conversation without waking up the kids.

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Imitate the Home’s Sleep Environment

Getting a baby to sleep is never an easy task—moreover when they are suddenly surrounded by new, strange environment. So try to bring the comfort of your home to the resort’s room! White noise, loveys, and special blankets are examples of this. You might even want to keep their bedsheets without cleaning them, because familiar fragrances might help your child relax while they’re attempting to go asleep in a new place.

Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale

Authenticity is important element when it comes to building relationships including the one you build in professional field such as your company. A business with authenticity has more opportunity to grow better. It is even greater if a leader can develop authentic traits in their ways to lead the teams. Authentic leadership means an approach that is centered on building honest team relationship based on an ethical foundation. 

Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale
Image credit: forbes.com

Authenticity drives people to the better

Authenticity especially during these difficult time of crisis truly makes difference. We are forced to evolve our ways to accommodate he situation and circumstances. However, we well get through any crisis if we know what to use to pull through. In this case, the power of people is what we can rely on the most. And it can only b driven by authenticity delivered by authentic leader. 

How you lead people with authenticity

When you lead your team, you are aware that they are your source of power. Hence, you need to remember what powers your team and how to empower them so they do their best work in any situation the company is facing. This will help you gain long-term success for your business together with your teams. 

To lead with authenticity means you need to put their best interest first. Express your team that you understand and recognize as well as value their their purpose. It is important thing to do because every individual is inspired by purpose. So recognizing their purpose will help inspire new trust between you. This way, they will be their best because they are happy to work with people who know they can trust. 

In business, productivity is one of the keys for success. To increase productivity, you need to make your teams feel valued and appreciated. Make them want to take their best action on their own with how you inspire them through your own authentic actions. This is why authentic leaders are important to grow business better and faster along with solid team. 

Authenticity is good for both business and morale; how?

In these difficult times during pandemic, people look for brands they can trust. Hence, it is the best you show your employees, customers, and business partners why your brands is one of them. You need to show your team why they should be trusted. In business today, it is beyond the sales. Business is also about appreciation to diverse culture, and embracing inclusive ideas to build trust better. 

Productivity and authentic leadership

Authenticity can increase productivity because embracing authentic leadership style requires embracing new mindset as well. New ideas tend to be the results of authentic leadership and those can generate excitement and inspire productivity. Also, authenticity means vulnerability and transparency. When you are leading your team, it is okay if you make mistakes as a leader because you are also human. Use it to show your team how you can grow better. Encourage them to embrace their humanly sides too by not being afraid to show vulnerability and transparency.