Can You Share Your Business Journey Freely Online?

Can You Share Your Business Journey Freely Online?

Some people say that it is good to share your business journey to the people through online platform. Meanwhile, some others say that the journey should stay behind the scene and share only the finished product for people to see. Which one do you prefer?

About sharing your business journey online

Today, there are so many online platform people use to share everything they want to from something small to something that have huge impact on their life. Sharing stories online has become a normal thing today. People have become more expressive in spilling their thought through online platforms such as social media. However, what about using those online platforms to share your business journey? How much is too much?

Understand the cost of sharing your business information

About sharing your business journey online

Many business goers and entrepreneurs alike share what drive them to choose the path they are now. There are many reasons why they do this and one of them is to attract more people so they are interested. It is often used as part of marketing strategy. However, sharing more important information such as a project in planning before it comes to fruition can cost you a lot.  You might be forced to make wrong decision just for the sake of saving your face. 

How about sharing your in depth thoughts or weakness on something you are working on?

Admitting your weakness or deep thoughts about something you are working on can result in various effect. It might seem authentic and endearing for some people hence you win more sympathy. However, what about your professional value? Does what you share undermine it or vice versa? Therefore, it is important to know how to connect to positive level instead of just aiming for temporary pity or sympathy from people because what matters is what make yourself better. 

Higher risk of slips-ups

Sharing your business matters to online platforms open more opportunity for you to dig your own grave. You are more open to make mistakes. You might post something you see harmless but it can be a weapon for people to attack you. Sometimes, slips-ups are hard to avoid. There is a risk of oversharing when it comes to online platform. No matter how safe you feel sharing on online platform, remember that is is still public forum. Therefore, it is wiser to stay patient and hold yourself back from oversharing everything related to your business. 

What is the best thing to do?

You can share your business matter to online platform with the intention to build motivation that can provide the accountability. However, make sure that the output is something within your control. Share you think it worth sharing that won’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Also, you might prefer confiding in your own tribe so you share only with people whose work and values are similar. In return, you will get relevant feedback and opinions only because you share with people inside your inner circle only not with people who are not relevant and only serve for distraction.