Choose Your Authentic Komodo Boat for Traveling Around Flores Sea

An authentic travel experience can refers to many things. Be it living with local people, doing things, eat and drink the same ways with the villagers, and many more. That will also a great thing if you can experience such things during your travel at Komodo Island or other Flores Islands you have chosen. But, there is the rare but more special authentic travel package at there that can be included into your travel lists for the next schedule. It is living on the authentic Komodo boat for a certain period of time.

Komodo boat for arounding Flores sea

What you don’t know about the Komodo liveaboard travel package is, you can’t only dreaming about getting to one island to another and exploring all the accessible travel spots. But, you are also possible to be the sea gyptian; living life on the sea. For a moment, you may have to say goodbye to the ground. Your new home now is the Komodo boat you have ordered the travel package before.

You won’t stop traveling even if you have reached the destination. Your Komodo boat can always takes you to some surrounding island’s sea and enjoy the seascape that makes the view of the islands as its main attraction. You can’t even think about the air and sound pollution, no more worries about the privacy, and you can continue enjoy the exotic moment with the other passengers you have came with.

Where of the authentic Komodo boat you can get?

Authenticity is all you need for most of the travel experiences you are dreaming of. And the original Komodo boat you can choose to accompany your sea gyptian life should be inspired by the Phinisi boat design as we can easily found at the eastern part of Indonesia, including at Komodo Island or the whole of Flores Islands.

You may need a modern yacht, but if it have left the traditional elements of the boat design, then the authenticity of your traveling may also decrease. It actually not a matter at all. But if you need to experience the real feeling as the local people get, then the Komodo boat with phinisi design somehow a must. Do you know about what most of us are looking for in a traveling? It can be the authentic feeling of anything, and even the boat at the sea can reveals that feeling.

In case you need the authentic Komodo boat along with the travel package or services to take your traveling even further, you can check what the HelloFlores have got for you. They have almost all what you need for exploring through Komodo Island and the others, and arounding Flores sea has never been this better.

Your day can be tired with all the attractions you have done since the morning came out. So that, floating all night long under the stars and the moon after your full day of travel activities sounds a fascinating thing to me. Did I miss to tell you that a romantic dinner right before a comfort sleep for that moment can’t also be missed!? Book your Komodo boat now and experience all the real and authentic travel experiences that have been waiting for your visit.