Do Scuba Diving For Beginners And Get Certified

Diving certificates are important as a travel pass for all divers. Two things you need to pay attention to following scuba diving for beginners is ensuring that you can swim and have a good medical record for diving. To take a scuba diving certificate for beginners, you will be tested for 200-meter swimming without any assistance. In addition, you must be able to float for 10 minutes.

Where can you get a scuba diving for beginners and certified? There are many diving destinations around the world that offer spectacular underwater views. In Asia, you can visit Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Speaking of Indonesia, there are many destinations that can be visited starting from Raja Ampat, Nusa Penida, Amed, Tulamben, Wakatobi, Aceh, and many others. Recommendations for several dive operators in several popular diving destinations.

Scuba Diving For Beginners In Bali

Offers scuba diving for beginners packages are offered by dive operators in Bali with varying prices. Many benefits can be obtained from diving packages for beginners considering diving needs to prepare a lot of diving equipment. Recommend dive operators if you want to take scuba diving for beginners.

Dune Atlantis

This experienced and professional dive operator offers a package not only for beginners but also for divers who want to step into a dive master. The price offered is adjusted to the level of divers. Instructors handled with 3 languages, making it easier for foreign tourists to be able to understand during training.

Get Certified In Thailand

Thailand has become a popular tourist destination in the world and attracts the attention of world tourists. World tourist visits to Thailand are not inferior to Bali. Maybe Thailand is better known as night tours but in fact, the underwater scenery of Thailand is no less interesting than nightlife tours. Some dive spots that you must visit such as Sail Rock – Koh Tao, Surin Islands, Chang – Koh Chang, Koh Ma Island, Hin Daeng, and Hin Muang. Where to find scuba diving for beginners?

Local Dive Thailand

It offers free pick up from the hotel, breakfast, snacks, lunch and fun and amazing diving experience. You can see dive sites like King Cruiser Wreck. Dive training packages for children, open water up to specialties accompanied by professional and experienced instructors. For beginner divers, the package provided includes a diving certificate. After training for scuba diving for beginners and certified, you are ready to explore the spectacular dive sites in Thailand.

Learn Scuba Diving For Beginners and Grab Your Dive Certificate In Philippine

The Philippine offers a spectacular and amazing view of the bottom. You will be taken to see thousands of species of fish and interesting sea landscapes. Some spots with spectacular underwater views that you must explore such as Apo Island, Anilao – Batangas, Puerto Galera, Ticao Pass, Barracuda Lake, and others. Where to take the certificate of scuba diving for beginners?

Savedra Dive Operator

A modern dive center for beginners to professionals, and even for those who snorkel just having fun. Savedra offers a PADI certified dive training package that allows divers to be well received wherever as long as dive operators are under the PADI organization.