Google Reviews To Optimize Your Small Business

Google Reviews To Optimize Your Small Business
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The first thing most people do when seeking products or services of a business is by looking them up on Google. The majority of customers check on Google reviews online before deciding to make transactions or not. They are diligently looking up the reviews even before visiting a business. The reasons is that they want to check out the experiences the others have had with the company. That is why it is important for your small business to have positive Google reviews.

Optimizing your small business with Google reviews

Google reviews are very important for today’s business. You need to put effort to optimize them. The majority of customers look at the reviews and rating on Google before deciding to commit to a brand or company. If they are not what they expect, potential customers will look for another company. 

Understand what are Google reviews

To put it simply, Google reviews are kind of testimonies the customers leave on the Google platform to let others know about their experience after buying certain product, using particular service, or working with certain company. Google reviews are widely read and very accessible to everyone. And to leave reviews on Google, you just need to have Google account, which is free to create. 

Set up Google Business account

You can optimize your business through Google reviews by setting up Google Business account first. You create your Business Profile on Google to let people find you and leave reviews. Make sure to create Business Profile that look credible by attaching interesting photos and clear description of your business. 

Actively seek reviews from customers

Actively seek reviews from customers
Online satisfaction rating

Most people tend to eager to leave reviews if they have negative experience. Hence, provide excellent customer service to make customers happy. Encourage them to share their experience and leave positive reviews on Google. Never buy reviews because Google most likely will find out then get you penalized and pushed down in rankings.

Help customers leave reviews

Some of your customers might not leave reviews on Google because they don’t want to but because they don’t know how to. Hence, help them to do it by giving clear explanation.

Thank customers for leaving reviews

It’s good to respond to your customer’s reviews. Always thank your customers for leaving positive reviews. Respond in an open manner if customers leave negative reviews. Try to find the problems so you know how to solve it and improve . 

The importance of Google reviews

Google reviews pretty much raise the profile of your business online. If your business have good reviews, the chances are high for the people to visit your website. They are also beneficial to optimize search engine optimization. With good reviews, your website will be ranked higher, making it more popular. The star ratings will appear under your company name in your Google Business Profile. If you have high ratings, it will automatically boost your profile. Google reviews also provide you valuable feedback from your customers so you know how to improve. With good reviews, you gain more trust.