Putting Your Bali Villas for Sale Without Losing Bookings

Putting Your Bali Villas for Sale Without Losing Bookings

Many things come with running a vacation rental business in Bali. Having a handsome income, learning tons of things during the business ventures, meeting new people from all around the world, and many other rewarding things. However, not all owners can continue their vacation rental business. Some might have trouble with management—and some others might simply have things blocking their way to continue the path. If it turns out that you need to put your Bali villas property for sale, remember that you can still seal a good deal and not losing income in the process. Meaning, you still can receive bookings while trying to sale your vacation rental. Here are the steps you need to take to maximise your income during the transition phase.

Why You Should Not Stop the Booking When You Want to Sell the Villa

In real estate, you never know what will happen. Someone may be ready to buy, but their finance falls through or anything else occurs. At the table, deals go apart. You don’t want to lose the transaction and then go three or four months without bookings. It’s essential to keep the reservation open.

You can put your luxury villas for sale in Bali and still earning income during the selling period. The key is to collaborate closely with your property management and realtor to ensure that visitors are not inconvenienced and that potential buyers have all of the information they need to make an informed decision. You won’t undermine your rentals or your sale this way, and your revenue will continue to flow.

Put Your Bali Villas for Sale During the Peak Months

Put Your Bali Villas for Sale During the Peak Months

Contrary to the popular belief, listing your villas in Bali for sale during the peak season will actually benefit you. Many vacation homeowners do not list their homes during the peak rental season, which lasts three to four months and generates the majority of their income. Plus, having a prospective buyer look at a home that isn’t in perfect condition isn’t ideal. Making a video of the property is one approach. Have high-quality photographs on hand as well. Make sure all rooms are represented and that the photographs are as accurate as possible, including showing interior closets, the water heater, and other features. Your potential buyers can also book your villa to have real experience of how it feels like to be a guest there.  

At the same time, consider reserving three times each week to display the property. That way, you can be confident the property is ready to view and in good working order.

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Work with A Professional Agent for Selling Your Bali Villas

You’ll want to work closely with your real estate agent to figure out how to transfer future bookings and pay the property manager and management business after the sale. Before you offer or our put your houses in Bali for sale, all agreements should be written down and signed. Working with them will ease the selling process as they will take care of it from you while you manage the reservations. 

Inform Buyers of Limited Viewing Days Due to Bookings

This is why putting your Bali vacation rental for sale during the peak period is beneficial. Buyers want to know that you treat your visitors well, so hearing that your property is booked is great news! It means your property is good for business 

Don’t be concerned that limiting the number of times your property can be seen would deter buyers. Additionally, demonstrating your commitment to guest privacy and being an outstanding host results in satisfied customers, which leads to future reservations.

Set Days to Close Bookings for Reviews

Set a particular times and days to make appointment with your potential buyers. Setting a fixed time for viewing give you a chance to make sure the house to be as clean as possible. You don’t want to rush the house for a view when it’s not in its best shape.  

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But what if your potential buyers cannot come during the designated window? 

Expect the unexpected, such as a serious buyer who is unavailable to view the home during the designated viewing period. One method is to inform your guests that the property is for sale. Explain that you may need to get permission to show it to them when they arrive. In exchange for keeping the property clean, tidy, and ready at a specified time, offer guests a discount on the rental fee. Another option is to contact the owners of a local favorite restaurant and get the guests free lunch in exchange of them being displaced during the viewing. This is a different way of expressing gratitude to the visitor.