Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

There’s something about holiday that always get us all excited. Even just planning about our next holiday gives us enough energy to get through a challenging week in school or workplace. And one of the best thing that could happen in the summer is surf holidays! It’s a dream of many—going around the globe in search of the best waves, shining sun, and good times. Indonesia, though located far away in the Indian Pacific, enjoys consistent swelling waves almost all year round in famous surfing destinations like Bali, Lombok, Sumba, and Mentawai. The Sri Lanka has the best waves on November and April, where the rest of the world is having winter. The Maldives offers inviting water; obviously, with pumping swells from March to May. Outside the tropical countries, you have Portugal and Spain in Europe and California, Florida, and North Carolina in America. Your surf holidays destination is endless!

You could either spin the globe, throw a pin, and go to whenever fate brings you. Or you have more smart surf holidays planning to make sure a smoother surfing trip.

Smart Things to Make Your Surf Holidays Run Perfectly

Type of Waves You Want to Surf

The world has all sorts of waves, and each destination has its own characteristic. In Indonesia alone, the Mentawai’s waves are generally bigger and firmer than those in Bali. Before deciding your surf destination, find out what kind of waves you want to surf in. Are you beginners looking for easy rolling waves with protected bays? Or perhaps you are looking for more challenges by having high performance waves and shallow reefs? Is long grinding points your favourite?

Distance of Destinations on Your Surf Holidays

How far you want to travel for your surf holidays? If you are living in Europe, the Portugal and Spain are your closest choice. In fact, Europe and America are generally more accessible. Indonesia is renown for having some of the best breaks in the world, but it needs a long flight to get there. Also, consider your budget when planning the destination. The further it is, the more plane you need to take.

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How Willing You Want to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Are you wiling to experience something different than your home? Pretty much every countries in SE Asia offer crazy surf adventure as well as exotic cultures. However, you need to deal with different modes of transportation (most of them don’t have subway train outside the capital city), agents and sellers trying to rip you offs, and many more. The Europe is modernized, but you might not find anything huge in adventure department.