The Essential Property Maintenance Issues Every Landlord Must Know

Do you enjoy having property and make benefit from it? Investing in properties and having passive income flowing to your account by becoming a landlord seems like a dream for everyone. However, a good landlord still needs to perform maintenance duties to keep the satisfaction of tenants. Excellent maintenance results on good reviews and draws future potential customers to choose your property for their living. Catching small problems earlier further save your budget before it gets worse and takes large expenses. Here are the essential property maintenance tasks you need to do on regular basis to keep your property in good condition.

The Essential Property Maintenance Issues Every Landlord Must Know

  1. Monthly Pest Check

As a landlord, you might not live under the same roof as your tenants. You might not know what kinds of pests that have been sharing the roof without your consent. That’s why you need to have monthly visit to the property to check any disturbance of pest. Rodents, ants, termites, and mosquitos are common pest problem on house and apartment. Make sure you check the whole property, as they these critters tend to travel from one part to another. For the best result, hire a professional.

  1. Water Damage and Leaks

Water damage and leaks are among the major problem of property maintenance. If it’s let out without care, an ongoing leak can completely damage walls, ceilings, and tenant’s possessions. This means heavy loss and big repairing expanse. It can also form a dangerous mold, which can be quite fatal for tenant’s health and make your property looks very unappealing.

Make sure you check for leaks right before and after monsoon/ winter season. It’s the time when snow began to melt and rainwater seeps. Keep the watch on hot and humid days, when the pipes tend to sweat. Check for water damage under sinks, boilers, and water heaters. look for water leak signs on showers, windows, and toilets.  

  1.  Air-Con Filter Change

If your property has an air conditioner, you should have known that it need filter change for at least twice a year. Don’t wait until it stopped working (or else, you need to buy a new one altogether). A dirty filter can affect the work of other components, making them work harder which eventually lead to malfunction system. It can cause the cooling system to freeze up or unable to work. When it happened, the reparation can cost high bills that can cause you to lose the tenants.

  1. Water Heaters Clean Up

Do you know that over time, a water heater cause sedimentation on it tanks? Your water heater needs to be drained once or twice every year. It will flush all the sediments that have been building from all these time. If you let the sediment build up, the water heater will lose its efficiency or even get clogged. And you know how expensive it is to buy the new one!

  1. Gutters Clean Up

One part of the house that often gets overlooked during maintenance is the gutters. It can get easily clogged with leaves, hairs, plastics, and other debris. A clogged gutter is one of the contributing factors which cause leaks at your property. It can trap water inside it, and the water will eventually find a way out through the walls, foundations, roofs, and the sidings. You need to hire a house cleaner to clean the gutters and put gutter guards on top of the gutter.

Have you done your property maintenance today? Don’t let the problems get hidden and blow at unexpected times. Start cleaning today, and keep happy the tenants to stay.