Tips Before Buying Property in Bali

Buying property in Bali, both as residential or investment is a social statement with a high level of prestige. Who does not want to have occupancy and investment in Bali? Investors are competing to buy property in Bali because it has a high market value. What’s more, Bali is the world’s top tourist destination.

Buying Property In Bali

Judging by the graph of tourist visits, several natural disasters such as the great mountain eruption did not significantly affect the interest of tourists to visit. Although there are some countries that have a “travel warning”, Bali is not too much affected by the conditions of the mountain eruption. Even during 2017 tourist visit statistics increased by 5.86%.

Many people argue that the best property investment sources in Bali are still centered in Kuta. In fact, investors began to expand the area and buying property in Bali to the west and north which was considered more perspective. Based on the survey 9 out of 10 people think that the location is the most important of the prices when deciding on buying property in Bali.

Why can west and north Bali be a recommendation for buying property in Bali? There are 2 things that underlie the 2 areas in Bali that are of concern to investors. Both locations were opened as wide as possible for the development of the tourism business in Bali. It is expected that interest in buying property in northern and western Bali gets the attention of investors, both small, medium and large scale.

There are some important things that you should pay attention to before buying property in Bali for a place to live.

Buying Property In Bali From Trustable Developer

It’s better to buy property in Bali that was built by the best developers or developers who have a trusted track record. The track record for the developer is important and you need to acknowledge it as a first step before making the next step. The track record can be an illustration before knowing how well they built property before you bought a property in Bali.

Building Quality

The quality of the building is no less important. We must know the design, quality of work, and building materials used in the house. Knowing it is very important because you will live a lifetime to last long.

Rental Property Prices

Buying property in Bali to return to rent provides benefits for you. The interest in rental property in Bali is very high. Given the many expats who work and take their families to Bali. In its development, tourists prefer villas or rental homes that are luxurious and comfortable to stay while on vacation.