What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

As one of prominent diving destinations in Indonesia, Bali offers so much much biodiversity for one to enjoy. However, beside the natural richness the island also hides not, one, but three sunken shipwrecks under its water. Two of them were “naturally” sunk to the sea while the other was intended to promote coral growth. Bali’s wreck also noted for being easily reachable. This is highly unusual as most wrecks on the world lies in deeper water and require one to have special Wreck Diving license before being able to descend to the ruins. USAT Liberty, the most famous wreck diving site in Bali among all is even reachable from just as shallow as 3 meters under the surface. The 120 meters lied in a gentle slope which goes down to 30 meters depth, making it very much available even for beginners. A lot of them even make their first dive in this wreck!

What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

Demand for wreck diving in Bali from the inexperienced is especially high. Due to that, we have gathered some important tips for anyone who want to visit Bali’s special underwater ruins.

Be Prepared Before Your Wreck Diving Bali

Usually, wreck diving is considered as deep diving and for the advanced. Bali is one of few exception. If you are taking diving course in Bali, the USAT Liberty wreck will probably become your first diving in Bali. Your dive instructor will explain the water conditions, currents, and what to expect during the dive. This would be quite easy because you will be guided by the Divemaster all the time. However, as a beginner you will most likely explore just the shallow part of the wreck. You probably won’t going around as much.

Things get more serious is you are past beginners and plan to visit the deeper part of USAT Liberty or dive the other wrecks. Your instructor will discuss your comfortability with the depth and conditions. Make sure you listen to the instructor all the time. They might show you hidden channels and unexpected things during the dive.

Safe Procedure to Descend to the Wrecks

There are two most common procedures to descend to wreck diving site in Bali. The USAT Liberty and Kubu Boga wreck is accessible by shore entry. Quite easily. You could continue exploring to the deeper parts by dive your way through it. Make sure you are licensed for that and your NDL time allows it. The Japanese wreck on the other hand, is accessible through boat descend. It is quite shallow so you can just literally jump off and dive right to the wreck.

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Bring Cameras with You

What to Consider Before Going fro Wreck Diving in Bali

Wreck diving is an absolute opportunity to catch wonderful marine life and unique coral formations underwater. Always bring a camera and capture as many moments as possible. You can always look back and share your adventure with friends, family, and likeminded community. It’s also very useful to documents the variety of creatures with other divers.

Use Headlamps and Bring Torch

The wreck could have many dark tunnels and hidden passages that would be hard to navigate without proper lighting. Consider to wear a headlamp to light your way through. Bring a torch for spare in case the first one was to fail.