What You Should Not Do in Labuan Bajo Cruise

The Labuan Bajo of Flores, Indonesia, has currently been the next ‘it’ thing among travelers and Labuan Bajo cruise begin one of the most sought-after luxury in this remote destination. These wooden phinisi cruisers are made for comfort of sailing in the middle of nowhere. Travelers like it as they can lie relaxed on board while the cruise is taking them to barren islands and empty beaches within the Komodo National Park. But before you get spoiled by all the beaches galore and luxurious comfort, you need to know the right preparation to sail with these cruises. It’s not about the packing. It’s something that only experienced cruisers would know from mistakes on past experiences. But you don’t need to haven 10+ years experiences on cruising to have a super smooth sailing experiences in Komodo. Just don’t do these things and you are good to go.

What You Should Not Do in Labuan Bajo Cruise

Choosing Labuan Bajo Cruise Based on Prices Alone

Let’s face it. Too often than not, prices are tricky. Be it planes, tours, and Labuan Bajo cruisers, operators are trying to trick us with ‘cheap’ prices that actually cost more. Some liveaboard operators in Komodo sells lower price tour that, upon further inquiries, are not included with the park fees and dive gear rents. Don’t get lured with cheap cruise and liveaboard easily. Make inquiry to every cruise that pique your interest, ask for prices, and get detailed information of what’s included. Do your homework before pay the deposit.

Booking the Wrong Cabins

What You Should Not Do in Labuan Bajo Cruise

Ah, it happens too often. Again, people get lured to book the cheapest cabin in Labuan Bajo cruise.  And they get surprised to find that the cabin is located in the lower deck or having the “inside” cabin with no windows. This could cause trouble if you are prone to seasickness or claustrophobics problems.

Flying In the Day of Embarkation

Some people just want to get as budget as possible and fly in the same morning as the embarkation day. Don’t. Indonesian airplanes often get delayed. Like, a lot. If your plane get delayed and you can’t make it on time to the port, say goodbye to your cruise trip. Labuan Bajo cruise might for maximum one hour and they will leave. Cruisers has firm departure time, you know. An hour delay can ruin the whole day itinerary. Consider to arrive a day before and spend a night in Labuan Bajo. The cost of an overnight stay in the hotel is worth the peace of mind! Also, you loss nothing by enjoying the rustic vibe of the city.

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Bring Absolutely Nothing to Combat Seasickness

What You Should Not Do in Labuan Bajo Cruise

One of the biggest mistake people do when they embark on sailing trip is that they are immune to seasickness. You might have done preventive measures like booking the mid level cabins, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. But having sudden seasickness is a real party pooper. It feels better if you have aids ready, such as the acupressure bands, over-the-counter meds, or herbal relief like ginger candy, ginger tea, or ginger pills.

Not Booking All the Plusses Ahead

One of the reason people book Labuan Bajo cruise among other type of boat in Komodo is the plus facilities onboard. Cruisers offer more exclusive possibilities you can’t have in budget and mid-class liveaboard. You can arrange lunches on secluded beaches, have on board spa, or even spa by the beach. But you need to arrange it first before or up embarkation, otherwise it will get fully booked.