Conducting Your Annual Property Business Review Properly

Review your achievement or progress in running property business is a must to know how far you have gone and what to do next year. If you fail to achieve your goal this year doesn’t mean you need to immediately change it. If you reevaluate your work from this year then maybe you will have a chance to achieve the goal just by readjusting your strategies here and there. Aside from assessing your goals, it is also important to reassess the systems and process. When the years near the end, you need to plan and prepare for next year so that you can improve your business in many sides.

What to consider in conducting annual property business review?

First thing first, you need to set the date of when you will conduct the review. By setting the schedule, you will be able to prepare some questions and other stuffs. Thus, the meeting will be more ready to conduct. Then, you will discuss and find out the reasons behind and make new plan to achieve it or set new goals. Here is what you need to do in conducting the year-end review of your property business:

  • After preparing for the agenda, you need to make questionnaires to find out your biggest accomplishment as well as disappointment. Thus, you will find out the ways for improvement and you will be able to find out new role you are going to take in order to make positive improvement. However, the questionnaire is not only about you but also your team. You may have different point of view but the goal is still the same.
  • Next thing to do is to list accomplishment you have achieved over the year and find out what kind of strategies you used. Thus, you will have more chance to achieve another goal in the future. You will also need to list your expected goals over the year that hasn’t been achieved. Then, ask yourself if they are worth trying for the next year or if they are something you need to leave behind.
  • If you come to a decision that the stale goals need to be replaced then make sure you make more realistic and specific goals. You need to list both short and long term goals. If you still want to achieve the goals, then you need to find the right strategies to accomplish them more effectively.
  • Next is to find out the obstacles that keep you from improving. Then you can look for the solution to overcome them. To make you more determined, you can set realistic timelines to accomplish your next goals. Thus, your steps will be more prepared and calculated.
  • You need to make a list of goals you need to achieve next year but focus on three or five big goals because you will be overwhelmed if you list too many goals. Thus, big and more specific goals are more reasonable. Don’t forget to follow up your progress after three or six months.