Enhance Your Vacation with These Selections of Ubud Villas

Ever heard of The Monkey Forest in Bali? A lot of tourists won’t miss the chance to visit there when they spend their holiday in Bali. This unique forest is located in Ubud, a town located in Gianyar regency which also has lots of other holiday sites. So, I will tell you the best way to spend the night in Ubud Villas, and here’s some of them available that you might be interested in:

 Luxury Ubud villas with a comfort living room and outdoor pool

Ubud Villas are your hub through an exciting adventure

Villa VL2050, Jl. Raya Singakerta 

This two-bedroom villa located really close to the Sacred Monkey Forest that I mentioned above. With stylish and comfortable architecture, this villa has a view of beautiful green rice paddies and located in a moderately quiet area. Although without pool, this Villa offer a beautiful garden in the front. It also only took 5 minutes from the center of the city and local market.  

This Villa is just recently built and on leasehold with 98.000 USD as the total fees. It is available to lease for 19 years.

Villa VL2047, Jl. Raya Sakah

Although located quite far from the heart of Ubud, this Villa is not far from Tegenungan Waterfall, which is another popular vacation site. With the same rice paddies view, this villa has 3 spacious and comfortable bedroom. With medium-size pool and gazebo on the outside, this Villa is quite a fitting place for retirement home.

The Villa is on freehold for 495.000 USD. That investment can grant you an amazing place among Ubud Villas in a remotely quiet area.

For your stay in Bali, Ubud Villas is there to accommodate you…

Villa UBD178, Jl. Suweta

Located near the center of Ubud and Campuhan Ridge Walk, this Villa offer a unique open living area. Inside, there’s 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms and a modern designed kitchen with luxurious furniture decorated neatly. The private pool is also provide 2 small outdoor bed for guests to chill around, it is one of the cozy Villa on the center of Bali with access to many public areas.     

Available on leasehold for 16 years, this VIlla costs 120.000 USD. It is perfect to invest as a residential home due to its location.

For further information you can check the details of the villa in our site by typing the VIlla’s code in the search bar. Happy Browsing!