Technology And Humanity To Run A Business

Running a business in this modern era has its own advantages and disadvantages. The rise of technology has been viewed as way to make us live easier. With technology, there is no doubt that almost everything we do on daily basis can be run smoothly. Technology has been advancing. There variety of invention and innovation in the matter of technology we can use everyday including when we are running a business. It is true that technology plays important role in almost every aspect in life including how the business dynamic flows. Today, promotion can be done in a few minutes without breaking a sweat. Thus, running business in this modern era is considered easier at some points.

The importance of humanity in using technology for business

There is variety of technological innovation we have known so far including the Artificial Intelligence. It is such a great resource for business to have because it can help automate your business system. Therefore, you don’t have to spend hours in finishing your business routine once it is programmed through the AI. However, there are also those who are getting worried that the use of AI can replace the human’s opportunities for better jobs. It seems that AI can do better job in finishing their given tasks. It can finish effectively and efficiently. So what about humanity?

Even though technology is such a great resource business owners can use, running a business however still needs human’s touches in many aspects. AI is great in finishing logical tasks that doesn’t involve emotional perspectives. Sure, there are also technology that has been developed to make AI as humane as possible so it seems like it has empathy and so on. However, emotion is hard to fake. Sincerity from the real human is always more appreciated and felt. 

In running a business, you are not only dealing with manufacture or marketing. You are also dealing with your customers and clients. It means, human interaction is still needed regardless of the type of your business. You face your customer almost on daily basis. Not to mention that you cannot please all of them. It can end in your customers filing complaint. AI can help in delivering customer service to some extent. However, it cannot truly reach emotional perspective and value of customers. Therefore, human’s touches are still needed in this matter. Customers will be more appreciated when their problems are addressed immediately and effectively. You can use technology to automate the system of customer service but handling customers is still a job of real human. 

Using advanced technology to run a business is considered helpful because there are many tasks you can finish more efficiently. However, make sure that it is not the only thing you rely on to run a successful business. Do not forget that your customers and clients are real people. Not to mention that building and leading successful team need leadership not technology. Thus, it is wise to make more balance strategies.