Beginners Guide to Choose Best Scuba Diving Bags

Beginners Guide to Choose Best Scuba Diving Bags

Dive bags is another new things you will learn when you just get into the world of diving. You will especially need it once you start buying dive suites, collecting gears, and arranging a dive trip. Many divers find it essential to have a special dive bags for their trip; not only for carrying their usual travel belonging, but also sturdy enough to store their fragile equipments. Choosing a dive bag for beginners in scuba diving entirely depends on the diver’s travelling style and what they need to do during the dive travel.

Roller Bag for Scuba Diving for Beginners

Beginners Guide to Choose Best Scuba Diving Bags

Admit it. We love dragging a suitcase in airport—and practically anywhere in flat surfaces. It’s almost effortless to carry 20kg+ luggage over great distances. That’s why we have a roller bags for diving—it’s sturdy and easy. It’s designed safely wrap full diving kits along with other travelling necessity. Roller bags are easy to move, making a dive trip feels better. However it’s bulky design and rigid panels takes a lot of space, which might not be ideal if you are travelling in small space like diving liveaboard.

Backpacker Dive Bags

Bags for Divers

It’s a backpack specially designed for diver. These backpacks are great to travel at rough surfaces where roller bags will be impossible. The soft pads inside the bag protect dive gears from bumps and scratches. However, you can find a backpacker dive bags with wheels and telescopic handles which can be very versatile for beginners who just start their scuba diving trip.

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Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags for Divers

The main, basic dive bag. Usually duffel bag is what you use during your scuba diving for beginners lessons. You can store practically every dive gears and equipment on its main compartment. No rigid panels on the bag means more flexibility and allow the bag to be squeezed to smaller space. It’s the ideal bag if you plan to have a dive trip in diving liveaboard. However, carrying a duffel bag is not easy, especially over long distances. It can also get quite messy inside if you mix it with clothes and other stuffs. Some divers use duffel bags exclusively to carry their dive equipment while having a backpack or suitcase to carry regular travel essentials.

Mesh Bags in Any Shape

Beginners Guide to Choose Best Scuba Diving Bags

The mesh bags are not made to carry your regular travel essentials in mind. The mesh material make it great for boat diving trip. Either scuba diving beginners or professionals love this bag as it allow for the gears inside the boat dry quickly under the sun. The mesh bags come in various size and shapes. Choose your favourite; duffel, backpack, or drawstring bags.