What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

With jaw dropping beaches and all year long surfing season, Algarve of Portugal become one of the most favourite surf destination in the world. Surfing schools offering varied surf lessons lined up in Algarve beautiful coastline. The region house some of the best waves in Portugal—and learning to surf here is definitely one way to beat a boring holiday. Or if you have some surf below your belt, the Algarve can be a perfect surf spot to take your surfing skills to the next level.

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

But the Algarve is so much more than great waves. Algarve is the house of delicious cuisine, picturesque countryside, plenty of sun, and intoxicating relaxed atmosphere in the town that makes your surf getaway even more complete. The Portugal’s southern region is a paradise for both surf holidays and just holiday to “get away from it all” in general. So what’s so special about this region? Why you have to take your surf lessons in Algarve?

Superb Weather for Surf Lessons Algarve

Oh, the weather. You won’t be asking for more sun in Algarve—unless you grow up in tropical countries. The weather in Algarve is just perfect and pleasant. In hot summer days, the Algarve git the cooler breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. As you will spend most time of the days out in the sun and the sea for having surf lessons Algarve, you don’t want the sun to be burning hot. You will find the cool breeze balance the warm waters and the sunlight. During the winter, the temperature remains mild as it never drop below 10ºC. Not many people go surf during this time unless the advanced and the pro. But if you are one of them, you will find that the beaches are emptier, waves are more fun and challenging, and the weather is enough to be tackled with just 5mm wetsuits.

The Super Fresh Seafoods!

What’s So Special About Having Surf Lessons in Algarve

One of the joy of having surf lessons in Algarve is tasting the delicacies! The Mediterranean touches on fresh seafoods with simple ingredients in Algarve is to die for. Your surf camp will definitely introduce you to their cuisine pride. Walk around the city between your surf lessons, explore humble restaurants in the streets, and see what they have to offer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself indulging in chicken piri-piri, grilled sardines, bacalhau, and the famous Portuguese egg tarts!

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Affordable Living Cost

Do you know that Portugal is one of most budget-friendly destination in all Europe? Most surf camps that offers surf lessons in Algarve are fairly priced. You can find many surf accommodation offering budget-friendly arrangement that will suit even the most frugal backpacker. Meals in Algarve ada available from €10 to €15, possibly less. If you keep it simple, you might even have some money left to splurge at fancier restaurant at the end of the holiday!

Lots of Pristine Beaches to Choose for Surf Lessons Algarve!

Beaches are the backyard of Algarve. You never have to travel too far away from your Algarve accommodation to the beaches to have the surf lessons. And that means less time spent for driving and more time for the actual surfing.