Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Scattered in the blueness of Flores Sea, the staggering volcanic islands within Komodo National Park has been attracting millions of visitors every year. The prehistoric folds of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar island landscape give a promising raw adventure. Soon, you will be left awed by Komodo’s natural charms; walking along dusty trails on tropical dry forest in search of world’s last colony of Komodo Dragons, chilling on the crystalline waters on the rare Pink Beach, watching wild sunset backdropped by thousands of flying bats, and many more. Every day, Labuan Bajo cruise as well as budget liveaboard and day trip boats come crossing the water in search of nature wonders. If you have planned a Komodo cruise trip for the upcoming holiday, you will be pleased to know these insider insights.

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

Arriving One Day Before Embarkation is A Good Idea

Many people try to cram their activities in one day to save the budget. Inexperienced backpackers tend to think that arriving in the same day at Labuan Bajo in the same day with their cruise embarkation is time and cost-efficient. The reality is, however, often times the other way around.

One, some Indonesian airlines just love to delay. They can postpone their flight up to 8 hours for “technical reason” and nobody bats an eye. And the worse is, your cruise won’t wait for you—unless you charter it whole. So we highly recommend you to arrive at least one day before and book a room in Labuan Bajo. This way, you have plenty of time to spare and a chance to see what the beautiful city has to offer.

Outlets on Labuan Bajo Cruise Can Be Limited, So Bring Yours

Labuan Bajo cruise is not known for their generosity in electrical outlets. On the sailing trip, you gonna need a lot to devices to use—phones, tablets, camera, laptops, or maybe curling iron (why will you need a curling iron in a frontier anyway?). So we highly suggest you to bring your power outlets to make room for more devices. This will help your roommate too!

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They Don’t Serve that Alcoholic Drinks for Free

Have You Know This Labuan Bajo Cruise Trip Tricks?

You might be picturing a lying leisurely in one of Labuan Bajo cruise sundecks, donning your glasses and sipping tropical cocktail as you gaze on passing sceneries. Only to find out that the dream will cost you additional prices for the cocktails. Any alcoholic beverage drinks are not inclusive to the package, you know. The same goes along with espresso, latte, and any other specialty coffee. Only simple black coffee and tea are free during the meal time.

Don’t Arrive Late—Labuan Bajo Cruise is Not that Big

You might have heard this tips everywhere. That the port will be very full of people waiting in line on the embarkation day of the cruise and you should arrive late to avoid the long line. Well, the Komodo cruise on Labuan Bajo is not as big as your mega cruisers. It’s more like an elevated, high-end version of 40 meters wooden boat. Most cruises in Labuan Bajo only take 8 – 20 passengers at most, so there won’t be long lines to avoid. Always come on time—the cruise won’t wait for you.