Wedding Catering Services: Considerations for a DIY Food Stations

Stationing food bars or DIY food stations is something fun that has been gaining popularity more and more these days. And there is a reason why these food stations are gaining grounds in the wedding catering services — they can be a solid addition to your wedding as long as you set it right.

Wedding catering services: Food stations are fun and easy to set up

Unlike the conventional catering dishes that need to be preserved in one way or another, most of the food stations contain ready to serve meal. As such, they can last all day long without much fuss or any complicated equipment. That is, all day long, if your guests did not gobble up the food and finish everything so quickly.

wedding food bar - waffle

Your wedding guests will be able to customize their very own plate. It’s a creative way to present the food and it engages your guests and let them have slice of fun. Not everyone may enjoy the musics you choose, nor the dancing, but everyone can surely delight on the food you serve and how you serve them.

Food stations can be a conversation starter among your guests

Food stations are like a bar but less formal and most of them are a do-it-yourself basis. Your guests will be able to create their own plates with a combination they love. Eating would be a less than formal occasion as well, and it’s a chance for your guests to stand or sit down together to snack during the whole event.

wedding catering services tacos station

Instagrammable spot for snaps and posts: get the suitable catering service for this

Getting your guests to compare what they’re getting in their plates is an excellent way for them (and for you) to have some fun. Not to mention, if you choose an excellent wedding catering services to handle the decor and the visual elements, these food stations can become extremely eye-catchy; your guests will love snapping pictures at your bars and their plates to post on their social media.

wedding grazing table catering

Food station ideas to get your wedding planning started

Here are some of the most popular ideas brides and grooms alike have loved to include on their wedding services in Bali. Pro tip: find the best catering in Bali that will be able to deliver you food stations that are put-together and well-done.

  • DIY nachos food station
  • Pretzel bars
  • Tacos bar
  • Popcorn station
  • Barbecue station
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cupcake station
  • Pizza station
  • Grill station

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You can have virtually anything for your wedding food stations

From nachos to popcorn to candy bars, the limit to food stations are your imaginations. Wanna have a veggie station for your guests to crunch on? Or maybe fruits and dried fruits station combined with a waffle bar? Go ahead and be as creative as you want! Just make sure that you consult your wedding catering services for any ideas you have and communicate them well.

catering food bar mac n cheese

Servers or professional chefs are a must for certain types of food

If you’d like to step up your catering game and have some of your favorite food that isn’t exactly common for the usual food stations, then make sure that you adjust your planning and budget accordingly. For instance, a food stall that serves sushi is most preferably served by a chef, instead of a DIY. Food that must be served in its freshest state needs to be tended to by servers or chefs as well. Food like sushi, sashimi, and seafood in general will require you to adjust accordingly.