How to Keep Kids from Being Cranky in Bali Family Resort

They said families who travel together stick together, but say that to a travelling parent with young kids and they will give you the death glare. Travelling with toddlers is not always easy—and having kids going cranky or meltdown on a holiday is definitely a parent’s nightmare. While Bali and its abundant tropical resorts are among the best destinations for families, arranging a vacation there is not that simple. Here’s a vacation survival guide for any parents who plan for some relaxing getaway and enjoying their time in Bali family resort.

How to Keep Kids from Being Cranky in Bali Family Resort
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Book the Bali Family Resort from Ahead of Time

Call the Bali family resort early to see if you can reserve a room in a quiet area of the building. Rooms near the pool, restaurant, stairwell, or elevator have more foot traffic and are often noisier. When you’re attempting to get your child to sleep, this may be quite irritating.

Make the Check in Fast

If you are travelling with toddlers, you know how “dangerous” it could be when you leave them alone. Even for just few minutes. They swallow a crayon or wander to nowhere whenever you’re off-guard! Luckily, a family friendly Bali resort like the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua knows the struggle. So, while you are busy signing papers and waiting for registrations in the check-ins, your kids will be enjoying their own welcoming drink, attended by the hotel’s concierge. They might have a little fun with activity book and coloring pencil from the welcoming pack as well when waiting for you. Despite all of that, you might want to make your check in process as fast as possible. The kids will be looking for their Papa & Mama if they disappear from too long from their side.

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Establish A Routine Before You Go

Before you go on your trip, it’s critical to have a regular routine. Establish a nap schedule, a regular and familiar wind down, and a bedtime that is suitable for the child’s age. Whether they’re a toddler or an adolescent, children who are well rested are more likely to fall asleep faster in a new setting.

Keep Kids on Their Routine (As Much as Possible!)

It’s the trick to maintain everyone’s sanity and happiness during the vacation. Try your best to keep same nap and bedtimes that you do at home when on the Bali resort. Allow for some flexibility so you can enjoy your vacation, but children will be better travel companions with a steady routine since they won’t be overtired and irritable. You also need to consider the time-zone difference into account.

Choose A Bali Family Resort with Suite

Choose A Bali Family Resort with Suite
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There’s nothing more helping in a family vacation than a family suite with separate bedroom for adults and kids. This allows kids to sleep better, stick to their schedule, and let the adults to have fun and relaxing me times. One of the constant problems of family holidays is sharing a hotel room with a newborn, toddler, or preschooler. With separate sleeping setting, adults can watch movies or having conversation without waking up the kids.

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Imitate the Home’s Sleep Environment

Getting a baby to sleep is never an easy task—moreover when they are suddenly surrounded by new, strange environment. So try to bring the comfort of your home to the resort’s room! White noise, loveys, and special blankets are examples of this. You might even want to keep their bedsheets without cleaning them, because familiar fragrances might help your child relax while they’re attempting to go asleep in a new place.