Quarantine from Villa Sanur Bali? Yes Please!

Quarantine from Villa Sanur Bali 2

Are you looking for a bright, peaceful holiday place with plenty of outdoor and romantic activities that you can visit without having to undergo an obligatory two-week quarantine upon arrival or return? Your best bet might be Sanur, one f the most peaceful beach town in Bali. The island is currently open to Indonesian and KITAS holder visitors, and health and safety measures have been established. Here are some suggestions for traveling and having an idyllic self-isolation at villa Sanur Bali during the global pandemic.

Look for Villa Sanur Bali with Good COVID-Regulation

The Sanur area, Bali, features a wide range of all-inclusive resorts, boutique-style villas, and luxury hotels, but only a few are presently accepting reservations since the island is still in phase one of its rebuilding. The majority of the villas have a private plunge pool, sitting area, well-equipped kitchen, air-conditioned bedroom, hidden outdoor shower, and a hammock with a spectacular view.

Plan Your Sanur Staycation Properly and In Advance

Schedule a COVID-19 test seven days ahead of time, then share your negative test results and submit Bali’s necessary travel registration form three days ahead of time. Also print the test results because you will need to show it in the airport. Download e-HAC and fill the online travel forms; this is a necessities for all travelers in Indonesia. Keep all the paper works secure and ready as you go through airport check-in and customs.

Be Prepared to Spend A Lot of Time in Your Villa Sanur Bali

Be Prepared to Spend A Lot of Time in Your Villa Sanur Bali

Per July 2021 when this article was written, Indonesia’s government will not allow visitors to dine in restaurants nor partying in any beach club. This is due to the effort to maintain a low number of COVID-19 infections. It’s far safer to avoid crowded locations altogether. If you want to see popular places, travel during off-peak hours. A stroll to the park or the beach is pretty risk-free. Especially if you can maintain a safe distance from others and avoid having long talks with people outside your household.

So, definitely choose a villa Sanur Bali where you will feel at ease and enjoy spending time. You’ll also probably cook at your villa a lot, so make sure to choose one with good kitchen.

Bring All the Tropical Essentials

Reef friendly sunscreen, aloe gel, bug sprays, and shades are your absolute Bali essentials. Despite the fact that beds in most Sanur villa Bali are draped in netting, mosquitoes assaulted our skin every night, and SPF 30 sunscreen wasn’t strong enough to protect us from mild sunburns.

Inquire about cleaning procedures

Inquire about cleaning procedures

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by intimate personal touch, however it can also be transmitted through surfaces. Before you book, double-check your host’s or rental company’s housekeeping policies. However, you should check the reviews for both the specific property and the host’s overall listings. If you have any further queries, please contact the host. The host should, ideally, be forthright and precise about cleanliness and disinfection procedures. An evasive response is a signal in and of itself.

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Be A Good Guest

When outside the property, maintain social distance and wear a mask. If your host lives on or near the property, let them know you’ll be keeping a safe distance. Keep in mind that this virus can be transmitted by asymptomatic people who appear to be perfectly healthy. Allow no one from outside your household to enter the villa if at all possible. If you want to invite folks over, try having a socially distant party outside rather than indoors. Outdoors, the danger of transmission is lower than indoors.