Tips To Build Influence And Credibility For Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneur is still considered minority. Hence, many women out there want to be influential both as entrepreneur and leader. In business world, there have been women who have defeated the odds and built their own multi-million dollar empire. So it is not impossible for you to be one of them as well.

There are so many challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. However, it should not make you discourage. You can take inspirations from other successful and influential female entrepreneurs on how to build their confidence, influence, and credibility within different industries and organizations. 

Tips To Build Influence And Credibility For Female Entrepreneurs

Can you pretend to be an influential person?

Yes, you can pretend to be an influential person with so many ways especially with how social media works today. You can make social media account, build large following and claim yourself as influential person. You can also pretend to have credible expertise in entrepreneurship to make people believe you are such an influential, credible entrepreneur. However, why faking it when you can learn how to be real influential instead? Here are ways to do it:

Find your voice

Keep in mind that the purpose to build influence is to build power. And to build power you need to find your voice. Before doing anything else in attempt to find your voice, find out and decide who you want to influence exactly. This way, you can create message and decide the style that attract only the right people. By doing so, you will also repel the wrong crowd and slowly build power. It is even better if you have people or sources to back you up as social proof to create good perception of your brand. 

Support other female entrepreneurs

One of the most common mistakes many female entrepreneurs make is focus more on competing with other female entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, it should not be the competition but a source of great support for each other. Learn from other successful female entrepreneurs regardless of their age. Focus more on building your influence by creating unique understanding, desire, and thoughts that motivate your employees and potential customers to take actions. 

Let people know and care about who you are

By letting people know and care about who you truly are is important to be a real leader. It is important element to build string relationships and maintain network. Try not to shy away from interacting with others be it your employees, potential customers, or potential business partner. Show them what you want to show to connect with each other. Genuine connection will last a lifetime if you know how to nurture it. 

Compel people to take action

Being an inspiration is not enough to build influence. Build your influence with messages containing inspiring lines, possibilities, vulnerabilities, and solutions that motivate people to take action. Only then it will create influence that is based by trust. Also, remember that influence is not by any mean a power to control other people. Instead, it is a power to control yourself. With influence, you have more power to support others with your knowledge and understanding.